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I am a Taurus Woman married to a Sagittarius man. Many of the traits described here are true. My husband will almost always blurt out things that come across as rude at times, even though he really didn't mean it the way it sounded most of the time. I'm the total opposite; I KNOW what I can say that will hurt his feelings or get him mad, but I can control it much better.

The funny thing is my husband is extremely sensitive to how others talk to him, and has a very quick temper at times. Basically, he thinks it's ok to say things without thinking, but don't do it to him!

My husband is not detail oriented like me, and never even had a will until we got married (we are both older with grown children). Since he's met me, we have a full estate plan along with detailed trust funds!

My husband is also a big procrastinator and doesn't like to be pushed, so in a way, he's more like a Taurus. My husband and I are both very outgoing people in different ways. I am more reserved until I get to know someone where he will tell his whole life story the minute you meet him.

We had a very strong physical chemistry when we first met, and still do, which is good. The really big issue I do have with my husband is that I don't feel as secure as I would like financially. I feel if I don't take care of everything, it won't get done. I would love to hear stories about other Taurus/Sag combos and if there is anyone who had a long term relationship.

I'm a Taurus woman with a sag man. Well I can only say that he is the most intelligent, interesting, fascinating man I have ever known and oh yea a wonderful lover.

If I could only get him to admit he is in love with me it would be great. We have been together for 2 years and I have learned to be patient, not jealous and yes give him his space. In turn he is not sleeping with anyone else and I let him be and give him his space and he always comes back. We are not in a committed relationship or so he thinks but I let him feel like he is still free and let him know that I do expect for him to be loyal.

It is working so far but I can see that he is a true Sagittarius man and I think of it as a learning process and have found strengths I did not know ever in any relationship I have had prior to this one.

He has broken up with me sooo many times and then comes back the next week like nothing happened. I truly think he doesn't know how much he cares for me. I don't need to hear the L word because I have heard it so many times before and bottom line is true love doesn't have to be spoken it is simply shown.

He is a great guy and we complement each other and I have given him plenty of room to be himself and leave if he wants and he has stayed which makes me feel that he does want to be in our relationship. I am going to allow this guy the time to know what he really wants and not be the leader as a typical Taurus loves to do. He has shown me many things and I love talking to him for hours and simply enjoying him. Good luck to all those girls that fall in love with a Sag Man your going to need it!

I am a Taurus Woman dating a Sagittarius man. We have been together for a year in November. He's my total opposite and I love that about him. We fight from time to time but we love each other and always bend so we can work it out.

If I am offended I tell him and he apologies. If he gets offended he will tell me and I'll apologize to him. The best part is we can sit down and talk about how to compromise. He pushes me towards my goals and I try to help him achieve his. I love going out and exploring with him. He totally shines brightly when he's outdoors.

I love how he has big dreams and how much he loves me. I believe that Taurus's and Sagittarius's can work together great. As long as they are both committed to each other and their goals as people.

We talk about getting married and having children and exploring the world all the time. We both spend a lot of time together and feel like we can think and feel the same things threw each other. We both believe we are connected. And the best part is we still have as much fire and passion in our relationship since we first met. So Congrats to other Taurus & Sagittarius couples. It takes work because were so different but It's truly something unique and special.

I'm a sage male, I've recently started dealing with a Taurus lady . she is a handful!! I like spending time with her even when she doesn't let me talk much, its just the feeling she gives me. she does make me feel like a child sometimes, like when I go 2 touch r fondle her when she makes me feel sexy she pulls away & I get all introvert but it doesn't last long, but it stay with me so next time I'm more skeptical about approaching her if I knew 4 a fact that I cud when ever I wanted we'd be a perfect couple

Well currently I'm dating a Sagittarius man, personally being a Taurus women. We get along really well, it's true opposites do attract. Intellectually speaking we both enjoy talking about just that, philosophy, science, politics and religion. The after-light activity is also very stimulating, we each have our own unique qualities and... To all those ladies that are debating or feeling that maybe their man isn't going to make the cut because he's too free-spirited, stick to it, give hope and keep in mind that he does find you interesting and grounded something that other signs don't have to provide. Treat him well, give him space and he'll be satisfied.

I am a Taurus women dating a Sagg Man. We have just begin dating and I think it is great so far. The sex is fantastic, I think the best I have ever had. This site describes Sag men perfectly. They are athletic and very attractive, my man works out daily and is very active. This makes are sex life great because he has plenty of stamina making the sex exciting every session.

