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I'm a Virgo dating a Sagittarius. It has been 8 months since we became committed. In these few months, I have experienced many kinds of emotions. Extreme happiness, depression, anger etc..

Initially, we met at a local festival. From then on we have spent loads of memorable moments. We got along well because each of us respected each others likes and dislikes. We shared a common interest in many things.

We have been on numerous dates, each time getting to know each other better and getting close. There have been many instances when our relationship was at stake. Many a times we have fought over various issues. But at the end of the day, we managed to patch up.

Any relationship cannot last unless it is founded over trust and belief. So was ours. I love him a lot.

I'm a Virgo and I just recently met a Sag... I really like him a lot. But I am honestly scared that if I continue to gain feelings for him, I will get hurt in the long run. The way he goes about things is almost foreign to me and I don't understand. Should I back out while I'm ahead? Help me.

I am a Virgo woman dating a Sagittarius for 8 years now, and I can say that since three years, we finally get each other really well. But until then, he has given me unforgettable times, huge moments, and big angers and depressions as well. He has also thanked me a lot for guiding him and helping him out with his confusions more than I can think of, but I know I have made him so mad with my withholdings and criticism...But the love was always there, stronger then we both expected from each other.

I would not change this for anything in the world, once you learn to back each other up in your shortcomings instead of fighting over them, this is a very good team, with lots of comfort and lots of fresh ideas all the time.

I met this sag way back in the day. we were friends for years and we got along great, we had debates on everything. it was interesting to say the least. we tried to date 2 years ago and he cheated on me.. twice. we were young, very young. now we've been dating for 2 months everything is peaceful but I'm scared things will blow up again. I am putting all my trust into this and he's trying his hardest. although the lingering feeling is there, when were together I have so much fun. I love him so much that it almost hurts.

I'm a Virgo woman dating a sag for 1.6yrs now..everything is fine between us...he is flirtatious in nature. but whenever I supposed to go out from his life....he says not to leave him. he loves me. at the same time he says he doesn't deserve me. I deserve better ....he proposed to me 2 times but I refused though I'm scared to be in a relationship.. coz Virgo sag is not at all compatible...what should I do?

can I proceed?

im a Virgo girl that married a male sag after a 2 year living together relationship and yes he has put me through a lot of bad stuff as well as good, I love him to death. since they are very caring. and when they want to be loyal they will but they easily cheat since they are a walking flame and very friendly. if you are in the hole try to give him as much space possible try not to care about him and be or pretend to be innocent they love it and feel they should protect you. and they will fight over you and for you. but they like their space and im struggling with that since I love to spend time with him f** I love him its only normal but when I don't call or he doesn't see me around they come to us alone. if you are about to get in DONT!!! if you are looking for romanticism and a guy that wants to be with you 24/7 he is not the one. I mean he will be at the beginning but then he will considered spending time together when he eats around you or sleeps with you and that is not quality time. girls!!! look out they don't change its easier if we change our petitions or find someone else we can manage. EXPERIENCE TALKS!!

I am a sag man married to a Virgo woman. I am happy in marriage because I learnt to take things slowly when it comes to sex and she learnt to trust me and not to continuously criticize. In simple make it work

I am a Virgo woman dating a Sagittarius man... we have been seeing each other for about 6 months now. And yes we have sex and talk a lot, but most of the time we jus chill and like to be in each others company. It is really chill with him. I'm the kind of Virgo who don't like showing feelings and I don't, and he doesn't either. Which sometimes make it kind of hard. But I know that he has deep feelings, I just don't ask cuz I don't wanna push him away. So it might be able to work with Virgo and sag. You jus gotta work at it!!!

I am a Virgo dating a Sagittarius man we have been dating for 8 months now and honestly I have fallen in love with him!! but im truly scared that ill be the one who will get hurt in the end

I know a Virgo man and when we speak its like our conversations are opposite but like the same as well we click when it comes to talking but I don't know about a relationship because I have never been with a Virgo. I'm just kind of skeptical that's all if he is sweet and romantic like I am but I guess I am going to have to try.

I am a Virgo woman and I just started to date a sag man about 2 months ago. I feel anxious because I have such strong feelings for him and I usually keep my cool pretty well. I think that this could work out in the long run so I am giving him and myself space so that the "walking flame" in him doesn't burn out to quickly. I am head over heels

I'm married to a sag im a Virgo. we get along ok. we don't have sex much because im still a new mom. he seems sneaky and tricky. I don't trust him but I love him. not cool. I don't know if he's too good for me or im too good for him, something don't add up. don't know what to do. don't even want to think of divorce!! it sometimes just doesn't seem natural or something. but none the less, im still here. good luck people!

I am a Virgo woman INTERESTED in a Sag man. We've known each other since 6th grade. We've always been really good friends. We haven't seen each other in 18 years. He started flirting with about a week ago and he's literally sweeping me off of my feet. He's very sweet, charming, romantic, thoughtful and a great Dad as well as the same friend I've known all these years. We are the people always burn. We REALLY like each other. Everything I read, it says Virgo women and Sag men are no good together. I don't know that I believe all that. I mean, you either get along or you don't. You either communicate and talk things out, or you don't. I can't wait to see what's in store next. We both put our kids first and that's REALLY important to us! Wish us luck!

I'm a Virgo woman about to be swept off my feet again by a Sagittarius man. They are great lovers but lie and cheat .... I dated and lived with one for eight years the sex was off the hook no better lover, but he would not settle down and he was always pursuing something or someone not family oriented at all (but me and him was divine) - but reality is he only wanted me no kids or family or friends. So now attracted again to a sag looking for sex not marriage this will work.

