Sagittarius men suck

by adrienne
(a place with too many sag. men!!)

Sagittarius men are awful creatures. except in bed. that's all they're good at is sex. once they open their mouths be ready for critical, mean "truths", they;ll never apologize for saying things too mean or for always arguing and never compromising or even agreeing to disagree. they're pig headed arrogant assholes!! and their sex appeal is all they have !!

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by: Anonymous

and thats a problem? i suppose you want a limp weenie just as long as he sits on the couch with you and pretend he enjoys watching The View

Too funny
by: Anonymous


you just don't know how to handle us
by: Anonymous

try to work around us and emotionally we need it its sentimental things that soften us up learn to make us your slave

by: Anonymous

slave?No thanks.I can take care of myself.You talk like you're programmed to be one.Anyway,none of that sh#t is my cup of tea.Don't get all emotional ok...There's emotional and then there's emotional manipulation.To me the latter is just BULLSHIT.

by: Anonymous

Has it ever ocurred to you that sagittarus men aren't for you. Instead of say they suck, you may want to realise that it might be you who just date the wrong type of men. But since your too bitter to understand, you should take time to reflect on your dating choices. Besides you probably did or said something to piss them off.

so right!!
by: Anonymous

I am sorry to say, that each and every sagittarian man I've come into contact with is very arrogant, critical, defensive, and just as was mentioned, never admitting they are wrong unless it works in their favor.

I can't stand it! And yes I learned my lesson. I will stick with my compatible signs. I know we all have our own issues, but sag men are so closed minded and stubborn!

Damn right.
by: Anonymous

I've been accused of being weak,underachiever and "classless".So getting a cheap label is no surprise.So, I'm not really surprised that in reality I don't have to get into this and what not.

Maybe like they say the ones that you're most closely bonded to(spiritually) in reality turn out to be toxic.

Thats not right.
by: Anonymous

HEY! We are not stubborn. When we are right we are not going to say we are wrong. Your just stubborn in thinking that we are stubborn. Thus because you are so stubborn you can not admit to being stubborn because your so stubborn.

And you just trying to get rid of our 'ignorance' or 'mean comments' is just another way of quashing our freedom.
There is a difference between being ignorant and being devote.

Stop itchin
by: Anonymous

First of a ?!@# dont trip cause you got hypnotized by the charisma some lucky sag threw on you... you kno good and he was direct individual from day1 so dont start tripin jus cus his blankety blank and dippin. And you probably could use some of those harsh truths he probably said to you... so stop !@#$$! and grow up.

They do suck! Sorry
by: PiscesPie :*

Omg. I totally agree. Saggitarius men are just "**ck machines". You turn on the switch and they **ck you. That's it. They no not a thing or two about a woman's needs(romance, understanding, affection, etc). And let's not forget how disgustingly optimistic they are. You tell them you're sick of them and all they think about is how good the make up sex will be. It's so funny because I dated one and got so turned off by him. I told him "I'm done" and he says "well that's too bad because I'm not". He even had that overly optimistic smile to go with it. Ugh.

The truth is these men are just too optimistic to see any flaws, whether it's with them or a relationship. They need to take off those rose printed glasses.

by: Anonymous

I have to agree with some people on here. They are good at sex...but if you're looking for a real and secure relationship, you should probably look elsewhere. I dated 2 sagittarian men and I was friends with a sagittarius woman. They literally were all the same lol. Poor planning...which means I would normally be the "responsible" one. I also find them to be either clingy or strangely distant. And they definitely can't take no for an answer. They are very random people, which is nice for a good time/fling but not stable for a real relationship. If you are involved with a Sagittarius, be prepared to answer a million questions about where you've been or what you're doing (even if you just told them, because they're never really listening nor do they remember anything you tell them). They also have no real concept of when a relationship is over (even if you are very clear about it), wanting to know every single detail about how you felt when you broke up with them, what they did, bla bla bla. And they will analyze this to death. I would never ever do it again. But that's just my humble opinion.

sag.guys suck!!!!
by: Anonymous

it is very true suck!! at everything but sex they're worthless pieces of shit

by: Anonymous

haha this is all soo funny!! Thanks for the show :)
In all honesty im a sag and i do love sex, i will admit it! but i also love taking a women out to dinner, picnics, road trips, gigs, and just chillin at home watching movies.

Sag wants everything every other person wants, its just a matter of communicating with ur partner. Also, in a relationship everybody needs to give or take a little and therefore any relationship should work out...

Come on..we arent that bad are we??

Never again
by: Anon

^ Sorry dude, but taken en mass you kinda are. I've been involved with a Sag guy, also my sister is a Sag. To quote a previous comment, they're all the same. Selfish and hypocritical. They love to lecture you, but hate you giving them advice. They won't think twice about hurting you, but they can hold a grudge over the slightest thing. Yeah, the sex was great up to a point - the selfishness comes out during sex too though.

Sag's wife
by: Anonymous

Married to a Sag... He is.. Yep, selfish, critical, self centered, NEVER admits when he is wrong - he never thinks he is wrong. Cold at times.. Has no concept of what a woman needs in terms of love and affection... but that is him on his off days...