He does at times say things that come across rude to me, which I think is absentminded things that he doesn't realize he's saying. This is something that annoys me but something that can be dealt with. He is a very assertive man that loves to be in control. This is something that has attracted me to him. I love security and longevity but I don't think this site described a Taurus women well enough. I am a passionate person that loves a aggressive partner that can be dominant but respectful at the same time. A person that can be a man and still treat me like a women. That's what us Taurus women look for in a man and I think Sag men embodies this.

I think we compliment each other because we are both fun loving people who loves to laugh and have fun. Taurus's might be more logical than Sag's but we Taurus women can guide and teach the Sag man the right path and way to go. Personally I think a Sag man and a Taurus woman are the greatest match because they compliment each other. The Taurus women gets a man that can be her hero and protector as well as best lover, while the sag man gets a wonderful lover and loyal companion as well as a great mother and provider.

I am a Taurus woman, who has been with my sagg partner since September. From what I have read and heard, its stated that there is no future for a Taurus and Sagittarius, I hope this is not the case!! It's going ok so far!

I'm a Taurus woman & my bf is a sag man. we are on our fourth year so far. it's true that sag is free-spirited n doesn't like to be control. it takes a lot for me to get here. there are more downs rather than up. but once you're used to him being his way, everything will be fine. We do argue A LOT because of his abrasive approach. he might not meant it the way it sounded, so just be patient. PATIENCE is another key u have to have in dealing a sag. Let him go,n he'll come to u finally at the end. He's changing his bits gradually for me & I've changed dramatically from the moment we met. But sometimes I'd get tired of taking care of things when my partner is so care-free!!

I am currently talking to a sag man, he is a very nice guy a little tight on money but that's ok because I make my own, he is so kind and very funny. We talk for hours on the phone. He is a great flirt but that's ok because he is very harmless/ He is a procrastinator and can be a little on the lazy side. I really love been with him and the sex is out of this world. Taurus women are freaky and dealing with a Sag I truly met my match.

I'm a Taurus women married to a Sag man for 10 years we've been together for 13 years. This is a trying relationship and it takes constant work because we differ in our opinions and life values so much. It's also very hard to deal with giving him the freedom he wants because I value a secure relationship, which he tries to provide but because he needs so much freedom sometimes it's hard to do. It's hard for me sometimes to truly feel secure. We argue some (not crazy) over basic choice of lifestyle etc. because he's a risk taker (gambler) and I need security (financially) which doesn't mesh sometimes.

On the upside he's an excellent lover (great sex life, still), I love his sense of humor, and the way he gives me his honest opinion even when I don't want to hear it (which us Taurus people need sometimes). It just took some time to get used to our personality differences, lifestyles, moods, etc. I believe it's the individual temperament and willingness to compromise of both Taurus (PATIENCE) you'll need a lot of it and Sag (SETTLING DOWN SOME) they have to make it work, that can make this a great match.

I am a Taurus woman currently dating a sag. From the time we met he's been kind giving (far from cheap) attentive bold and fun. And he's such a freak :)which us Taurus' love. We go out and talk about everything. He completely adores me and I feel the same. He is frank but very honest and that means a lot. I honestly have never met anyone like him and ive dealt with signs that I'm "supposedly" compatible with. I always read that sag's where the worst for a Taurus but I don't know because he does everything rite. He's so masculine and smart that I can actually let him to control (such a turn on). He matches the description perfectly. I don't get why they always seem to portray Taurus women as boring and dull. we are exciting funny sexy and down to earth which is why I think that the attraction is so strong. Plus we both have our own lives which is so important in any relationship. Overall its been great but I will definitely take these tips in consideration to keep my sag pointing his arrow at the bull's eye ;)

I have been dating a sag man for almost a year now. it has been the best year of my life! I love him and he is such a sweet guy. we have only have one tiny fight and we get along great. I don't get why all the horoscopes say sag men and Taurus women aren't meant to be. they are :)

I am a Taurus. Dating a sag man we was friend for a long time and we became lover. I love this man. He is a great guy. And a great lover when we have sex. Is out of the world.

