Sagittarius man on the problem with Pisces women

I am a Sagittarius male who once dated a Pisces female. I was instantly attracted to her the moment we met. We moved quickly and things were great for the first three months. But something was missing.

I expressed my love for her and enjoyed letting her know how I felt. I wrote letters, sent flowers, and gave her gifts that showed love and affection. She was a bit on a homebody, which was ok, but we did explore together and traveled. But, I never could get her to be open and honest about how she felt about me. There was no mental reciprocation as far as that is concerned. It hurt and frustrated me because it was so important to me.

Slowly, she opened up, but only to criticize and was mad because I didn't agree with her. But I was willing to compromise and fix some of the problems because I wanted to make her happy. But when I did try to fix things, she would only come up with new ones. It felt confused and that she was insatiable, causing me to close myself off. We eventually broke up. She said it was my fault, but to me, we had equal blame. No cheating my knowledge.

To my beautiful Pisces ladies and Sagittarius brothers: a relationship can exist but the odds are long. Both of you need to compromise. Ladies, a perfect man and relationship is only a dream. As attracted to your sag man as you may be, he cannot read your mind. You may feel that your personal feelings may hurt him or is none of his business, but if you want the relationship to work you must let him know. Sagittarius men love women who are open and honest and will stay in a relationship where things are lopsided or there is emotional confusion/dishonesty. Love and romance are different because romance is only one way love is expressed. Give him his freedom, be honest and open, and keep him on his toes. Your relationship may have a better chance of lasting. Sag men, you must be sensitive to her feelings. You can't just say whatever the hell you want when you want. Sometimes the blunt truth is not the best policy. See things from her side. Also cater to her and support her, espec ially when she's hurting. Don't dominate her. Compromise your freedom a little bit. Most of all remember this, she wants you to swim with her not try to catch her. Silence in those golden moments will be like the sun on her heart. The Pisces/sag relationship can work. We just both have to compromise and communicate.

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Sagittarius Man Pisces Woman
by: Anna Lexy

wow! What the Sag Brother wrote here is right! I'm a Pisces Moon Capicorn And Rising Leo.. Me and My Beloved Were on again off again for 20 years.. To my understand it seems I always know what I want but he would go back and forth .. Or play on word Games to which I thought was funny considering we know each other sooo long? For him he keep going back to the pass.. While I'm planning for future and present thing.. But this time it's Crazy.. We got together for the 12th time.. I really was up front .. Ask him what he wanted? Why me? And are you really Sure Im the one you want to Share you Life with Becuz Im not into being the yes girl I was before.. Told me Love Me?! Wow !! That was touch .. But gut told me to don't fall for it!! While to say the least it was very romantic..Then I didn't have money to go out Because of Part time Job.. Him ? He didn't have a job.. Child Support.. We would call and email each other.. Then Boom! Facebook.. Ask me On to Breakup with me for his True Love.. Still Hurt.. Don't understand .. I paid for everything.. And Continue Give Commucation ..Still There is No Understanding.. I'm not one for a lot of Drama.. And I hate Cheating of Any Sort.. I think the Punch Line For Me was The Facebook gig!! What was All that About .. Well the Sad Thing Is He Lost AVery True Friend For A Hit in The Sack.. Oh By the way New True Love is Scorpio.. Ooh he's in Trouble !!

RE: Sagittarius man on the problem with Pisces women
by: Anonymous

That was probably the most beautiful thing that I have ever read about Zodiacs.
I am a 21 year old Pisces woman who has dated a Sagittarius man. The things that I've just read from this Sagittarius male were the EXACT things our relationship needed before it ended... its kind of hurtful that Sagittarius' and Pisces aren't very compatible, because I am easily attracted to Sagittarius men.. But this has actually given me hope. Maybe one day I'll find a Sag man who'd be willing to do what you've just said about both signs reaching a compromise to make the relationship work...
Thanx :)

blame it on the sign
by: Anonymous

You need to learn how to date women. Sounds like you smothered her and she lost interest. Your post stinks of heartache. Move on and don't blame it on astrology. And ie when a women won't teLl you she likes you early on...its prob cuz she doesn't like you.

by: Anonymous

I hate to say this, but you liked her more then she liked you, and in the end she felt smothered because of it. Pisces females are normally very loving, and I've only seem them react that way with bitter judgment on people when they feel trapped and unhappy. That's just my take on the situation though, I'm sorry for the heartache it caused you.

Your last paragraph however was well written and informative. I think that you learned a lot from the experience, thank you for sharing with us.

by: Anonymous

I am a pisces and I absolutely love and agree with your statement, "she wants you to swim with her not try to catch her." I have never heard it put like that and I couldnt agree more!

by: Anonymous

I agree with you totally about the statement( she doesnt want to be caught but she wants you to swim with her.) Thats sooo true we Pisces kwnow that after a fish is caught next comes DEATH!

pisces woman
by: Anonymous

i think if people think you smothered her or she wasn't interested they can bite it cause i'm a pisces woman and i am married to a sagittarius and we love to be smothered and told how much we are loved and shown as well i think thats what draws us to the sagittarius in the first place but you guys do fade away from the offection and that has a bad effect on the pisces woman and she can start to get a little mean at times when she feels she's alone.