Im interested in a Sag. I don't know what it is about him that I can't shake. We dated for a little bit, but I believe I said something that offended. Since then, when he sees my sister he ask about me, and tells her he misses me. We've had this chemistry since high school. I know how I am, I've read about sag, I think I can handle it. I know what to do, and what not to do. I want him really bad, but I'm scared to talk to him because of rejection. What should I do?

I'm a Sag man dating a Virgo woman. Sex is amazing, relationship is very communicative. We both understand each others wants and needs. I'm sure our sun signs play a role as her sun is in Leo. I think we'll be together for a long time and btw, I was married to a Virgo for 21 years before. Sags can be incredibly loyal and fun.. trust me... as long as the sex doesn't get dull.

I am a Virgo women married to a Sagittarian man for 9 years now known him for 11 years. WOW many ups and downs and the true definition of an emotional roller coaster. At the end of the day we are loyal and honest to each other and that is key. The love is as strong as it was when are eyes met.

In my experience as a sag male, I have learned that I must always communicate and understand the Virgo female. Although I was the first to take a break, I hope to show her that true love knows no bounds. I have dedicated myself to winning her back. I hope to show her what true love can actually be, passionate and memorable. The times that we had can be muse for many romantic novels. I hope you Virgo females out there can see the potential for an amazing love story.

there's this sag man that I work with and we have been hanging out for a while now im a Virgo woman and I am every bit of a Virgo woman but really im scared to open up to him when were together we have a ball we laugh cut flirtatious eyes at each other and everything we really just have a great time together and yes im feeling him but like I said im scared to open all the way up......we shall c.........1 thing I know is I will be taking it slowwwwww........slower is always better when it comes to men especially if you like that's how you get um ladys....take it slow more respect for you in the end..........

im Virgo and just date sag man bout 3 months! well, eyes cannot lie, we got chemistry since the first we met and talking. but as I knew his born to be traveler, we separated since after 1st time we met! but the great its even far away from me, we always keep in touch almost everyday! not quality conversation sometimes, just small text that we always do as much as we can day by day. Id like him, especially after our second meeting bout few days! but honestly, I was thought he just want casual relationship and take it all with slowly! don't know, maybe he likes really freedom and still likes to flirting with the world :D well will see, how much patience I have for him and waiting he come back! I think, if Sagittarius man loves smart woman they should thinking twice that the smart and intelligence woman don't want to waste time waiting to get nothing! :D take it easy and we'll see how its gonna be works ;) but hope we're both lucky :)

okey, i dated a sag man for a few years but it was one hell of a ride...I say it was an on and off relationship cause we would be so strong for a few months then cool the next. Anyway he ended up cheating on me, and I can recall him saying (I should move on)....4 years later he starts calling me, he has become a serial caller. it is very clear he wants to have a fling with me again..

Sags are good for Virgo in terms of communication, fun, out door activities, generaly friendship. but when it comes to a relationship it takes an older sag man to really value the in put of a Virgo woman and keep her for life...

I am a Virgo woman madly in love with a Sagittarius man for almost 2 yrs now... My experience has been mirrored in all the comments above. when he's good, he's the ; & when he's bad, the hurt runs deep as an ocean. I can't see me walking away, so I'll stay, pray, & try to keep my wits about me. With them you have to be MORE forgiving & patient. Best wishes to all who dare this attraction!

I dated a Sagittarius off and on for about 4 years. It definitely marks some of the happiest and saddest moments I have ever experienced. We were the best of friends but he claimed to have commitment issues from the past aka he didn't like too much of any type of emotion. He also liked to flirt, which got him caught in many awkward situations. His need for freedom was definitely making things worse. He would be great each time we reconciled, but after months or years he just seemed to want to change his life, try new things, hang out with different people, and each time that happened, we separated. I will say we never had an argument up until the very last breakup we had. Now when I date, people tell me fights are normal, but I'm still so used to that peaceful, non-argumentative, fun loving Sagittarius guy.

I am a Virgo woman, madly in love with a sagi. he is awesome, caring, charming, sexy and a terrific kisser. ever since I've known him he has showered me with all the love in the world. I am lucky to have him in my life. I owe him so much. he is truly the love of my life. he has made me a complete woman. gosh! I love him :)

I'm a Sagittarius guy in a relationship with a charming Virgo for almost 3 months, I can't explain how much I love her, I finally could find someone who can pull out all the love, sweetness, tenderness and horniness that I have inside and make me eager to create her much more.. There is a very big problem though, sometimes, she is so cold, detached and distant.. She never uttered that she loves me out loud.. she drives me CRAZY.. Sometimes, she is the sweetest girl on earth and some others I'm even afraid to talk to her.. Our relationship is suffering ups and downs in an extreme level... I still love her so much though, I always try to see things from her perspective which is true and more mature most of the time, but I see it humiliating that she hardly tries to see things from my perspective as I do with her.. She asked my to give her the time she needs to develop her feelings towards me, but I feel bad about it cause I thought that she were already in love with m e.. She needs a lot of space and distance which makes me feel like hell and even I feel as if I'm being rejected.. I hope that our relationship works for the best.. I do really love her and hope she might be considering it for real.. By the way, sex is stunning with her... Please, if there is any Virgo lady out there who is willing 'to decode' my Virgo's behavior, I will be so so grateful and thankful.. Please be kind enough to put (To SAGY GUY), in the beginning of your comment so I can easily recognize your comment among the others.. Some other thing which I really have to point out since it truly bothers and even hurts me a lot, not all Sagittarius guys are disloyal and unfaithful as it looks like, I swear to God that I have never ever cheated on any girlfriend that I have had and I have no intention to cheat on any, not in the present not in the future.. So please do NOT generalize.. Thanks folks..

So I've been dating a sag guy for the last 2 years on + off. I'm a Virgo woman...

