Scared of a Scorpio man

I'm scared of a Scorpio man. I try to understand myself and my Scorpio lover. I'm a Virgo woman, plain, pure, and innocent. I have no secrets with my Scorpio lover at all. But I do believe that he has a secret. He never speaks about anything beside me and him. I'm 100% honest with him. I just found out that he is facing lawsuits in 5 different cities.

I'm pretty shocked. However, my love is very strong for him; no matter what he did in the past it is his past. do I care???? I still love him very much.

If I knew that he had a record, I wouldn't have dated him. I want every thing clean. My Scorpio lover, is very lucky to have me, a Virgo. I want him to gain a peace and happiness forever in our relationship. He has nothing to lose but gain from me.

I always appreciate my Scorpio lover for his patience, devotion, courage. (honesty???) Whatever, I always believe and trust him. my mind is already set for him. I took a risk by traveling a long distance just to meet him. I love him for what he is.

My question is what more does my Scorpio want me to do???

I just realized that I don't know him as well as I thought over the past years but I want to give him a chance. I got advice from my best girlfriends; though I'm still considering what to do. I want nothing but perfect in our relationship. Now, I have to step back a little bit. Thanks for the Website. Each article is helpful. Thanks to the creator of this website. Love, Happy Virgo~~~~~~~.

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are you okay with that?
by: David-admin

It sounds like your man is more focused on other things, and not your relationship. You're busily trying to make him happy, and succeeding, however he's largely indifferent to it. It might be going too far to say he's taking your love for granted, but in some respects he is.

What does he want you to do? Nothing you aren't already doing.

The question is - are you happy? The real issue here appears to be that you would like him to pay more attention to you, and appreciate you more. Without doing an astrology reading I'll almost guarantee the root of the problem is that his mars placement on his natal chart is incompatible with your mars placement (ie this has nothing to do with him being a Scorpio).

Assume that you can't change things, and ask yourself 'are you okay with that?' My guess without doing charts is that's the reality of the situation your facing here, and only you can decide if that's okay or not.

Thank you
by: Anonymous

I'm the returning Virgo. I appreciate your response. "You said, my Scorpio man is more focused on something else." You're probably correct.

How busy can he be that he has no time to call me??? On the other hand, if he is taking my love for granted, Why did he say,"he is lucky to have found me and doesn't want to lose me? Why did he asked me to come up to meet him and to give him a chance??

He was the one who asked me out, called me, and liked me a lot while I was neutral. After he met me once, "he said, he wants to spend time with me even more and is crazy about me; he always called me when I was out to have dinner with family and friends. I told him NO MATTER WHAT, I WILL BE ALWAYS HIS. He responded, he believed me. Now it's as if he is gone forever; He keeps me waiting for nothing.

Though I love him very much; I need to get over him. He changed, not me. Well, I try not to think of him No more Scorpio and Virgo from now on. I rather be by myself. I want to live free of emotional turmoil..

Never, ever, love again. NOOO! I learned a lot by reading the article on your website. Thank you David. Virgo.

by: David-admin

You're welcome. People, especially men, want what they can't have and take for granted what they do have.

If he thinks he has lost you I suspect he will suddenly start paying attention to you again, and go back to being how he was at the start... be ready for that...

You are back to a recovery
by: Anonymous

I'm glad to hear that your wounded is healing and back to recovery again with a sweet heart of Scorpio man, heh. How comes a Scorpio's venom is sooo powerful? Scorpio is very charming; it is hard to deny him; however, I don't think all of Scorpio are the same. That kind of makes sense. You may let a Scorpio man to reopen your healing wounded; will you have another wound? Hes, heh...I'm curios. I knew he is a perfect one; no other has a power as he is. I'm a real Virgo, I feel that I'm unable to open my heart to someone else; I don't find myself hard to attract with other signs, but those guys can't win my heart at all, hes, hes. I'm very neutral, sooo clean, smart, pretty, work hard, and happy; I'm free, hes, hes... Wishing you Luck with your Scorpio man, Leo Virgo.
From: Virgoan's comments. Loves...

Be ready for my Scorpio...
by: Anonymous

Hi David,

You said,"be ready..." I tried not to think about anything; especially Love and relationship connection with a man; my heart is completely heal. My routine, work, career are the most important for me. I'm a mature female-very strong emotional and logical minded. I learn to relax and let go and keep myself cool; calm. It has been for a while to taking me to posses and back to normal. I promise myself never fall in LOVE again. Now, I'm a happy Virgo ever-no complication or doubt. I'm fooling around. I want every thing perfect as a white brocade . I'm a student; besides, school I focus on my website and blog as for my free time. In fact,
I'm still young-pretty and maybe smart, too. I denied with a beautiful guy who asking me to hang out as I met him another day in the public elevator while I was in pain. I rather spend my time to read your articles and others.
Once again, thanks you, David. I prepare myself to enjoy the Spring Season; sweet blossom. Virgo Loves & Peace.

my perspective
by: scorpio1985

for me personally as a scorpio man, we learn to be very guarded when we get hurt....maybe his hesitation about telling you about the lawsuits is because in the past women have left him because of this? I also believe he was waiting to make sure he knew you werent going to leave:loving him etc. We are sensitive but know when to show it, stubborn, intuitive. But his past is his past, i have a darker past too and will wait for the right time to tell my partner too! This in the end shows he trust you unconditionally and we all have secrets we may have wanted to tell but never quite found the time or the perfect opportunity!

I'm a scorpio man
by: Anonymous

And I want to shed some light on your situation, I hope it helps. Because he realizes how strong the love between you two is, he's probably very aware of the fact that trouble with the law, which is also a big problem in my life, usually with fights and drunkeness, would of devastated you. You seem like a very warm, caring person, and your heart is in the right place, this means that you have to weigh the good from the bad. He kept that secret from you, and for a very good reason. A scorpio knows how to pick his spots, I doubt that he's ever lied to you about the way he loves you :] Also ask yourself this, did him keeping that from you work out for the best? Yes. I hope that helped and i wish you two the very best.

Isolate from Unfaithful Scorpio man
by: Anonymous

im a Virgoan is finally broke up from my a Scorpio who is older than me 5 years (born 72). We have a son together who were born in 2005 is now 5 years old in October 20. A reason, i don't like Scorpio is-his jealousy, control, manipulative, abuse, and cheated on me. I moved out with our son almost six month. He keeps calling me almost every days say that he loves me and if we can be together again. i told him, i can survive without him; he told me that he is a new person now and will not do anything to harm me. i dont believe him if he could ever change. im so confused and don't know where to turn. My best friend say, "stay a way from abusive Scorpio who never been supported you but hurt you." I don't want to listen anymore. Does anyone have a better suggestions?

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