Sagittarius men don't know what they want

I'm a Pisces woman "dating" a Sagittarius man for the last 9 months. We started off hot and steamy for a good 3 months. Something happened the next month, a flip of a switch, and he became Mr.. afraid of commitment. So then it was "casual" for a good 4 months. He has wanted to keep me as a friend and end the "relationship" we have because he doesn't want it to go sour and us not talk again. I have been extremely patient with him and he has become my best friend, and I am his best friend. We do everything together. Absolutely everything (yet there has not been anything physical between us for a good 2 months now) - not even kissing or holding hands, just hugs.

Sag men do not know what they want, but they don't want to let you go either. My interpretation of it, as I even called him out on, is that I was the reliable van and he's looking for a sports car. He told me I was definitely a sports car, he just doesn't know what he wants (when men say that, it means they do not want you ladies). Not to be cocky at all, but I am one to turn heads when walking in a room - so why waste my time feeling like a van when I know I am a sports car?

Don't hang on - as soon as you leave them to venture on to something "better" - they will chase you because that's what they love - they love to play the game.

If you want to keep your sag man, then learn how to play the game to keep him on his toes so he has to continually work for your affection and attention. It may be exhausting, but with an outcome that will be so great. :)

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Sagittarius men don't know what they want
by: Anonymous

Hell yea! I am a Pisces girl me and my Sagittarius guy just broke up. and I mean it was perfect, then out of the blue he cant love me or give me his all. that's a bunch of crap. it doesn't make any sense. then he tells me I don't want anyone but you, I cant see myself with anyone but you. he just want to be with me, but if he cant give me his all he doesn't want to be with anyone because I am all he wants. he says he is just going to be single. he wants no one else. that doesn't make any sense. and he still wants me to meet his family that's weird. any advice from a sag guy?

Sagittarius men don't know what they want
by: Anonymous

I m Pisces and my husband is sag. I do not agree with above experiences. I had married him since 40 years. they r really very nice.........

dating saggitarius man
by: Edith

yeah me and my sag man just broke up but the minute he even thinks im on the hunt for some1 new he will call n txt none stop..then when i let him know i wouldn't trade him he up and goes. feels like a game to me.

Sag girl dating a Sag guy
by: Anonymous

See this is my thing. I've been dating" C" for 1 year 1/2. To start off I didn't want a relationship just wanted to have fun. In the other hand he wanted me to commit to him. I would tell him calling me your girlfriend is just a label is was not needed. See its now complicated for me because I actually let him in and he basically grew on me with his charming ways, he tells me the same things, "your the only one I want" "I would never change you for anyone" "I want to marry you" "I want babies with yoU" I don't trust him , I know he is seeing other people he doesn't admit but I know my gut feeling tells me. I have tried to leave him based off the lies that I've caught him in , I have yet nothing solid to go based off and I think that is what keeps me their. Its a horrible feeling. I am happy but I am miserable because I know everything is a lie. I've seen other people myself but its not satisfying to me. I want him and only him. I know he is no good for me. I don't know why I can't just let go and not care. I have succeeded in the past with other ex's. What's going on? N e advice on my dilemma??

Confused about sag men HELP!!!
by: Anonymous

I dont understand this guy. We have been on and off for 4 years which is ok by me. Actually more of good friends and sex partners. My question is, do most sag. guys distant themselves? Meaning havent heard from him in 4 weeks. Needless to say I do most of the texting and calling. But this time Ive decided to see will he text or call havent heard from him. Is this typical of sag guys????

im in love with this Sag man!! HELP!!
by: Anonymous

Omg! Ladies i am a Scorpio woman who has been in love with a Sagittarius man for almost 2years now. we have been onn and off for almosta year now.The crazy thing he never officially broke up with me ,the calls just stop , the texting ,and even the sex(and sex btw was AMAZING!!LOL).He treats me like crap but i still find myself in love with him and its tearing me apart. Everyone tells me to stop calling and texting him and he will come chasing me , because that is just how Sags are. I saw a comment where a woman said just simply ignore them and they will comingrunning back when they ignore you. I will try this and hopefully he comes back. So i guess no more emails ,calls ,and text for me. I'll keep you guys posted

Re: Sag men don't know what they want.
by: N.

You probably are a real head-turner, but Sagittarius doesn't get along with Pisces. The whole "don't know what they want" bit probably comes from shying away from commitment. Pisces in general is a very emotional sign. Doing everything together was probably a very bad idea - the average Sag man needs his space. Keep that in mind if you decide to date another.

