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I am a Libra woman in a relationship with a sagg man.. and from the first time we laid eyes on one another it was FIREWORKS...that was 2 months ago, we've been together for almost 3 now...not long, I know. and let me tell you...they haven't been easy.

A lot of these sign pages, says we are the best match, and we prolly would be if I were 18 wild and on the prowl, without a care in the world, instead of a GROWN ASS WOMAN, trying to get my career started, and in need of a stable fun-loving, caring, UNDERSTANDING, compassionate man.

He's 25 by the way, I'm 21. sometimes he acts grown, but let me get to talking about my feelings, or cutting into him about something, and he'll curl up and shut me and the conversation out. He HATES ANYTHING negative and I do mean ANYTHING. He wants you to smile laugh, and be full of energy ALL THE TIME! You may not sulk, or be tired, or bored, frown, or have an attitude for too long anyway( yes, even when HE or something, or someone gives you a valid reason to have one) Ever heard the saying, "Life is too short, so live it up!" THIS IS THE SAGGITARIUS CREAD! THEY BELIEVE IT, THEY WORSHIP IT, and if you want to be with them Libra woman or not, you better get with the program.

A SECRET TO ALL WOMEN DATING A SAGG MAN THO: let him think everything is peaches and cream, but switch up on him...he hates it! But its a thin line between love and hate, so don't be afraid if he pouts because you didn't call him like you usually do, or you didn't answer when he called, or don't kiss him as much...stay sweet, just act like you had no idea, then smile sweetly and say I'm sorry baby...I didn't know u felt that way. He wont stay mad, he just wants you to admit your faults and keep it moving...WATCH WHAT I TELL YOU.

One thing you must NEVER EVER DO TO A SAGG MAN is...let him realize or even THINK you are playing games. Even if you are, he can never know it. you must be skilled if you are going to play, you have to play the game without him realizing it...HARD I KNOW, because they are very smart, and if they've been with you long enough or have had the time to know how you tick, this can seem like calculus homework, but you must play him the way he plays you but only better! HE WILL GET PISSED, but even when yells beats his chest, YOU stay CALM, be firm and mean what you say, and stay will calm him, and he'll get over it. REMEMBER life is lemon drops and rainbows to this fool, all you gotta do is keep it sunny and make your world is his playground to roam FREE! remember this man is half horse, and most would say you can't tame a wild horse, you can only be happy when they are near, and give them freedom, this is true, you gotta spoil him with space, HE WILL ALWAYS come back...and when he does, be sunny, never gloomy or he'll go right back out the door until your sunny again.

Do Sagittarius men tend to cheat even if they thought they have found their true love or already committed? Because I've been hearing a lot that sag man are always roaming and once they met someone they tend to cheat.

In my experience they're reluctant to settle down. That's really not the same thing as cheating though. You could say they're a lot more picky than most..

I'm a Libra woman.. Dated three Sagittarius men. All three were amazing in bed! Had lots in common. Found it hard to build on feelings or trust. They do tend to stray! One is now in a relationship for two yrs with a stunning girl.. Still texts, and makes drunken calls to me. I also get texts from the other two. (not good). I sadly have to agree with the second post.

I am a Libra girl with a Sagittarius guy, we are both 16 and we're dating...long distance, which is very difficult.

It's been over a year and he makes me unbelievably happy, we have a lot, A LOT in common, and he's always making me laugh or smile, and when we're both happy the relationship is absolutely perfect. There's nothing to complain about, its easy and effortless.

But, I agree with the first woman above... they do not like anything negative... if I want to talk about something that he disagrees on, he hates bringing it up, he hates, HATES fighting, and tries to avoid it every way possible. He gets very mad if I have a "smart ass" attitude while we're arguing because it will most definitely put him in an even worse mood. He'll always try to end the argument on good terms and he always makes sure that I'm not upset. He is happiest, when I am happy. He treats me like a princess, and he constantly reminds me how important I am to him.

I find him to be a good match regardless of what I said above, we've always managed to pull through and he's definitely worth it. We're young, yes. But so in love.

I am a Libra Gal and my man is Sagittarius. We are 46 and 47 and completely in love and committed to each other. We are compatible on every level. I couldn't be more happy!

I dated a Sagittarius man and it was great from the sec we met. Communication was great, sex was pretty good, he was adventurous and impulsive just like me but when I mentioned that I was looking for something serious, he ran out the door =[

haha im a sagg boy, well man now, and that big article is true. We hate games and live by live life to the fullest. but in my defense, its not that we hate when things aren't good with our partner, we just hate dealing with it if we believe its for a stupid reason. like im dating a Libra girl and if she had a crappy day I'd be there to comfort her but if she started getting all stressed and start to complain about stupid stuff I get pissed. I mean why freak out over something so small? idk but yeah she pretty much nailed it on the head.

im a Libra woman, and im totally sexually attracted to a sagg man.

were not dating and ive have given him sex twice..

now I feel like he's going to leave because he got what he wanted

but... he does kind of come back.

what should I do? I kind of want a relationship with this guy because we understand each other and are compatible..

I'm in my early forties and have dated for years... the first (only) sag I was with was probably one of the best matches ever. He was very independent and never over-bearing. He was honest and trustworthy. I never suspected him of any infidelity. We had a very trusting and happy relationship. He was a procrastinator but this was more a part of his "perfectionist" nature that is probably more of family of origin issue then a sag thing. He was one of the best lovers I've had and extremely sensitive to my needs. His moon sign was in Taurus so his personality was very fix and leaned towards stubborn. However, I learned a great deal about what I need and want in a relationship because of his sag traits and I will definitely being looking for another sag again. Wishing you the best!

From my experience (3/3) Sagittarius men are lousy in bed and the biggest liars I ever met.

Recently met this guy, which I like so very much and discovered he was a Sagg. Really put me off.


24 F Libra w/ 24 M Sag. Been together 5+ yrs. I believe Male Sags are very manly "hunter/wanderer" type of men. My Sag cheated on me. But came back. Just make yourself better than any other option around and they won't stray. Very dedicated as long as you maintain your part as well.

My husband is sag and I'm a Libra. He has always been very affectionate and loving to me, I know he would never cheat on me, I trust him completely. He was very intent on marrying me, which I was kind of scared of, but now we are married and we love it.

I met a Libra women and I was attracted to her from day 1. I am 37 and she is 25 and I know neither of us can stop thinking about each other. This Libra women is the hottest, the most beautiful woman I have ever met. She is the sexiest ever. What bothers me though is the game playing, the mind games. All the rules she lives by. I am trying hard to adjust because I really want to e in a long lasting relationship with this woman.

First time I dated a Libra girl, it was intense and beautiful. For me she was the most beautiful thing on earth, she was my trophy for everything I did.

However, being a Sagg and young, I made the most stupid mistake of cheating on her, which made us fall apart. We were in high school back then, both 18 years old, a lot of you may say we were kids, but right now at the age of 21 and half a globe away from her, I still dream her at night, about us getting back together, even though I'm dating a Gemini right now. My attraction towards was unlimited, I have to admit I still love her and I'm sure I'll have her back one day, time is on my side. And when I do, I'll make sure I'll never repeat that mistake EVER AGAIN!

I'm a Libra Married to sagg. Been together since I was in the 11th grade he at the time sophomore in college. That was 2002 now we are married. 2010 and a beautiful Daughter now 2! I feel much better now that WE HAVE MOVED ON FROM EVERY OBSTICAL AND LONG DISTANCE. We are still standing and I want to grow old with him because life is dull with out him!

Ive been with my saggy man for nearly 7 years. We share a daughter together. We have our ups and downs. He typically is fun, adventurous, freaky as hell in bed, intelligent, funny and sometimes even a dork - which I happen to love. He is very good with money and an excellent father. He is very responsible with things.

His dark side is his immense trust issues. And his tendency to not think things thru when he does them. He can be VERY stubborn and one track minded. And he is the KING Of Double standards. He don't watch what he says or how he says them. I guess its the "direct" nature of a Sag.

The only thing I would change are his trust issues... all those other things make him who he is. And I love him just the same..

well my sagg man is something else by what everyone here has said. see we live an hour and a half apart and we see each other when our work schedules allow. he is very sweet understanding outgoing loves the outdoors. so do I. however I live a very stressful life taking care of my father and my siblings and mother don't make it any better. but he is always the one I call. given he usually tells me he doesn't know what to say on the subject he is usually the calming affect in my life. calms me right down, and he knows this and is always there to do so. he is my other half. the part of me that's strong when I can no longer be so....

Do you people actually believe the zodiac has anything to do with infidelity or mind games rather then how a person was raised?

They both play a part. Zodiac determines someone's basic personality, which is then modified and influenced by their environment and life experiences.

Hi I am a Libra Woman currently dating a sagg male we are both 26 (of course im older by 3 months lol) anyways he is currently incarcerated so are relationship is based on writing letters, limited phone calls & visitation we been talking for about 9 months now and I must say a lot of things people have said about sags are true they don't like mind games they are very direct and blunt he is very smart and funny and he always have to have the last word which can be bad because I do too. I try not to base everything they say about sagg on him and our relationship but a lot of things are true but for the most part I love him and he loves me too and I wouldn't trade him for no other

I am a Libra woman and I dated a Sag man. Back in high school I dated a Sag man we were in love (high school standards). he is two years older than me. so when he graduated we drifted apart. Ten years went by and I thought about him constantly....well I found him on facebook through a school search. When we seen each other again, it was like no time has pasted at all and now we are together AGAIN! My life is complete. I love him so much, its crazy, he is my soulmate. WE ARE EACH OTHER'S SOULMATES. He is everything I need and more. I look forward to my future with him.

I'm a Libra/Scorpio Cusp and After 8 long years, I became available and the Sag I'm referring to is no joke! He made it abundantly clear of his potential interest in me. I could tell he's not a cheater type but he's been with the same woman (living together) for many years (10 +). He invited me to their home while she was away, and we got busy! It was fabulous sex as far as I'm concerned. And the Sag was a happy horse from what I could see. But once the act was over, so was the romance! He practically leaped from the bed and was ready for dinner. Awkward moment. I'm fumbling around for my clothes naked and he's ready to eat food. Groovy moment.

Now the fool has not made even one attempt to call, text or email me. Weird, since he pursued me relentlessly. Wtf is all I can say. They're fickle and elusive creatures, but the sex life with him would be out of this world. I feel for his lady on only level - and that is. he's attractive to so many women. But she gets to enjoy that man on a daily basis. Wow. I'm probably going to bow out of this negotiation and find a nice Pisces, but I will not forget the fireworks with this man.

Ladies, if you're thinking prepared for the head games. Especially if they're educated in the psychological arena. Their silence will kill you. Best advice? Have some other dates lined up, because the Sag takes off a break neck speeds if he feels any sort of commitment vibe. Read the first woman's experience. "This fool lives in a world of lemon drops and rainbows." (brilliant btw).

Enjoy the sex but don't count on the long term. Best of luck

Im a Libra woman who just ended a relationship with a sag male. Our relationship was a powerful one from the start. He was mentioning marriage and kids two months into our relationship. He's very needy when it came to time and I should have FORCED the time away on him in the beginning. We started to argue about little things and little things became BIGGER than they had to be. He's very blunt and as a Libra, im very sensitive. He always had to be the life of the party when he was out with his friends...Loud and with alcohol. He didn't really like to gossip or discuss situations my friends were dealing with.