On his On days.. he is the opposite of everything I just said.. (except never admiting when he's wrong - he always thinks he right)

OMG funny shit
by: Anonymous

Im a taurus chik and i was in a relationship with a saggi male for 8 years, gotta say they were hard years, all he did was fight, cheat, lie, manipulate and cry when i left him for a capricorn! wtf i dont get it im like ummmmm sorry darling but theres only so much a girl can take. Anyway i have many saggi friends and i have the most fun when im with them but relationship wise NEVER AGAIN hehe:)

I agree...Sags Suck!
by: Leo Lady

Leo women and Sag men are supposed to be the most compatible sign of all but I think what they meant to say is that we're compatible in the bed room and thats were it ends. I was engaged to a Sag and boy was he a mess! He chased me for years and said all the perfect words that a girl of my caliber needed to hear. And for a quick second he actually did all of those things. Then he just changed and flipped off like a light switch. He was a bad communicator and always wanted space which I for one didnt have a problem w/ until I discovered that he really needed space so he could see other women. He had a horrible temper and if I was talking I was wrong and irritating and when I didnt talk I was wrong and irritating. He thinks love and sex are the same thing and he has a complete inability to connect on deeper levels outside the physical which is why all of his relationships end very quickly. It got hard for me to believe anything that he did or said. So naturally when he said he wanted to marry me it was hard to cope with the idea since his actions never matched his words. I believe that Sags and Leos should just be hook up buddies. Which is ok with me because Leos are fire signs like Sags so it wont be hard to have the emotionless hook up. The only reason why I got caught up in this Sag is because he literally BEGGED me to be with him. But once I realized that he was a inconsiderate, inconsistent,cheating, mean, disrespectful, selfish, and bad tempered man I ran for the hills!!! His lost, as he already knows. But them again love and sex are the same thing to him so Im sure he thinks he found "the one" again for the 100th time! What a joke!

Preach it! They suck
by: Anonymous

Wow, my last relationship was with a Sagg guy and I have to say you're so right about the sex thing. That's all they're good for, very good at seducing you but ultimately not worth your time. You could be confused about how superficial they are because they can blow your mind in sex, but don't get your heart involved with a Sagg man. Cheaters. They are such damn fake men. They will lie right to your face as all they want is a piece of ass. Perverted Users. The absolute worst thing about them is their style of breaking off a relationship. It's callous, unfeeling, selfish. In fact I don't think they are capable of a relationship. It's weird how they manage to embody every stereotypically bad thing about a male.

Sagittarius man
by: Anonymous

While sometimes more blunt than intended, what we speak is more often than not a truth that needs to be heard. Lack of tact may be a fault, but rather then using bullshit sugar words, we say it how it is. There's a reason its described as the intellectual sign, with little emotional skill

ppl need to chill
by: SkullCandifiedDj

Okay, I get it that sag's aren't perfect.. But you shouldn't take all you anger out on us (Im a sag btw) cause you guys were probably not that perfect either.. If a sag didn't work out for you, then you probably had the worst match-up and you should just move on cause I hated every Scorpio's I've ever met but I don't blame them cause we are the worst possible match... And not all sag's are inconsiderate b*tches, just lettin you guys know

by: Anonymous

Wow, I'm a sag... I ALWAYS admit when I'm wrong,I'll always listen to you as well. If you need something,I will be the first one to volunteer. When it comes to being selfish,that's not true either... I won't date a girl if I know that there is someone better out there for them or if I am not deserving of there love.... I've been single for as long as i've been alive! That's sixteen years! I'm always open to suggestion and put my crush/ friends feelings and needs in front of my own... My negatives are my pride and my passion.... If I were ever to hit a girl. I wouldn't be able to live with myself). With my pride, it causes me to lose oppourtunities with girls... I can't put myself out there to be broken... But I am learning to try..... With my passion, if I do something,I full out do it... And it's like an all or nothing thing with me....

Well what comes good has to come with a bad side
by: Anonymous

I kind of agree with you guys with the sag characteristics. I myself is a sag. I'm a handsome guy, great fit, very smart, outgoing, and of course, great at sex. Say i have these things i just listed and everything these commentors listed that "SAG'S DONT HAVE"...what makes of this? this makes a perfect guy....and believe me, there is no perfect guy. Nobody can come perfect. We sag already have a perfect physical body and attractiveness, if we have perfect emotions towards other people...we wouldnt be sag nor anything other signs =]

Sad Sag
by: Sexy Scorpio

I've tried to be a mentor, a partner, a bff, a sexual dynamo to my husband, and you know what?
He is immature, horrible in bed omg 3minutes??? and thought wham bam in 3 was suppose to do the job, when I told him the truth, he said I ruined his sex life, that all the other women screamd In 3!!! hah! he has been cheated on every time, he plays messed up mind games, and trys to manipulate all emotions. AAAAHHHHH!!!!!
I'm straight up, and honest, understanding , and loving, and all Ive gotten after 12 years is HELLLLLL! . Ive know a cancer who hates sags, because she thinks they are selfish, and a libra who cant stand them either, both where in realationships with them, they are awful, and cruel, they enjoying hurting, and whatching people who love them hurt, they use people up and toss them away, I am so happy to be Scorpio, because once we fall out of love with the idiots of the zodiac,we feel nothing for you sad little sneaky,shallow, stupid, sags, and never look back.And I will never be suckerd again by you pathetic creatures, dont think theyll change forget it! they don't have a soul, and don't care about Karma, or love or being fair, or kind, all they are good for is..... hmmmm NOTHING!

kinda but the appeal damn it
by: Malilith Ila

wow. well i'm in love with a sag. true, sag does have the crazy appeal -.-" that makes the girls go all jelly but sag always take that to his advantage >[ they flirt around everytime! even when you're there. they are arrogant as well and always think they are right. they always spit out sharp words Dx but i guess i'm lucky that i criticize people as well so i'll just respect his harsh comment. the only thing that i hate the most about them is they always think that THE WORLD REVOLVE AROUND THEM >.< not good for those who wish to have a steady relationship and for those who has a great amount of jealousy. i'm always jealous when he's with another girls but i guess i just shut it up. i just wonder now how long our relationship will stay Dx and i always wonder what goes through their mind... OTL

To Sexy scorpio
by: From pathetic sagg

You know what?! You deserved it you creepy bitch!!HAHAHAH

To Sexy scorpio
by: From pathetic sagg

You know what?! You deserved it you creepy bitch!!HAHAHAH

to scorpio
by: From pathetic creature sagg

And one thing more I'm glad that some pathetic sag has hurted you,oh "wonderful scorpio"!!No mercy,you venom spitting worm!

