Sagittarius men are bad at communicating

I'm a Pisces woman and I dated a Sagittarius man. It was a long distance romance so we did the bulk of our communicating on the telephone. Needless to say, we tended to keep things light on the phone. Months went by before I found out that he was one of the world's worst communicators. We had spent a few weekends together and had some fun but he never planned anything special for us to do, not even on New Years Eve. He didn't even have the balls to end things with me over the phone. He did it via email. Big, tough fire fighter doesn't have the balls to have a conversation. The irony is NOT lost on me. It ultimately boiled down to selfishness. He didn't think about my feelings because he was too busy thinking about his. I know this is a pretty common scenario but I was still pissed that I hadn't picked up on his selfish tendencies right away. My Sagittarius man was a coward and on top of that, the sex was mediocre!

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by: Anonymous

I'm a Pisces woman and was dating a Sagittarius man who was my worst which was very bad because he broke my heart and up till now I still love him. I was dedicated myself to him 100% which I shouldn't have done because he found my weakness which was shim. A few weeks passed I found out he cheated on me also he did not have the decency to break up with me to my face he made his friend tell me what a loser but I must say he knew he could always have my heart and break it but not now because I am a much stronger Pisces woman and now I know how to break hearts.

Sagittarius men are bad at communicating
by: Anonymous

I've been dating a Sagittarius man now for about a year. Before that I ended a 5 year relationship with a sag because he was a controlling bastard who said hurtful things. The problem is I'm right back in a relationship with a sag. They are two completely different men.. my new boyfriend is very sweet and caring and loves me to death... but the thing with Sagittarius men I found with my last relationship is that they're horrible communicators and you never know what going on in that head of theirs. Does anyone else have this problem??

Sagittarius men are bad at communicating
by: Anonymous

Omg I agree completely... I am involved with a Sagittarius man and im a Female Pisces.

He is horrible at communicating with me, he is hot and cold selfish, he's right im wrong and ive been with him since 06 its almost 2010 but ive came to my final draw if he doesn't realize the way he is treating me its over between us for good. Yes I love him but Sagittarius is not my compatible sign fire and water = Boiling emotions =[

Sagittarius men are bad at communicating
by: Anonymous

I was dating a Sagittarius man and my story is so identical. He broke my heart telling me I was all he wanted and loved me, offer me to get married, in October at the end of November he dumped me with out even talking in person.. over the phone just hung up on me and never called me again. By the way he was a fire fighter for the air force do u know him? person in 3dr. comment Horrible man! I married a sag, before and still fall for the same dirt again Sagittarius.

Sagittarius men are bad at communicating
by: Anonymous

Wow! This is Crazy, I am lost for words. I am a Sag, Not completely what they say here. But I am in love with a Pisces girl, and I pray it works, because I really love her

re: Sagittarius men are bad at communicating
by: Anonymous

It will work if you want it to :) Human behaviour is belief-driven, so if you're expecting the worst of Sags, you will get the brunt of it. I'm sorry you guys went through all that unpleasantness but please don't let it close you off to the millions of wonderful Sagittarius men out there! Sometimes, a jerk is just a jerk. Them being of that sign is a coincidence. I was dating a string of assholes who happened to be Capricorns till I met the love of my life who is a sag. Yes, he can be a little absent-minded at times and we are in a long distance relationship so he might forget to call me now and then, but all in all he is the one who gives me hope in the relationship because of his inexhaustible supply of faith. His optimism also taught me that many mistake cynicism as realism when in fact, the world is a wonderful place full of beautiful people too. I personally believe there are no such things as good or bad people, just people who get carried away with negative beliefs and behaviour. All my love to you guys!

