Sagittarius woman and scorpio man?

by Angel

My bf is a Scorpio and we have very strong chemistry. We are both blunt but hardly ever fight. He hardly open up and his silence sometimes scared me; I am a talker and he is not but when he speak its usually certain. He is also as stubborn as me. I also noticed that he's usually preoccupied and taking everything as its best. We love each other to bits but I don't know if this will work for us?

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Strong Chemistry???
by: Anonymous

You make me crack up by reading your comment. I wondered did you ever view the details explained by Astrologist about relationship and what is a "CHEMISTRY?" Heh, heh.... Compatibility, Sex, and Communication. These factors are very important. In the Astrology chart, if the number rang from four to five for each of Comp. Sex, and Comm. That means it is very high; means both sign are match very well. For you, Sag. and Scorpio may not work out well because your chemistry number is 1, 3, and 1; in fact, it is too low. In the naked eye, well Sagittarius and Scorpio seem fine at a first glance but later on it's not going to be last or workout, N+O!!. Sagittarius is a FIRE sign; Scorpio is WATER; it doesn't mean an experiment in the Chemistry class, lol, lol... Scorpio best match is only EARTH and WATER signs. Astrologist has a better answer for you. Speaking from the six house of the Zodiac. you better heed David's advice, lady Sagittarius.

actually, it CAN work
by: Anonymous

I don't think that's fair to say that Scorpio and Sagittarius won't work out because I sun signs. My older brother is a Scorpio married to a Sag for 14 years (15 in December). I don't know their whole charts, but I know his moon is in Leo and hers is in Aries. I'm sure there are others ways they are compatible as well. Sure, they have had their problems (what couple hasn't...really?), but they have made it work so far. They would never leave each other.

it can work!
by: Anonymous

i agree, i am a saggitarius, i have been with my boyfriend who is a scorpio for a few years. we get on fine, i love him too bits. We understand eachother and would do anything for eachother.

a sun sign doesnt define you
by: Anonymous

a person is not defined by their sun sign alone....i am a Sag Sun and Lunar Scorpio...the relationship can work depending on the chart and if the sag is willing to make compromises, but the scorp wont..hes a fixed sign...better luck playing lotto

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