Information ladiies on Sag men
by: Anonymous

1. Ask your Sagitarius man about his friends.
2. How many of his friends do you know.
3. What is up with information on their past? Don't bother asking because he wont remember...
4. Break up to make up over and over. Really is it worth it?

Sneeky boys, loves all women.. They just can't have just one.

Make great friends with benefits.

Sag boys their just a bunch of players.

Sags Suck!
by: Leo Lady

Seriously ladies, unless you are a women who doesn't care about having deep and meaningful relationships then run for the hills when you see a charming Sag. I am a Leo woman and Sags are supposed to be our soul mate signs, HOWEVER, they lack every ability known to man to connect outside of sex and they are cheaters rather they cheat emotionally or sexually they will ALWAYS find a reason to talk to another woman. I was told by my fiance that I was everything that he could ask for in a woman and he chased me for 5 years straight!! I only wanted to hook up w/ him but he begged for a relationship. Once I gave in he became a real nightmare on elm street! He couldn't be romantic, honest,caring, or supportive if it could save his life!! Terrible experience and a waste of my 2 valuable yrs trying to be a good woman to this selfish man because no woman could satisfy him...I don't even think I really loved him after all of those years.

Sag men unaffectionate
by: Anonymous

I was seeing "CB" and it started off strong. We had an attraction for about 6 months. I noticed he was very direct, commanding and selfish in our sexual acts. However he would not see it that way. I tried to blame it on him being a Marine but that is clearly not the case. He flirts like no other and 90% of his friends are women.....hmmm. I'm so in love with him but he runs hot and cold. In Atlanta there are 15 girls to 1 guy but I can't compete for his affections. Thank goodness he is not there anymore. Its just a new cycle in his new location. He never compliments and only talks about himself. I don't think he's capable of settling down and loving me even at age 34. He doesn't even call me anymore but will text me to death saying that I am his Luv. I can't hold on any further.

sag & virgo
by: Anonymous

I don't know what to do. I'm madly in love with "ch" ever since I hooked up with him about a month ago. Then I really thought I was making real progress when we were both saying "I love you". Then he stopped texting me, and then he recently stood me up. I want him to fall in love with me but its been very hard for him to commit. What can I do??

leo /sag
by: Anonymous

hi every one. i am a leo lady. i really like a sag man. met him on a dating site. seen each other for a few months. sex is AMAZING!! but now i get no text, call,emails. ive been told to not contact him, they like the chase. i hope this true. ive seen him on the dating site recently chatting what do i do?

Sag men will BREAK YOUR HEART!!
by: Anonymous

Yes, Sag men SUCK! I agree!! I've been dating one for one year, my girlfriend has been dating one for 5 years. We compare notes and they are ALL very similar- A loner most of the time. Loses patience easily and will not take crap. If in a bad mood stay FAR away. Gets offended easily and remembers the offence forever. Loves deeply but at times will not show it, feels it is a sign of weakness. Has many fears but will not show it. VERY private person.
Notice that only ONE person on the comments states she has been married for 40years,obviously a RARE find!
It took him a LONG time(10 months) for him to tell me he loved me, uh yea after I asked him(I know,DUMB me). And he still does not say it, only "I DASH you"...WTF?!!
Mine is also a PLAYER, he texts and chats with other women. I don't think he is cheating with physical sex but it still bothers me and I deserve better. But I am addicted to him and sigh, I love him...yes the sex is also amazing! Damn Sags! So, I'm trying to do my best to chat and text other men to "wean" myself off. I also try to focus on his negatives to help me.

I will NEVER date another Sag....EVER, not even if he looks like Brad Pitt!!

wow its true lol
by: sag 12/15

Sag men will BREAK YOUR HEART!!,
wow u no us sag men
very well we love the chase and get bored of the catch predominantly if u try to make us show are feeling an what not or try to tie us down. when it comes to us flirting and talking to other women its just what we do sorry, i mean we like talking to people and end up flirting with them and don't even no it. all i can say is give us are space try to keep things interesting DONT tell us about your feeling or u think that were drifting or not showing love an all that, try to find a common ground between u and your sag and build it from there, be more of a friend at times, be more active in his likes hobbies an what not we love to travel play sports go out love the night life partying clubbing what have u and remember sag men are very honest very blunt at times if he wants to end your relationship he will tell u but most of the time he does this not because he doesn't like u its his way of saying he needs some alone time.