When we argued, he would get so fired up. He would curse and yell. Talking calmly would bring him down.

Too much arguing led to him pulling away. He said he'd never dealt with something like this before. The more I tried to balance the scales and keep the relationship going in places he started to lack, the more he pulled away. Hind sight is always 20/20. Looking back, I would have listened more, not been so jealous and catty about his flirtatious ways on facebook and Offline, and just been quiet when he said he needed space instead off trying to immediately "fix it".

I miss him a lot as the break up is still new and fresh. But I think that in the last few weeks of us ( well, I guess just me ) trying to fix things, that he might have found someone else and just didn't want to admit it.

I love him...we did almost everything together. We had so many things in common. I just wish he would stop being so stubborn and give it another try.

Do sag males ever go back to their exes? Is it possible for them to love an ex again?

Yes he can very well come back, you just have to be a good friend to him, give him his space, let him come back around himself and never talk to him about being in a relationship with him. slowly you can get him back only if he really liked you and some how got afraid of the arguments and being put in a box!

I'm Sag man and have been in love with a Libra woman for past 3 years. I left her one day as I am in modeling career and have many women around me. After 2 months time, I realized without my Libra woman I felt lost without her! No woman understood me, loved me, gave me my space like the Libran. The most beautiful inside and out, gentle, fair, reasonable, and literally the hottest and sexiest in bed I have ever experienced. She lights me on fire like no other woman can. I was a fool to have left her in the first place! Thankfully with her peaceful nature she accepted me back into her life. Never will I stray again...I asked for her hand in marriage as she truly is the meaning of unconditional love! I don't have her answer yet...but I would wait a lifetime for her~

im a Sagittarius guy, im 18. my Libra girlfriend is 17. we are always finding different ways to have fun. she goes along with all my crazy adventures. even my drunken insane ones haha. I can honestly say I love her. but what I don't quite understand is that I can cheat on her and not feel guilty at all. but then second I feel she's flirting with someone it kills me. I wont say anything, im not sure why it is that I cant express my feelings. sometimes im too scared to argue because I end up insulting her with my powerful very hurtful words. I wont discuss my feelings unless im really pissed off about something and I just couldn't take it anymore because after a while of holding something in, it feels as if its eating me up. me and her have spoken about what would happen to us if we were to ever break up. we both agree that no matter what the issue is, we will still hang out and be the great friends we naturally are. we've been together for 7 months

I am a Libra/Scorpio woman 42 yrs old and have been with my Sag man for approx 4yrs off and on. I would have to say it has been the most passionate relationship I have ever been in. He treats me like a princess but also can flip to treating me like an ogre. He has a shocking temper and the words that come out of his mouth cut me to the core. When we are having what a call a discussion, turns into this Sag man slinging everything at me and attacking me from all sides leaving me crying and just plain gob smacked. He does not like to be responsible for anything even down to volunteering to cook the sausages for a community event. He is charming and can come across as flirtatious but then he has something derogatory to say about them behind their back. I find him quite critical of how other people live. We have been together for four years and still there is no photo of me on his wall at home. He says he loves me to bits but he will not commit to me and this frustrates me, because I love him very much. We do not live together anymore but I would like to because I love cuddling up to him and waking up to him. I would love to grow old with him and this is something he wants as well but he just can not make the move for us to be together. I have even suggested a commitment agreement if he is worried about financial arrangements. He will not discuss anything serious with me and accuses me of getting a man when he is at his weakest, like if we have had a drink or gone to bed. No time is ever a good time to discuss anything serious with him, like our future together. So I have to be strong and keep away from him and wean myself of him. I know he cares for me but its not enough, I want longevity, and I want to be able to make firm plans for the future instead of being in Limbo.

Will he ever commit???

I have been in love with this sag guy. I am a Libra. we met threw my best friend and they are cousins. we talked to each other all night an we instantly fell in love. The next day he asked me to be his girl friend an I said I would think about it because we live in different states. He wasn't happy about that:). we dated for 2 weeks. He recently told me (A year later it took him a while) why we broke up. He said he was afraid that he would cheat an not be committed to me an he didn't want to hurt me because he loved me so much. of course I am still in love with him but he has a girlfriend now an she is evil. Being the Libra I am I want to help him an tell him that she is just using him. I tried to tell him but he seemed liked he didn't want to here it.i am so confused and he is really bad because of her. she adds stress to his life an he always comes running to me an tells me how terrible she is. I told him to leave her an he said he can't because he loves her. The situation I s, is that he is in love with both of us an she is evil and has some how got into his brain an I can't do anything about. It's driving me crazy I just want to fix it. He recently came to see me FOR THE FIRST TIME LOL.I kissed HIM under the stars. IT WAS FLIPPING AMAZING. It was the best kiss I have ever had and it was romantic an he was very gentle. I don't fell bad about it because I don't like his girlfriend at all an I am tying to get him to believe that she really is using him ,so I don't feel bad. Even though I should. You guy are right about sags being very sexual he was very "touchy". Our connection though our sexuality was amazing an it was kinda like we were but we weren't have sex. It was like we were having sex with our body language an his eyes an mine. No doubt we love each other. I just want the best for him an I no I could give him every thing but I am also not sure if he wants it some times.

so what do I do about his girlfriend???

And do I just let go an let him be in a bad relationship with her an step off????

I don't think this man will ever commit an he is slowing dragging you along. When he loses you he will then realize what he lost an want you back

hey, yalll! I'm a 20 yr old Libra gal. I have dated but I have never gone steady in an official relationship. that is, since the fifth grade! lol I found out that the only guy I've ever really liked was a sag and I didn't even know it then! what was I 10?! well since then, I've had a 2 yr crush on a very attractive Aries but I would never pursue it (he had a girlfriend :/). I liked a Virgo too, big mistake. the odd thing is I still think I had some deep love for him, but as far as I know it was never returned. I would love, love, love to find another saggy man! even me and my cuzn (sagg) are the best of friends. he's absolutely hilarious! but im currently interested in another Libra. I don't know he doesn't seem to be interested but that's probably due to the fact that he's never seen me before, ya kno, no facebook and all. but who know! :D

26 yr old white male dating a black 19 yr old Libra female...been 2gether almost two months now and so far its been amazing...she is really mature for such a young age(19)....the sex is out of this world, and within a short period of time I see us moving in together...I didn't know much about Libra women prior to this relationship, but I do now, and I like!

First of all let me make this clear for all us Libra ladies: if you want to know if it's worth dating a Sagittarian man it all depends on ONE THING:

His age/level of maturity. DO NOT bet on a Sag until he reaches the point where he's ready to settle down, and when he is, he will know. A young sag is like a hole in the head. Until then, he may love you and want to be with you but chances are he will eventually get bored. They need variety, and adventure and you my friend are just one of his many adventures...

Sag's love to interact and meet complete strangers, and of course attractive women are no exception.

If a Sag cheats, I would bet it was out of pure animal instinct and nothing more. They are impulsive.

Been dating a Sag for 10 months and it has been amazing. Part of what makes it great is the unconventional situation we have: we both knew all along, it could only be temporary because we are both trying to move on with our life's (both military). Knowing I wasn't in it for the long haul took the pressure of. He is 38, me 28 and this is the first time he has EVER lived with anyone (the whole 10 months!) Never been married. He is wonderful and loving and part of this has to do with his maturity.

very much so, for the 1 above, I am with a sag, and he is very impulsive and very stubborn and can be very selfish, he wants kids, yes he has mentioned that, but he doesn't want to get married as I don't want to either, if he wants to get married it will not be with me, for a fact! yes he like to talk to a lot of attractive females..... he loves it, and he has might already cheated who knows, but they do lie to get themselves out of trouble, which they get court for! he does love me I think and yes we have a lot of fun, he is 40 and I'm 30, we have a lot of up's and downs, but I hate that, I hate to argue, but he is very secretive.... I have been with him for 5 years and they thing is..... why can't I leave when I wanted to years back???? and he has never been married either! but the thing is too, they like to stay in contact with their ex's! that's a true fact!!!!! but when I 1st met him, everything is what I wanted then after 3 months things started to change... he start ed acting different.... they do not take there girlfriends out, like having a great time, and they never take them on travels, they like do that that on there on, like they are afraid to be seen with you, they are very embarrassed to been seen with their girlfriend, cos they do attract other females.... they like to be seen as they are single!!!! stupid men I tell ya!!! but I am the 1st 1 that he has moved in with, he didn't with all the rest of his ex's, always lived with his mum. and they do try to make a argument over stupid little things.

I'm a Libra woman I dated a sag about a year and a half ago while we in our late teens (18 through 19). We were together about two years...It was great :) I was soo in love with him. He said sweet things, spoiled me, had fun with me, made me laugh. everything! Only thing was he always thought I was cheating when I wasn't with him (rarely) and when we would fight he'd either get really mean or really depressed. we ended up breaking up because of he said she said (from my best friend) and he believed her. When I was with him I loved him sooo much and wouldn't derail of anyone else. The break up was bad and he was really mean and blunt about things. And of course I just kept poking trying to get him to not believe it and fix it not...he broke down a few times but put his hard shell back up soon after Eventually I found my Leo and I still would find myself thinking of him into that relationship in the beginning. Now me and my sag don't talk at all and are act dually kinda on bad terms. Now that I'm thinking of him YET AGAIN I really wanna contact him...but don't know how good for me that'll be...but I'm engaged now and he got his rebound girl pregnant and has a son. Guess I just gotta let it go about now. Unless any suggestions? :)

I am a sagi guy so much with this libran ,our relation was online and we would spend days talking and then I had to go for something which didn't give us time in the mean time she also moved places she doesn't seem to be interested and I am totally heart broken

I am a Libra woman and I have a Sagittarius guy. We are very young, I know. But I am ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with him. He's so perfect in every way. He's so incredibly adorable and he spoils me. I mean, I like it. But then I feel bad because I don't ever do anything for him. So when I do TRY to do anything for him, it ends up pathetic. But sometimes it ends up great. I just listen to him constantly to see if there's anything I can do for him. He says such sweet things that warm my heart. The only bad thing about him is that he says he wants to go to the military. It sank my heart the first time I heard him say it, and the other times... But I told him "Oh, gosh John, I love you so much, I never want you to leave me" So he says "Even if I go, I PROMISE I will come back" I told him I only wanted him to go if God called him to do so. He was okay with that. So yea... He melts my heart during our conversations. We are always telling each other we love one another. We are so I and love. At first we were a bit shy but, then we started telling secrets, and knew EVERYTHING about each other. We became so close and loving. But THEN, one fine day (not) I pissed my dad off and he decided I was TOO young to have a boyfriend. Which was almost a week ago. And me and my beloved John are still 'Practically' dating still. My dad didn't get the fact that just because he broke us up, doesn't mean he can keep me away, and he DEFINATELY can NOT keep me from thinking about John. There's just no possible way.

