Sagittarius man online relationship

I am being persued by a 52 year old Saggitarius man. I am a Capricorn, 38. He is heavy into expressing love for me and I've yet to meet him. We're having an online romance. He says all the right things. It's only been a week of just talk, but we really click. His job has him out of town on business, but he's already talking about being exclusive and we have never even met. He has his eyes set on me. I don't know what to make of it. Cappies are cautious. I need to feel secure and more time to develop before I know for sure. He just seems so sure that he is in love with me.

Again, we've only been talking. He's seen my pictures, but we've shared so much already. He said that he feels like we met before and that we're like a couple who has been in love for a long time. I hope that it works out. I think he's wonderful so far.

Do Sagittarius men calm down their wandering when they get older? We're supposedly not compatible. I'm always attracted to Sagittarius men but I always break up with them for stupid things they do. It just gets old... like taking care of a child, sometimes.

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