by: Anonymous

sags hold their thoughts as much as possible at times say them in a blunt disguised ways to avoid fights. deep down the idea of freedom is their greatest gift. so don't be alarmed if they just seem not to care, its not that at all. its just that they block out all and any negative vibes which makes them seem selfish or cold. as for communicating all ideas and emotions are locked up and hidden because they just don't like dwelling on sorrow. they fear if they may waste alot of energy on things that they see not as big a deal. as for money yes the wallet can be fat and slim down very quick. a sag is a person that likes to advanture and share their wealth with loved ones leaving them broke. now their tempers can be really bad or protective. when wronged a sag can quickly rage for a split sec and reset to their regular clam state do to their great self control. also the combative side is usually triggered by someone causing harm to one of their loved ones. this will send a sag into a frenzy unleashing a powerful force to be reckon with. for the sag is the most feared when enraged. as for relationships the sag has tendency to drift off to others mostly due to their sense of freedom or fear of getting bored.

falling for him
by: Anonymous

Yes, I too for the first time starting falling for a sagittarius man, long distance realtionship. Boy he said all the right things, and I really believed him no reason to doubt him until he disappeared, couldn't even tell me on the phone sent an email stating he was relocating due to work..h-m-m-m. I don't think I would ever date a sagittarius man. Flaky, cluttered minds, and poor communications. There walk doesn't match their talk and it's all about them...really they have no problems leaving you.

Women was dating Sagittarius man
by: Anonymous

I am here to confirm 100% that Sags are lousy communicators. I have been dating mine for 18 months and he was supposed to be moving in with me this week. I discovered he lied about taking a weeks annual leave for the move and told a lie about losing his mobile phones, both work and personal, so he knew I couldn't contact him at all. When he left me on the Sunday of that week, he was perfectly normal and I have not seen or heard from him since. He ignores all my messages. When he came into my life he claimed to be separated from his wife and made me believe I was the most perfect special person he had ever met and we were so in love. I was well and truly fooled. This sagittarius man was not honest or reliable. I guess I was unlucky but I will steer clear of the next one I ever have the misfortune to meet.

Sagittarius men are bad at communicating
by: Anonymous

I know a Sagittarius man. He likes dissappear and ignored me. He told me he changed his mobile phone number a year ago, he was lie. He is still use the same mobile phone number until now.He will say "I will call" but he never call. He will say "I will see you" then dissappear.He likes play a game. The best way give up on Sagittarius men lol

Afraid of myself!
by: Sag Man

I'm sorry to hear about all of your sad an bad expierences with some sagittarius men. But as a sag man i honestly do feel like an a**hole when i don't say what i feel, i'm not saying all sag are like me but as it is with every sign different chracteristics and traits are picked-up. I know i have a completely blind somewhat niave optimistic outlook and a zest for life, it drives some away at times because i appear carless(probably am sometimes), i'm whimsical(i can't live with boring monotony). Everything has to be a constant challenge for me and i really do think i appear tactless sometimes, but people can change and i've been changing lately and i've actually realised that i'm sometimes cold and i want to change that. I am either overbearingly loving or unnaturaly logical and cold at times, i'm convinced i have a completely abstract mind, not only cause i'm a sag but i'm also Dyslexic. There are so many varieties in signs that you can't rule any one out until you try really. And i don't knwo about other sags but i'd never cheat on whoever i'm with, loyalty is something i really value!

online dating game
by: Anonymous

i dated a sagitarrius guy for three months that i met online, he led me on told me everything i wanted to hear..said i had a great body, lips, hips u name it..then his ex found out he was seeing me and his daughter and they went crazy about it..he has been separated over a year but i guess she thought since he was bald no girl would ever date him..there was so much passion between us and he was great in bed, but now i barely ever hear from him..said his daughter told him to play the field, and said at the rate we were going we would have been married...what a jerk he turned out to be..