To sexy scorpio
by: pathetic creature sag

If someone idiot in the zodiac-so this is you-females no-matter-what-sign like you :/(see?I don't throw all scorpio to one sack,like you did it with sags)who think,that all sags are equal;never says "my sag"or "my men"-people are different,OK?You three knows shity sags,and didn't think other man born under other signs are same??ex.needn't to look far-scorpios.Before you will take a revenge on us,think,if you,people like you,don't doing worse thing on the others by stereotypes,unexplained word aggression-if some black man will steal your car,will you say all blacks are such?...As I suppose from your comment -yes:/-think YOU so wonderful?I don't think so:/,i can see in your comment,that you think a revenge will change something,you just furiuos,and veeeeeery uncritical for yourself.Take a look at mirror-what can you see?Find someone who will be good for you..uhmm..taurus?cancer?pisces?You choose-but remember-you're adult woman,you know your needings as none on the world, and before you will marry again-hardly analize,choose three-just three features your man must have with no disscusion;you won't make yourself happy by screams on forum like this,or magnifyting yourself comparing to man you've just broke with.This will make you just bitter bitch,which every man will avoid.P.S I wish you all the best,whichever bitch you are-I writing it however i don't know if you deserved on such clever lesson like this :/

Sag men suck
by: SA

Sag men re creep, jerk n losers! They re Xlb of shits n nothing more!

you suck
by: Anonymous

SA you're bigger piece of shit with no life and you stupid,dumb and coward who wouldn't say that directly into saggs face Fuck off you hating pussy :P

by: Anonymous

lying sacks of shite....there is not one good thing about them..even the sex is overrated...

.I'm just use them
by: S.A.

I'm just used them for sex sometimes n kick off their ass the very next day! I love it. The pleasure is mine to see after throw away acsag man? Wow! Lol!

by: SagiMagic

I'm a sagittarius man. I must admit I can be a bit of a show off. But that's only to impress people I like. However I am also engaged to my amazing aries woman who lives on the other side of the world. This wasn't an internet relationship but I initially met her in the UK. I am very much a caring lover. And that's not just the sagi arrogance :) but we are intune not just as lovers but as friends. Most people who think sagi guys are dicks aren't usually interesting enough to stimulate their sagi guys mentally and physically.

But then that's just my opinion!

Sad state of affairs
by: Anonymous

I am a sag woman married to a sag man. Can you imagine the fights. We both say hurtful things to each other, however, I'm not emotionless, but he is. Does he care NOPE. he always thinks he's right & I know I am on some things but he will still try to make me think I don't know what I'm talking about. He used to be generous, but every since I pointed out to him how his family has used him over the years, he's shut that generosity off like a plague. He is very immature & thinks he has the answers to everything. He wants to control everything, of course that doesn't sit well with me. I could go on and on, but I will rest my case. Oh one more thing, sex was good in the beginning, now it's nonexistent & that's fine with me. He's just a bunch of talk & I got his number which he does not like. He doesn't like to hear the truth but doesn't mind telling me what he thinks is the truth. Will we last, probably not, sad to say because I love him, but life with him is hell. I'm quite sure he feels the same way. I'm willing to compromise but he isn't.

Nope, Sags ain't good
by: Anonymous

Having 3 female Sags in my family, and experience of male Sags, I can honestly say I am not impressed...they are incredibly JEALOUS and gossipy (particularly on a social and professional level) and will do anything to try and destroy your reputation if they feel you to be a bad as Scorpio if not worse... also VERY bothered about appearances and will do ANYTHING to keep up a certain social standing even if it means cutting off their nose to spite their face - this goes for Sag moon likewise. I'm an Aries so you'd think we'd get on - they're ok to chat to about intellectual stuff and seem understanding on the surface but that is all they are, nothing but I stay away. Tried to be friends with them, but just can't connect.

Sag & Aries
by: Anonymous

I was dating a sag guy and he seemed very nice and affectionate at first. We dated for 5 months but I had to stop seeing him for awhile. He would call or text the day before we see each other. Then he wouldn't text til maybe a week after. To make matters worse, he lived 4 hours away. I had to pull away before I got too attached. He seemed too confused for me. He would talk about marriage, said I love you's to me, and would try his best to take care of me when were together. He even applied & approved for a loan so that we can buy a home and move in together. But I just can't stand the fact that when were apart, he seems fickle and distant. And we would only talk every other 4 days or so. But still, we don't know what the future holds for us. Right now, I guess We'll just see what happens.

Hints from a Sagittarian male who is deeply ion love with his Leo lady...
by: Anonymous

I guess some of us mature as we get older. Try to pick a Sagittarian who is ripe on the vine - someone who has traveled enough to realize what means the most to him. I guarantee he will be the most loyal, selfless and loving person you could ever hope to meet. Just give him his space and support him when he needs that space. We do not like to have our honesty questioned and accusing us of anything except having a good time when around other females in the absence of our partners will likely incite a riot. Remember, that we are all individuals but the above should get you orientated in the right direction. Don't count all of us out because of one who isn't ready to slow down - we'll never completely stop however. We hate to be controlled or feel that we are too tied down. Life is too short to stop experiencing new things. As far as relationships are concerned, I am with a Leo and she actually keeps me WANTING to enjoy her more every day. She is incredibly brilliant and incredibly sexy. She isn't scared to go trekking across the country at a moment's notice either. Each move she makes keeps me guessing. Provide something like that kind of mystery and make the relationship worth our time and we'll be around for a long while, smiling the whole time. Honestly.

Leo Woman
by: Sahara

I hate to agree, but some of the stuff I'm reading is pretty true. I'm a leo and this guy I've been 'talking to' is a Sag, so is my mom. When we first started talking, he was really nice, but that has changed. I feel like sometimes Sag's will use to excuse that they're 'being blunt', just to say mean things and act pricks. Even when I tell the guy that something he says is offensive, he will never apologize. Since we've been talking all he talks about is being physical, he hasn't once asked me anything about ME. He says that he wants me to be straight-foward, and not sugar coat things, then when I do, he wants to suddenly change the subject. We're not in a relationship, but I'm avoiding it because I keep hearing how Sag's are cheaters. He said his fiance left him(he didn't tell me why), then moved out of state. Hm, I wonder why. I'm 18, and he's over 10 years older than me, so I initially wasn't even going to give him the time of day. Now that I have, I'm not impressed. But I will wait and see how it works out..

by: Anonymous

Also they're pathological liars and if you call them out on their crap they'll twist it so they're not in the wrong and will argue it forever!! UGH!

