Sagittarius men are so intense

(El Paso ,Tx, USA )

Every time I meet a Sagittarius man the sextile aspect comes into play full force and theres always this strong spiritual connection we seem to share that I never experience with other signs. Theres nothing else like it, not even close. We click instantly and we're naturally attracted to each other. The sad thing is that Im the typical Aquarius chick, and therefore I dont like rushing into romantic flings - BUT SAGITTARIUS FALLS SO HARD! And while i wanna be friends (at first) they want more, and they want it like NOW! When I try to calm them down, (and i dont mean "breaking up" i mean NOT going 100 mph in our relationship) They cant deal with it. After one month (again ONE MONTH) of dating, my ex was positive I was "the one" he even brought up marriage before that!

I thought these guys were NOT the kind to jump into commitment? So after that happens, they become so ridiculously jealous, mean, and arrogant that every time I find myself thinking "What did I ever see in him?" Its like they go from being the most awesome guy I know to being the worst. I don't know if this is a factor, but i have a moon in Gemini and an Aries ascendant. Could that be it? If so how can i deal with this?

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by: Anonymous

For us, it is EXTREMELY harder to commit ourselves emotionally than it is physically. 1 month of dating without any action is gonna leave us thinking: "this b***h is wasting my time". And that in turn makes us angry.
We are impatient. And when we are constantly teased with something we want passionately (like a woman) but are never given impatience turns to frustration.
Hope this doesn't come across as too blunt. Probably will though hehe.

Same old story
by: Anonymous

I've had a very similar experience. He went from the most amazing guy I'd ever met to a narcissistic wanker in the space of about four months. Wish I'd taken your route and not slept with him. Scratch that, wish I'd never laid eyes on him. The thing is, they DO fall really hard - initially. And then it's like they've got this puffed up idea of you which you can't live up to, and when they get to know you properly they're disappointed or something. Then it's like they get angry with YOU about that, as if you somehow tricked them. Then they're just mean and spiteful for a while, before pissing off. It's completely unfair and hurtful.

by: Anonymous

OMG, SOOOO TRUE!! I used to blame myself now i think what a waste of precious energy.

by: Anonymous

I am a sag, and what you are saying is very true, we can be very possessive, very argumentative, critical, the list could (and does)go on. I have been guilty of all the characteristics, but a funny thing happened to me...I grew up. I have been with a lot of women,and a lot of relationships and they all usually end the same way, so I thought it out one day(right after my divorce from a lovely woman of 10 yrs) and the only common thing I could come up with, as to why I thought are all women crazy, maybe,just maybe it wasnt them. I evaluated my own personality, and wasn't very thrilled with what I found out about myself. But, through years of educating myself, and practice through various relationships, i found that BY GOODNESS I WAS RIGHT, i was an how that happened I have no idea, cause I'm perfect...JUST KIDDING. But no matter what sign we are, we're all still people, some more advancecd mentally, spiritually or whatever, but our common ground should be, let's see what we have to do to grow our personal traits and qualities, so we can then know how to experience other peoples interesting "stories", traits, and qualities..GROW UP

by: Anonymous

I am a sag woman married to a sag man & it has turned into complete and utter hell living with him. He thinks he's right about everything & is full of excuses as to why he doesn't do better. I blame myself for ever laying eyes on him. He needs to grow up. The arguments are fierce and we are at the point of being thru

by: Anonymous

I am a Sag guy, and all those comments maybe true, but true SagS are always looking for compatibility, fire is fire...and it is hard to calm down sometimes that inner fire (passion), please do not forget that we can be romantic, positive, and honest...very honest (to the point of hurting love ones).
You see USA in the news that is Sag. right there:

Black or White, My way or the highway

A Sag, guy

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