Sags Suck!
by: Leo Lady

Leo women and Sag men are supposed to be the most compatible sign of all but I think what they meant to say is that we're compatible in the bed room and thats were it ends. I was engaged to a Sag and boy was he a mess! He chased me for years and said all the perfect words that a girl of my caliber needed to hear. And for a quick second he actually did all of those things. Then he just changed and flipped off like a light switch. He was a bad communicator and always wanted space which I for one didnt have a problem w/ until I discovered that he really needed space so he could see other women. He had a horrible temper and if I was talking I was wrong and irritating and when I didnt talk I was wrong and irritating. He thinks love and sex are the same thing and he has a complete inability to connect on deeper levels outside the physical which is why all of his relationships end very quickly. It got hard for me to believe anything that he did or said. So naturally when he said he wanted to marry me it was hard to cope with the idea since his actions never matched his words. I believe that Sags and Leos should just be hook up buddies. Which is ok with me because Leos are fire signs like Sags so it wont be hard to have the emotionless hook up. The only reason why I got caught up in this Sag is because he literally BEGGED me to be with him. But once I realized that he was a inconsiderate, inconsistent,cheating, mean, disrespectful, selfish, and bad tempered man I ran for the hills!!! His lost, as he already knows. But them again love and sex are the same thing to him so Im sure he thinks he found "the one" again for the 100th time! What a joke!

i love my sag!
by: Anonymous

Sorry to hear about all of your horrible experiences, but I love my sag! I'm a Leo woman, and we have been dating for close to three years. When I met him, it felt as if I knew him already. We share the same interests and both love being each others biggest supporters. We fight every now and then, but we have learned from each other, and it has softened our differences. My sag is a typical sag: blunt, and loves his freedom, but as a Leo, his honesty makes me adore him, and I am not afrad to let him run wild. The less you crowd a sag, the more they will return back to you. My sag dated a pisces before me, and everything you guys described was on point about their relationship. She was sensitive, emotional, and wanted him to be tied down. The sag in return was blunt (which stings the pisces deff a lot more than a leo who can handle harshness), and she ended up cheating on him because she felt he wasn't compassionate enough. He owns up to not being a good guy in that relationship, and even running wild afterwards by hooking up with lots of women, but it is neccessary for a sag to sew their wild oats. They are not very emotional on sight, and they can be tempermental, but we've been through that, and came out better than ever because we understand eachother now, and unlike the pisces who is always hoping for the sag to change, leos don't want that, and can handle their erraticness just as they are. Btw, the sex is the best sex I've had in my entire life lol. But the relationship goes far deeper than that. The leo above me must have gotten a sag who's on the cusp of being another sign, and I'm not at all surprised at the pisces/sag arrangement not working, bc you are not compatible in the long run.

i love my sag! pt 2
by: Anonymous

Also, the leo above me talking about the sag thinking he'd found "the one" doesn't sound like a sag at all. They are slow to commit, and the word marriage is rarely in their vocabulary. I really believe your sag may have been born at the cut off for other signs.

Pisces woman
by: Anonymous

Geez I just met this Sag Guy and I am a Pisces...doesn't look promising from what I just read. The only thing I can say to you Pisces women out there...stop dreaming when you are going out with these guys until you know they are deserving of it. We Pisces are sooooo smart but never use our head when it comes to MEN!

Challenge yourself fellow sisters and don't let them take you over until they are drowning it you!


boo sag's!
by: Anonymous

Im a capricorn lady and my (ex) sag fucking dumped me. He was "letting me go" and we "couldn't grow together"....horrid communicator and was miffed when he found out i was just as intelligent, if not more so, than he pretended to be. Fuck Sag's, they're nut jobs!

brain freeze
by: Anonymous

I am an aquarius who just broke up with a sag. He and I were perfect together, we enjoyed doing mutual activities and our conversations would last for hours. He was sweet, kind and intelligent. Just recently after four months together he told me that he had been seeing someone else on the side. On top of it he asked one of my coworkers out. I was mortified as this came out of left field; given his history with me, I felt like he was a completely seperate person from the guy I fell in love with. Even now he still initiates conversation as if he didn't do anything wrong. I'm baffled. I still love him though.

sa(d)g men
by: Anonymous

As a scorp queen, my opinion on sag men is as follows: they are truly afraid to tap into their emotions and anything that feels is for them a danger. imagine chasing me down incessantly until he flipped onto another person when he realized how real and honest I am - cold, aloof and pettyfully coward.....very sad and lonely people, despite the fact they love being constantly sorrounded by people. oh, did I forget to say manipulating?

