Sagittarius man married to a Pisces woman

I am 38 year old Sag man married to a 32 year old Pisces woman. I have read all of the above and agree with most of what has been said about Sag men. Before I met my current wife nothing in life mattered to me other than my job (law enforcement). My motto was to live life with no regrets. If I was dating someone, I was always looking for something else better. I was not going to ever say "man I wish I could have her, or do that" If I saw something I wanted I went out and got it.

Then I met my wife typical Pisces very aloof and we hit it off. Very beautiful barrel racer, paramedic and a lot in common. I was in a relationship at the time but as usual went full tilt after her. She held me off for over a year we did the friend thing and kept in touch. Told me she would have nothing to do with me as I was in a relationship.

Finally I ended my relationship and we got together and sex was everything I expected raw, no frills and rough. We gave each other exactly what we needed and were both old enough to say what we wanted.

We have been together for 5 years and by no means is it easy. When we battle we battle, but when we don't, she is my best friend and do everything together.

She had a rough childhood so she is not a typical Pisces the hardest thing right now is I want her all the time and she has cooled off a bit. I sometimes have to fight off my old urges for something new.

Bottom line, Pisces and Sag can make it work. It isn't easy but is any relationship?

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Sag man/ Pis woman
by: Anonymous

That is the Damn Truth!!!! I am a fish and ALL relationships are a broadway show!!!

will you help me understand?
by: empress

Thank you for your encouragement. Please help me understand the mind set of a Saggitarius man while in a relationship. You said you fully pursued your wife while you were in a relationship. Is it the quest for the constant upgrade? Or what about the pain left behind? I feel like that's what's been happening with my on again off again relationship. I have loved him to the point of exhaustion. I want to give up, but right when I leave...he comes to me and the cycle continues. Can a Sag man really love us while we're are there or are we just really good in hindsight?

I love my Sag woman
by: Guest

As a Pisces man in a relationship with a Sag woman, this post makes me just about want to cry. I cannot get enough of this girl, but worry that I may lose her, or that I am too emotional for her (even though she says she likes it) and worry too much about the negative crap said about this relationship.
I love this woman so very, very much, but see so many differences. I really appreciate the vote of confidence. She is the most beautiful person I've ever met inside and out. She takes my breath away. She's my little strawberry buns! :)
She says she feels the same about me as I do about her, but you just never really know about the other person, so I (probably unnecessarily) worry about it. I plan on fighting for this relationship until the bitter end, if that is what it takes.
I love her so much, I cant breathe! She sought ME out! She bought ME flowers! I am head over heels for this woman.
If there is any trouble, it is worth fighting for.
I've never met a woman like her, or been in such an awesome relation as this one with my Sag.

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