Very much true, I am with a sag, I am a Libra, I have been with him for 5 years, he lies to me all the time, he gets court for it, I hate it, at the beginning of the relationship, yeah he spoiled me and said sweet things and we always had fun, but after 3 months things started to change, we still have fun now, but we argue a lot and he thinks it's never he's fault it's always mine, he still makes me laugh and but he can be sooooo boring!!!! he says the most hurtful things to put me down like he don't care, he goes through the same thing , either gets depressed or gets really mean! I love him with all my heart too, but I don't think it will last forever, I think he will end up with someone that will have to put up with his crap and do the same thing that happened to the 1 above! I hope to soon to come across my Leo guy once again! I dealt that.... but I try to keep things together to both sides not the 1.

Libra's girls/woman and Sagittarius guys/men do not get along after 3 years being in a relationship, you end up hating each other and saying bad things to each other! you don't have nothing in common with each other anymore, and all they think about is their ex girlfriend or whatever!!!!!! and wish they had 1 like that!!!!! my so called boyfriend wants me to be like his ex, so I remind him of her!!!!! we argue all the time! there is no communication anymore! you lose that after being with each other for about 4 months!!!!! than after it's just shit!!!!! it sux.............. cos they always think they are always right and never in the wrong! they are selfish, stubborn, and always think about their selves than any1 in their life except for their mum! and mine is a very mummy's boy!!!! OMG! he tells me to grow up cos I say what I think!!!!! and see it! I think he should grow up as he always goes to mummy!!!!!

Ok, I have been with my partner for 5 years, I am a Libran and he is a Sagittarius, he is 41 and I am 30 years..... at the start of the relationship everything was perfect like any relationship would be, 3 months after that things started to change, if would say something like cut into him about something, yes he would curl up and go quiet and shut me off and the conversation would be stopped! I have to stop my last word!!!! he hates everything negative and yes that means all negative stuff, am not allowed to sulk, be bored, or frown, I have to be happy, talk positive, have full of energy and etc....

yes, I'm not allowed to have an attitude for too long either as it puts a bad vibe in the room, but he seems to be allowed to do so!

Yes he believes in the word like life is too short, oh he creads it, needs it and worships it!

what you mean switch up on him, he hates it?

I'm not afraid of him and what I should say, I say what I have to say like anybody has a right to, he is totally scared of me, I will say stuff, as I see it, hear it and feel it. no bad is saying so.

They never admit to their faults and their mates always stick up for their lies and bullshit! admit to my faults and say I'm sorry, never works for them, how do I play these games back for him not to notice? that will be hard and I wouldn't know what to do on how to do that!

He always thinks I am playing games, I have tried on so many levels to ease with him, but it doesn't seem to work, I always say I'm sorry and say what I mean, I still get my head bittern off! it's not true about the coming back, coos they don't if they do, they still start on you and walk out the door again, and they are gone again, cos he is in a shit!

not when hanging around his ex all the time or every 6 months, sags do cheat! they can't help it, they roam it's their nature, like horses do!!!!!

they can't keep their thing in their pants cos they want to explore behind their partners back, even when they are committed! and they have met another woman, they tell them that they are single, they are liars too, I have seen so many numbers of different females numbers laying around, not a good sign, they don't like to work late even when they have to, they aren't always honest and yes he is very picky he wants my hair to look and my clothes to be the same as his ex's he had told me this to me face, he doesn't wants kids or settle with me, he had told me this as he wants it with some1 else, Only with the 1 he truly loves, I have lost trust in him as he has lied to me and my feeling were nothing to him, but I'm not allowed to have feelings or even say them out loud! My sag strays a lot he denies it of course they would, I have heard him on the fone, cos he walks outside like he has a lot to hide...... does everything on his own never with his partner to make her happy, he never comforts me ever when I need him the most, he gets pissed at me when I have a crappy day! OMG..... sometimes he comes home from work feeling shit and he takes his crap out on me. say men are never there for their partners they don't care about them, they only care about themselfs!!!!! us females we only get used get what they want and piss off! I have been with my sag for 5 years and we've only had sex 5 times in the last 5 years!!!!! he is very lousy, and the biggest liars of all time, my sag man cheated on my 6 months ago, I found out the hard way, he had been court and denies it! and he is still denying it today!!!!! and still continues to see her today as he hasn't been home for 3 days!!!!!

I have been with him for 5 years and it's see ya to you, I want nothing of him as their is no trust, no commitment, and forgiveness on what he has done to me, he thinks i'm really stupid not to see his little games he is playing,

They are selfish and they only do things for them selfs only, never think about anybody else, they don't like doing anything else for any1, specially their partner.

What hurts most is he never admits to anything..... he seems to be never in the wrong, always has to be right!!!!!! and they other thing that hurt me the most when he said I could my ex back anytime I want and he still loves her, cos she is better than me, they are cheaters, and always be cheaters, he isn't good with money and will be, and they don't know how to save, they never tell you where they go or where they are going, very secretive people,

Oh and his dark side of course, it does have immense trust issues and is very 1 track minded person, never watches what he says or how to says them, very stubborn he has to always have double standards for everything, he has issues, and likes to take them out on others, and then blame you for it, they love playing games with your mind to see if you if you will bite back, they love playing games, with your mind, to see if you will snap, god my sag doesn't know how to calm me down, or says I don't want to know, he always wants the last words, librans aren't allowed to have the last word, i'm so sick of the fighting and arguing thats all we do, nothing else, no fun times or anything, or great times, here or there,

He started to argue over little stupid things and it become bigger, he is very blunt, and i'm very sensitive when I get hurt!

He always has to have the last words and be centre of attention, yes when we argue he would fired up at me, and storm out, my partner as of no more anymore, said it was pulling him away, and he can't deal with something like that, he started to lack he is pulling away more and more, I'm listening but he thinks I never!

I think he has found someone that who he wants to be with, he won't admit to it, cos he is very secretive, I think he is going back to his ex, he always talks to her, it's not hard for them to love their ex again, he stays in contact with her behind my back, never told me he was doing it, if he just told me I would of been fine, so he was hiding it from me, there is no trust!

as for now I am letting him come back, I'm sick of the 1 who has to say sorry all the time, I'm not even going to bother talking to him and cos it will be a waste of time, he still has foto's of his ex's, yes he has a bad shocking temper,and reckons he never had 1, there is no passion, it's gone from the start from day 1, the words that come out of his mouth are mean and hurtful, and will attack me with everything he has, from all sides,he doesn't like doing anything that is a responsibity for any1 else only for him, he wouldn't do anything me either,

and will say stuff behind people back, and how they should live or the way they live, he says he loves me, but no love there and it's not real to him, he won't even commit to me like he said he wouldn't this frustrates me bad it really does hurt me, and makes me very annoyed, I love cuddling up to him and waking up next to him, but that all gone now, as he said he will never come back while I am there, it's also to do with his stubbornness and selfishness, he will not diguss anything with me, and will not, commit! and accuses me to get a man when he is at his weakest.

I am stupid to him and dumb!!!! he has no time for what's so ever, I'm not important in his life, he is totally slowing me along, and he will never realize, what he had or has in his life, it too late, can't do anything about it! it's too sad, it's bad enough that I have to go through it!

I am a Libra girl and met a saggy on line , we have been chatting, emailing and on the phone, seeing his pictures, also verified him, we are meeting in few days for the first time in person, and I feel love for him, he is sweet person, but we both adult in the fifties , my question is we spending the weekend together, we have know each other for 4 months, I will like to be intimate with him and so he does. should I wait or just go ahead.

I am a Libra girl and met a saggy on line , we have been chatting, emailing and on the phone, seeing his pictures, also verified him, we are meeting in few days for the first time in person, and I feel love for him, he is sweet person, but we both adult in the fifties , my question is we spending the weekend together, we have know each other for 4 months, I will like to be intimate with him and so he does. should I wait or just go ahead.

I'm a Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp man & my sweetheart is a Libra lady. I must agree wholeheartedly w/ one thing: DON'T PLAY HEAD GAMES! I really liked this girl, then all of the sudden, she changed & started playing head games w/ me.

I immediately grew suspicious & it made it easy for me to justify cheating on her (I later confirmed the accuracy of my suspicion).

I have ALWAYS been faithful in the past & yet somehow cuz I'm a Sag, I'd get a bad rep & I'd be the fool who'd always get cheated on.

Now, I do unto others exactly as I perceive they do unto me. I think that is the true Sag's creed. If she cheats, so do I. If she's faithful, so am I. If she plays head games... You get the picture...

What more could a Libra lady want than perfect balance? (Haha)

We hated each other (remember there's a fine line...) for a few months, but the whole ordeal has made us respect each other's ability to play games, but have the maturity to be faithful, instead.

Well I guess not every Sagittarian guy is going to be the same as the next.

My man is a Sag, I'm a Libran... we've been together for over a year now and he wants to propose! He's just the nicest guy I've ever met, loyal, gentle and honest. He's simply a dream come true, and we're in love. We understand each other and just get each other, and the relationship

So don't lost faith, not every single Sagg is a selfish nasty beast or a commitment-phobe.

Also, no offence but anyone who chooses to be with someone who hurts them emotionally for years and years has serious issues and probably shouldn't be confessing this to an astrology website.

Well, I am a Libra Scorpio (cusp) woman and I've been dating (on and off) a Sagittarius man for the last 3-1/2 years. We are both in our mid-40's and we have known each other for a very long time. In fact, we initially hooked up in our 20's, but as life would have it, we had our differences and moved on but always remained good friends. Until about 3 years ago when we decided to try it again. Now, when the relationship is in a good is truly a beautiful relationship. Sex is AWESOME, communication is constant and time is spent with each other. But, when difficulties arise and issues become a little larger to handle, the relationship gets a little strained, as most others do. But, in this case, my Sagg man tends to pull away during the dark or intense times. And that drives me wild. I like to talk things out, but he likes to withdraw and figure it out. When I say withdraw, he don't call, don't text, don't respond as often and I may not see him fo r weeks. Which is why this relationship has been On and off. However, now that I understand that is how he works, his withdrawals are not as traumatic. I still don't like it but it doesn't look like he is going to change and I can't make him. But, I can change the way I respond. I don't get upset anymore, I just do what I do. I keep an open mind and an open heart. If I decided to date another while my sagg is in his man cave trying to figure things out, that is on him. Do I trust him, yes, I do because I truly believe he has my best interest at heart so I am not too worried about other women. And, I have been faithful to him as well. But, I also realize he is a man and it could happen, that is why I keep my heart open. Other than his withdrawal, he also has a tendency to reject negativity, he is emotionally quiet, he can be a little selfish and he is an older man which means he is a little set in his ways. On the other hand, he has a great sense of humor, when he is emotionally vocal, he is sweet and affectionate. He is spontaneous and has a great sense of responsibility especially when it comes to his finances, his job and his business. Currently, he is in his Sagg man cave, while training for a new job. He is very focused and he does not give me a lot, if any, time. I'll wait, because my sagg man has been out of a job for a few years, so I certainly understand his intensity in securing this job. But, as I stated earlier, I am keeping my mind and heart open. I am very supportive in his effort and he knows I am here when he needs me but If he doesn't return to me, then I must be ready to keep it moving. I would have to say, this relationship has been one of my most challenging relationships I've ever had.

im a young 15 year old Libra who has fallin head over heels for a 16 year old Sagg. being with him in unbelievable and he says the sweetest things to me. he says im like no other girl he has ever met and that I make all his problems go away.. I know I am young, but im very mature for my age and has gone threw quite a bit of stuff.. anyways.. because I read all of this, I asked if he would ever cheat on me. he assures me he wouldn't with makes me fall for him more.. and we have so much and common and we understand each other like wow... well we aren't dating but everyone says we should date.. he thinks we should and I do to.. but I don't want to break his heart.. im not the one to stay in a long relationship but im willing to for him :)

I am a 20 year old cancer, with Libra rising.