Sag.The intelligent fool!! Feel sorry for him..
by: Crab

Omg!! I feel they are all the same.Months before i got introduced to a sag and when he couldn't get my attention with his good looks he started to behave rudely and shout and make fun of me.I was in his office for an official matter and he helped me at last-hoping to get me notice him.It actually did the job but i was reluctant to show it-my cancer intuition told me that he would hurt me.In fact even in casual conversations i got hurt by his remarks.After that three months we were out of touch and he literally chased me over the town.but never had the courage to approach me.But at last he did it.and he was so damn nervous.He couldn't speak directly but he was so talkative on the phone.I knew instantly what he was after and i told him that we can only be friends thinking that would make him go away.But to my surprise he stayed!and stayed in the boundary i set for him.It actually drew me closer to him.I started treating him like my other friends-texting every now and then and joking with him-But i never thought he had a big ego.When i joked he thought i was being disrespectful to him-He was ok when he kept the phone after a small discussion on his temper-which he would never accept -he told me he would call me but didn't.Soon after he kept the phone i sent him so many text messages saying sorry(though i didn't know what wrong i did-but he was a new friend)but he never called Ignored all my text messages and even switched off the phone!I had told him to go away many times before coz i thought he will never get what he wants from me but he didn't.As friends i told him whenever he wants to end just to send a good bye text-but he didn't do that-and i still don't know what went wrong!I think even though it was only friendship from my side he was still seeing it as a relationship.So he may have got smothered by the messages and stuff.
It is true he is a loner despite the fact that he has many friends and you can actually feel his insecurities about his looks,not being respected enough etc.Extra sensitive about his ego.I guess i was too good with him he couldn't stand it.He still has not got what he wanted so badly from me so may be he will come again coz we stay in the same town.But i have already learn t my lesson.- IT ALL HAPPENED IN JUST ONE MONTH!!The archer can be too quick at times!:DD

Narcissistic Sagittarius man
by: Anonymous

Hey, I just dumped the Sagittarius guy. Wow! They are assholes/jerks. They are selfish. Ladies read up on Narcissistic personality, he was a perfect match. I have Sagittarius girlfriends and they have revolves around them.

saggi men are crap
by: Anonymous

Yes I agree they are really asshole loser in life immarried to one and he is a crap no respect for wife most of the time he will hardly talk if he is happy he wants you to be happy if he is sad he wants you to be sad

very moody i dont know how to cope with this saggi man i m gemini woman

shock treatment
by: Anonymous

I'm a Taurus married to a Sag man... We have been together over 10yrs now & I dont know how Ive lasted with all the back and forth moods, the selfish attitude.. so on.. he is all these things that ive been reading in all these comments.. he has cheated on me & when he goes out of town its his other life... his single life.. his x was a pisces too, but it was a drag out war of a relationship.. & even after all these years he still secrectly keeps in contact w/her... to them the grass is always greener...over there.. over there.. & over there.. He doesnt communicate at all & Im always fighting for some of his time, because it is all about him.. i love him but like i said i need a straight jacket because he has made me seriously crazy.. & Im a beautiful woman, when i walk into a room.. Ive been told i turn heads... & yet i stay.. still trying to fight for him..