Head F#$K, not again
by: Anonymous

I have just finished a year long relationship with my 2nd saggy!
I regret and kick myself mon-fri as he was my boss and i didnt want to get involved in the first place, but silly enough i fell for his charm and got sucked inn..he was hard work and all the time thought of only himself. This one was tight with his money and would happily stand back while i payed. He would stay at my home 5 nights a week and relax while i cooked and fussed over him..silly me..never got offered a thing.would talk about our future to others but never was ok but i felt like it was cold and selfish.. not passsionate enough for my liking.. i would never date another, a total head f@#K

Sag man heartless
by: Bi

I get attached to a sag man and it lasted only few months. He is a real mean creature, flirtous in the beginning but really suck dick at the end. He's a divorcee, never told me anything about what really happened in his previous marriage. But i admit that sag man is honest in a way, he did tell me that he's a loser, sucked in relationship. I caught him doing something behind my back but he never admit it. He put all the blame on me and vanished.. Just like that. Never apologize, never returned call. Coward sag!!! I hate him till now. Hope he rots in hell.

Aries female here...
by: Anonymous

According to all the astrology websites Sagittarian men are supposed to be perfect for me. Eh, wrong! Everything was going great with this guy, we hit it off well, had a lot of fun, I was able to handle his brutal honesty, had great sexual chemistry, then one day, out of nowhere, the guy just stops talking to me. I don't know what the hell went wrong since he cut me off so bad he didn't respond to my call. Talk about hot and cold. I don't play games so that will be the end of the road for me as well, but if you are looking for someone who will be really into you or is man enough to give you a response when you want to confront them about something, don't date a Sag.

they are suck indeed
by: Anonymous

totally agree too..their love life are mostly focus on sex..all about the personality of sag men here are true based on my experiences with them..
im a leo woman involves with few sag guys will thought that he is the most perfect guy on earth..not at all..he is the worst type of men in relationship matter.they are only amazing when you first know them..they makes me you feel like you are the most amazing woman they have ever met..and they makes you fall crazily in love with them..after a while they will start ignoring you as if you were never exist in their life and not responding when you ask for explanation..ughh..they are selfish, flirtatious, cheater, disloyal and unemotional ..i really wanna avoid sag men..but the chemistry between me and sag men is just too great..but i need to forget about them..don't wanna been through heartbreaks anymore..

from all sag men
by: Anonymous

Not our fault,that you're so naive.You're all beyond reproach,yeah bitchy,moaning,overemotional ladies??Nothing better than to make yourself innocent,while sooooo stupid.You know what ?U can make us look like crap,anybody careS? We just fucking yours a@@es @ moving on

I wish I could be with a Sag man
by: Centaur Lady

Sounds like a lot of the women complaining about Sag men on here are water signs. Look, either stick within your own element or date one that is compatible. As a Sagittarius woman I've dated a lot of male water signs (and was very, very disappointed. I don't need a man that cries more than I do.) Unfortunately I have never had the great pleasure of dating my own sign. I see nothing wrong with a man that is confident, has common sense, is honest, adventurous, morally right, humorous, optimistic, rational, knowledgeable, passionate, and yes even a bit restless at times. Those are all things that a Sagittarius man displays and any woman should be lucky to experience that. And I'm sure that they're good in bed as well because they're sex appeal is off the charts. We're talking about the Frank Sinatra's, Jamie Fox's, Samuel L. Jackson's of the world. If anything can more people freak in March to produce more of these wonderful creatures. Love my Sag brethren.

Strong woman
by: AnonymousVmfp

They are fucking assholes....they are sneaky, manipulative, selfish , mutha f&$kers...intelligent? More like dumb asses..they can't go anywhere in a conversation beyond themselves..they play head games, twist things around until you think you are going crazy..crush you relentlessly, and they love to destroy strong women all for the sake of their own egos!! Never again..2 years of on and off..bullshit...liars, they are such liars...jealous, abusive and possessive..accusatory.....I personally think they hate us women because we really have all the control, we hold the power baby, power of the pussy..and they can't stand it! Ha! Use them and play them for your own kicks, dont get you're emotions involved...ladies, we control...all they want to do is control..when you react to their viciousness then he wins..laugh at them, brush it off..then fuck them..