During the last few years, many people around me noticed that I have changed from an emotionally dependant, sensitive but adoring Cancer to an almost pure libran.

The only things that show my "cancery" side are when I am around children, animals and elderly people. I just adore them and never bother to hide it=).

Another thing is that I still tend to be a tiny bit insecure and sensitive at times. But instead of lashing out, I sit back and think things through, which works for me.

So, my story would be as following:

I am a very dedicated martial artist and my teacher (turning 33 in December) happens to be a sagittarius. I do not know his rising sun yet, but he told me that he'd tell me his time of birth as soon as he knows it himself. I am planning on finding out myself, otherwise I'm never going to know ;). That's a Sag for you, I guess^^.

So, the thing is: I am not in love with him, not really.

But the sexual tension between us is INSANE. I am not imagining things, I've had enough times to sit back, observe and analyze him. But there's still one piece missing: the rising sun. I need to know in order to be able to properly finish my thoughts.

Anyways, to make it shorter, I would like to list a few things about this guy and some of his reactions towards me.

There will be 3 groups: "Compliments", "Teasing" and "Various". Here we go=):


He told me many times that he's extremely proud of me at the way I keep getting better and better at what I do.

He tells me that other should take me as an example, as I am very interested in everything he says and all the stories he tells. I just want to learn everything there is, which I think he likes enormously.

He really like that I am striving to be the best I can be, especially at my age.

He likes the way my mind works and how focused and decided I appear to be at all times.

He likes my wit and my very flirtatious and sexually oriented teasing (not actually directed at him), but he either laughs out loud or puts his head in his hands unbelievingly xP... Maybe I am too much=)?

When we (our entire class) go out, which happens more and more frequently, he's always the first to point out how pretty I am or how good I look.

He also told me a few times that he thinks that I am very wise for my age, that he likes the way that I "joker/devilishness" back and that I have become a very, very important member of the school, even though I haven't been training for long (approx. 7 months).

So how come people say that Sagittarians aren't able to give compliments? He's amazing at it =D. (Need rising sun. NOW.)


Last weekend we all went out and he, as always, drank a LOT=). He can take it really well tough, it only heightens his own deviousness and readyness to flirt, which I like a lot, obviously^^.

There was always this other guy (he's the same age as my teacher, but only a fellow student), whom I like very much, but strictly as a friend only. There's just nothing going on between us at all.

The funny thing is, that everytime we're going out (the entire group), I always happen to sleep over at his place or at the same place as him. We are also bantering and arguing a LOT, all in good fun.

So, as our group has been discussing astrology for almost an hour, my teacher suddenly speaks up and asks, out of the blue: "So, young Lady, what do you think about the compatibility between you and Tom?"

I'm like: "How? Sexually? The aggressive potential is definitely there^^!", one of my usual answers. I never cut back on honesty. You ask a question like that? Be ready to get one hell of an answer=).

Funny thing is, that just beforehand, he asked me what my rising sun was (after claiming he wasn't interested in astrology at all. I just carried on talking, and there it is: Interest.) and I replied: Libran.

He went like: "Oh, we Sags get along with those."

I immediately and bluntly said: "Yeah, especially sexually."

His reaction was non-existent, which is totally fine=).

I don't need nor want reactions to everything I say. Just saying them is great to me.

So, anyways, he keeps teasing me about "Tom", but more to that later. Btw, I teased him about a femal student whom he always hangs around with and said: You two wouldn't be very compatible on an astrological level (she's a Cancer with rising sun CANCER. Yeah, emotional much^^?). Try the sex instead." and he immediately went like: "No, I can't do that, she's my student..." in a seriously BASHFUL tone. What=)?! A bashful Sag? Really?

Now come the more "juicy" parts, meaning: where the tension went skywards.

As we left the restaurant we decided to go and visit a few bars (we were out until 6 a.m. Yeah, holy smoke indeed.) and we were always walking in groups of 2-3 persons.

I almost never walked beside my teacher, but when I did (3 times, with 1-2 hours in between), the conversations were very, very interesting. Here a few highlights:

He told me (not flat out, more like: "Btw...") that,the only relations acceptable to him at the moment were physical ones.

After I asked him about "names" ('cause he mentioned something about "My Venus rests in...."), he replied that there were none, but that he KNOWS that his next romantic interest is going to turn up next year.

In the same conversation I asked him: "Do you know what you want?". And wow, he just looks at me from the side with this very badass-predator-look, quickly looks me up and down and says: "I KNOW what I want."

But dammit, we weren't able to keep that conversation up, 'cause the others caught up to us and broke us apart. Oh well, there's always next time=).

And the last and juiciest one:

Right after I arrived (I was the last one to get there and it was right before dinner), I was quickly kissing everybody (on the cheeks) and when I got to my teacher, I asked him: "Are you going to greet me=)?" and he said, "Alright, just this once.", got up and did the same.

At the end of the evening, when we were saying our goodbyes, I went to him to kiss him on the cheeks and he went like: "No, not this time." and turned away.

The great thing is: I didn't care in the least, on purpose.

And I guess that this bothered him a LOT=).

Because, after everybody said their goodbyes and were waiting for him, he came up to me (seriously close. I mean REALLY close), rested his hand on my butt and asked: "With tongue or not?". I was way too baffled and tired to answer with wit or "do the deed", but he only laughed and we kissed on the cheeks.


I talked to "Tom" (who is the same age as my teacher) who knows my teacher really well and asked him how serious he meant the thing about the kiss. Because I told him that next time, there was no way in hell that I would back down.

I even texted my teacher the same night: "Next time you're asking for a french-kiss, be ready to get one."

And Tom told me: "He is not someone who backs down from these things. As far as I know him, he would go all the way, probably not without hesitation. He wouldn't put up a big resistance, though, because you're a seriously gorgeous girl with a boatload of sex-appeal."

And I will not back down next time either. If he comes up to me like that again: Bring. It. On.

I like to play with fire, and apparently, so does he=).

As a last thing:

The next time we had our regular training, everything was back to normal again, which is more than fine. I don't want this to interfere in my training.

What I have noticed though is that my teacher is "sparring" against me a lot more often and demonstrates a lot of thing on me instead on the more advanced students like he used to.

But I'm more than okay with that, because if he wants to help me to get better I am not going to turn him down.

He also helps me a LOT with the classes on a financial level. He keeps offering me things, like taking over fees in order for me to attend classes, which I like a lot, because I am always happy to accept financial help. I am not broke, but I am an apprentice, so yeah=).

My mother keeps telling me: "Be careful with that, because maybe one day, he will want something in return."

I went like: "Mum, what can he possibly want from me that I am NOT willing to give him?"

Mum: "True."

Yeah, my mum's awesome=).

So, you guys. What do you think of all that?

You are the ones with the Sagittarius-experiences.

I believe that he only wants to play and flirt, but I'd still love to hear your opinions^^!

Good Night

I am a Libra Female/ 23 and my dude is a sag male/22 we met 2 years ago threw one of my best friends and his bro. From the very start the compatibilty was undineable, love a frist sight, truely the best I ever had. I have never loved and trusted someone so quicky and more in all my life....So it was so devestating and blind sighted when he cheated on me. We were broken up for about 2months before the next I seen him and he a the nerve to bring dirty girl around me after swearing she didn't mean anything to him.....2 months passed again and I had somewhat moved on...but of course being best friends with his sis in law its relevent that he would be around on occasion and after attempting to be stubborn we quicky were back into are old was like nonthing had ever happen but of course be a sagg as soon as the word committe came back into play he began to stray and of course you know who was back in the picture...but this time with more of attempt by him to have his cake and eat it to....luckily being the classy stubborn female I am did not stand for the hard as it was I put my foot down and kick him to the curve with no oppition to be friends or even corgile towards eachother... I had to let him realize that I was the best thing that ever happen to him and no other girl could ever take my place and it was all his fault I wasn't despite our ups and down and set backs were back together and our love is stronger and we are happier then we've ever been...sagg are good smart men they can't be forced in to something there not ready for or don't want...if you love something you let it go and comes back it loves too....there no one in the world id rather be with then my sagg!

Im a 38 year old Libra woman and he is a 40 year old Sag. We have been attracted to each other for 20 years but only recently actually took things beyond the 'friend' level and in a word..its Amazing. As time and experience would have it, neither of us are interested in getting married AGAIN so we can feel free-spirited together. The attraction is electrifying, our attitudes are both happy go lucky and we both are drama-free type people. I've never been in a relationship with someone who was truly a 'friend'..and now that I am..I cant imagine it any other way.

I am a Libra female/22 dating a Sagittarius male/ 24. We met through a mutual friend at an Outdoor Rave. It was LOVE at first sight. Though our eyes did most of the talking that night, we ended up parting ways and re-connecting a couple week later at another Rave. Right then and there we KNEW we were meant to be together. He treats me like a princess, tells me everything I want to hear, our chemistry is strong, have a lot in common, there is never a dull moment, we laugh, do spontaneous and fun things! We've had our fall outs and arguments, but our bond is SO well connected we make the negative situation into positive. We balance each other out perfectly. He's the ying to my yang. 4 months strong together, and now we have a little one on the way. He is my soul-mate and we plan on spending the rest of our beautiful lives together

Where do I begin? I started working out at this gym and I have been keeping my eye on this trainer. I have noticed that he checks me out too...a couple months pass and he walks up to me and gives me his card for a free hour... I called him that night.:. We started chatting, he asks if I am married, he tells me that he hasn't been in a relationship in 2 years and is looking to settle down and have kids (yes, the first night we met). He stopped texting and we kind of just did the high and by at the gym... Till one night he text me and it became very sexual very fast... (sexting). It felt like we actually were doing it... For about 4 days.... He tells me how I drive him crazy, he wants me... He even mentioned marriage and love... But then he drops off the face of the planet... I send a text... He doesn't respond. I feel like he is my soulmate but I don't want to scare him away... Afterall he started talking about love, and babies... Can you believe he asked me If my t ubes were tied... What is the deal?? Any ideas?

any woman who is with a sag man and thinks he's being faithful should get a hold of his cell phone and credit card bills and gps his car. one hundred thousand percent for sure - if he is hot enough to get any attention - he is cheating on you. if you think he's great and infidelity is not an issue it is only because he lies so good. Sag men are cowards and they can be mean but they are not direct. They avoid conflict at any cost and hence the constant lies, secrets and 'double life'. Don't believe me? Trail him and see for yourself.

I am a 28 years old sag guy and she is 24 years old Libra girl. I used to see her in parties and say hi; how you doing for the past 3 years !! I didn't know her at all but all what I used to know is that I am so damn attracted to this wild horse. 2 months ago, we started messaging over fb and I asked her out for a coffee once but she refused and said that that's not gonna happen. I've seen her once by coincidence with her friend and we spoke; I was going to ask her for a coffee but her friend was tired and wanted to go home. so I told her that I was about to ask you let's have a coffee; she replied with why didn't you that would have been great !! anyways, we went for a dinner then went for a coffee. It was nice and I was myself but I think that I was a bit nervous not showing it but feeling it.. I like her and I am asking for your help. What should I do to win her?