Never Again!
by: Anonymous

Hmmm This is interesting. I'm a Taurus woman and met a Sagittarius man online,intending to be nothing more than friends, he literally swept me off my feet like a knight and shinning armor. The first night we met, he brought me flowers, dinner and ending up being the most charming person I have ever met. We ended up dating for about 5 months total. He took me up to the mountains, for drives, paid for everything when we went out and even took me shopping once. He even bought stuff for my kids, who had not met yet. The only thing I had a problem with was his form of communication which was texting. TEXTING! We would spend every weekend together up until about 3 months in the relationship when I noticed he started making excuses like he had a dentist appointment on a Sunday. SMH...right. I'm sure he was seeing someone else. I caught him in some white lies, yet I did not confront him. I just stood back and didn't want to seem pushy. We were dating and he was't "mine" so, I'm sure in his mind he was thinking, "well she's not my girlfriend, so I can see who I want." He knew in the beginning I did could not put much time into a relationship and he told me he would take what he could get. He told me he loved me about 2 months into the relationship and after about the 3rd month in, I opened my heart only to find he ripped it out and stomped on it. Like I said before, his form of communication was texting. He just stopped one day and I haven't heard from him at all. He just disappeared out of no where. I'm pretty hurt by it. I had never dated a Sag before and that will be the last time. He fit's the Sag description to a T. Funny cause my best friend growing up was a Sag. They really do have no problem pulling disappearing acts and the world does revolve around them. Never again! R.S.

hol up hol up...WOAH DERE!
by: GABE!

theres a reason why sagittarius men shut out women completely out of randomn. me personally there where a few women that i had been with that i broke up with or was broken up with by and the just friends thing does not work after, we are too possessive. anyway one started tellin me about how she was with sumone new and then she got mad at me for telling her i was with someone new, i felt disrespected as a human. another instance was with a girl and she would want me one day and didnt the next i got tired of that so i had to leave her. my recent ex i caught talking to another guy thru txt. i was devastated i thought she was perfect. i am now single and am in the process of cutting her off completely because she still talks to the other guy and sum other guys now also. i am a very good friend tho and dont speak much cuz the things i say you would think were offensive yet ive been known to be very silly. as for manipulation i dont do that i feel as everyone else tries to manipulate me. that may have something to do with me being quiet

WTH is he thinking??
by: Anonymous

I am a Pisces girl who fell for a Sag man. He and I ended up being compatible in every way and he said I was "perfect" for him. After four mos of an amazing relationship, meeting each other's parents, him talking about the future, etc, his "first love" contacted him and he became "confused" and "had to get to know her as an adult". I never expected to hear from him again but two wks later he was saying how much he missed me and we started seeing each other again. He kept asking me to "relax and be patient" while he figures out why she popped back in his life. This woman has no clue I exist and he has lied and cheated on her for four months. They have "broken up" twice in the first 30 days and they bring out the worst in each other but he can't let her go. I said I was tired of feeling like a secret so now he is mad at me and says they are just going to get married even thou she is "worse than his ex". Do Sag men get so infatuated w someone that they have no sense of reality?! They are a train wreck about to happen, based on deceit! WTH??

by: Anonymous

omg..i am completely agree with all the comments ex is a a leo..he's smart, very funny and helpful..the chemistry is deeply in love with him at that time.but after a few months..out of a sudden..he told me that he's bored with me??wtf..he ignored all of my text messages and my calls after that..i ask him why..but he can't even explain it..he just gave me a short ridiculous explanation which i can't even understand..he have been in a relationship more than 7 times in the past (he's only 22 at that time) and one of it only last for 2 weeks..i feel so good that i can forget about him now after more than 2 years of heartbreak..
recently i fall for a sag guy too..he's the most amazing guy i have ever known in my life..he's very smart, optimistic, funny and good looking.he really swept me of my feet in just a short time..but despite all that..he's not perfect..he's just another typical sag..he told me that ''sex is the way to show your love to your boyfriend''..he even said that he wanna meet and have have all those brilliant plans..but it seems like it just ''his talk''..seems like he forgot about it now and ignoring me..sometimes i gotta feeling that he's hiding something..i really hate these sag men..they are jerks..but i cant help falling in love with them..

They don't know what they want
by: Lioness

How do I know my guy is a total Sag?