Sag. men SUCK in bed & NOT in the good way!
by: GiGi69

I'm a Libra & I'm a very sensual/sexual/creative lover. I need someone to match my passions in bed. Well, Sag. men don't seem to do this & I want to know why every Sag. man I've ever been w/ has some sort of sexual problem, or repressive hang up. The 1st one kept losing his erections like after one minute & he was also into x-dressing. He was a cheater, liar & drug user. When he finally got it hard enough to use, it lasted for another minute & then it petered out, but he still wanted to somehow get himself off, the 2nd one was also effeminiate, but was actually "afraid" to use his penis on a woman & swore up & down that he wasn't gay at all. He wasn't even into kissing & freaked out anytime a woman would touch him sensually. Then he said that he still wanted to be "friends", but never had the balls to go through w/even a friendship. The 3rd one was sexy in the beginning, but then changed his style quickly. He was very stubborn & thick headed even after he said he wanted to be my loveslave & would do "anything" for me. When I asked him to do the littlest thing, he wanted to do it "his way". He kept complimenting me about how beautiful I am, but wasn't really romantic, or knew how to push my buttons to get me totally aroused. He was totally repressed & introverted about anything & freaked out when I wanted to just kiss him in public & said that he wasn't into PDA!! Now, that's insulting! Then, to make matters worse, he was into all these supposed kinky fantasies only in the bedroom, also in to x-dressing, but then every time he tried to fuck, he would be hard for a few minutes & then lose his erection & couldn't get it hard again & wouldn't even apologize about it. He would get me aroused & then not even be able to please me properly, even orally. Then he said that he thought that he may have a "psychological" problem when I told him to get medical help, or take Viagra, he refused. And, he was only 24 years old! Okay, now he's saying that he has to be the one to "fix" his problem after he lied & told me that he had absolutely NO sexual problems, or hang ups. I've had a lot of lovers of all signs, w/ I think, Leo, Scorpio & Aries to be the best sexual lovers perhaps, but now, come to think of it, I have never been w/ a Pisces, or Sag. man who was good in bed. Sag. men may have kinky fantasies & fetishes & do spontaneous things in the bedroom, but they are selfish, will make you work extremely hard in the bedroom (for their pleasure) & there never seems to be any real "fireworks" for the woman @ the end of all the hard work that she puts into trying to get them off. P.S. I also know a Sag. woman & she has depressing emotional/sexual problems & is a "cock block" to other women. THEY SUCK & NOT in the good way!!!! WHY is this???

Sag men are block heads
by: Anonymous

I concur!! This scorpio woman will never date a sagittarius ever again. They are impossible!!

Sag men re vagina l
by: SA

SaG men are. vagina cleaners. ! LILO ! Leaking , leaking...1000 of. viruses ! 99,99 % finish like loosers in any way! But more important thay leaking some fat n ugly ass without brain n Never understand what
Mean Feeling real love! The biggest crap of all astrologi al signs! Sorry! No offend but 100% is truth !

Don't Stereotype
by: legit_saggit

Hey Saggi-Beater !

Your way of views shows you are a Leo. Are you?
Not that all Leos are indocile.

Listen sweety, all signs (rashis) have their pros and cons, there isnt things like black and white like the Joker in Dark Knight, they come in shades of greys..all people.

In Indian astrology for example there are a dozen factors that determine the nature of a person. In KP metholodology the date, birth-time and place of birth determine the planetary aspects which rule the person and also his or her behaviour towards others. Probability characteristics should not to be taken as stereotypes for sun signs. There is Nakshatra, Tithi, Yoga and a compatibility man woman alliance match system of upto 36 points, where 18 to 23 are OK, 23-28 points is good enough, above that very good and below 18 high chances of breakup even before getting to know each other better.

Google Indian match-making. The system is near accurate is the data provided is accurate to begin with.

free advice
by: Anonymous

hello, sagg haters this is free advice. Remember more then 50% of relationships failed reguardless of Zodiacs pairing. True sagg can be brutally truthful. we are intelligent, carefree, loving, loyal, fair, and yes heat up the bedroom. The problem is any contracts business or pleasure...shouldnt you try to understand first? Because we do...every signs have good and bad sides. I didnt say you're stupid big difference look it up in the dictionary what it means. sagg learned way before you about you. If you care enough wouldnt you have learned about them? There is no excuse for stupity and laziness...heck you wouldnt agree to any contracts without knowing what you're getting yourself into. When things go south all signs start blaming more so then other its a learned traits everyone can change for the better. not all sagg are cold and calculating we do learn quick then anyone else. the old saying you get what you put into dont expect us to roll over and push us around...i will say that you both will be happy.

full of shit
by: Anonymous

I've dated a sag and everything I've read so true I've never ever dated one before I dont know either but what I do now is everything everyone has said is true they can never say sorry they love argument there rude and the things they say somtimes can be quite hertfull so far I don't like him

Married to saggi
by: Anonymous

I m married to saggi and i m gemini just imagine u guys u can leave ur saggi guys but for us its difficult. i personally dont like saggi guys all the baove comments are true
positive point is they are honest but they dont know how to project their honesty in a proper way in other word they are raw they saw what they see(wihtout being flambyont)
they are not cheatersbut overall to make a relationship perfect you dont need a guy who is so raw atleast u need sumone who has basic courtesy
They do play with your emotions even in bed difficult staying with saggi men

Don't generalize so easily.
by: Anonymous

While I may be blunt, perverted and arrogant, I'm not really a bad guy. I care about people a lot and seek self improvement so I try to work on my flaws. At the most, I am blunt but I do it because I care about the person. I'll admit I'm wrong but I'm not wrong a lot of the times because I don't really say anything that I haven't put a lot of thought into or researched. I'm not superficial at all and don't really look at women with the "I'd fuck" thought like I did when I was younger anymore and usually fall for ladies because of their personality. I do think about sex a lot though but this isn't only something sags do. I dislike shallowness and superficiality so I try not to be myself. Not all Sags are the same and saying you won't date someone because they are sags is pretty shallow to me. Astrology isn't a proven fact after all. MBTI is actually a better, it's a personality test that divides people into 16 different personalities and is actually based on real psychology (not the alignment of stars).

me no likey sag men nomore
by: proud aries chick

Until i met my bf 3yrs ago the only sags i had known were my grandfather and brother. I know all ppl are different but reading all the comments it seems like sags are all the same lol. With my sag, when it's good it's good but, when it's bad it's BAD. He's funny, cooks, clean, runs errands and the sex is good but, all of that is thrown out of the window 'cause he's a compulsive liar, habitual liar, manipulative, cheap, selfish, heartless, rude, blunt, think he knows everything, never takes me out, never spends time with me, i am very attractive but, he never tells me i am beautiful. It's nothing for him to go shopping and come home with nothing for me. He nevet apologize for anything a straight up ASSHOLE. I am a aries and yes, we have iur traits too but geez. I had always heard that we were compatible with sags what the hell happened?