I'm a Taurean woman "involved" with a Sagittarius man for about 4 yrs now. I used the term "involved" because there is no committed relationship being that he is married. We started dating before he got married...he got married to someone else in the midst of our relationship making me unknowingly "the other woman" the entire time). So I fell in love and still haven't fallen out...that's why I still deal with him. Throughout our relationship I noticed how much fun he is. I love his spontaneity!!! He isn't afraid to be affectionate. Our sex is always exciting. He has ambition. He has a heart of gold. he'll give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. He is very sincere. He is very supportive of what I like to do. I don't like how he can be a bit immature. Sometimes offensive and rude. He is very open and bold. He can be very flirtatious. Too friendly to the opposite sex. MY BIGGEST ISSUE WITH THE SAG MAN IS they are MANIPULATIVE! I don't like how he manipulates me. He knows just what to say and do to keep me. I've tried plenty of times to break the connection but he's so persistent in making me stay as he claims "he loves me and doesn't want to see me with anyone else." Honestly its getting old and devolvement of the relationship is long overdue. I've put up with more shit than necessary but as you know...its hard for Taurus women to break ties with those we love, but once we do its over! Tired of being strung along. I guess apart of me is hoping we can work (being that his marriage is not).

I am a Taurus woman with a sag man, it will be a year in October. I fell in love with him right away. He has never had a long term relationship and was very "new" to any and all parts of being with a woman, let alone, a high tempered, bull headed, self sufficient, has to be in control, type of woman. I thing the most of our fights are probably my fault, because I want him to "know" what I'm feeling or saying without me having to SPELL it out for him. But it just won't happen. I'm getting used to this.

He is an amazing guy. Would die for his family. He has a handful of friends, and considers them his brothers, so he would die for them also. But has made it clear to me that I am his life. He has them and he has me. He likes his guy time. He needs it. When I want to be in control and control him, I'm realizing it won't happen. It is me who is the aggressive hard one to love. His only faults is he is a procrastinator, he is cheap, lazy, but not too lazy. He is a future seeker, where he lives each day by what he is gonna get out of it tomorrow; whereas I am a past liver, I always live based on what I've been thru. We are complete opposites, in every single way. From two separate planets, but were in love. He is beautiful to me, and has the biggest heart I've ever known in my life. He drinks to hide his pain, never shows emotion, doesn't really talk a lot. But when he is mad, you KNOW it. I'm the opposite. always mad about something, never satisfied. But get us in bed together, just holding each other, and all is right with the world. Everything else disappears. He is very loyal. Very family orientated. Very driven. I would be the not so loyal (before him), screw family, and not driven at all.... Until I met him.

He is perfect for me. Makes me be a better person. I fall in love with him over and over again, every day. I love that man.

Well im a Taurus woman dating a sagg man whom is married, yet besides the fact that opps. attract...that's makes me thirst 4 him even more...he makes me happy and many ways than one...we've been having an affair 4 3 months now's a lot that you guys r saying is my relationship with him...and I dnt like 2 seem insecure, but I guess us Taurus's jus got 2 know if we're secured...n that's something that I ask him but and different ways...or ill tellem something 2 see what he'll say...anyhow the sex is damn great...I was a lesbian b4 I started talking 2 him...n he basically turned a sister out...he's kind...generous...almost what every woman want...except it seems he has this sneaky side despite all the honesty they provide...n sometimes I jus wanna know...but I will never know as long as he's 4 me...

I am a Taurus women who was dating a saggi for 2 years but that abruptly ended over the weekend. I was madly in love with him and would have done anything for him as would he have, until something randomly changed and he dumped me claiming he no longer loved me like he used too... I thought I was going to marry this man... it was a shock when it came to an abrupt eend. sex was amazing, we could talk for hours he was always affectionate and spoiled me down to the day before he left me... be weary to all of you other women datin saggi's.... :(

I had a recent and brief affair with a 22 year old Sagittarius Man, and can't quite get over it! I am 26 year old Taurus women. He is consideratly more attractive than me - so I quite don't get what happened. Help!

We met at a club and his approach was movie material. We made out. He got my number, but I expected to never hear from him again. And for the next few nights I had bootie calls from him. Two or three weeks passed by. We contacted each other again and went for a date. He was clearly self absorbed - spend most time talking about him. I found it funny - I am inteligent enough to understant it, but it doesn't quite disturb me. Which is good for me, as like to let people get to know me slowly, daily. Liked him to be kind of an enthusiastic kid. He kept pretty clear that he wasn't looking for a relationship. But I found out that he was the exact figure of the guy I always fantasized about. I rarely fall in love or feel like this.