Pisces woman Sag man-married 19 years
by: Anonymous

I know this is unusual but my husband and I dated for only 4 weeks before getting married. It has been a great 19 years. He has been strong, honest, loving, and fun. He can make my ideas into practical realities. I am an artist and teacher and he works as a maintenance guy at a big factory. The only downside is that he can be blunt about some things. His complements are honest but not terribly romantic. I like knowing that he is telling me what he really thinks. I was married to a cheater for 7 years so his candor is a refreshing change, for the most part. He has been a loving stepfather for my two kids and a supportive husband as I have tried to be the stepmother of his two kids. We were both deserted by cheating spouses. I think we both went into this knowing that marriage is a commitment. That being said, life has been fun and we get teased by our kids and friends for still liking each other's company.
I am more introverted and need more time alone but our schedules support that. We support each others interests even though we don't always share them. We do share a similiar sense of humor and a common opinion that grown ups should keep growing and learning.Physically,it was a natural match. All in all, I would say to listen to your gut instincts. Mine told me to go for it and I guess his did too. So far so good. I am the most happily married person I know.

Need Help!
by: Anonymous

Hi. I just met a brilliant Sag online. Its been less than a week since we've been chatting and I love it already. He's extremely cute and has a huge list of friends (largely female fanbase). He clearly loves his popularity and he's probably way out of my league. Our lifestyles don't at all coincide. But I'm already extremely attracted to him and want this friendship/flirting to endure...
But, unfortunately, I fear I might have bored him in conversation. I don't know how to talk to him best in a way that'd keep him engaged. What do I do to keep him? I don't want to take things really fast or anything, and I'm not hoping for a serious relation just yet. I just want to know how I can keep him hooked.
Is it true that once a Sag gets bored, he's out the door? Can one mundane conversation cause me to lose my pretty archer? Please, please, please tell me otherwise. Please tell me its okay and things can still be improved. What signs should I look for that may tell me if he's as interested as I am? I am in desperate need of some tips! From all Centaurs that might want to help and all my fellow Fishes out there.

piscess female :)
by: brittney

Aww that waz soo sweet nd honest, loved every word, wish my last sagittarius relationship lasted :( but i hope we can work something out for the better of us. True words spoken rite here though.

Sagittarius always attract me
by: Anonymous

I am Pisces. most I dated are sagi man. my longest relationship was almost 8yrs also a sagi man. and now my current lover are Sagittarius too. most of them like travelling and I am too enjoy travel. there are times I just want to stay at home and do something on my own or travel alone. but I like when they paying attention to me but I like to be logic and compromise in everything. and hoping that they would understand. and sagi..when I criticized and argued, that is when you really need to listen to what you always questioned before. because when we talks, that's mean we want you to listen and understand. that's how I compromise. :)

pisces woman sagittarius man
by: Anonymous

I am a Pisces woman and he is a Sagittarius man. We broke up 6 months ago.
I think he is my soulmate and I was lucky to meet my soulmate in this life.
After we broke, I do not feel anger. I feel like our love became a warm continious fire that is burning in my heart and gives me the energy to move forward.
I grew up so much with him and I feel I gain so much.I learnt to be more social, optimistic, to dream in a positiv way.
I had to let him go, he is a free spirit but deep inside I feel he will always love me and he is mine.
I think that Pisces woman and Sagittarius man should understand that if they support each other and let freedom to each other, they can change the world.If they broke up, they still can do it. They cannot forget what they learnt together.
This is not an answer, this is is just talking of my experience.

by: Anonymous

I Love my sagittarius man alot, I am a pisces woman. Yes he makes me feel too insecure when hes not around. But when he is, nothing feels more perfect than his presence. His scent is enough to crawl every fear out of my heart, which he proudly takes away from me. I Love you Jaana :)
All I ever want to be is someone he would open upto.. I only have trouble at that.. there comes a point when I start feeling, maybe Im not the one.. maybe im just not enough.. or he doesn't need me.. Countlessly, the way he makes me feel is different from the words he expresses. He says he loves me, Im everything to him but .. somehow I dont feel that way because of his actions.

pisces woman here!
by: Anonymous

i started dating a sag man about 8 mos ago and fell completely in love with him... i know he likes me a great deal however, hes going through a very hard time right now in his life. I've always encouraged him to talk to me but its like pulling teeth and it hurts my feeling. he lets weeks go by of not talking to me before he actually says "hey baby i'm going through something right now i just need space" so it leaves me texting an calling an getting no answer because hes in some type of shell. so one day i told him how i felt and that i wished he would just communicate with me just enough that im not going crazy with worry. and his response was " just forget about me" now im completely dumbfounded and confused...i love this man an would do anything for him if he just would communicate with me and i've told him this over and how do I win him back? I feel like i've lost him for good and it hurts!

pisces woman
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am a pisces woman and ive been married to a sag for 10 years.we are inseparable ,the biggest problem I have is his drive to make money he would do and risk anything for money and never think about the consequence.Im happy to be here to help him see all possible outcomes and he always end up making the best decisions.He call me his angel I dont believe im psychic but us pisces are really gifted in terms of making safe decisions and people mistake that and call us indecisive.I believe the best mate for a pisces is a sag with the hardwork it can and will pay off

A new start
by: Vesha

I am currently dating a sag guy. we have been dating for about a month now. We were friends for about 3 months before we got serious. Everything is going good right now. He is very honest and says how he feels. I love this about him because as a Pisces woman sometimes it is hard to say how I feel and he brings it out of me. He has a way of assuring me that we are a team and my problems are his problems and my dreams are his dreams. I gave him his space b/c as a sag male i know he needs that. I need my alone time as well. He does however he a love for money and because of this will be so caught up in work that I have to remind him to make time for us. He loves my daughter and I and takes on such a role. So I would say with some compromise Pisces and Sagittarius match can survive.

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