So what?
by: Proud sag

All sagi men should become male whores? should they jump of the cliff?
No sunsign is perfect,if you would have revieled your sign I could have given list of 100 annoying qualities about you.
Every sign have something to offer and need of some thing.In my opinion this bitch knew what she wanted from a sag but didnt know what sag wanted form her.So, typical cry baby is blaming everything on him.
Sag are fully aware of their charm and they use it as their strength.Its a ambitius intellectual sign,they reach for truth even before you start thinking.In that situation if you open your mouth and say stupid things,it just puts us on fire(we are a fire sign).Just liek every one Sag also look for long term stable relationship. some men do flirt,but thats whne they come across anoying self center bitch who treates them like a pet.
Sag men get extremly turned on by beautiful,intelligent,loving and caring woman.

Pisces Sun Sag moon
by: Anonymous

Hmm. I'm a pisces sun with sag moon and aquarius rising, I always encourage my partners to be open and honest with me if I say something offensive or something that hits a nerve, I noticed I tend to be a bit blunt at times and my libra ex (well not ex anymore the libran came running back to me, surprisingly) told me that it annoyed them how positive and energetic I was, and that they wished I could just sit down next to them and rage in silence every now and then, so I clenching my fist and started waving it threateningly making a fake angry face and promising that next time I'll be there to rage and vent next to my love, I'm a bit silly like that and I, without thinking always try to make those I care about laugh again, and sometimes I try too hard and it backfires, but that time, they smiled, and saw how silly it was, but also accepted that I would do almost anything for them. I dont have double standards, I can easily apologize and I dont see myself as stubborn, even though I'm pisces I seem to have a lot of sag influence so I can easily relate to them. From what I know about myself, and sags in bed, they tend to be easily bored with the usual stuff, so they they want to try out new things, and perhaps some people mistake their willingness to try out everything for being good in bed, in reality that is the only way to have sex for them I think, because they'd get bored with the routine of doing the same thing every time, they like to spice up things and be spontaneous (doesnt always work out but hey! They tried, and they're optimistic people)

I'm actually glad I've got sag in my chart, my sensitive and romantic pisces sun would probably kill me if I didnt have my optimism xD My pisces tend to be overly emotional and a crybaby, in those emotional times, my sag part keeps me sane and I will still be able to smile even while deeply hurt, I can basically cheer myself up in no time.

Yes they do
by: Anonymous

I have 2 sag brothers who have caused me more unhappiness and grief than I could ever explain. They seem to be born with the serious birth defect of not having a heart. Indeed, their beauty is only skin deep. Every sag man I have ever met is exactly the same, and so are the ones with sag moons. Absolutely distressing for any real person to deal with. The wounds they cause are deep and longlasting. Avoid at all costs.

Scorp here with new Sag guy needs advice
by: Anonymous

WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I cannot believe the "patterns" that Sag men seem to follow. I try not to judge anyone based upon anything but my "own experiences" with a person, and not for what sign they are. However, I am quite discouraged to read about all these horrible experiences most of these poor ladies have had with Sag men. I came here in hopes to try to understand the Sag man, & try to learn what makes them tick. I recently started seeing a Sag man & I have been very frustrated & discouraged so far. I am a Scorpio woman who fits about 90% of the Scorpio traits. When I first met this Sag man he swept me off my feet & I started to fall hard for him. Being a Scorp, we have our guards up & are keenly intuative. He is amazing in bed, the chemistry is great. However, he seems very cold & distant & standoff-ish "after" sex. He doesn't want to talk a lot or go out of "his" way to initiate the conversations or suggested we get together again. Yet... claims to be interested in me? Odd cuz his actions certainly don't speak that to me. I feel like I am the one putting forth 100% of the effort with everything! being accommodating to his needs & wants. It doesn't seem to be reciprocated at all. It seems it's always about "him". And his "blunt" nature I find very hurtful too. I am not sure if I should continue trying this hard or just give up & move on. I see many qualities in him that I like but I need it to be a 50/50 give & take. I am not sure it's even in his make up to give that 50% & afraid he just might be that selfish, cold, uncaring guy that most women on this site describe. I don't want to played for a fool or get hurt. I don't have a selfish bone in my body, am always the giver, always put everyone's needs & wants ahead of my own, but I don't want to be "that girl" anymore. I want someone to at "least" put forth half the effort that I do. I feel like I am always walking on egg shells with him because if I express the smallest concern I have with his actions he perceives that as being "drama" or wanting to "argue" when that is not the case at all. I am so frustrated that I have to call him & ask to see him, when he doesn't do the same in return. And I don't want him to think I am needy, desperate or clingy when I do which is what I think he thinks. I could be with other men, it's just that I have been "choosing" to want to spend my time with him. Seems I am starting to regret that choice now. I just cannot seem to read this guy or understand him, and I am so good at reading people. I don't know what to do. If I should just call it quits & give up or try to hang in there & try to figure him out. I do know that solving the Rubix cube would be an easier puzzle to figure out. Any suggestions Sag men? or ladies? (although I have a feeling ALL the ladies are going to tell me to RUN) LOL

hmm.. difficult..
by: sunrisebeauty17

i am a capricorn woman.. and i have a friend/crush that is a sag.. you can count the times on your fingers how many times this sag will text you first.. so far.. it's three times!! ugh.. he's making me insane.. but when i am angry.. he quickly apologizes.. he admits his wrongs.. you just have to be mysterious for him to notice you.. my style is to snobbed him almost everyday for him to chase me.. but it's tiring.. why doesn't he get tired of making fun of people?? but whenever he is near.. i forgot my anger on him.. sigh.. they can be lovable at times.. but yeah.. they're so distant..

by: Anonymous

i agree

Detestable, Loathsome CREATURES, not "People"
by: Anonymous227

I had the EXTREME misfortune with falling in love with one. At first, there was an "instant connection" which was followed up by some of the best sex I have EVER had. However, beyond that aspect he was rather vapid, ignorant, and thought he was right about EVERYTHING that came out of his mouth. Eventually he just tossed me aside like garbage and moved onto the next one. Never said why, just vanished. These "people" have NO conscience whatsoever. They are driven by greed and their quest to be on top. Oh and I don't know if you heard, they MUST be in the right in every single situation. They LIVE to demean and criticize people...but they won't listen to ONE SECOND of constructive criticism. No matter how wrong they are....and boy are they WAY OFF. Also, I have multiple family members who are sags, men and women, and they ALL SUCK! Self centered douchebags, one and all!!!