We made out again. Some details showed he was also kind of childish - he was checking himself out while kissing me. Well, I didn't let him into my house altought he wanted to. One day spent and he didn't say a word. Then I called him and he said if he went out that night he would tell me something. He did. I went out with some friends and by the end of the night we meet alone and he ended up sleeping in my house. We didn't make to the "home run", but was so gentle and so hot at the same time. Always (apparently) worrying about pleasing me. He talked about his family, his near future prospects... quite charming. And then he didn't call me back. Disappeard. I don't quite get how he created such a beggining of intimacy with someone just to break it off like that.

Two weeks later we met. He got that I was quite angry. He made some lame excuse about losing his cell phone, asked for my number again and never called back. Well, just for a bootie call like weeks later.

I ended up calling him back and have the most stupid reaction one can get: calling him an asshole for what he did, playing the emotional girl. It was totaly stupid of me - it was a question of mode, not of content.

I sent him one or two text messages afterwards, about a month later and he answered. Being just polite, I guess. But he never called back on his own.

I would have liked to take this relationship further - even knowing it would be difficult to control my possessivness and his will to be free. This is not teen silly love, but I have never met no one like him and I have a huge desire for him, for getting to know him, build something with him.

What can I do - either to forget him or to win this Sagittarius man back?

I spent 9 months dating a Sagg. man. I fell in love with his free-spirit early in the relationship and vice verse. I put up with his selfishness and flirtatious ways due to everything else being on cloud 9. Sagg.are smooth talkers, but be aware they are completely shady! My ex was not a direct speaker and I had to pull teeth to get him to say what he wanted.

I am a sagg man who is dating a Taurus woman. she clams to have fell in love with me the moment she saw me. I question that I open myself to her and show emotion and how much I care I actually get jeauluse of her. she clams im insucure at times and also seems very distant and does not show much emotion. becouse I don't feel loved I am looking for it behind her back with a saggi woman. why not the Taurus woman is not letting me know or showing me she is into me I need the attention affection and love shown to me and without it I don't see a need to stay we get along but when we fight its big. she speaks her mind and is rude but when she calms then she acts as if that was not the direction she was going I call bullshit. sex is amazing I actually enjoy it a lot I have had very boring partners in bed. she thinks im dreamy infact im not I make my dreams happen she has tunnel vision and and takes no risk there for is unsatisfied. she actually made me fall in love for the fir st time. but does not make me feel that love daily so I get torn and feel im wasting my time

I am a sag man ill answer some of ure questions we don't like to be pushed because 1 financial issues don't matter to us were more concerned about our loved ones we will never dissrespect r women because they mean the world to us we are natural men we like pleasing women for we are good lovemakers we like what the earth gives us so we don't care finacially because we will survive the reason wh I am a vegetarion I lost the 1 girl I have ever trully loved and I have been on a adventure to find ther right 1 and people wouldt believe I think its the Taurus girl I have just met respect the fact we like to be free and giving we don't like to harm any 1 or anything on this planet this universe unless we have to c.m.r

I met my sag man in June of this year. We started out as FWB but because there was no expectation we were able to learn about each other and found out we have more in common. We have been together for the past 5 months and the relationship is going fantastic. I have to admit it has been a really easy. Also I have to add that he is a FANTASTIC lover! The best I have ever had. I feel like I have finally met my sexual match. I am looking forward to dating him and hopefully many wonderful years to come.

I am a Taurus woman, and I've been dating my Sagittarius boyfriend on and off for the past six months. After we met, we rushed into a fully committed relationship for the first three months when I broke it off because I couldn't trust him. He has a lot of friends who are girls, and I, not being used to a guy like that, didn't like it. And it always seemed like he was trying to hide something from me, and it also seemed like he didn't want anyone to know about our relationship. After the break-up, we continued to talk all the time, even though he had a quick hookup with another girl, but the thing with that girl didn't last long because he knew he'd always have feelings for me. And Eventually, a month after the breakup, we began going on dates every weekend. And he spoiled me and just treated me like a princess. I loved the attention. Recently, about a month ago, we decided to try the relationship again, and this time, it's going better. I think we know each other a lot better now. He doesn't hide our relationship from people anymore. He always shows me off now, and he does sweet things like bringing me my favorite candy. Now that I don't worry and b*tch about him being friends with a lot of girls, he is faithful and he reassures me everyday. We both had to compromise a lot, but I love my Sagittarius man. And I definitely agree with everyone who says the sex is the best. ;)

I'm an 18-year-old Taurus who dated a now-20-year-old Sagittarius for three years. I have three words to say about Taurus-Sagittarius relationships: DON'T DO IT.