+ honestly, we've put a lot of blood, sweat + tears into this.

I would say if these two signs had to work, you have to both really want it + put the efforts in to understand each other differences, cause without that, its not nice + you'll end up hating each other. + if you do choose to live together, brace yourself, its not gonna be an easy road for a Virgo to get what they want. + you may have to conform a bit, just like sag will have to. Sag will take you on krazie adventures + give you experiences that will open your eyes + he's like a puppy I guess, playful, naive, innocent when in love. he loves to explore + he loves his space, so you will have to give him that + learn to trust him, + I'm sure he can help you with that if communication is open + honest. The relationship is a lot of work on both sides, but once it gets rolling, its awesome... I wouldn't play games in the match, sag will be prone to cheat + Virgo will be prone to nit picking, so I would suggest to keep the waters clear + give yourselves enough space.

im a Virgo and I have been dating a Sagittarius for only six days ; crazy right ! all of you guys have been dating for years or months. but umm the whole point is that im already confused I already want to back out I pray every night every moment I can for him to be different, because I was hurt so bad in a past relationship I had been in my whole teenage life I had been threw it all with a Virgo I had dated him on and off since I was 13 im 17 years old now! my heart is damaged :( and when he came along im laughing and talking endlessly ! but then again I think what's different and can I trust him ? I tell him things im very open at times but sometimes hold back because I never know if im to head on ... . we were friends at first for about 3 months and we just now made it official and it was so cute how he asked me too :) I don't know its only been six days . so im confused but all and all I want to be happy and I want to know if I should just push my worries away an d go with the flow or keep my guard up and bring it down sometimes when it needs too be ?

I'm a Virgo woman who has been with my Sagittarius man for almost SEVEN years. We get along incredibly well. He's very romantic and mushy, which I don't like too much...but it's fine cos I can be a bit cold and distant at times. He still flirts with me and says it's just like when we first started dating. I think it all depends on the person and what else is in your astrological charts.

I am a Virgo woman dating a sag man we have been dating for two years and our relationship is beautiful everyday gets better and better he is so fun loving and everything we both know that God put us together because we dated years ago and here we are again never no arguments fights always got along great I just love my sag. man good luck to you others

Im a Virgo women and have met a Sagittarius guy, we have been in touch for two month via text and its been fun. Getting this guy to commit to a date is the hardest thing ever. He seems to like my chase and when I go quite he seems to get back in touch to chase me. I agree that he flirty, honest and direct. Question is how to do I play that aloof girl who doesn't care as that what he seems to like. I find it hard as im not a clingy kind of girl but if I like someone I don't play games. Does he like me? I just don't know. The one thing that he reacts to is definitely flirty, sexy texts.

Sagittarius Man Virgo Woman

When I was very young I had a great relationship with a Sag Man. We were together for over 3yrs. It was great! We got along brilliantly - he was my best friend, a laugh and a great lover. But... I ended up leaving him because he had no 'get up and go' - no drive/ambition.

We have however remained good friends and have been now for 20yrs.

I am now just starting to date an older Sag man (9yrs older than me) and this one also feels really, really right. Time will tell I guess. :)

I'm a Virgo women and have been dating a Sagittarius guy on and off for almost 3 yrs. Its been such an emotional roller coaster. He rushed me into a relationship, and constantly needed me to reassure him of my feelings. I like to take things slow make sure I'm not wasting my time and were on the same page before I commit myself completely. whenever I tried to approach our relationship that way he would feel offended. So I thought to myself maybe I should try something different with this one, and as soon as I gave him all my feelings the tables had turned and I slowly started to feel insecure, and unhappy. I would ask him questions about our future and what did he have planned for us and it overwhelmed him. i'm a true Virgo in the sense that I like things really clean and orderly, and obviously he doesn't mind if things don't smell too fresh. He's kind of lazy which bothers the crap out of me because I like the man i'm with to be motivated and action oriented, he ju st wants to "chill", because he's tired(he's always freaking tired) it boils my blood, I try to tell him its something I can't control and I just need it he doesn't care. we rarely go out because he's not action oriented and doesn't make plans, if I want to go out I have to make the plans (so annoying). However when it comes to his friends he makes plans, and makes things happen and is so happy about it too. which makes me resentful and think this will never change because of the "personal freedoms" associated with this sign. whenever I have a grip (ok ok I'm a Virgo sometimes I complain a Lil too much)it goes in one ear and out the other, but whenever he has an issue omg the world has to stop because he will constantly remind you of it and tell you how it makes him unhappy till its dealt with. I want kids and a family and I have no idea what he wants because we don't talk about us, real issues or life plans only bs. I don't know if were going to have kids anytime soon if at all, so I don't want to waste my prime years waiting to find 5 yrs from know we're in the same boat because Mr. Sag doesn't plan for the future.

To SAGY GUY: im a Virgo woman, who also is with a Sagittarius man. In my point of view, most of the things you doing is right, and that is what a Virgo woman needs,(order, love, passion, peace), she has all these in you and might either be too young to see it, or just really needs her space to have some time to see it for herself. Me being a virgo, and the decisions I made at different stages of my life changes as I learn more about myself and what I can handle, what I took for granted, mistakes I made and so on. Without a little space, and perhaps experience, she cannot truly appreciate you or know your worth so its better in my opinion to have her while she's ripe you'll benefit more. Most times, virgos are very caring, especially honest to those they consider close to them, so listen to her, but not literarrly, she might not even know what shes doing, or thats shes about to trash, and you don't want it to be a thing of regret for her or you if it goes sour. so, try even if you'll have to back up just a notch, or act more non-chalant than how you were with her before, however, do maintain your love because it is worth it in the end, a Virgo woman most of the time is a virtous woman, as long as shes happy, she'll make you a happy home, faithful wife.