They Do Suck
by: Anonymous

I have been with my Sagittarius husband for 7 years and have been married for 5 years. He is extremely moody, egotistical, arrogant and mean spirited. He is also jealous of my business/educational acheivements.

We have 2 children together and I have 1 from a previous relationship and he is so mean to the children. He even curses at the children that are 2, 5 and 11 years old.

I HATE HIM!!!!!!!!!!! He is so mean and have said so many nasty, evil and unforgiving things to me even in front of mine and his friends.

I want out of this farce of a marriage. He should be a MHMRA candidate, because he is a true narcassist! STAY AWAY FROM THEM THEY ARE ONLY GOOD PROVIDERS!

by: Anonymous

I totally agree!!! I'm engaged to one right now. He is seriously like Dr. Jekel and Mr. Hyde. Ladies of ya haven't been with one yet - don't EVER do it. Since I've been with my fiancé my life has been a roller coaster of emotions. He loves me then hates me. He is the most understanding man in the world and my best friend and then he is someone that I feel like I dont even know!!!!! I've never been with such a MOODY man in my life. He is worse than me and I'm freakin pregnant!!! And he really knows how to push my buttons - not in a normal way. Unfortunately I love him more than anything and we got engaged last year and now have a baby on the way.... I know I'm really in for it... UhHhHh!!!!

Sag men are JERKS
by: Anonymous

I'm a cancer woman and OMG... This Sagittarius man is an ASShole! He thinks Im going to put up with his "cocky" Arrogant attitude! I feel like I'm changing into something I'm not just to impress him!! Which is rediculous!! They are heart breakers.. and never faithful.. They will tell you all these beautiful things/words, even give you nice things (all just to get in your pants) and once they've done that, You constantly have to be bending over backwards just to please them! They are only good for SEX, apart from that.. Ladies RUN!

Just because of what you guys have experienced dosen't mean ALL of them are bad
by: Anonymous

From reading all these responses I can say that you guys haven't really taken the initiative to really try to deal with a sagittarius guy. The guy that I love is a sag but he suits me well. He accepts me the way I am for the most part. Please don't just a sag guy then assume ALL other sag guys are as bad as the ones you've been with. Take the time to know a person and you can decide to be with that person or not. If that person suits you then you're good. If that person dosen't suit you well- then find another person. I find most of the negative responses amusing.

Taurus Woman/Sagittarius Man
by: PMH

Hi - I am a Taurus who met a Sagittarius in 1989. Within 6 months he asked me to marry him. We married in 1991. Had two wonderful daughters. By 1998, he was seeing someone else whom I knew. I found out in 1999 and kicked him out. Divorced in 2001. He came back to us in 2003 and asked me to marry him in 2004. Never happened due to father getting cancer and dying. My Sagittarius never makes things happen in a relationship, family, or personal life. The woman has to do it all. He is uncommunicative, arrogant to the point of always looking in the mirror, his enjoyment is laughing AT people, not WITH people, he is not a hanydman at home and quite frankly doesn't know how to do any maintenance, it's all been me. This past January, I found out a woman he was dating in 1989 reconnected with him. Originally, thought the 1998 fling was a 7-year itch. No, it's a pattern! These men only care about themselves. They are narcisistic in nature. No empathy, compassion, deep understanding, and do not develop roots. This man goes from household to household and thinks nothing of how it looks to those of us with morals and values. I have let him go and am now looking for a more compatible partner. My Sagitarrius man doesn't know how to be in a functional relationship and is unhealthy and toxic to myself and our daughters.

Family, Acquaintance and Lover
by: Anonymous

I have 2 sags in my family, one a male at the end of November, 7 years my senior and the other a female, 6 years my senior at the end of the sign (12/20). I've also knows Sags who were lovers and acquaintances and one thing I will say is there is a haughtiness about them; especially from the ones I know in my family. I am, in case you haven't guessed it, the younger sibling but a role is a role in that they are all inherited meaning: you did NOTHING to EARN it but fell into HABITUAL patterns of behavior. In that context, they suck and with good reason in that as Sadges, they don't IDENTIFY with with that kind of shit! HOWEVER, and pay attention here sadges, because you could actually LEARN SOMETHING...there is a part of you that find inheritance a CONVENIENT THING and USE IT to your convenience - which is VERY un-sadge like, don't you think ? - ESPECIALLY if it is for a shitty quid-pro-quo role!!!! I have gotten into - and avoided - some knock-down-drag-out-fights with my sadge siblings over this (and won in a sense, but NOBODY is a winner under those cirumstances!) and in the end I saw it as inevitalbe. The sadges I have met outside of family life are far and few in-between and there is usually always good communication there but that doesn't mean it's smooth sailing. Emotionally, we react to eachother viscerally and I find it can be too much for a sadge to bear stamina-wise, so we short-circuit which is probably for the better at this point in my life. I have to and will be there for MYSELF FIRST but when I'm strongest and project that effortlessly the most, that's when I find the sadges around; but at those times they can't reach me because they come across as 'fair-weather friends.' Aries are much more consistant to me in that regard; they are the same whether you are down or up and I love them for that. The only other sign I have a problem with is taurus and it's funny because I have a taurus moon and leo sun, but those mother****ers I find unbearable; unless they are near the cusp of Gemini. Especially in work situations! Ugh.

by: Anonymous

shoot i agree with the original statement...I am currently in a 5 year relationship with one and I want out!

by: Anonymous

wow i have had 2 sadges in my life, they are all about you when they are chasing you, promise you that they really like you and how funny you are etc...then they break dates to hangout with their friends and these guys were in their late 30's. their friends come first so if thats annoying to you then dont date one. very flaky and arrogant. i will never give another one a chance again! im an aries woman so im very independant and love my space but these guys realllly want their space lol...dont fall for thier charm, i just dont understand them...

by: Anonymous


I can relate. I am not here to down the sag man.
I will says something that rings true for me. (You must look at other signs such as rising as well.)
There was one I new for a little while who was sag rising. Cap sun Virgo moon. So, he seemed committed,
however, he came off with some of the traits that they can have. If fact, because he had sag rising, I thought he wanted lots of freedom and not commitment-but not necessarily. Anyway-he did have the tendency to be "sag", but if you really look into it, it is partly b/c the inferiority/superiority comes out that way with them. It comes out differently with others.