He is dishonest and extremely disloyal to the last. He cheated on me constantly, was a total sadist, always chose his friends over me, and never once did anything nice for me. He never gave me a birthday present, took me out to dinner, or expressed his love at all - unless we had sex, which was never very good. (In stark contrast, I always went all-out on his birthdays and made every anniversary and holiday as special as I could for him. I even bought him dinner on MY birthday - after which he asked me to drop him off at his ex-girlfriend's.) But I'm a typical Taurus; I don't give up. Once I commit to someone, I really commit to them and I give them the world. So I am the only reason it lasted as long as it did, and even then it was a constant on-again, off-again affair. A year after our break-up we are still "friends," depending on your definition of a friend. He is as bad at being a friend as he is at being a boyfriend. Even after we broke up he continued to betray my secre ts and told everyone about our sex life. With him there's nothing sacred, and he has no propriety at all, content to run around naked in front of total strangers just for the shock value. On top of all this he isn't intellectually curious at all, doesn't care for travel, nothing. He's ignorant and immature and totally content to be that way, with no direction or purpose in his life at all.

I will never, ever date a Sagittarius again, and I hope no other Taureans do either.

I m taurean women. I met this sagg man on zoosk and first he seemed like he liked me and after two weeks he told me that I m not his type girl. I did everything for him like took him out oh his birthday and helped him out with moving stuff. He took all my money and never appreciated me at all instead I got hated by him but I don't know why he still wants to keep me as a friend. thats kinda strange to me. I don't wanna play no game stuff like that. we taurean women are very loyal to our relationships. we don't fool around like sagg men do. sagg men take advantage. he even told me that he only need me for sex. I need somebody more than sex. don't do it!

I am a Taurus woman dating a sagg man.I've been dating him for 6 months now. So far so good he tells me on a daily basis how he feels about me.The sex is good and commucation is on point.

I have a Sag man being a taurean woman. I was his best friend since childhood, after 22 years of knowing each other we decided dating. He is fun, doesn't have a friend except me. Sex is good, he has sense of humour, he is always home, he buys gifts, he writes good poems and small love letters. He is so in Love, on the other hand I am moderately in Love and its all good. I like the attention and he makes Lots of money, I spent it. We are happy.

I am a taurean girl in love wit a sag man for about 5 months. I met him through facebook. I liked his personality. so I proposed my love with him. he said he cant decide now because he has so many responsibilities and stuff. at the same time he didn't want to let me go. he wants to me wait for him. he wants me to talk to him everyday. but he is very strict. he doesn't flirt. even if I flirt he just change the subjects. I never seen a strict guy like this. sometimes I face hard time talking with him. he is just weird. I always care for him. I msg a big paragraph to him. asking how was your day? studies? work? blah blah. eat well, sleep well and etc. but he doesn't talk like that. that annoys me. I want the person to do the same. sometimes I cry like hell. he always tell me do your stuffs first other than worrying too much. he gets jealous if I talk about other guys. I don't really get this guy's mentality. please help me!!!

I am a Taurus woman was in a relationship with a sag man we wer friends for 3 months befor we decided to try dating we wer together for 2 first it was amazing the sex was good he was a total romantic untill our 2nd year he started changing he had always chose his friends over me and still talked to all his ex girlfriends I gave him enough space I nevr complained untill I found out he cheated after that I culd never trust him again and the relationship was always rocky he was rude and loud and never thought about anyone elses feelings but his we lived together most of the relationship and his mother was always around I think that was also a problem...after we seperated he met ANOTHER Taurus woman 4 months after we seperated and stayed with her for a year and after they seperated he begain calling me reaslizing what he we are good friends and I am actually with anothr sag man as if I didn't learn my lesson from the this one is co mpletely different and weve been dating for about 8 mo. they arent all the same we have to take chances to know how to be happy...i say you can tel the difference in a god 1 and a bad 1

