Sagittarius Pisces impossible love

by memories

I am Pisces woman. I was in love with a Sagittarius man. For some reasons our relation broke down. we were very young we failed to develop and maintain our relationship. and simply we lost contact.I got married and had children. it s not the big love. By pure coincidence I recently found his name in a net link. I sent him e-mail and after one month I got his reply under friendship subject. After several exchange of e-mails, I made him understand that I still love him which he did not encourage as he was also married and has got a small baby. However he finished by recognizing that he is not indifferent to my charm and that he just regret our separation but finally that he has to stop our relationship immediately since this became impossible to support with development of our feelings. My heart is broken for the second time. I just can not endure it it s so hurting. do you think he will change his mind and contact me again or may be I have just to forget every thing about him and resume my own life

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