• It's always 'bout him. As long as we are doing what he likes, its fun. The moment it's about me, then it's not.
• Is obsessed with the outdoors. Which is great. Sporty types. But why bother dating someone who is not hanging out at the monkey bars 24/7? What about CULTURE? A trip to the museum, a play?
• Never talks about how he is feeling. About us. He can talk about how much he likes me but the moment I say it, I see panic sweat.
• Wants space but will call on your whenever he wishes.
• A bit obsessed with his looks?
• As long as conversation is light, about day to day affairs it's fine. Which means keep your conversation as superficial as possible.
• Very sexed out. The sex is incredible. That man's penis is well travelled.
• Likes Katsu curry over a casserole any day. Will go out of his way to try out my cuisine. Will also go out of his way to make a dish that his ex taught him. He will tell you about it and you have to eat that with a pinch of salt.
• Very open about everything except himself. Will tell you all about his past but the moment you ask him about real things he closes up faster than a snail's sphincter.

I am a Leo. I need a real man, not someone with the Peter Pan syndrome who will never grow up.

sagittarius man and aries woman
by: nicki

on line it says a sag man and an aries woman are a match made in heaven.. they are so right...
he is the best at communicating, yes we do hav long distance relationship.. we have been together over a year.. he just took me to jamaica.we had the most romantic time. we are engaged,and plan to marry in ayear,when our son;s grad from high school.we both hev been lookin for love and found it with each other..we are true soulmates.. and the sex is the best we both hav ever had. so all you ladies ypu got to find the right sign,, sag is not for you....

My Sag Man
by: Sag Lady here

Okay so I've been talking to this Sag guy for the past 4 months now. What I want to know is, how come he appears and disappears ALL THE TIME????

I'm a Sag lady and I find it a little humorous, a little annoying. He'll text me one day all happy and stuff and then boom, he vanishes for sometimes more than a month! WTF Sag men???

Boy is playing with my mind but I can't seem to let him go :(

Runaway Marine Sag
by: Sweet P

I am new to all of this. I have been with a sag man for almost 2 years now, he is a marine and so we don't get to see each other every often, but when he is home we do all the fun things couples do together. He recently came back from sea and is in Houston, there were some issues and problems that we were having, but it was mostly from outside sources and not so much amongst ourseleves. Before his last trip he told me and I quote, "you know I am going to change your last name soon." I was happy, we talked about his dreams, and the house we would live in everything. He came back 2 weeks ago and I noticed that he was acting different. He wouldn't call unless I called then he would only call me back. Last Friday I talked to him in the night and was dicussing what was happening to us (he didn't say much), I told him that I hoped he still loved me and he said nothing. After the conversation he said bye (my name)and that was it. I have been calling him since and sending messages and he hasn't responded. So I guess that's the way they are, but they should stop it because they are gonna end being old and alone, and when they finally choose the person they think is right, that's when they might be sorry.

sag sucks, coward, bad communicator
by: Anonymous

I am an aries girl and he is sag. suppose to be a perfect match. He never remember my bithday and buy anthing for me. always make his decision without considering about me. no message,no retrun message, no calls are normal.. But he gives all the big talk like plan to live with me, get married and have 3 kids since the first day.. Now, two years, he has left me for 7 months and stopped message for 2 months, no matter how much I called and mailed him. just a cold blood man, coward and no balls to tell me his real decision... looking at this forum, i realize i wasn't the only one... many sag are like this..they sucks

Sag's a coward
by: Leogirl

I dated a sagittarius guy for about 5 months until recently he told me he cheated on me while he was away on a trip. It was completely out of the blue, as we had a very healthy, exciting relationship, and he just didn't seem like the type who could ever do something like that. He's somewhat soft-spoken, shy, and was always very considerate. He was too afraid to try calling me but instead told me through facebook, then broke up with me... on facebook. I can only attribute his actions to extreme immaturity and cowardice.

BOREDOM makes sag disappear
by: Anonymous

i'm a sag, and i am a girl.. we are an open minded human being.. well sag is good at communication.. one thing i'm sure why he does not communicate well that much to you is that he is "BORED with you".. sag, once comfortable, is always talking and telling you stories..when he felt like you are not so interested with his stories then he will feel like you're not interested in him too. with this he tend to find someone and go somewhere to make disappear of that boredom.. we are good listeners too,.. so you better tell us stories and make sure we'll be interested in it so that we'll be by your side...