ive been dating a sag man for about 7 months and am a virgo, he's the sweetest most caring guy I have ever met, and ive been thro a lot of relations but this is the first time I date a sag, and thats the longest relation I had cos am hard to get :p, you know us virgos, smtimes I feel like he say the rite words at the rite time, we get each other from one look, theres great chemistry between us and we feel thats theres smthing wrong if a day passes by without seeing each other, I really wish this could last cos I don't think I could live without him, neither does he ... I love you boubou

To SAGY GUY: Hey mate. I am myself a Sag. I agree with you and the feelings that you are having. I agree with each and every word you said. However after reading your post I really want to tell you a few things I felt with a Virgo girl I know well. First of all ask a question to yourself. Do I really love her? Am I committed to having a life long relationship with her? Now my advice is don't try to change the other person in any way. I know you try to think of things from her point of view and get irritated when she doesn't think of things from your point of view. I understand it very well. Try to accept her the way she is. She is perfect the way she is. Just support her and give her that feeling of support, love and that you will always be there for her no matter what. Nurture her. She should feel cherished. If you really love her then doing this should come from within you and you should not find yourself putting too much effort from your side doing this. Accept t hat Virgos like to take things slowly and analyze each and every thing a thousand times before taking each step. On the other hand Sags like to take things on the go. They act first and think later. They are blindly optimistic and never give up. My suggestion would be to try and be a bit patient. Give yourself and her time. Be ok with the difference among you two guys. Even if she tries to change you or is nik picky relax. You just got to know that she will be the way she is. It'll take time. Once she sees that guy in you who will take care of her, cherish her and always support her she'll change herself. You won't have to tell her to change. That'll happen automatically.

Just enjoy this relationship as it comes each day. Tkcr...


To SAGY GUY: I am a sag male also and have been dealing with a Virgo female for 9yrs and she is very much like you're girl. but she acts very non interested at times which is nerve racking @ times, since sags like to confront most problems, we broke off for a while seeing other people, I never cared about who she dealt with once I knew that's what it was...but she was always concerned about me and my relationships she caused me about three of them one of them the other girl hates my guts. me and my Virgo started chilling again after she was done with her fling but its the same way like b4...only thing I do different now is I don't show as much interest in her like b4 even though I love her like that. I know she loves me but will deny it...i deal with a lot of virgos, my best friends are 2 brothers that are don't worry virgos and sags are very loyal to each other even through periods of separation and arguments.

and to those that think virgos talk tough...a sag allows you to think that because we know the pain we can cause with our words....

Im a Virgo woman in a relationship with a sagi guy for almost 4 months now and I totally agree that with this two sings together all kinds of emotions are present,i caught him lying to me a couple of times, another woman claimed that she is his girl, and when I confronted him about this, he denied everything and keep his ground, I tried leaving him a couple of times...but he never let me go.. I wonder why, I asked him why..and his plain answer is..that he loves me that he cannot live without me anymore.. I had moments of sleepless and teary nights.. often times im scared of what we'll have to face tomorrow.. but the funny thing is, after all of what happened, im still head over heels inlove with him.and im hoping that this relationship will work fine.

Hi ladies. I have read some of your comments and I can relate to many of you. I am in a relationship with this sag guy. I am 25 and he is 28, and we belong to 2 very different religions and cultures, but we still get along so well. It was amazing chemistry from day 1, but there were a lot of ups and downs. Before he commited to me he cheated twice, I was hurt,but was able to forgive him and move forwrd. I love him so much! I know he loves me too, but he has hard time showing feelings. He definately loves girly girls, attractive girls, sex and a smart girl. I must say that he is the one who criticizes me more than I do. I am an emotional being and being without him is like death to me. I become depressed and emotionally unsatisfied. I try to give him space and not to bore him to death and there is something that make him love him, regardless what he does. I must say that I have never loved anybody like him! We get along, but there are times that we argue and dissagree, but soe mhow we always work things out. He was definately worth of all the tears and the patient waiting and work that I have put into the relationship.

I am a Virgo woman and have been dating a saggi man for a year. We are very much in love our sex life is fab. We talk about everything and anything for hours, he talks more than me, sometimes I want to go to sleep, its usually when we are alone together after sex at night. We are both very independent, and strong characters, but as a virgo, I find myself giving into do what he wants because I love him and respect him. We both love outdoors sports and adrenalin activities, and are very competetive, we have lots of fun with this, and tease each other with our competetivness. I do find him emotionally elusive at times, and its strange because he has arrived at an exclusive intimate level with me that I have never let any previous lover achieve. He declared that he wanted this straight from the start, and I found this a worry, however on reflection have succumed to this and love it. Sagg man - can you explain?

I feel that we will be soulmates for a long time. Despite my need for perfectionism I feel that he is allowed to be an exception to the rules, he is a warm, loving, strong natured and fun loving character, which I admire greatly and love very much!

Im a 23 year old Virgo female that jus stop dating a sagg.Dont get me wrong Sagg men are very fun and loving at times but I would never date another one.I fell in love with him instantly but we argued about most things. I hated his arrogence and carelessness,but I love to be in his company. the sex was the bomb but we couldnt get alone for nothing in the world. To all Virgo women thats dating a sagg, good luck,cause it wont be easy.

Hi im am Virgo woman and I recently started talking to/dating a sag. and so far he seems to be an ok guy but reading some of the post I am beginging to have second thoughts about forming a relationship w/him but I will just cont. to walk by faith and see how things go betweens us HOPEFULLY!!! things will work out in our favor....he is a very sweet and guy and we are together like all the time but things are still pretty fresh between us due to it's only been a week and a few days that we have been talking...should I proceed?!!!

