Sagittarius Woman & Virgo Man

by Rachael

It lasted about 9 months and it was a great loving experience . We never had arguments and if we did it would be because he was the jealous type (which would get annoying). He was very caring and loving , and i always had his attention . He was rather quiet and calm , shy i must say ; i on the other hand i'm talkative , energetic , and adventurous and throughout the entire relationship i did most of the talking he was somewhat of a good listener. We somehow made it work out for that long sadly it ended because loss of interest . He was very precise while i was willing to take risks , it somehow got boring and we decided to go our own separate ways . I will say that he was very loyal he was the first guy that was that loyal to me . We shared a trust that was very incomparable . Were still friends though , and he's still the caring loving person i dated . Virgo men are very attentive , precise , loyal and intelligent . It was a great relationship but only for a certain time then things got boring , But i loved the attention and care he gave me .

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