RUN While You can
by: Anonymous

For dude with the 3 stages...Thank you for clarifying that for us Pisces Woman...girls run!!! Damn the stages...we shouldnt have to jump through hoops for those who wont do it for us!! I am in a falling apart relationship with a Sag and in the beginning totally good guy. Now if I even try to respond or talk to him I get yelled at. But if I am letting him talk about his friends (he will never talk about himself) than we are good. Unfotunately his friends are irelevant to me so I dont remember half of it and that causes additional arguements. Maybe if they had their own persona things would have been differant between our signs.

going back to SCORPIO, You Pisces woman should totally know where im going with that one ;-)

Totally self absorbed
by: Anonymous

Ive tried real hard outlining my ( very few) expectations
To my sag man and quite frankly it has
Been a complete waste of time.
I give a mile . He's hard pressed giving me a
Millimetre. Ive tried breaking up several times but
As long as he feels 'the need' he wanders back into my life.
I expect you are thinking that I should simply move
On and i can control the outcome.
Well heres the thing; i have removed his number, removed his emai, dont answer his call.
Then he visits my place of work ( own business- sole operator) with his silly forlorn look and says something
Like " i dont understand" .
I cant stand it. Im spent. Im Exhausted . I want him gone. Really I want him gone.
I need all of you reading this to respond so that i get
The strength to delete him from my life!

we are terrible
by: gabe

Pisces is not the sign to date sag, smh.every where you look and reaD it says Pisces ALWAYS date the wrong person for them. You guys are emotional and we sags see the world as a big playground. We have like 5 people in our heads and we truly do believe the world revolves around us. we know we aren't perfect. But we suck at expressing emotions.we are just great friends.we don't belong in love, yet we constantly try it. Best way to get rid of us is to ignore us if u give us a foot we WILL find someway to take a mile.if you are in a sags love life you will always be the second person.we care about ourselves more often than other people would.we try to be nicebut e are just weird compared to the rest of the'll either love us or hate us there is no in between

by: Anonymous

Well I'm a Pisces woman and sag men stalks me I DNt like them outside of the bedroom and they are cheaters Pisces women are to sensitive so stay clear of them plus they are control freaks and Pisces do not like to be controlled just loved

Sags ewwww tai (in my language means shit) ewwss
by: Libra girl

Well, it was late and i couldnt help but sharing my experience as well, im a libra girl and i had a relationship with a sag, more like a relation-shit to be exact ! He chased me like im a goddess, so we decide to be in a relationship.
He treated me quite okay for a while until i notice some rude behaviour from him, he keeps asking wther i gained weight, and he asked me to lose weight, i am in ideal shape just so u know 158 cm 45kg. Isnt it crazy?
I tried to ignore his rude behaviour which i still can tolerate at the time, then he keeps mentioning how good he at academic, he studied photography and i am into art, but i never got the chance to studied abroad. He always making rude comments about how im not good enough and shouldnt talk about art coz i didnt have the degree. He always put me down, and he always says that he is honest, but i keep sensing that he wasnt. Until one day, he got accepted to work in a magazine which was quite okay. And he keeps bragging about it. He was a narcissssssstttttt guy who keeps saying that the girls in the office likes him, even the models are into him. And he met one girl at the office whose also a sagitarius girl , the girl always asked him for a ride. And he keeps offering help for the girl, he helps her buying tv for her. And he helps her moving out, he even find her a place to stay, he keeps giving her ride on the way to work and back from work. I told him nicely that it hurts my feeling, since they got too close from how i sees it. Yet he told me that i was too sensitive and i didnt gave him freedom. Even worse. As those stuff happening he keeps his rude, and rude behaviour. He complains about how i do my make up, how i am not able, even blaming me for things that wasnt really my fault, but everytime we got into a fight he never wants to look like hes the bad guy. He was a manipulative.