I'm interested in a Sagittarius. I honestly can't find anything bad about him. Nothing.

But, pretty much everything on here (aside from a few) says it's a bad idea.

I don't know. He seems absolutley sweet and nice.

OH my.... im a Virgo women dating a sag guy.i wasnt interested in him at all but he kept pursuing me like crazy!eventually I just gave in. we have been seeing each other for a couple of months. the downside of our dating is.. both of us are currently in long-term relationships! our bond is so strong though and I have never felt this way about a man in my entire life. I really want to back off because I don't want to get hurt and he is really liking me and im seriously suppressing my feelings for him. I tried to break it off but he's so persistent at keeping me around. the sex is like "fire". I get nervous around him.I need a sag men input if we are suppose to be together then it will happen, I can't risk my feelings like that . im gonna leave him alone but its hard. because I think he may always be cheater.if you would like to respond just put v-girl

my name is heather and I had just turned 18 and I am dating a 38 year old man he's an Taurus and he is the most loveable person anyone could ever meet. He opens the doors for me and takes me places that I need to go to without whining. He's been there for me every step of the way ever since my mother kicked me out. If there is any Virgo women out there that has a Taurus man your very lucky!!!!!

Reading the posts here, It seems like no Virgo has ever been in a long distance relationship with a sag. We've been together for a year now,and half that time I spend with him, which is amazing and half I spend abroad for work, but I will be back next month,permanently.

During my 1 year relationship with my Sag bf, I became close to his family and friends, he manage to visit me for vacation whenever he has time,we have excellent communication Online, phone and all,when his out,he always text me in between,sends me mms pictures where his at and he wishes that I'm there or we could go there when I return,sends me presence on special days too.We keep everything stress free and away from negative thoughts as possible and make our time talking online super fun always. I had no problem with his nature of being friendly and flirty, since I'm not a jealously type and we both know all our friends both males and females.

We had serious conversations about our future plans together,serious stuff...but getting married is not yet on the plate for now. We think its too early and we need more time to enjoy and get to know each other more,it did not scare him at all,instead he is much closer to me now more than ever. Although he hasn't really open up much about his past relationships,just little story here and there.. he always tells me to ask him about it in the right time.So, I am patient with this one.

I don't know if he will change when I get back, since the thrill of chasing me is all gone.

I hope he will remain committed to me for all times and that I have truly tamed his chase for variety and that I have enough to keep up with his adventures in life...

I have high hopes for both of us.

I'm a Virgo woman who been hanging with a sag guy for about a month. The first time we met he was instantly about me and him. We have mutual friends, so 1 day when we were hanging out other females were around. He was being extremely flirtatious, but wanted me to stay. I'm a Virgo so I definitely know how to hide my feelings but I was boiling inside. We hang out every other day, and I can tell that he is interested but he's such a womanizer. We have the best conversations and time together. He is fun, strong, attractive, smart, and passionate. I love to have fun but i'm a little more reserved and a bit distant. I'm used to guys chasing me and he's used to the same thing so there's no middle ground. Sex is really important to me, so i'm very curious but I hold back because I don't wanna get hurt. Right now we're just friends but I want it to be more, just don't know where to start....

I agree dating a sag men definitely isn't easy, my ex and I fought over everything, he would pretend to hear me out but he wanted things his way all the time, his rules made him comfortable and he didn't want to ever be uncomfortable(which means compromise). we had issues and he stopped coming to see me but he expected me to fix everything by myself so he could come see me again. he was excellent at making me believe that he dealt with a lot, yes I have annoying Virgo ways but they weren't nearly as bad as what he was putting me through. he was my greatest love, probably will always be but the hassels I had to face to keep him were too much for me. he definitely was my exception to a lot of my rules and you know us virgo's we have so many rules. The begining is very exciting and I wished it lasted but as always it never does, and once you start getting serious with this sign they feel very threatened and pull away.

MY ADVICE to virgos don't rush into a relationship, they're very hasty and will make it inticing but don't let him rush things, don't let them get their way all the time but don't argue be polite, be classy about it, be very loving and open minded, try to understand what you partner needs up front and decide whether you can deliver, try not to make drastic decisions, plan ahead and weigh all the variables, because if you make a wrong hasty decision they'll never forget, and things could possibly go downhill. if your deciding on walking away do what you can to minimize contact and emphasize that, its very hard to stay away because if they want you they will pursue you till you cave, it'll be so heartwrenching seeing them cry and then you'll wonder maybe he knows something I don't,but they don't, you know what you need more then they do. he'll hold resentment that you left and blame that for all the problems in the relationship.

Hi I have been dating a sag man for almost 8 month now. Wow we been through so much during these 8 month. I always felt like I want to give up because I find myself hurt and so emotional at times because of what he says or does. I also felt like I have change because of him. Since he loved me so much I was not able to go out and have fun with my girls like how I use to.But I understand that when it comes to relationship we have to commit so yeah. I Love him very much and even though we argue like almost everyday, the next morning we happen to be fine. I love him so much and word cannot explain why,Like what everyone said, its going to be a rough road. So don't get started in a relationship with a sag guy if you don't like them as much because you might not be able to handle it at the end. For me if I knew I will grow to love him so much more than I expected. I wouldn't have took the chance to even date him because now I am in love. The pain and suffer I go through s ucks but at the end I always come running back to him even though I don't want too. I love him though!