I am a Taurus female an I met a saggi last year in november at when we first met he approched me I was out with my girlfriend he came up started dancing with me then I got bored and stopped dancing with him.... he ended up giving us a ride home an he is just omg you are beauitul and he was very touchy feely an im like gosh I don't know you we just met. so then he didn't call me for like 2 weeks then one day out the blue he called and we went to movies got drinks it was fun talked a lot everytime and we didn't get sexual till about after four months so then it was fricken awesome by the way... then one day I get a call early in the morning his numb. its a gurl asking why im talking to her man late an he is a liar an im like ok wow didn't know he had a girlfriend so im like ok wow he lied damn... and later that day he texts me im like what you liar you got a girlfriend he like I don't ms she just gets emotional but we arent boyfriend an girlfriend im like ok cus we aint nothing but friends then like 3 months go byy an she starts calling again out of control so im like lose my number seriously I don't need this bs drama in my life.... an he keeps texting me acting like nothing ever happen.. then we start messing again but we stopped for like 3 months an I was so hurt I already been feel in love with him.. then he out the blue calls me im like f u... he say ok how you ms... so we make plans to get together and we do a week later we had sex an as always omg... both ends he tells me how he missed touching me holding me kissing me all over etc.but this time is was different we spent basicly 4 or 5 days together a week and go out or stay in an have a movie nite which he knows I love but he doesn't like that but he seemed as tho he enjoyed doing it for me so 2 nites a week we would do movie nites so sweet... an then some nites I say papi lets go out have a drink an he say or we can stay in an I loved it... on his days off we spend them together eat watch t.v play games have cute snow ball fights lol then followed by amazing sex we both please each other to the highest extent and just gets better everytime our sex life will never get stale.. I tell him all the time I love him an all that he never said it back but his actions show that he definately does...i get frustrated an tell him im good an I cant do this and e more and he always comes back trying to tell me how much he loves me in his own way without saying it... he did want me to move in earlier but I been in a long 8yr relatioship b4 and I know that it takes time to get to know a person so I told him lets take our time.. he is kool with it an now its been almost two years an I feel like we have grown on a more deeper level.. he is sweet and protects and holds me all nite which makes me feel warm an I do know he loves me an I learned to accept that he is not that type to say it he shows it thats much more intense.. I love this man we are not boyfriend an girlfriend well we didn't put the labels on it but we are basicly without the title...i cryed in front of him the other day an he seemed like it hurt to see me hurting he grabbed me and just hugged me so tight he said sorry if I hurt you cus there was a condom in his car I said it don't matter I cant really say nothing you're not my boyfreind... and got out car left saying don't call me im done im not giving my heart and e more for nothing in he didn't reply then I said mayb I was wrong you never made me no commitment promises so im out of line and il stick to the script we friends good ones who spend a lot of time together an hve sex... but we both could fuck other ppl.. then later that night he texts me like nothing happen an says what you doing baby.... im like baby wow then reply just watching t.v an he like I want to see you sexy an im like ok im not home but ill text you when I am... then I was gonna be long so I told him and said not tonight and he said im up an I want to see you badly so get bk at me. I been crying an didn't want to see he just yet so I said sorry im home but going to sleep, he says we better have sex tonight I want my pussi im like wow its not yours and you are cute call the girl you bought the condem for she can handle... he says I want you sexy an you only so I say well I know you off work tomarrow so we can hang then if you not booked already I wa sbeing very sarcastic... so he says ok mami an we get together next nite he is so sexy to me holds me and wants to watch movie laying down cute he knows I love that.. then we had out of this world sex and again in the morning twice then I went home... I think I want to let him do him an figure out on his own what he wants but one thing I do know is that he doesn't want to let me go at all... an never has I know he loves me most def. it would just be nice to move in together and be like we are no labels an I trust him well I feel he def. has me above all the others an he can go out im very confident my papi knows where home is and all I need is him spending time with me and keeping up the beautiful music we create in the bedroom an I am a satisfied women...buti love this man soo much im going to stick it out an see what comes of it he knows im a good women thats why he keeps me near his side im very patient and ready for the long haul an we both are worth it... time will tell but I bleave I found a beautiful man and friend for life an ima be here near him waiting till he knows how or what he wants to do for sure... we workout together, talk play and always laughing we are very good together I love having intense debates with him they are always gret an very opinioniated which I think is awesome then I just get this feeling everytime he hold me im no fool to lve but he makes me feel that an I havent met and e one who made me feel like the love I had in my last 8 yr ship its real an no matter what happens I will never forget the beautiful times and the bad ones all memories are good and I guess I have to take it one day at a time an give my papi freedom an I know he comes bak to me and I trust him he is honest so I don't know we will see with time...