I am a 28 years old sag guy and she is 24 years old Libra girl. I used to see her in parties and say hi; how you doing for the past 3 years !! I didn't know her at all but all what I used to know is that I am so damn attracted to this wild horse. 2 months ago, we started messaging over fb and I asked her out for a coffee once but she refused and said that that's not gonna happen. I've seen her once by coincidence with her friend and we spoke; I was going to ask her for a coffee but her friend was tired and wanted to go home. so I told her that I was about to ask you let's have a coffee; she replied with why didn't you that would have been great !! anyways, we went for a dinner then went for a coffee. It was nice and I was myself but I think that I was a bit nervous not showing it but feeling it.. I like her and I am asking for your help. What should I do to win her?

I've just started my relationship with a Sagittarius man and I'm a Libra woman. He makes me feel amazing, there's zing in this combo for us both and it's shaping up perfectly! We've been friends for around 6 months first, so no diving in at the deep end, to be fair Libra's do get what they want from sagittarius, just gotta play it cool. I find if you treat them the same as always they're very receptive.

Jase has got me riveted and I him, he's not the lethario that most sagitarius's seem to be, he is however a very generous man and lover, I'm not going to get bored easily with this one.

I also find, the less mentioned about commitment the better. The less ya say about it, the more they want one. He's the leader of the pack, or at least let him think so!

Amazing, amazing, amazing!

All in all, it's sizzle time, and according to articles I've been reading the relationship will just get sexier with time. Look at Sharon and Ozzy, awesome couple. Committed and loyal to one another big time. That I'm certain is what's in store if I keep massaging his ego and support him through his life.

I am a Libra women who's with a sagg man we met a month ago I would say we like each other so far on his part I already see he is a little selfish but at the same time he's a me sagg man do need their independence ,don't like to argue and hate when their partners read in things too much. I do see us being together for a longtime it could either be relationship wise or friendship. we Libra woman can be very diplomatic at times and it may sound argumentive so it kinda drive sagg crazy. I would love to love him some day but not in a rush beacuse I do feel that a Libra woman should first understand a sagg man before gettin too emotional and you Libra woman know we do! howeevr Libra women pleassse stand firm on what you believe and speak your mind while in a relationship with a sagg> we Libra women CAN MAKE A SAGG MAN FALL BADLY IN LOVE WITH US so use you're charm!

oh! sex is GREATTTTT! he's a freak in all the good ways LUV IT!

Well im a sag and I am going to 18 and she is 17 and I have a little problem ive known this Libra girl for quite a time like 10 years and I just cant ask her out it seems as though im afraid ive already had two girlfriends my first one was another Libra and the second was a Scorpio but those I just asked normally but with this other one it's very hard ive lasted like five months just thinking about asking her but I never do I always put a date to ask her but it just doesn't happen I don't know what to do I need advise


you have to be strong and cool to deal with him

Well as I read some of these post I see a lot of female Libras saying how it did not work out and how they think Libra and Sagittarius are really not that compatible, well I have a totally other experience. I am a 22/Libra female and my boyfriend is also 22/Sagg (I'm older by two months exactly). I've known him since we were 13 and the attraction has always been there although at first we were just acquaintances but once we became closer (around the age of 15) we were inseparable as friends. We clicked so well, both have that quirky sarcastic humor that only we can get, he's very intelligent and likes philosophy and all that crazy stuff like I do, and we just have a great time and enjoy each others company physically, emotionally & sexually, he came off as just a happy go lucky, live life to the fullest blah blah person, but there is much more to him (them) than they let be shown. He's literally my best friend and we have a really good relationship he has been there for me as I for him. I will not lie and say we have a perfect relationship because no one does,our communication skills have lacked sometimes but not because he gets mad because I tried to express how I feel and he didn't like it because he thought I was being negative and a downer who's stressing little issues (I've read a few post along those lines). Communication is key and my saggy actually takes that seriously, It's the opposite I'm the one who doesn't share my feelings on something and he gets mad when it later comes out, he tells me how I should trust him more and know that I can say whatever is on my mind, may it be me having a bad day or something he did. I'm still learning how to be more communicative but I just hope more female Libras find that right saggy, It's a wonderful experience and I hope this forum will get filled w. more positive posts about how the match actually worked out' x

what's this about unfaithfull sag men? damn... I can't even think of being unfaithful to my Libra wonder :o

I like this boy im 15 and he is 15 as well ima Libra he is a sagg and he is very nice,cute,honest and outgoing! I love him to death but is afraid to tell him what in the hell should I do????

I once had a crush on this guy who happens to be my neighbor, well, not exactly..he's a close family friend..I didn't know his name but everytime we see each other, its a hi/bye thing with short chitchats.. I was always too afraid to talk to him cause I had liked him but didn't want to scare him off. Years passed by and we both move on, had kids but never married..just until recently, he gave me his number and told me his name, I didn't know his name but he knew mines..mind you I didn't think too much of it and I didn't want him to think I was desperate, so I waited a week to call him..Yes you got to play head games with them and say things that you mean, but not lie to them...I'm 27 and he's 31..

As we talked, the first thing I wanted to know when was his birthday, and BAM he's a Sagittarius..

With the short chitchats we had in the past, he assumed I was a bitch because he felt I had ignore him and not wanting to talk or spent time talking to him..YES there you go with the's true..they are VERY BLUNT with you..I told him it's not that I was ignoring him, but simply because I was SHY..Now that just turned their switch on sexually..

I asked him about his past, and if he had cheated. He even asked me TWICE about my past and if I had ever answer is NO and I still do not believe in cheating cause it just going to hurt the other person, BUT I do believe in breaking up rather than cheating..Although from my past experiences, I'm always the one getting cheated on.

He told me he had cheated on his lived in exgf of 10 years because he wasn't getting sex at home, his house wasn't clean, and there wasn't dinner waiting for they decided to break it off a year ago, and he told me details about his cheating ways and the stories of each one..VERY BLUNTLY..I wasn't sure if I even want to know how good another chick ass was like..YES we Librans get our feelings hurt, but we have to pretend like it don't..I just laughed off cause I couldn't believe he was so straightforward with I told him about how I used to like him and how I had a crush on him...he was happy to hear that...flattered I believed..

All he wants to talk about is sex and that he wants to give it to me, but I told him he has to earn it..I'm not giving in that easily...He even told me he had always wanted to date me and sex me but he didn't know I liked him and never talked about relationship stuff like that to him..

Sagittarius men are very smart and if you hint to them that your leaving or that you just want to remain friends, they do come back to you. He had stood me up 2 times, and both times, I texted him, "wow, stood up again, well, I'll just see you around, Its good, take care.."

When he did realized that, he made the effort to see me the next night after work, he didn't say sorry as we talked, but when he asked me if I wanted to go somewhere like near the lake/water and see the stars, he drove me somewhere that has a lake just to make me happy, even though he was super tired from work and wanted to go home, for 2 hours, he stayed with me and didn't complain..

Its about a month, So far, all we did is talk, text, and spent some time together but nothing sexual. I want a relationship with him but knowing he's a Sagittarius who wants their freedom and space, I have to be patent with him, I am afraid I will confuse love with sex/ sex with love. He knows that I'm a good catch cause I cook, clean, take care of myself and my daughter...he even told me someday I'll make a great wife..

I don't know how this relationship will play out in the future but I like how things are going, so you librans has to stay strong and focus too, I'll come back next time around... =)...*librachick510*

I'm a Libra 21 on and off with my sagg 29. For 6 months now. Almost a different decade. His personality made me think he was only 23 when we met. I swear he is one of the most stubborn guy I've ever met. It's just so hard to get along with him. He's always hiding his phone and fb page like he ha something very wrong he doesn't want me to see anyways I really regret meeting this guy. I can see a future with him somehow because we communicate and understand each other so well but I am stubborn as well and it's hard for us to ever get on common ground. We argue almost every other day about what is right and what is wrong. Arrrghhhh!

I'm a Libra woman dating (not bf/gf) a Sagi Man, It's been almost 4 months since we started seeing each other, I was out dating for months wasn't connecting with anyone when I became friends with my Sagi on MS. Once we finally started talking he would leave comments place's he would be at and for me to come down if I'd like to hang, being the single social butterfly that I am I was always out and doing something and didn't make it to the suggested hang outs, we finally exchanged #'s again he would ask for me to hang out but I was busy with friends and plans I already committed to.

Finally we meet' I was nervous as heck, I got along well with all of his friends like we've been friends forever, Later that evening I was surprised by a very cute bump into you make the 1st kiss, It was instant Butterfly and Sparks. I haven't felt this in a long time there was an instant connection. After that he invited me more and more we hung out together he's very loving and passionate, everything I wanted and was looking for I was being sweep off my feet. He'd send me good morning txt's and how's your day going type stuff it melted my heart even more. He slipped of the mouth a few times introduced me as his lady instead of his friend, he goes back in forth from referring to me as girlie and babe so the confusion of were we stand is on my brain out come the scales.

The sexual connection we have is off the charts, Libra's love sex well at least I do and this is very important to me in a relationship if there isn't a connection I move on I get bored with a lazy lover, this draws me in even more I'm falling and fast

As I started to fall deeper and deeper, the beginning of month 2 comes and he's backing out of plans, and leaving town, phones dead can't reach him type stuff. I'm very insecure coming out of a bad relationship. Being the Libra I am we over analyze everything sometime I wish there was an off switch for my brain, So I'm trying not to think the worst I mean we are only dating there's no strings attached. Libra's love to be in a relationship and I'm telling myself don't rush this. I did let him know that the flaking all the time and backing out of plans I'm not ok with and that it's hurting my feeling when he is inconsiderate and of my feelings. He informed me that he was truly sorry and does not like to upset me. I told him my heart is his please don't lose it he in return informed me that his is mine as well

Month 3 we aren't hanging out as much, he's busy all the time with his friends, he wont make plans with me say's it keeps people from getting hurt, he backed out of something that was very important to me that he actually planned for us then went to a party after. I was upset but keeping my walls up I went about my business as usual hung out with my friends. We probable hung out maybe 5 times the entire month. I'm questioning everything at this point, I see all my friends that are dating are with their man all the time and when their not together they are txting or talking. So I'm becoming jealous at this point what's going on we went from completely happy and having so much fun to what just happened.

Month 4 and current - Of course it turned me into the girl I hate, and that's Hate with a capital 'H' what's wrong, are we dating just us or seeing other people I want answers so my head will stop spinning. I haven't seen him in 3 weeks, the last time we sleep together was the end of month 2, I'm sorry that's just weird for me, All my friends are telling me to move on that he's a jerk. Everything I read up on say's this is just who he is. I finally break down cross the line and have the 'talk'. He was from the start very angry and annoyed tone in his voice, I've never seen this side before, basically was told that he's been single for so long he doesn't know how to have a girl in his life and that he likes his freedom, that he's not seeing anyone else. I'm very straight to the point are we together or just friends. I need to know because I'm not a cheater and will not move on till I know it's final. But I get vague answers and responses

So I ask my fellow listeners as a Libra this is driving me crazy, after reading everyone's post, I see if I want to keep him go back to being me, busy and when I can see him I see him, is it the chase that he was into with me and now that he's got what he wants he's just not interested anymore I'm lost and confused I want to move one but my heart wont let me.