Until i couldnt take it anymore, i decide to get mad at him at one night, and he was half screaming at me, he said. That nothing is going on with him and the sag girl, he told me, "you know what, youll see that nothing is happening with me and this girl, if anything happens to this relationship just because of this, you'Ll regret it ! Youll regret it !,,"
I just couldnt take it, about a week after that fight, i broke up with him. Then not long after that i found he was in a relationship with that sag girl. Wtf?

Never again im going out with a sag, my sister also dated a sag, and he was as bad as my ex. My friend a leo has a sag dad, and he was not that nice too. So ? Coincidence.? Not sure...

Sagi is shit!
Ps i have a sagi friend shes a girl, i must say sagi girl is not as bad as sagi boys.

Fuck sagi boy, fuck you my ex, seriouusslyy no feeling whatsoever,just "fuck you"

I am blown away by you all - Read my rebuttal
by: Sagittiarius Male

I am a Sagittarius male I am blown away by these remarks. Lol. Bottom line, a Pisces woman and Sagittarius man are a match made in hell when either one is living life out of balance with a dominant negative side.

I can honestly say that we Sags love women, and love flirting with them but that does mean we want to bed them all. Once a woman, earns our loyalty, you can leave us in a room full of willing women, and we would not fail you. Freedom, loyalty and trust are what drives a Sag man.

You want to keep a Sag man, let him know that you are willing respect his sense of freedom by giving him a longer leash. Let him know that you are willing to trust and be loyal to him, but that it is a two-way street. If he is living his life in balance, his sense of justice will overcome whatever his brain between his legs is telling him. One thing is certain, we know how to make you laugh and we are too shabby when it comes lovemaking, that’s why the Sag male is like a drug to you…

I am blown away by you all - Read my rebuttal
by: Sagittiarius Male

I am a Sagittarius male I am blown away by these remarks. Lol. Bottom line, a Pisces woman and Sagittarius man are a match made in hell when either one is living life out of balance with a dominant negative side.

I can honestly say that we Sags love women, and love flirting with them but that does mean we want to bed them all. Once a woman, earns our loyalty, you can leave us in a room full of willing women, and we would not fail you. Freedom, loyalty and trust are what drives a Sag man.

You want to keep a Sag man, let him know that you are willing respect his sense of freedom by giving him a longer leash. Let him know that you are willing to trust and be loyal to him, but that it is a two-way street. If he is living his life in balance, his sense of justice will overcome whatever his brain between his legs is telling him. One thing is certain, we know how to make you laugh and we are too shabby when it comes lovemaking, that’s why the Sag male is like a drug to you…

wow....asshole sagittarius male
by: Anonymous

ummmmmmmmm welll i am a sagittarius female...i met this guy on line in feb....2012....we talked...every day...for like 3weeks...a month....gettin serious i thot...!/well i got upset cos he broke our month of talkin,,, by not callin ha..ha..sound familiar...''so i let him no...bout it... kind of aggressive...!never heard from him again...!!and he ignored all my me,,feel a little crazy..,,//v coldly ...!!it wasnt like a major deal breaker wat i did....///now were in oct. he rites me...again....hey stranger ...tahts all he says..!! i made him wait 3 days before ritin back i tell him ....thats all u have to say to me...?was alittle shity to he still responded back.......,,w/not much to say.....,,its seems like a game to him...,,.'me'.....i am keepin my distance not all pathetic...ha..ha..i dont know wat he wants....?? at first i thot he came back for me,,,ha..ha..!! after hearin all this i dont think that now..dont know wats up ...?? as i am a sadge..,,/hes a.hard one to figure out,,, not goin to try anymore...doin my thin as before ......unless he shows'me different....he is a bit of a challage which i like but not games.,..which i feel he is playin .....///real or forget it!!!''

re: wow....asshole sagittarius male
by: Anonymous

With grammer like yours, I would igonore you as well. Seriously, I think you should reread your post, you are not crazy, you are nuts! No wonder he bailed...

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