sag men are true indeed something else!!!
by: Anonymous

ive been friends/sex partners with an handsome sag for about 3 years now.. he doesnt know what he want although i never asked him about our relationship status.. really when i met him, we lost contact for a few months then we caught back up then he want to tell me that hes married, i was so shocked cause i was like you didnt tell me this when we met a few months back. but anyway i left it alone, although still to this day i dont believe hes married. i think he just says that because he dont want no commitment with anyone, he just wants to enjoy his life and have fun with different women..he has lots of women friend that he seems very close with(which i cant stand).. these women be all on his facebook page about to go crazy about him. everytime i look around theres some chick posting on fb asking him to hang out with them like they are desperate.. and the killing thing is that he agrees to hang out with, he truly does not act like an married man, plus he never wheres a ring. he also travels alot with his job so hes never at home most of the time.. (heehee) that just basically gives him more option to hook up with other chicks from different states,.. i really like him but i dont think i can no longer deal with what hes got going on.. im a sag woman and im not near the way he is.. i just dont know what to do.. lol

Too Little Too Late, Buddy.
by: TheOneThatGotAway

Like many women above, I am dealing with the exact same crap where Sagittarius men are concerned. Been seriously seeing one for almost a year now and suddenly he told he's slept with ANOTHER woman (I was stupid enough not to walk away when he did it the first time. I thought if I was patient with him, he would change but hell no). I thought that was the last straw (especially when I've been sexually-faithful to him) and so I told him he treated me like crap and I dropped him then and there (he didn't see it coming at all) and now he won't leave me alone. Talks to me almost every single day (previously, he would only talk to me when he wants to make plans, that's it) and he had the cheek to ask me out a few days right after I told him I never want to see him again. What a jerk. Now he realizes what he had in front of him all the while (called me the "perfect girl" for him) and only now trying to scramble to hold on to me. He's texting me right as I'm typing these away, BTW. Too little to late, buddy.

i still love im but im willing to set him free
by: maxiana

I have this sag guy recently.. at first i turned him down. i dont have nohting to do with him. so i told him to back off. that was feb of the year and then he disappeared., but appear again early mo. of september., and very persistent to won me.. and i eventually give first month of the rel.,we have very very steamy adventurous experience together. i know i got him..and then one night hE CHALLENGE ME FOR A BREAK UP!THEN I CALLED HIM AFTER A WEEK HE ADMIT THIS AFTER A WEEK.HE IS ALREADY SEEING OTHER GIRL AND HE'S ALSO HER GF ALREADY BEFORE WE BROKE UP! (AT LEAST HE'S HONEST).. I DIDNT REACT. I PLAY IT COOL. AND I REALLY DONT WANT TO CHASE HIM. AND THEN ATTER MONTHS I CAALLED HIM, HE ASKED ME TO MEET UP. I WASNT EVEN INTERESTED AT FISRT. BUT I CALLED HIM TO MEET UP TO END THIS UP.. AND THEN WE MEET. WE ARE SO VERY SWEET..

they suck! scorpio & sag !
by: Anonymous

I'm a Scorpio an I have been dating a sag for two a hafe we have a one year old it is a little harder for mer to just to call it off.sorry to say but if I would have known before hand I wouldn't have.I do love him but u don't really know why? he is mean,distant,inconsiderate,an unfair an unfaithful like he just can't stop or help it I am(well I was so good to hem ).he feels like we should have different rules.he can talk/hug/hangout with girls but if I do he flips out even when we go thru little break ups.unfair!they are is all about games aen being super sneaky.but you chase him away by worrying!they suck nothing but headacKS!!!

Sagittarius men dont know what they want
by: Anonymous

Now I'm a Scorpio woman and I have dated a Sagittarius guy for 10 months,it was a long distance relationship. When we had just hooked up it was amazing...there were constant arguments after a while and I was pushed to always end it but somehow we always made up...anyway he finally came home to see me...when he did I was happy. But then things took the turn for the worst I got mixed with a situation with the cops and he was there all the time to support me. Anyway as the days went along I noticed his behaviour started to change dramatically, I use to text and call him but he use to make excuses that he is with his friends. Now I must admit I screwed up when I got in the mix that I admit but he believed a bunch of things my sis told him about me...and one of them was that I cheated on him whilst he was away( now this is 100% incorrect. To make a long story short his time came where he had to go back he left without telling me good bye and that hurt me...when he got back home he started messaging me he wanted us to be friends and I told him no...weeks went by and I was hurting I didn't know he had already dump me, I heard that. I was so foolish I still was hoping we could have still work it out but he still was asking for friendship eventually I was getting more hurt so I told him no let it go and let's remain strangers cuz I don't keep ex as friends he was constantly begging to try the friendship thing along with telling me he love me still( I'm like how can u love someone but want them as a friend) he was got tired of it all and he just told me not to contact him ever again ( now the reason for this was to me because I was already healing and I was just blunt and straight up with him, and to me he couldn't take it, he said I was treating him really mean and was hurting his feelings,he said I can talk shit about him if I want but I don't talk shit about him I always maintain he is a great guy but what I learned is that they have an ego problem and because I was not stroking it he got annoyed and was trying to hurt me back but I didn't fall for it I remained calm and let him decide what he wants to say)that's the last fight we had. I'm seeking any advise should I keep holding on cause honestly I love this guy so much but I don't want to give something up that's so good yet so painful....I don't want his friendship I want to be back his girl...we both said some hurtful things to each other but he is the one hurting from what I said but I know he don't want to admit it...I really really really love this guy. Any help would be welcomed.