21 year-old Libra woman / 21 year-old Sagittarius man

Met my Sagittarius at a party. He seemed shy, so I was not immediately interested. However, being the typical Libra lady, hate hurting feelings and he was cute anyway, so we exchanged numbers and began occasional correspondence. I noticed that this Sagittarius was quite pursuant; I never initiated conversation but he had no problem doing so. Eventually, I grew bored with my others love interests so I gave Sag a shot. We hung out and naturally, the conversation started flowing. He seemed to like that I was genuinely interested in getting to know him and I must admit - the chemistry was definitely there. The Sagittarius man is creative and expressive; he shared some of his poetry with me which was a great turn on. Now, Libra ladies, KNOW THIS: once your Sag feels that you have been captured, his attention will turn elsewhere. I realized that even though I liked him, in order to keep it balanced, I couldn't allow myself to fall head over heels for such a random and seldom though tful individual. Now, I am involved with an Aquarius (who fulfills my needs more than any other of the 12 signs) bit occasionally, when the air is not flowing, I crave a bit of fire and my Sagittarius man is always there. He's great for conversation and laughs (our senses of humor are perfectly aligned, my favorite aspect about the Libra-Sag relationship) but the sex is mediocre and I think he senses that my attention span is not long enough to care to pull him further out of his shell.

A relationship between THIS Libra lady and THAT particular Sagittarius man is best left as a platonic friendship with the occasional but rare romp.

I am a 37yr old Libra women having an affair with 36yr old Sag man. We are both married now with kids. We met almost 20 years ago through mutual friends and we see each other occassionally at friends' parties. We have never dated before but we used to talk a lot and were flirty with each other ever since we met. We both got married and knows each others' spouses. But even we see each other occasionally at friends' parties, we would still look at each other in a flirty way. Time passed and we didn't see each other for over 6 years and not we just recently reconnected about a year ago through facebook. He started instant messaging me and we would talk about the past and catch up with the present. It was innocent at first then our converstations started getting flirty and sexual. We would talk everynight on facebook behind our spouses' back. Then we exchanged cell numbers and started talking. He kept texting me asking if we could meet up for sex. At first I was very direct in saying no. I never ever thought about cheating on my husband. He told me that he cheated on his wife twice before but he would never leave her. Then slowly I started giving in to his requests. At first it was just sexting, we would talk sexually on texts and exchange naked pics of each other. That went on for a couple of months and started planning meeting for sex. He came to my work and we made out during my lunch break. It was wonderful. I felt like a teenager falling in love for the first time. After a couple of days he started having regrets and guilt and told me we shouldn't continue and I agreed even though I wanted him so bad. We still kept talking to each other but the sex didn't come up until one day he asked me again if we could get a room and have sex. Of course I agreed and we finally did it. And for a few days we would not talk. Again he said he felt guilty and wants to stop everything, but he would end up asking again and I would easily give in. I think because I'm falling for him. I do still love my husband and would never think of leaving him, but I'm afraid that I've also fallen in love with my Sag guy. And I feel so guilty for having this affair, but I can't stop. All he has to do is ask me and I'm there for him. And most of the time, I'm doing the asking myself. He made it clear to me from the beginning that it would be just all sex and no commitments and I agreed with him, but now I am for more from him. We still talk and flirt and occassional get together, but I don't know how long I could go on like this. My feelings for him is getting stronger. He's a very busy guy and it's so hard to talk to him about how he really feels. I think Sag guys are very forward but when it comes to deep feelings, they back away and don't want to talk about it. I keep telling myself that I'm just being used by him for one thing and I need to stop it, but I can't bring myself to do it. I'm so confused, feeling hurt, guilty and selfish at the same time. Never thought I would be the type to ever be in this situation. Never say never.

I'm a 25yr old Libra lady and have been dating a 28yr old Sagittarius man for 6 months now. By far the best relationship I've ever been in so far and I've been in and out of many. Never met a guy who understands me so well and just literally loves me for me.

We hit off instantly at a mutual friends July 4th party. He sparked a curiosity in me the minute I saw him. And he was so social and kept talking to me and offering to bring me food right away. He made me feel so comfortable ( I didn't know that many people there) and I had just met him. I felt comfortable and confident when speaking to him. He had a head on his shoulders, common sense, and he was a good conversationalist. I just wanted to keep finding out more about him all night. And for some reason around him I felt comfortable enough to keep talking. I asked him if he had a girl and he laughed and said "not anymore". I guess he had just got out of a bad 5yr relationship. Of coarse I didn't know this at the time I was just so happy he was single and so was I. And how fun and positive he was. And I over heard him tell his boy I was madd cool and he knew I was right there to hear him say it. In that moment he made me feel special... In that moment I knew I could have him if I wanted it. And I def wanted him. There was just something about him that made me happy inside. All night he kept eye fucking me and I him. I even got pissed when my girl sat next to him in the car on the way to set off fireworks lol. I wanted to sit next to him :-). I kept cool and just gave him this look. We kept talking through the whole night though and he kept telling me how cool he thought I was. When everyone started to leave or pass out I knew I had to do something. Something came over me and I walked right to him (a lil buzzed mind you)and told him I was crazy lol. He looked at me and told me he was crazy to and we just started to kiss and we couldn't stop. We spent the night on our mutual friends living room floor. They noticed we hit off and knew what was going on so they set up a little bed for us while we were kissing like crazy outside. We went crazy on the floor all night long for no lie like 4 hours. Yeah amazing...

The next morning he gave me a ride home and actually chilled with me at my house for a little while. When he left he said he would call. I had laid down for nap right after and kept thinking about how I had screwed it up by sleeping with him on the first night we met. And how he prob wasn't going to call me back. I was so very very wrong. He called me 20 min after he had left and invited me to go swimming with him our mutual friend from the night before. I was like yeah I'll go! And we hung out all day and have been insepartable since.

All I can say is that he's the most amazing man I've ever met in my life. He understands me and hates confrontation just as much as I do so we don't get into big fights at all. If we do bicker we laugh about it after. I honestly wasn't looking to get into a serious relationship before I met him I was actually over the whole relationship crap. I had been hurt too much and was fed up with men. But then with him I couldn't let him go. I wanted to be his girl more then anything in the world. He was so smart, handsome, fun, positive, and all around a great guy. Even my mom liked him right away and she hasn't really liked any of my previous boyfriends. So we kept dating and hanging out all the time and getting to know each other. And the more we found out the more we bonded. It made me so happy that I could make him laugh and be happy. He told me that he was done with head games and the BS and he was looking for a good girl to settle down with and start a life with. I told him the truth and said I was looking for the same thing. Some one I could make happy because that's what makes me happy. Libra's love to love and if we can't make our partners happy we get depressed very quickly. I told him I've never been able to find a guy I truely make happy or loved me for me. And he is honestly the only guy I've ever met that thinks I'm cute even when I'm moody. The only guy that doesn't get mad at me about it and will hold me and make me smile. I work 3rd shift and after sleeping during the day when I wake up I'm very moody sometimes, I can't help it. But he understands and just tries to make me feel better in any way he can. He def spoils me and will cater to my every need, which I love. But I always return the favor and do nice things for him and consistantly tell him how much I love him and apprieciate all that he does for me. We both have great manners so we always say our please and thank yous. He loves it and he loves when I love him. A total cheese ball in the inside he is! He enjoys our cheesy love texts back and forth to each other. We are all about making each other happy. And if we have a disagreement we are both great at comprimising so it works out and we both get what we want.

He recently bought me a promise ring, his promise to me that he will ask me to marry him someday. We are still taking it slow. We don't live with each other yet or anything. He sleeps over my house on my nights off and thats it. We do plan to get our own place soon though. And even though he told me he had commiment issues in the past he has never cheated on any of his girlfriends. And I believe him with all my heart and I even had commiment issues in the past as well as cheating, I could and would never do that to him. Because I know this is my soul mate the man I want to spend the rest of my life with and he's shown me nothing but love and respect. I would never deceive him. And of coarse I always give him his space. If he wants to watch the game, go fishing, whatever the sport may be, I let him do it. He is so full on energy it's unbelievable, he can't stay sitting for too long. It's good for me, keeps me active and adventurous. I love riding on the back of his bi ke with him and hiking in the summer. I can't wait to be his wife some day.

So some advice from what I've experienced and from what I've read. It's def a better idea to date a mature Sag who is ready to settle down, if that's what your looking for of coarse. Once they reach this point and fall in love with you they will be great partners who will love you unconditionally and will do anything to make you happy. And you will def know if your Sag is in love or not with you because when they're in love with you and plan on being with you for the rest of their lives, they will put you above all else. Nothing else matters to them but you.

Well I worked with a Sag guy for 2 years, and one day he just hugged and kissed me, wow was I hooked from then on in a big way. He was amazing with words and I was so looking forward to going to work, I'd have gone in for free.

Well unfortunately he was not telling me the truth about the woman he was living with. He said things were over between him and his girl-friend of 3 years, but after 4 intense months his girl-friend found out and contacted me. I didn't hear from him at all for 3 weeks them he 'dumped' me by e-mail and still he has not spoken to me. I'd say the most hurtful ending to a relationship ever.

Sag men are master liars, cheaters & manipulators. In general they are very insecure and in constant need for female companionship. I am a Libra woman, very attractive, very secure, 39 years old and have had back to back experiences with 2 sag men.

1st Sag man I married. He was 3 years older than me, very attractive, we dated for 2 1/2 yrs before we got married. He was smart, thoughtful, good sex etc---so we got married. In our 1st year of marriage I realized he was dating(and having lots of sex) with several women 5-8 possible. I took his phone and called them all. He lied until the end, even lied in counseling. He also became verbally & physically abusive. I divorced him immediately. Complete wolf in sheep's clothing

2nd sag man was 11 yrs younger than me and very attractive. Exact same characteristics--charming, sweet caring. Our relationship moved really fast and we ad 2 kids back to back--the sex was off the chart! Well he is the posterboy for immaturity, selfishness, and is a master manipulator. He fathered another child & got someone else pregnant during our 3 yr relationship. There were also several other woman during those 3 yrs. Sag men will say whatever they have to to get what they want. I left him also.

I hate generalize all men but every sag man I have ever met has the same characteristics: liar, manipulator, womanizer, I AM KING. The only ones that are different have a made a conscience effort to be a good guy.

If you're dating a Sag, man make sure he is mature enough to handle a relationship, has a good family and a GREAT mother. Otherwise you are wasting your time.

First I have to say the chemistry is amazing. I'm 43 he is 33. Our lives are very parallel. From childhood to current events our lives sync. We have not been intimate physically, but I have had the most intense emotional relationship with this man. I love him for who he is, in spite of the fact that he embellishes the truth-(lies), is very charming-(flirty) and makes friends easy-(probably making one right now!) My Sag is so attractive that he tries to make himself look ugly. And he can and I think it is so cute when he does that. His attractive ability is off the charts. He plays in a band, has women crawling out of the woodwork and is very very fun to be around. You can never, ever tell this man what to do....ever. You have to subtly suggest things to him in your most feminine way. If you are loud and abrasive he will immediately shut down and walk off! Once he makes up his mind about something you really can't change it and you shouldn't try to. If he comes to you for advi ce then he trusts you and respects you. This is a man who has little respect for women as he can make most any woman act like a slut. If you are really in love with your Sagittarius hottie then you will keep your legs closed-especially if he can get most any females to spread them easily!