Hi...I am a Virgo female and had been in a relationship with a sag male for 15 years; everything was great; sex, love, companionship, compromise and yes, fun and we learned from each other and it grew to be a wonderful pair...Although, my sag male would never commit to anything as frankly it scares them to death, it was a relationship made from the heaven's; however,....let's just say; they will break your heart in the end and when it is over for them, it is over! When they are done with you...and they will be when something better comes along, they will in turn put the blame on you for the breakup, not own up to their responsibilities, will make everything your fault and they will wipe you out of their lives completely like you didn't exist and will not look back..I have never loved a man so much in my life and am completely devistated, so please air in the side of caution when in this match, it never ends well.

Hi I am a Virgo woman talking to a Sagi man. We both had automatic chemistry because we had a crush on one another for several years but never knew until recently. Our attraction to each other is amazing. I like his expensive style, his arrogance. That is sexy to me. I am calm and relaxed and I appreciate the finer side of life and he shows it. I am usually more down to earth and not extravagant or arrogant. But what scares me is his flirty personality with woman. He loves to cuddle. He is so sweet but he doesn't seem to show any chase at all. I have to literally wonder what he thinks towards me because he expresses nothing. He seems to be more action oriented rather than vocally. I don't know where this will go but I have no problem giving him space that he needs because I like space myself. It gives you time to miss one another. I just feel alone in trying to initiate my affection vocally. I think all signs are the same but different to just take your time and see where it goes !!!

V Girl.

I'm a Sag man, perusing a Virgo woman. Similar to your situation, my Virgo woman doesn't seem romantically interested in me. We live on opposite sides of the world (Im in Australia, her Canada) she continually asks me to go and see her (I've been there twice this year already, and going to spend Christmas with her). I can tell you, that if she decides to take a chance on me, I will give her everything. I wouldn't ever cheat on her, and would love and cherish her. If your Sag man wants you like I want my Virgo woman, you would have nothing to worry about!

It's nice to know that you Virgo women can change your minds! I just have a feeling that she will realize what've great couple we would be eventually! Thankyou V Girl, you have given me hope!

TO SAGGY GUY: look.. I'm not dating a saggy guy but I really like one.. the thing is i'm a bit shy and he is very extrovert and fun.. I don't know maybe he prefers a girl like him.. anyway, I felt identified with you're description about you're Virgo girl.. I do that.. and I was labelled as cold and detached.. the answer is simple: fear.. fear of being hurt in the end.. coz when we love we give everything.. I think that love comes with time.. she is in the process of falling in love with u.. so don't give up.. try to strike the balance.. coz overwhelming her will scare her away ;) good luck and give me some advice to win a saggy's guy heart.. we are friends for now.. but i'd like to be something more hehe

I am a Virgo female who has just taken a friendship with a male Sagittarius to another level. I think we may be unique in that our rising signs are very compatible. He is extremely reserved, private, sweet, intelligent. As a Virgo I can appreciate these things. Although his reserve throws even me off a bit. I had NO idea how attracted he was to me until about two months ago and I've known him about 2 years. He says not to mistake his reserve for disinterest. He is a bit shy so....

So I'm not sure we are your typical combination. Due to the very compatible rising signs. I believe mine is Pisces. I need to find out what his might be.

But I just adore him. And I must concur that the physical part is on fire. He's definitely NOT shy in that department.

My "complaints" (for lack of a better word). Would be his tendency to plan loosely. I like concrete plans. His reserve I still mistake for lack of interest at times. And I have to prod him a bit for emotional feedback about himself - but not too much. He's very open once he gets going. I also have to tell myself to hang back and not smother him.

@ THE SAGY GUY - Hi there I am a Virgo female in a relationship with a Sagittarius man. I have been with him for over a year. In the beginging I was afraid to open up my feeling to him and our relationship was rocky. He was kind, and PATIENT with me and gradually I opened up to him and now we are very close. I love him to death! It takes a lot of compromise to make it work though, for example I would like to be with him all the time, but knowing how much he needs his freedom, I do not cry or demand that he spends more time with me. It is hard for me but I love him and I am willing to work things out. If I do not work or study I would go to guy or find something to do to get myself busy.

Virgo woman are very difficult to understand. We hate fakeness, rudness and instability in any kind of relationship. If we detect any of these traits we are not willing to open up. Also things l have noticed about my baby he criticizes a lot. Criticism is a big NO with Virgo woman, instead praise her and show her how much you appreciate her and love her and in return you will get the sweetest person on earth. We are interested in true love and if we are not sure that your love is sencere forget it, it will never happen.

I understand what you are going through but if you really love her pay attention to details about her and do not criticize her rather try to understand her, show her how much you really love her.One thing my baby does is he picks me up from work and he would buy me my favorite food and we would go somewhere and eat it, or he would buy me red roses on any day, or cook for me and give me a massage just to show me how much he loves me. Virgos are big on certain things that come from the heart that shows appreciation and love.

It seems hard, one thing I can tell you in dealing with virgos is hitting all the right buttons, and if you see that something bothers her do not do it again.

Believe me if you have enough in common and you are willing to compromise some things for the relationship to flurish, it will work.

Do not give up on love! I hope this helped! :)

I am a Virgo woman in a relationship with a Sagittarius man. We have a very passionate, fiery,intense bond. We love and make love passionately...but also argue the same way. I will get it on paper if I have to to prove I'm right,and he is just as adamant!We love to have fun,laugh and be silly. I am a worry wort...he could care less. I love that he likes to get things out in the open,but I have to have the last word. We are madly in love with each other.....but love living separately. Absence makes the heart grow fonder....our reunions are smokin hot. I know to give him his space and time for sports and recreation. I need my time for all my high matinence things to be a girly girl for him. He loves to compliment my neat trendy appearance!! I eat it up!!! Our sex is nothing we've ever experienced before! Just keep him interested cause they love to look and stray!! But love to be nurtured and pampered by us Virgo ladies!!!