I am Taurus girl with a sag. boy. we've been going out for 6 months on april 23. I love him and he also SAID he loved mii. but he has a lot of firends who are girls. I give his time to be alone and flirt but what ive noticed is that when im not near he always thinks about mii . I cud be gon for an hour and he'll say I missed yu . I asked him to show more affection and now that I got it its toooo much. he's not afraid to show affection in front of his friends either. so i've learnede to keep up with his flirting and I don't even get jealous ( well only if its a bad looking girl).

I have been dating a sagg man for two years and it has been a very hard journey. Keep in mind that before I met him I had not had a serious relationship that lasted past 6 months since my divorce in 1988. We stated dating in 2009 and now live together.I look at the previous men I dated prior to him and each one was a cheater. Each one in an existing relationship or starting one up while dating me. So when I truly think about sagg men cheating, I can truly say that they are not the only guilty party. However, they are stingy, lazy, and not willing to grow up. They do flirt,have a constant wondering eye, and enjoy their freedom. But when they are also the type that like to know when, where and what their woman is doing at all times.

They Love different and for a Taurus women this is very hard to understand becasue Sagg men can change their feeling so quickly that you don't know what's going to happen next. One day you are the love of there life and the next they don't want to talk. So for me I have to deal with my sagg man on a daily basis and base nothing on the future.Becasue I feel that one day out of nowhere he will walk away for good without any type of excuse.

My sagg man is older and never been married but says that since he has lived that free spirited life and experienced many relationships and flings, that he can not keep going down that path because he does not want to look like an old fool.

So I really do believe that I must always prepare myself for the unexpected because of the experience that I have encountered with him and because of his past history by just taking one day at a time. He is no way perfect but he never lied to me about his family, children, finances, and past history. So I grateful for that becasue none of the other men prior to him had the guts to be this honest and blunt.

I am a Taurus woman dating a sag man and yes they are very charming well aware of there appearence and love to be complimented they are masculine and love a secure woman it really turns them on although I havent known him for long I can say that he likes having his own space is a free spirit and has many family values although he's really confusing and always likes to be ahead in the game he gives me butterflies I never met anyone that creates those emotions in side of me so I consider him a winner cause anyone that knows a Taurus woman knows that its very hard to captivate us were one of a kind and always like to be in control but our chemistry is amazing so lets see what happens for now I can say that sag man and Taurus woman are a very intense and explosive match without yet having let him taste the goods;)

i'm Taurus girl, just met sag man who is 7yrs older than me. He's great man, very straight forward and very busy. He compliments me all the time, cannot get his hand off from me every night! he always tells me how much he's in love with me and how much he is enjoying the time together.

Now I must say that Sag man are not for girls who always need to be together. They are independent and do not need someone to protect them. They are not children. They like strong willed adventurous girls who can lead or follow them, who can just jump and fun travel together.

However, they become very depend on you if you can actually fulfil the areas where they cannot handle well. This is the reason why they also like girls who can take care of them physically. I see him only once a week but I give him oil massage, aroma therapy, dvd and new techniques on bed just to keep a night intense and interesting XD

i have learnt that relationship is about meeting at the half way and TAURS GIRLS have to be more strong and open to negotiate what you want and how you felt in the relationship.

Sometimes I just resist myself and wish he realises what I want without myself telling him, but that is not the way sags communicate. If you suggest an idea, he'll act and he'll listen to you as long as it is logical and interesting.

Do not be hurt by their actions, act emotionally, get angry on them or smother them with silence. Explain bravely, nicely, logically and gently. They are sensitive and warm hearted people who is very nice to talk to. Always giving me a great advises and funny jokes :)

I'm of first decan Taurus and I'm in love with a Sagg man for almost 3 years now. He doesn't want to commit. He never tells me he loves me. But he does care for me. At first I suffered because I need emotional securiy, I was afraid of losing him. I ended up being so needy and he got bored and he got another woman.

