Sagittarius man open minded

by dondre
(caribbean saint lucia)

i am a Sagittarius man and trust me i speak my mind at all times and am very open minded. people don't like me much at my work place because i always keep it real with them which they don't like, they prefer the fake friends that tells them "oh my gosh this looks so sexy on you".. when it's not. but me i will be like "this look whack, change it"

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by: Anonymous

1st of all allow me to extend my gratitude concerning your realness... i am too a direct speak my mind kinda sag... and i personally can stand when these skezzies walk around in tight or revealing outfits with a major pampergut... i mean i jus ate lunch for crying out loud... if i wanted to see free willy in person i would take a trip to sea world not look out the window... Thankyou... this has been real.

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