I just met a sag. We have been talking for 2 months now and I like him ALOT! I don't know where this like came from but I havent felt this way in a long time. he's really funny, outgoing and cool. I love the fact that he's really LIVE and outgoing. But I think I like him more than he likes me this is a problem..because I'm always the card dealer. We talk during the week but I never hear from him on the weekends..whats sup with that? Plus its my first time dating outside my race so not only am I shy but now struggling with being comfortable because i'm always comfortable around guys but he makes me shy as well. He has this bad boy, smooth talk, hard worker, intelligent, honest, humble, romantic, and I don't care personality. It kinda sounds like a bad commitment, I know right? but attracted to him so much. But me being a virgo... im the alpha and hard. So I know he wouldnt be good for my heart but I still want to see him OF COURSE but nothing serious.

I am a 37 year old Virgo woman. I dated a 48 year old sag man after texting and phoning each other for 1 month. We were flirting and seducing each other on the phone until we both decided to meet. we both have different culture, religion, etc. but we really like each other. I am naturally shy and reserved and he is flirtatious. He said he really likes me coz he told me im very pretty, intelligent, reserved, and very feminine. I only used to date and had relationships with very handsome and younger guys than me and they all failed. This time I tried dating this sag man coz he is older, very intelligent, very understanding and she treats me like his little princess. After our first date, we nearly had sex but it didn't happen coz he said its not the right time yet. Then after a few days I kept on seeing him online on two dating sites. He doesn't know I was monitoring him there...I know its wrong for me to do that but I needed to know if I could trust him. It alarmed me and I panicked. Then I started to chase him which made me feel more uncomfortable. He phoned me and told me I have to calm down and I should take things slowly until he admitted he goes to those dating sites. I know he really likes me but I know he likes to flirt with other girls online as well. Its really making me feel frustrated but the past two days im not texting him anymore. I really like him but I havent heard from him all day today. He hasnt broken up with me coz we havent argued...and I don't intend to argue with him. I am just keeping quiet for now and making him think why Im out of the picture for a while. I guess this man likes the mind games...and the chasing games. Im gonna keep my distance for a while. If he will contact me again...maybe for sure he really likes me.

I am a Virgo woman in a relationship with a Sag man for close to 3 yrs. He is very unpredictable at times. We Virgos are intuitive. So, if he seems to want space I give it to him and delve into my favorite things. If I give him space too many hours in a day he begins to question what is wrong. When I join his company he talks and talks and talks and talks. Sometimes, I love the quiet peacefulness. Just 30 minutes for the show, at least (lol). He must comment on every person on TV. What he dislikes about them or how they are wrong. Everyone seems to be wrong to him. Sag is very temperamental, convincing, aloof, authoritative, uncompromising. But they can also be very generous, caring, protective, responsible and democratic. Many disagreements, because Virgo and Sag are saying the same thing but in a different ways. Sag men like to hear themselves more than others. Go-getters all the way. Some are not sociable at all and the ones that are sociable are ove rboard with it becoming flirty and even cheats. They love their kids. I think because Virgo woman is so strong and confident they like to push buttons to bring out insecurities. They don't want to make you think you know them. They want you to leave but they really want you to stay. They want to fight but then they want to cuddle. In my opinion, they don't ever want you to think that you've 'got' them but they definitely want to know they have you even if they tell you they don't care if you go or stay in their lives. Virgo woman must stay focused on herself while caring for the emotionally needy Sag. He will draw you in with smiles and then tell you if it weren't for him you wouldn't know smiles. He can be depreciative while needing to be appreciated. Know thyself is the best medicine for this match. When he sees you achieving for yourself and having a life he respects that more. But not to the point where you become aloof like them. Compromise becomes the Virgos clothing when with a Sag. But work with him and show him love regardless of the ups and downs and he will stick with you. Sag man for a Virgo woman is like a rodeo with the woman on the back of a bull but in this case it is a Centaur. Pray, meditate and always include ME time into your day to stay balanced. Emotional intelligence is a must with Sag! They become easy to learn after a bit. Then you know how to guard against becoming depressed. You have to be as confident and high self esteemed as him or he will kill your spirit by creating situations to bring about jealousy, mistrust, and extreme boredom! Good Growth to you all!

Im a Virgo woman dating a sag man, been dating for 4 months now... We havent made love as yet and he wants to so badly but I don't want to. Not yet anyway. in a long distance relationship. When he.s far away he is loving and romantic but when he is around he is cold... He always wants things to go his way... Should I stick it out?? Reply to TEECEE

TO SAGGY GUY - Im a Virgo girl madly madly in love with saggy guy. He's funny, multi talented, drowns my sorrows/worries in laughter any time!!

Problem no.1 - She asks time/distance to develop feelings.

Solution- This means 2 things. One, you are way too roller coaster for her, fun for a while, but nauseous later on. Two, she herself cant comprehend what shes feeling, be patient, listen to her talks and untangle them.

Problem no. 2 - Cold detachment

Solution- Warm her (not scorch her) with your intensity. She'l soon become very communicative, and from that point all your problems end


I am a Virgo woman dating a Sag male. I thought at first that he was too wild for me but could not deny the attraction we shared. He is the love of my life. We are planning to get married and have a family. We are best friends and our chemistry is off the hook! We have a blast together. We have had a few difficult times but we are always able to work things out. We have excellent communication. We also have awesome sex; no one has ever turned me on so much. He is so loving, passionate, helpful and thoughtful. If you are a Virgo woman thinking about a Sag man...I say go for it if he treats you well. Never settle for less. Keep an open mind, don't make a list of things a man has to have. If I went by the list I had made, I wouldn't have experienced true love and devotion. Listen to your heart.