I was like dead but being a Taurus I got over this quite fast. I still love him despite all and he also realized something in me and he's still in touch with me. I'm waiting for him and I told him so.

Back to the time we were together. I love the way he pushed me to achieve my goals. He's very supportive and generous. He enjoyed my care, my patience, my cooking skills and he told me the sex was wonderful. I could read him like a book. I adore his intelligence and kind heart.

Hi I'm a Saggitarius Woman and I am dating a Taurus Man and we have been together for 2years and I couldn't have ask for anybody greater I love him and he makes me truly happy and I couldn't have ask for for anybody better I know they say that this couple can't make it but I belive that your relationship is what you make it to be and it can be good or bad it want ever you want it to be so I feel no your not gone always be truly in love everyday but you do know and feel love in your heart for someone you care for and this love I have has taught me that how to generally love and don't care what the result is to take a leap out on faith and make it happen and I would truly like to thank the love of my life for teaching me that. I love you my love very muuch!!!!

I met three sag men and I really loved their honesty. They do not cheat on you unless you act possesively, very trustworthy people.

i had Cancer and Taurus boyfriends but they were such liers and insecure cheaters who were so selfish and narcistic in their own worlds. They do not have warm heart towards people, because they are too materialistic and reserved.

Where as Sag men were a little frickle but very much like to share many things with people, Humanitarian. They are very goal oriented people and very caring. They are the people I can trust (include Aquarius people).

It is impossible for me to follow their active power, but it is what I always crave for and their progressive life is just amazing to look at. I enjoyed supporting them because they were so progressive.

During the day time, My boyfriend go out for exercise, meet people and I stay at home doing my own work. In the evening, I give him a good massage when he comes back and we relax on bed together.

we both understand what is loneliness, how to love and that is why we both fulfil each other's needs. Apprantly Sag man are neat picks, but love fantasies and kinky plays.

If you're going out with a sag man, all you need to do is treat them like kids, act like a mature woman, be sexy, be progressive and passionate with your life. They love your originality and accept you the way you are X)

I am a Taurus woman having an affair with a sagging male I've known him since I was 17 always playing hard to get mind you our affair started with me being single and him living with his kids mom I've always adored him but he was always to blind to see.I wanted to see him with it all and did whatever I had to to make it happen, it always took him so long to make moves and that's how I ended up with my now husband I was still just dating my husband and over 15 years have past and this off and on love affair is still in full swing, he is my best friend I love him so much and I wish things had gone differently. I always feel he should have been my husband and the father if my son but his inability to recognize love when it's there brought us here.... I know it's wrong I'm married and I have never thought I would have to have an affair with a man consider my friend counselor and lover, on and off I could see him 10 years from now and I think our attraction would over powe r us and we could make lover right then and there anywhere I want to please him and I just love to listen to him talk I don't know if I can let him go and I contemplate leaving my husband because I love my sagg so much that this affair has lasted my whole relationship with my husband it started with him cheating on his girlfriend 15 years ago to me cheating on my husband now I'm in a life long affair with a sagg and neither one of us knows how to stop..... I love him to much to let him go... So much that I think when he's an old man I'll be there to take care of him. Smh!

Alright so, I'm a Sagg male In love with a Taurus woman, i've read every other post in here and it's mostly from Taurus women so here's a little of the male sagg's insight. My Taurus goddess and I have been dating for almost a year, in the beggining it was pretty hard but I loved the fact that she was a challenge, not to even mention how beautiful she is. I had to make all the moves and as hard headed and stubborned as she is I did not stop trying because even though it was slowly and little by little she gave in more and more, like I said this was a challenge which was not impossible, but it wasnt easy.

I think that she came in the right moment in my life, im 23 years old and barely starting to put my life together, I realized the way I was doing thing wasnt right and decided to make a u-turn in my life. What she offers me is what I love the most about her, she brings balance into my life, I feed off of her as much as she feeds off of me, when I go crazy with my ideas and start to act without thinking she calms me down as only she can and makes me look at things in a different way.

She loves going to places and just "chill", I in the other hand hated it it with a passion but I did it to please her and with time I learned to like it, same as she is a very quiet person and shy but when she's around me she's able to do things she wants to do but normally wouldnt dare to because she's too shy, I give her the support and the spark she needs to start living her dreams, while she keeps me hooked down to earth and enables me to want to be a better person and stay focused on one thing, do everything I can to make her happy.

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