Sagittarius Pisces 4 Years of bad romance

by Lisbeth

Hey world... Im a female Pisces 22 Datinq a Male 22 Sagg For 4 Long Years OFF AND ON Of course- I will be 100% Honest this relationship has caused me a lot of pain emotionally, But has also thought me a lot about love and relationships. At first things were great we were together 24/7 and I loved that we got along great we were young I guess and the sex was great =] but then after like a year of dating things startes changing drastically he started being cold towards me not a lot of communication and all that stuff, then the brake ups occurred so then I started researching our Zodiac Compatibility and Im a firm believer in that, And it says we are very different when it comes to the way we think and act and it's true we have fought so much and he has broken up with me because he says he needs his space and he says I promise this is the last time we will brake up! Sure enough I say fine it will be and of course us being very sensitive it takes a very long time to forget someone you love so much, well I truly love this boy =] and I always take him back, Ive learnt that he needs his time away from me to be a man to be with his friends all it takes in this relationship is Trust and understanding, we do not live together so I don't see him much im trying to give him freedom and trust that he wont cheat or anything dumb like that, all in all I do love my sagg and ive been with him for 4yrs too just give up on him, I know that he loves me and he assures me all the time all he needs is to Mature a little bit more, and you know only God will decide our faith. I just hope that one day we actually move in together but idk about that because sagg's love their freedom which scares me =[ well that's my story

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I jus can't figure him out
by: Paranoid Pisces

I have gone through abd read a lot of pisces comments on their sag men. Thank you for your honesty it has really given me insight. So I have been casually dating a sag for about a month and I am so confused that it makes my head swirl. I do not understand the distance he needs. He doesn't call me all day but if I don't call him he calls me a stranger obviously offended that I haven't called. If I call sometimes he doesn't answer the phone he is always so busy doing whatever he's busy doing at the time. But if I dnt answer his calls he is upset. Because I don't understand his motives for wanting to be with me at all if he needs so much space I get paranoid. I wonder what he's doing and who he is with when he isn't with me which is often. I am guarded because I dnt think he wants me to be open and inlove with him. So I dnt kno how much to give is like I can't be myself because I don't want to push him away. We have a lot of chemistry and our love life is GREAT but it's those times when a whole day goes by with no word that makes me paranoid that this is a waste of my time.

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