I met this Sagi boi a while ago and we had a crazy connection from the start. He knew all the right things to say to make me smile and on my sad days he would do anything to make me happy. He told me about his past and how his never been in love until now,but has dated many. his longest relationship lasted 6 months. Made me kinda uneasy, but the second week he told me his met the girl his been waiting for and that was me. and he himself even said that he wasnt the settle down kinda guy and was not even thinking about settling down until he laid eyes on me and he knew this is it. still being uneasy because of a bad experience in the past,i asked him for some time and for us to take it slow even though he seemed too perfect to be true. He understood where I was coming from but he tried everythin in his power to make me fall in love with him. I noticed he didn't party crazy anymore and started deleting girls from his phone and fb and things wihtout me even saying anythi ng, he introduced me to everyone without any hesitation and seemed proud, and 4 months into our relationship, he proposed on New years saying he cant wait to settle down and start a little life with me. He said I make him want to be a better person and he wants to make me happy and even though its so soon, deep down it feels right. sex is amazing, and we've had 1 tiny arguement and I wouldnt even call it an arguement because it was a miscommunication and when we figured what the problem was we both apologized. im a big baby though even lil things like that makes me cry but he told me if we ever get into an arguement where he gets upset, to give him 15 min of space and he will be back and be normal, and he was cute cuz that night I was still sad and I cried and it made him cry and he said his never gotten close to a girly this much where she would have so much power over him. I do trust my man because he has proven that to me. we r both flirtatious and when we go out we get the same amount of attention from the opposite sex. But that doesn't always have to be a bad thing because we look at each other and laugh about it .we have both experienced the crazy party life before meeting eachother.And I think if you give them their space but always be flirtatious with you're man no matter who long uve been with him, he will stick around.

everyone has a different experience and a different story. some bitter and some sweet...but thats life. you live and love its bitter sweetness. so good luck to everyone here and thanks for sharing you're stories. It made me smile <3

Im a 23 yr old Libra who recently said YES to a 29yr old Sagi and we're getting married in 2 months... VOOT VOOT!

I am a Libra womam dating a sagg man... And must say after reading all of this... Wow! My sag is mean... and they do say hurtfull things and the next day be like goodmorning baby.... Im like wht, nigga im mad.... but I go along wit it and the day do turn out cool. I do give im his space tho. As far cheating I dnt even care cuz most men do it if not all at sum point. As long as he keep me safe. I feel like if a man is yours then no one can take him and I learn that wit a Gemini cuz they will CHEAT! But he loved me tho and couldnt see that. It took him to die for me to see. But my sagg.... I love his black ass. It sumthing about his smile... OMG! And the sex.... lord have mercy!..... I dnt trip.... I told him as long as you answer the phone when I call & you keep me safe. (safe meaning I dnt catch nothing & dnt no bitches call or trip wit me)... I dnt give fuck what you do. Cuz the one thing I learned about sagg they dnt like clinging bitches. And libras are like that when they love sumbody. Everthing the stars say about sagg men it is true. If you are a Libra and you got one stand you're gound when needed know when to give in. give him his space and dnt be clinging or talk to much shit. Know when he lying, hold good convo wit him and oh yea fuck the shit out of him. And that MF will never leave you along... And if all that dnt work.... Get you a Gemini thats the first best thing for a libra

And im out!

im a Libra women dating a sagg man, so far 3 yrs. it has NOT been a walk in the park! he gives me no trust nor much respect.

WARNING: they have a short temper, and are sneaky (well atleast they try to be) they believe the "man should be the man" as in you could never get the upper hand, if your debating about something..goodluck. But you shouldnt give them full trust, once they know they have you eating at the palm of their hand, they will take advantage of it. the first couple months are always the best. ENJOY THEM WHILE THEY LAST. they believe that they MUST stand up for any little thing. [GUY CODE] .

THE GOOD PARTS: semi- amazing in bed, some days their good and some days their "wtf?" but when your on their good side, they show a pationate hidden emotion they have. it takes time to get there because they trust NO ONE , and sometimes their too stupid and trust the wrong people and push away the ones they should trust. for a Libra all this scandall could be too much to handle. it is our nature to be sweet , to be calm , and to relax. Good luck trying to do that while dating a sagg.

Man oh man, you all certainly have a lot to say... good and bad pertaining to the Sagittarius/Libra compatibility. Well, to add my story... I'm a 26 year-old Libra, and my dear friend is a 21 year-old Sagg. I have to admit, like everyone else on this panel... there was instant un-describable attraction the very first time we met. And as the weeks continue to fly by, things honestly do seem to progress in a very positive manner. We were introduced via my best friend (a Virgo that actually liked him too) back in February, and I just found out about a month ago that the feelings between the both of us are mutual. The only flip-side to this, is that he has a girlfriend that lives almost 12 hours from him, and he and my bestie had already been flirting before she had the chance to introduce us. (But she told the both of us about each other before we met too) So trying to play my cards right, I did back off completely for the first month or so, because I didn't want to cause any problems between me and the bestie and cause un-necessary issues within his relationship with his girlfriend. In that time-frame, we took the time to get to know each other better and found out that we are exactly alike. So much alike, that sometimes it scares the shit out of both of us. And he would back off every now and then because of it at first, but some how some way... we always ended up right back where we left off. I curr ently live in Indianapolis, and he's stationed outside of STL, so every two weeks or less... I drive up to visit the bestie, him, and the rest of my close-friends (damn-near family) for the weekends. I am actually permanently moving there in mid-June and ironically, he's been harping me about moving back sooner... why, I'm not 100% sure. Any who, the chemistry between the two of us is honestly something I can say that I've NEVER felt before. And for him to be so much younger than me... it's crazy how our maturity levels are on the exact same path. And I've been with a Gemini, Aquarius, Aries, Capricorn, Virgo... lets just say I've had my experience with the Zodiac wheel. No matter what it is, good or bad... he always seems to know what I'm thinking/feeling and vice versa. Because of that, our communication is something like my parents have and they've been married for 34 years. This past weekend that I went to go see everybody, we actually fell alseep together in the same bed for the night, and when I say it took every thing I had to not take him down... OMG. The sexual tension was so tense you could cut it with a knife... and considering that I haven't been sexually active for 8 months (he teases me about this all the time), it just makes things SO MUCH harder for me. So much that the next day when I got to work and we were e-mailing, I had to be honest and tell him the truth about my sexual attraction because my subconscious just wasn't going for it. And it was to my surprise, that he actually felt the exact same way. On top of that, he already knew I was going bring it up before-hand. So here's the issue... what do you do when you're in a situation like mines??? When you have some one that makes your heart flutter in ways that even your imaginative-self can't even begin to fathom... someone that... even though there's no such thing as "perfect" he's cutting it pretty damn close? Everything that it takes to have a successful and promising relationship is there... but the baggage itself worries me that we wont make it to see if we have what it takes. And honest to God, I would rather have him as a friend than as nothing at all... and I would never attempt to pressure him into something that he doesn't want or isn't ready for... but I can't help but feel as if we were introduced a reason.... that fate put us in the same place at the same time on purpose. But in the end... I guess only time will tell.

Im 39yrs old Libra woman, now in dating with my Sagi man, 50yrs old. He is my colleague and I least expected we will be in such stage as when I 1st joined the company, his temper and patience freaked me. I was very much want to leave him alone but due to job concerned, I have no choice but to talk with him. Esp the day when I flared up, exploded in arguements with him till we have to settled in the conference room with the help from our superior. That was known to many colleagues in the company. Aft the scene, I invited him for smoking together, fr then I told him calmly on my point of view. I didn't know he really remember that till today for what I have told him and thats the reason why now we, most staffs, have noticed his changed. :( Strange and weird for me though, but as a libra, we tend to avoid a non-peace make. I still reluctantly want to get any close with him.

I know he is a sagi, so I even more do not want to think anything more serious esp relationship with such horoscope. I have been always attracted to Sagi man, as I find them really funny to be with, very comfortable, urged me to have many gds but I hate most is their cheating ways on woman, they are a flirt in NATURE! So I always cooled my mind not to made mistake to be involved.

But why now? There was a period I was really depressed due to the issues of family and friends in term of financial. This guy whom I hardly talks with, text me and asked if I need financial help or any. I was so shocked and touched. I never responded. So then I began to see him as a potential friend to be as compares to many of my lousy people around me. I appreciated him deeply in my heart as he made me seeing a rainbow in my life somehow. Though till todate, I never asked him for help or confessed to him what has happened. :) Just feel that he is such sweet person with his heart so generous...

Being with him, you cant help to find him humourious esp with our Libra type of talking...Things going fine but not when we talked something serious about marriage and kids tyoe of issue. You def will feel that he reacted and responded in a non natural way... Well, being Libra myself also a commitment phobe. So since I do not know whether am I really wan to settle down or not, myself also will avoid the issues of them. Guess I must wait till the day I can really see how much he will loves me and needs me then im willing to discuss again. If not, what's the point?

Like many Sagi man, he doesn't like to be controlled in term of their whereabouts..., their mindset..., their lifestyle...etc. In order to keep us in peace, its better on my side compromised as in giving him all the space he used to it but once seeing each other, give him all the love and passion he has wanted. On my side, I will have to find my own ways to pass my free time when he is not available for me. Not that he is married. Its just that they need their FREEDOM!

Anything NEGATIVE, you wouldnt have chance to speak out all fr your mind as normally they will cut you off bluntly in order to stopped you to carry on talking about the issue. So Libra usually avoids to make an arguement by knowing they are the type you simply cannot get any sympathy and consolation in yr complaining of yr hard day. Love him, def you will hv to bear with it!

They just behave like a big kid. If you can deal with children, you can def deal with Sagi man. I cant handle kids but I try to put myself in their shoes to be considerate as much as I can. As Libra in nature like to please ppl.

Their interest also very healthy and they r disciplined ppl. Not living with him also one of the reason as I know, we libra, tend to be lazy at home... and many bad habits. :P This is also to protect our freedom. Haha...

Afterall, they r still the best lover among all the 12 horoscope in term of many areas and esp in bed!

I'm a Libra girl 16 and have been dating a Sag man, we both are 16 young and wild. he's very lovely and understanding. he never cheated, he never left me alone even though we're in long distance relationship. when he went out with his friends, he always replied my text.and he always has time to go on skype with me, what I like about sag man is his optimism. we both stay up late night just to solve the problems / arguements that we've been going thru. This is the most passionate relationship that I've ever had. SAG man is lovely, caring, and funny. He's the perfect boyfriend.

Im Libra woman, sagg man makes me angry with their words too direct most of the times but just becos you know them, you forgave them. In love, they are kind of selfish to us Libra as they really stupid in pleasing a woman or they rather not want to do it! Angry but sex is good later.

Im Libra woman, sagg man makes me angry with their words too direct most of the times but just becos you know them, you forgave them. In love, they are kind of selfish to us Libra as they really stupid in pleasing a woman or they rather not want to do it! Angry but sex is good later.