Sagittarius man - confused!!
by: Anonymous

I'm a Scorpio woman who dated a Sagittarius man for a little over 3 years (it was a stretch to get there). In the beginning it was wonderful, I dare to say - one of the best start to what I thought to be a great relationship. It started off as a long distance relationship. In the beginning he was so charming, understanding, and wonderful - just the best. He'd call me on his way in to work and send me e-cards daily. I was 100% attracted to him and was very faithful to him. We made it work. Then he started to change and become demanding. He stop sending the e-cards and stated that if I didn't move to where he was he would have to end it. I asked if he was sure about that and he said that he was, so I said "okay then, I guess it's over, (and in the sweetest tone I said) sleep well, have a good night, then we hung up. The next morning he calls me and asked me why I didn't call, I simply said that it's over, why should I call, he responded by saying "oh I was just kidding". Yeah not funny. At that moment he showed me what he was about, he can be very charming but LOVES to play games, but I hate playing games. He laid out the charm just to start blaming me for things I didn't do or would throw past discussions we had in my face (that's just to get leverage). He started to have a problem with just about everything. He kept saying that he needed me near him, so I starred to think that maybe he was right. We'd spend more time seeing each other and things were good, so here I'm thinking I'm testing things out, and I thought we past the test. I found a job where he was and moved to get closer (he was talking marriage and children) to build us up. Nope, that's not what happened - he got worst!! Because the thrill of the chase was gone. I came too easy for him. Well to make a long story short, we are no longer together. I can't speak for all Sag men, but my experience is they will confuse you if you let them. To keep them you'll need to rub their ego, let them feel like "the man" but don't act like you can't do things for yourself, always ask for their opinion, give them their space - they will come back, when you're with him make it about him or just the two of you (suprise him, do something physical - outdoors), don't get emotional (keep them guessing), have a hobby (make them chase you) try not to get offend when they say stupid things - they have the "foot in the mouth" syndrome, don't change who you are to keep them (they will play with it, remember he fell in love with you they way you are), most importantly, don't give them anything to use against you (do your best to nip it in the bud, might have to happen continuously. I think they do this to avoid getting hurt). To be fair,all have things that might make our partner upset. When you have a good Sag man, they are the best, it's just keeping them at their best is what may be challenging.

Sag men are CRAZY
by: Anonymous

I dated a sag man for 8 months... We were in a long distance relationship and it was good at first. He was very charming and funny, but lied about a couple of things, but I got to the bottom of it. We saw each other even though we were far away... They change very fast. They get mad quick the sex is awful (like the woman said above passionless)... I don't think that they truly know how to love and they are very cold.... They get mad very quick and everyone has the problem but them... I felt like the man in the relationship.. They are so sensitive and jealous of women if they are financially better off then they are... They are the most selfish men!!!!!! Trust me they can cut off their own mothers so you know you don't have a chance.. I really liked him, but he came to visit me and he left to go back home and. Alled me the next day to break it off... I haven't heard from him since.... They are runners!!!!!! They can't handle anything..... I am an aquarius and we are suppose to get aline with sag... We both like our freedom, but they are crazy and don't know what they want..... They dont know a good woman when they see one!!!!! Sags are destined to be Alone... They never forgive and they are the most selfish men!!!!! They should look in the mirror, they will see devils looking back at them.... Let me be clear I'm not saying all sags... But definitely the ones I have dated.... Run very fast from them!!!!!!!!