Sag men don't sux
by: Taurusbaby

It takes a special woman to tame a Sag man. It's really fun if you do it right. Learn to not fall immediately for his charms like all the other girls and be different. I have been with my Sag man for 2 years. Yes they are blunt but they are loaded with sex appeal. No wonder they want to cheat. All woman love them. You have to keep their attention. Just tantalizing,different and don't give in immediately. I think you girls need to change not Sag men. I love mine. I am never bored and I make sure he isn't either.

by: Aqua

Ive currently have been dating my Sagittarius man for a year. In the beginning he was very sweet, passionate and we had plenty of sex....he never missed a beat with me! I thought it was love at first sight....he spent every free moment that we had together. All of a sudden Ive come to find out he's been fooling around with other women 3 of them that I know of (by going through his phone and reading text messages). I haven't confronted him about it because he is very argumentative (I argue alot as well) and will try and turn things around and make it out to be me. I love him so much and this breaks my heart and I want out. He told me a while ago that he
wasn't ever going to let me go...and he questions me constantly about were Im at what Im doing and who Im with. But if I ask him those same questions he gets defensive. I want to leave him but I know its gonna be difficult....because he is not gonna let me leave without a fight!

By the way everybodies post are so true!

by: Anonymous

adrienne yhou are right they suck even to the point of being down right rude i was told by a sag male "i thought u were be more experienced in bed ur a rookie" like really and then asked if we could have sex again wow such asshole never will date them again!!!!!

Sag do suck in bed
by: meme

Yes I said it they SUCK I have 25 years to show for it They think about their self before others and the ones I know,will let there bills go to have toys to show off to others to set there stage. they love being the center of everything they will not say they are sorry because they all think they are right about everything know it alls they SUCK in bed and as long as they get off! at frist when they are in a relationship they act like your important but its not long before you find out its about them, in the head,soul,and body of a SAG.they all think if they don't said something about what they have been doing behide your back that they aren't lieing feel good about their selfs,they will do things behinde your back more then you know,all they want is your money so they can play on the side when your not around working for a living..I married 3 SAG and each one turn into the same I would have never though that But today I do and they all SUCK the other Sag I know are the same..and with men that are 50 years old SEX suck so good to be free of all SAG

Love a sag but can't figure him out
by: Water sign

I met a Sag man four moths ago and he has been adorable, funny, supportive and elegant the whole time. A week ago we had our first fight over a complete nonsense. After a couple of days we were back on track but then we got into a new fight, about what he called "a matter of justice". It was just about balance in our relationships, words not facts, but he got really mad, said I made a mountain out of a molehill, and that I changed the meaning of what he said...He left without saying good bye. I haven't heard from him for a week now and I doubt I will ever have news from him again. A while ago he told me he controlled himself not to get mad at me because he is so stubborn that he might disappear if we ever got into a deep argument...

I don't get it. He is such a great and unique man. Also, he seemed so into me. So interested in what I had to say and in seeing me. And now, over nothing really, he disappears and doesn't care about us any more.

Any clue??



by: Special K

Wow this is new to me I've known my sagg since 10 yrs old I'm 31 he's 32 we started dating recently and I can agree with a lot of you that they are very stubborn and you do something to hurt them it's seems like you have to crawl on your knees before they forgive you. But, on the other hand my sagg is very loving, attentive, and treats me very well and I can talk to him about anything of course we have off days and I can say most of them be my fault cause he is jus so mellow and laid back and I be thinking he's on BS. Also the sex is the BOMB LOL. But anyway I'm crazy about my sagg I read that Sagg,Libras,Leos,and Aquarius are my incompatible signs so I guess it depends on the 2 individuals that's trying to be together but I will say I will never date an Aquarius again now that's an emotional roller coaster. By the way I'm a Pisces!!! Happy Loving ppl!!!

From My Experience
by: Anonymous

I do not know about any other Sag male, but what I have experienced being married to one (now for almost a year) is a lot of emotionless, and selfishness. At first, he did everything a woman can ever want in a man. He relocated me to a better place where I was able to be near my family, he encouraged me to go back to school, he provided funds whether I needed them or not, and even paid for my medical needs before we were even married. He would send me poems and songs to my email and helped me through a difficult time before we even tied the knot. But just as soon as we said "I do," he became almost non-caring. He expected me to get over the death of my grandmother almost the same day of her death. My sag husband does not understand emotions, but yet before we got married, he told me he and I connect on a mind body and soul basis. In the three years we have been together, he bought me flowers 3 times (that's once a year). I fought cancer three times and when I bring it up, he says, "Why does everything have to be about you?" I found a bunch of chats he had with other women online that were a little disturbing. When I told him I want to go home (we are residing in another country) he told me ok go ahead and swim back. I sat and cried because his cruelty hurts my hearts, but he just stands there and watched me sob. Now this is the first time I have ever experienced being with a sag man, and I cannot agree with everyone about their situation because every situation is different. I do Love my husband very much and I hope we work out and we are together until we expire, but I have to admit, it's not easy being with him. I fell so much in Love with him and we have a lot of fun together and laugh a lot, but my sag man is unemotional and has some selfish tendencies that I wish he would address. I also am not perfect but I have a caring heart and I hope soon he sees and feels what I have been feeling.

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