I'm A Libra Female So Inlove with this Sadge dude ah well I didn't actually need this blog to tell me about how compatible we are we so happy together FIREWORKS I'm confident with his love for me Well at first it wasn't so peaches as it is now I had to deal with his sick ex (sadge aswell) we've broken up a couple of times but we get back together after a months I guess its "space" lol anyway we happy and He ALWAYS tells me he loves me not that I don't know it *smugs*

If you a Libra girl dating a sadge just know it involves a lot of work and having thick skin well he's known to be blunt so when ever he gives a crude comment I brush it off cause honestly he doesn't really mean to hurt you I take it as a piece of advice The best thing I like about us is that we know how to solve problems without hurting each others feelings its amazing!!! :) like the time I heard he cheated on me I took it calmly I guess that's one of the reasons why he's attached to me, I come across as this meek submissive girl but I can be REALLY masculine and strong in character,, mostly its the libras style class and beuaty that attracts them to us... We getting promise rings we just happy together and hates it when I'm negative he sees his future with me by his side we both want to make money and have lots of kids so yeah Bright future ahead his studying and I'm training (don't like books) but we on that money we want it all and we positive we gon succeed ;) let's hope our dreams won't be shattered

I am a sag man, I was dating a Libra woman for a year and a half. it was beautiful. we were like best friends we talked together, we sang together, the love making was the best I often discusse marriage. she always said I was too strong for her when we broke up. she married someone else. now 6 months into her marriage she calls saying that she realizes im her soulmate. she says she misses my voice, my touch, my scent, damnnnn......... funny thing is I miss her in the same way. what should I do?

It's interesting but the guys I am drawn to immediately would always, always, ALWAYS turn out to be a sagittarius!

Like everyone had said, the chemistry is amazing! It's just BANG! We could talk like we have known each other for our past 10 lives! Haha!

He's very sweet and flirtatious, but yes, you shouldn't let him know he's got you hooked. You shouldn't start clinging to him either. I find that when nothing concrete is said or promised, this guy responds better and will ask you out more. If you say it bluntly that you like him, at first he would be flattered, but then later, he would seem to have lost interest.

He's a good guy. Really fun and he gives me whatever I want. He spoils me and always says, "As long as you're happy." I really like that. But I think we can never become lovers. He seems to enjoy this more-than-friends-but-not-lovers relationship a lot. You should never say or do anything that will spoil this vague atmosphere. He will run away. Or perhaps, he just don't like me in that way, that's all. :(

I have asked him in the past before I confessed, "What kind of girls do you like?" He said, "I prefer cute girls to pretty girls...someone who is kind and mature. Someone I can really talk to. Come to think of it, someone like you actually!" And he left it at that. I misunderstood that as a sign for me to confess. Wrong move.

Well, anyway, we have known each other for 11 years now. The chemistry is still there. Sometimes he tells me he loves me but I know it's more of a moment kind of thing than a sign of wanting commitment. I really wonder what kind of girls Sagittarius will bow down to and start a relationship with. But anyway, I think Sagittarius guys make great friends for adventurous Libra girls! Just that sometimes the chemistry would get so hot that it gets really hard to resist grabbing his hand and kissing him. He is so good at building up sexual tension but still keeping a distance away. -__-" Very fun to talk to and squibble with as well. ^^

I am a Libra woman and just ended up a 1 month and a half relationship with a sagg few weeks ago. He never gave me any reason to doubt him as we were almost all the time together, the only thing was a girl that was calling him and chatting online that supposelly he had never met, ...but found out later it wasn't so. He said that she was telling him that she loved him and wants them to be together, but he didn't want to have anything to do with her, as he was only seeing her as a good friend. From the first time we met, everything was great...the way we discussed to one another, having fun and we did almost everything together. He has very quickly started already talking about what we were going to do the next year, as he was a sailor and was supposed to leave for a longer period and I should have waited him. One day he even told me that there wouldn't be any reason for us to get separated, but if I would lie to him or cheat. He was a little bit crazy, sometimes cold with me and pretty strict, as he was checking my phone all the time and got a little bit upset if I was going somewhere without him. But we were great together and he was helping me a lot with different things I had to do. I gave him his space, never called him like crazy, never told him about future or waiting him, just that I wanted everything to go well between us and that I would do my best to go on together. I even understood that he didn't have money anymore and helped him too, I know he appreciated all this and he was always telling me that everything would be ok if we go on like this and I don't have to worry about him leaving ot hurting me. All was great until the last 2 days when he said he left to their grandparents house in the country. The day he came back he said that he would come at my place in the evening, but doesn't know what time and that he would call me. I called him in the evening and he rejected my phone call and didn't call back...thing that never had happened before. Reason for which, I have texted him asking if something was wrong and he told me that everything was ok and that he was just studying, as he had some exams the next day. I told him that he should have said that he cannot talk, but I didn't get any answer back from him. In the meantime I have received an invitation to play some rummy and monopoly with some friends of mine and decided to go and let him study. Anyway, I have texted letitng him know that I would go and asked him to tell me if he wants to come with me, no reply...went to my friend's house and have tried to call him few hours later to ask him whether he was ok and again...he rejected my phone call. The second day, in the morning I gave him a text msg telling him that he acted strange the evening before and asked him to call when he has time and tell me what happened. Few hours later I have received a msg from him that he has some personal problems, reason for which he is asking me not to call him anymore and not to be upset on him and saying that he thanks me for everything. I have texted back telling him that he should have talked and this is not the way he has to act and asked him whether this was it. He replied and said that this was it and that we cannot continue anymore and appologized for it. I have asked him for a better explanation of what happened, but he didn't reply, have tried to call him once too, but he didn't answer. In the end, because I knew he was very stubbern..I just sent a message telling him that I am sorry he decided to end it and that I would have prefered to know the real reason and that he can count on me and could contact me if he needs any reply of course. I was very upset the next days because I didn't know what had happened, but didn't call him anymore. After 2 days I went online and asked him just to tell me if he was ok and if something had happened. He replied and told me not to worry, that he was ok and nothing is wrong yet and asked me if I was ok too. Told him that I was very suprised about his decision, he asked me not to ask him to give me too many explanations and that he could only tell me this...the internet girl that he was in contact with. I told him that he was supposed to tell me about it from the beginning, but he said that it's a little bit more complicated and that I don't understand him because I don't know which is the reason. We just agreed to keep in touch and told him that he can tell me anything, even if needed something. I left it like this, but I was very sad, as I really needed to know more...and one week later I contacted him online again asking how he was doing. He said he was upset because he lost his exams and needed money to pay them and doesn't have anyone to borrow from. I told him that I could I would have helped him, but I am not that well with the money. He said not to worry, because he doesn't diserve it and he knows and admits it. The next thing I know is that he said he doesn't want to hide from me anymore and that he would invite me the next year to his wedding and baptism. I was shocked and asked him whether this is true and he started to tell me everything, don't know if this was a lie though... He had slept at the beginning of our relationship with that girl only once he said...and left her pregnant, the last day he had to decide what to do and decided to keep the child. He said he was sorry for disapointing me and in the end we both decided to keep in touch at least online. I know I was pretty stupid that I didn't yall and was too kind to him after what he did, but I don't know how...I have fallen for him and forgave him. He came and left just like an arrow in my life...this is the sagittarius. Hope that I will be able to go on from now on and find someone that could really appreciate me and make me happy and never be hurt again...

In my estimation, Sags are good lovers. They listen to you and offer sensible solutions to every of your problems, no matter how little the problems may seem.

I like to say I'm a Libran to the core. It took me a while to trust the intentions of my Sag man, but his patience, dedication and mother-like love got me caving to his desires. Despite the fact that he's an important and seriously rich guy, he answers my calls even during meetings and says he'll call back... And he does 96% of the time.

His ability to take you as you are beats my imaginations. At different times before meeting him, I had dated one of his closest friends and a political acquaintance, but the fact that I told him first before he heard it from another source made him accept it as a past I should't allow to mare my present.

My Sag man is simply an angel. We live together now and I do my best to give him his space. As a political figure, he gets his own share of female attention, but I don't raise dust because he's so transparent and not keen about casual sex (we had been together for 7 months when we first met and he never initiated sex until I did). So I have no fear as such. He's really so kind. He's the only one I know who is soft and steel-hearted at the same time. We have a lot of laughter and fun together but I know when his eyes tell me I'm overstepping my boundarise. Though Sags are romantic in the home, they're not into much public displays. That's a bad point because as a Libran, I'm showy and I want to impress. Given the chance, I'd choose my Sag over Libran men.

LOL, the first post at the top of this page is absolutely SPOT-ON!!

I met my Sagg Guy through his older bro, in the beginning we didn't chat much cos he came across as cold with no sense of humour. Then one day, I broke the ice by telling him a lil' bit about myself and the link that we have in common "his brother, who happens to be my best friend". Note, I've never met either of them in reality, this is through FB and BBM and I've verified who they are cos of the info shared. And everything they've told me about themselves adds up, believe me I checked and double-checked!! I know everything there is to know about them.

Anyway, we've been chatting for the last month almost everyday, if I don?t say something first, he does. It all started when he was on holiday and I didn?t chat to him for a few hours cos I was at work and it got a bit busy, his message was "it looks like if I don't talk to you, you won't chat to me" response was "LOL, we did chat earlier on today"...he said..."yes, we did but only for a lil' while, and in that time I really missed you"...and I was like all smiles and it was in that instant that I realised I intrigued him!! So another point to the First Post!!

He trusts me 110%, he asks for my advice and values my opinion. He wanted to call me the one night and I was so miffed cos' I had fam over and wouldn't be able to chat to him. He totally understood and said he would call the next day but he didn't, that evening he said he missed me sooo much and wanted to call but his bro kept him busy. His bro is a bit of a "prankster", and cos my Sagg Guy is younger he does give him a hard time!! He doesn?t like being laughed at, that?s what I did when he wanted to call but couldn?t...but when you ?pout and say sorry?, he will love you to bits!! Should I say it again, point to First Post!!

So recently, I celebrated my birthday...God I wish he were here!! Anyway, he didn?t want to wish me online...he wanted to call but had the last digit wrong. So he told me ?I think the no. I have is wrong?...LOL, I gave it to him again...he told me that he thought I wasn?t answering my phone, cos he called twice!! He too wished he were here and cos he isn?t apparently one day he will give me a ?Belated Surprise Party? and my Gift is on its way...he kept asking what do I want and I kept saying I don?t want anything!! He has a way with words, he asked for my addi and said as much as I?m not asking for anything he wants to send something but he needs my addi. I was at odds with myself, do I or do I not give my addi. A friend advised that I should in the hope to see where this I did!!

Yes, for a few hours he does disappear...he likes his space and I don?t intrude. When he responds to my message I don?t ask him why it took him so long!! Another point to First Post. He likes adventure, going to new places and is very responsible. The only thing that I don?t like him to do is text while driving but he says if he doesn?t do that he will end up driving fast. I know for a fact he chats to me more than anyone, even his cousins have to track him down!! And yes, I love him ?Oh so much!!? we joke about who loves each other more!! And I hope that soon he will realise that my feelings run far deeper than he could imagine!! Although he is a few years younger, I do believe that I have found my soulmate!! I LOVE YOU!!

ps: I would really like to know who the first post belongs to "Girl, you know you're exactly right!!"

~ from RoyalPrincess!!

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