Sagittarius men don't know what they want
by: Anonymous

Im sag man ... and i kinda saw most of u have a very rough ending but not all sag men are the same ... some are lovable , kind & caring men ... i will talk about my self i been in a relationship but i never broke up with any except with one girl ( she was cheating) ... & right now i have a girl of my life .. i really love her & even wish to marry her .. i wont lie we have alot of ups and downs but she is sweet (she is vigro) & i saw some of u saying alot about sag ... anyways most sag r the same but there r some that want a real love, care & romance!

from a capricorn
by: Anonymous K

Out of all the comments on this board I dont see no other capricorn. And I know why now. Sagittarius men are too wishy washy for me. I am not used to the infrequent calls and the hot and cold attitude. I only dated him for a month and he must feel like the chase is over or his attention has changed directions because he calling less often. We have not had sex but we got pretty close. He might feel like its a given so he can file me away until he gets ready to cash in. Too bad im done already. Caps dont have the patience nonsense!

Taurus / Sag train wreck.
by: Anonymous

I dated a Sag for 11.5 months and I agree somewhat with everyone else. He left days before our first anniversary which he planned and I paid for, he was clearly bothered that I made more money , ( I'm a Taurus) , he seemed to flirt and get emotionally involved with other women, and he just cut and ran one night really out of the blue. We were happy and living together. Even still he will contact me if I simply stop contacting him. You have to keep them guessing, in hunt mode basically forever. For a Taurus this is challenging because when it comes down to it we don't like games and are pretty crappy at playing them. He was also very sexy and almost addictive in bed. Good luck ladies.

by: Anonymous

So im a leo girl and I have been in love with a sagittarius boy for 2 years now. At first we texted a lot and talked about everything together while he had a girlfriend. I told him he was a cheater and he was like wtf no im not, but he was talking to me while he had a gf... so the cheating part is TRUE! Then for like some months we fell off and everytime i text him he never text back so i stopped for a long time. Now when I text him he text back all the time and he told my cousin he loves me but i feel like hes playing games and he put so many status about me on facebook! Now its days later and he doesnt even call or text me. Like WTF? He dont know what he want. Dont know if he want STD's or HIV lmao.

sagittarius men are flaky
by: Anonymous

I am a scorpio woman. I have been seeing this man on and off since april. Don't get me wrong he is a good person. We connected very well. He is over 55 and sex is off the chain! but he is crazy! He does not respond to text or calls it's like here lately it is every month I here from him. He says he is stressed out and going threw somethings. When we first starting seeing each other he said he wanted a meanigful and loving relationship. I can't tell! He cannot be still always moving around and with his boys every weekend when he is not with me. Something is wrong with that picture. I have accussed him of having another woman but he says he does not. He has 1 month to try to reconnect with me for the 3rd time. I say this because I do like him but time and patients is running out!

Scorpio n sag
by: Anonymous

Im a scorpio and i started talking to a sag man in the beginning everything was great like most relationships and once the honeymoon phase was over the true person comes out. I kept catching him in lies and he tried to play it off but i wasnt falling for it anywho long story short i broke it off he is selfish mean doesnt know what he wants plays games and thinks hes gods gift to women lol. Its been a week now since i broke it off and hes been calling and texting me and i havent responded and not going to he brought out the ugly in me and i didnt like who i was becoming as a scorp i treat ppl the way i get treated very simple! This guy is a a$$hole to say the least and im glad i broke it off!

Sagittarius don't know what they want
by: Minahmo

I'm an Aries woman who has dumped a Sagittarius man... He was so sensitive..I was always the one who have to take care of how he feels & used very delicate words to communicate with him. But he behaved otherwise with me & used vulgurlarity, I don't mind with all that..he even being honest with me on how many women he had slept with...I'm strong to accept that but he is very boring..I left him because I was bored..really bored with his stagnate's wasnt on account on how many women he cheated n slept with..while still with me..moreover no one is perfect & I accepted all his flaws..I been supporting him even in his down moments, and be supportive of his dreams & plans for life...I'm not going to say he will suffer without me..Sag men won't feel any lost from even the best woman who has walked out of his life...just wish him the best:-)

sag men are confusing
by: Anonymous

hi I was dating this man for 8 years. in the beginning we datedon and off...he was very distance at the thought of commitment he would always. say he would let me know when he is ready forward 8 yrs he said he loved me and wanted us to be a family now when all things are going great...he brakes up with me and married someone else he says he doesn't love her and he did it to help her out....but says its nothing I did its him and he still wants to be with me and its not me its him. I love him and im so confused ......sag men I just don't get

Sags Confuse M
by: Libran Woman

I am dating a sag and he confuses me. We started off with him chasing me and I finally gave in. He is a handsome, caring, great in bed, hands on man. At first I thought we were just having casual sex but decided to tell all his friends that we are together. He found out that he has to move in a month for a year and he is acting strange.Barely calls or texts me anymore. I asked him if he just wants me leave him and he says no, he has a lot going. I do no know what to do. Please someone help me.

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