I`m a Sagittarius dating a Virgo we are both in our 20's and it has been as you say an emotional rollercoaster over my love of adventure and her calm peaceful manner, I understand Virgos are the humblest of the signs taking beauty and love seriously. But please don`t mistake this Sagittarius as a cheater when it comes to being passionate looking in her eyes, to us its a love story in any way we dream it to be cuz we're easily inspired(Damn Eminem music)(Rite on Yanni!). yes the lovemaking was the best, so dam passionate and meaningful and we had our laughs about it... but i'm going to keep it pure for this simple humble sign... I love you elizabeth no matter how far I may go, your love and beauty will always draw me bak... And people this can be one awsome relationship Making the moments us sagittarians been gifted... no other Sign can adore you with a variety of so much activities that will leave you with so much memories

Sagittarius man here head over heels in love with a Virgo woman! I know this is going to be a challenge, but I really feel like she completes me. I feel like I want to be with her for the rest of my life. wish me luck!

I love my sagi man! He's the sexiest, most loving.. And when we stare at each other it s the greatest feeling in the world! I love his teeth, his moves, the way he kisses and makes love to me! There has been ups and downs in our 4 year relation but as we grow older, we learn how to compromise and omit negative thoughts and actions! I would never dare to change a thing nor exchaxge this for anything!

I am a Virgo married to a Sag for 10 years but together for 13 years. He is my second husband. I first husband was a sag too. but that guy was a lier, cheater, an and all around cruel guy He cheated on me and moved another woman in with him in our home while I stayed with his parents to be closer to the hospital I was expecting our son and I was bed bound for 3 months. I all most miscarried several times but he was not there for me not even on his days off. But enough about him. Now my husband now is a loving, caring person and so loyal I have truly been blessed. so I guess what i'm trying to say a sag can be a nightmare but then a sag can also be a dream come true.

Just wanted to say, instead of moaning about Sagittarius's faults, why don't we look at ourselves (Virgo's) and change? I am. And I am glad that I am doing so, because if it ended it's probably because you told them what they could do, and bossed them around. Or got predictable, paranoid or not giving them enough space. I'm only 18 and I am almost there to cracking this.

I agree that you have to detatch your feelings from them, as they'll mess with your head, but if they really like you... they'll ALWAYS come back for more. :)

I was with a sag for a total of 11yrs and 6 of it we were married. it was only good for the first 2 years. I just kept trying to make it work for the sake of our 2 children. we broke up 3 major times within the 11 yrs. he totally neglected me. he always wanted to be with his friends. all he wanted to do with me and the kids was eat dinner and maybe once a month he would spend time with us. don't get me wrong he loved me. he just had a weird way of showing it. our divorce will be final next month. we have been seperated for almost 2 yrs and he still wants me back. weird cuz he cheated on me and I still don't know how many times he did.i think it would have worked out if he didn't drink so much and if he put me and the kids first. he also didn't have a good childhood. he didn't have a father. but then again I didn't have a mother in my life growing up and im a family kind of person. I just don't get how you marry someone and they don't wanna be you're best friend

I was in love with a sag guy.i realiy loved him even n0w I do but da prblm is when time went by he was borin me but I was in l0ve and im shy to sag female and im a Virgo gal and he was angri because I didn't kiss him and he d0eznt wnt me bck I tried talkin 2 him stil he doeznt wnt anythn 2 do wit me

I am with saggy guy from last 2 years. yes we were not in relation but now I love him a lot. He will never understand this, I know. What I feel is that saggy boys are generally having less integrity and stability, they love girls a lot but do not want to go in committed relation.

I dated a Sagittarius for 4 years on and off. I found it easy to be with him, talk to him but felt something was missing, he would drive me crazy easily and even though we have said goodbye so many times. There has always been a connection, like a pull even now, I feel I will hear from him again. its a wired relationship.

To Saggy guy virgos are cold. We are like that. If you want your Virgo to open up you've got to warm her up. Be affectionate, loving and caring. If she feels secure and safe she'll fall for you. She may not look at things in your perspective because it may seem too risky to her. Virgos perspectives are very realistic. Another reason why she may be distant is because she may have already analyzed your qualities and faults and have decided that she doesn't want to be in a relationship with you and just want to remain friends. I'm suggesting that because I originally fell for a sag guy but realized his flaws and distant myself a bit. Good Luck.

A bit of a quadry bi-sexual Sag with lesbian Virgo, I know. Lots of fights she is the earthy, practical, realist me the, absract, theoreotical, philosophical dreamer. She the outgoing, have lots of friends, needs space, me the autistic, analitical, planning type. This interfaces with the female Sag with the male Virgo. Complicated. I ADORE HER! She is reservered, in a republican/tory mode as in a lesbian with orthodox role patterns in some sense but not other like cleaning. figure this out at your peril!!! LOVE HER!!!!!!

I'm a Virgo Woman and I've dated a Sag Man for 5 years. In the beginning it was wonderful. He was adventurous, loving, charming, great communicator and the sex was explosive! But he had to have his freedom, which was understandable because I needed mines. BUT his freedom lead to flirting, cheating, and lying. I'm a honest Woman, so I wont deny I had my own faults and flaws. But I was loving and loyal at all times.We went through an emotional roller coaster, which in the end, it was time to get off the ride. He was VERY argumentative and indecisive, which drove me NUTS. And please to anyone with a sag Man. TRY VERY HARD NOT TO HURT HIM IN ANY WAY, BECAUSE THEY WILL NEVER LET YOU FORGET IT! But besides the drama.. I fell in love hard with this Man. He was my bestfriend since high school, but after 8 years of friendship, and 5 of being together. It was time to move on, cause we were holding on to nothing. He fell in love else where, and so did I. And no we don't speak anymore, but I still care about him, and wish him the best of luck! :-)

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