Scopio man seduced me then refused me?

by longago

A Scorpio man seduced me to make love to him. But after kissing several times, he said he won't make love to me any more. I am just wondering why?

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scorpio man
by: Anonymous

I date Scorpio man, I myself am Scorpio woman and our birthday is on a same date.
They need challenge in relationship. A big one. When we started, we instantly knew everything about each other being the same. I see him as a male form of myself and he does the same.
In the beginning I gave and offered everything, and was getting nothing. Realizing it was not good for me or him, I pulled back. The love was still there but not freely given. He realized that, took him a while to fully "get it", but now he feels he is getting a prize and he is actually trying more.

Scorpio - both - need challenge. They have to know that their counter part is worthy of them.
That is how I see it.

Dating with the same sign
by: Anonymous

"I date Scorpio man, I myself am Scorpio woman and our birthday is on a same date."

I can't imagine how is Scorpio and Scorpio mating together,lol,lol. A Scorpio woman, you need another sign, may be a Capricorn, Cancer or Virgo; these people are better than a Scorpio man, lol, lol..Can you picture for a real Scorpio?? I don't mean all Scorpio men are mean; I still believe some of them are perfect. Well, since you are a Scorpio woman, you may feel that you're falling in love or having sex by yourself. That is so weird. I'm a Virgo female; I was in love with a man whose sign is Scorpio. I still don't know his darkness side but I can feel his body temperature without words; however, I can figure it out even though he doesn't show; I understand and feel sorry for him even more; he and I are only a human. So work it out if you love yourself and love your Scorpio man. No complain.

Virgo cusp of Libra.

Virgo cusp of Libra.
by: Anonymous

My dear friend,
funny that you mentioned Virgo and Cancer as my match. I was married to both of these signs. And let me tell you it was a disaster. Virgo was extremely abusive, verbally and otherwise, and fortunately my Cancer husband drank himself to death after 7 years of marriage. And believe you me, the flaws I found with these signs as my counter parts in life were too great to bear and these signs are not better than Scorpio sign.
So finding a Scorpio mate who is kind, and loving is amazing. And we are actually very kind and loving sing, quite misunderstood on many occasions. We do not strike first, we strike in self defense and then just continue striking, but in most cases we can't help it.
Your comment >> "You may feel that you're falling in love or having sex by yourself" is interesting,but not true. HE and I-we both always hoped to meet someone like we are. I can't speak for all the Scorpios out there, but for the two of us it was a every lonely journey. We met for the first time almost two years ago, and when I saw him for the first time I felt like as if I "came home". My first words were "You are new to my little town, do you have a girlfriend?" To which he said "NO". And I just stood in the background for another-almost-1 1/2 year, asking him the same question time to time, always getting the same answer. I did not even think of me as his mate,

part 2
by: Anonymous

I was just drawn to him and could not explain it. Then one day I was buying something in the hardware store where he works, and he cut the lumber bit short,I said something and he took 2 steps back. When I realized what I said I apologized by saying "I am sorry, that's the Scorpio in me". He said You are Scorpio - so am I. I asked what day and he said the 10th. I said so am I. He said "Are you kidding me?" I replied - "Show me yours, I show you mine" and the Drivers Licensees came out. And it was instant bond. We basically spent every day together after that one. That was 8 1/2 months ago. We do everything together. It was an interesting journey, for we both carried burdens from the past, and we helped each other with unloading and helped each other heal in the areas which hurt the most. But it is helping us build a better relationship.
We are not spring chickens - he is 61, I am 50, so there is also some fear involved - especially on his part- he was never married, no children, lived alone most of his life.
But all his friends say - "You are IT. We never saw him so happy and complete." His sister saw some pictures of us yesterday, and she said "let me show you some old pictures." And we looked - from about 40 old pictures he is on - he is only on one with a girlfriend, and she said-"He was always lonely and on the only picture-she has his arm around him, but he is not touching her. Now look at your pictures - he has his arm around you. There is no other picture of him touching anybody. She is absolutely overjoyed that we found each other. She says - I finally have a brother I hoped to have, for I saw the love and his true qualities, but they were never able to come out. You opened his heart and I have to thank you for that. What else can I wish for?
I said more that I intended, but this is a true story of Scorpio x2.
You take care
Virgo cusp of Libra.

Response to both Scorpios
by: Anonymous

Sounds and sense are excellent for both of you, Scorpio lovers. I didn't know you'v been with Cancer and Virgo. So you been through; no one can ever exactly understand as you did and as you have gained from your experiences in the past. I'm in my late 29 siting on the edge of Libra sign. That is pretty amazing that you found the right partner. I believed you must having a great fortune by meeting the right and loyal Scorpio who is very honest. "you asked me if I have a girlfriend or not?" I did- I have a girlfriend, Scorpio which is my classmate; she was attracted and draw to me while I was neutral; in my eyes, she is very sexy, yet I still not involve. Finally, she came to me with her own words, "she feels for me and always miss me every day since she saw me." I was shocking that she able to melt my steel heart; since then, my heart became soften; open to accept this girl into my life; this girl is very intense; also, I knew she is very nice-never been missed my Birthday. For more, I'm undecided. I love to have family but not ready to settle down yet.

Best wishes for both of you Scorpio lovers with success and enjoy each other in the present and the future. Good luck to you,both.

Scorpion Men are loyal
by: Salman

The only reason he seduced you and then after several kisses he realized that what he was doing might not be right for the moment. They tend to back them off from places where they can’t find future prospects. They are not like normal FLIRTS who love you for an hour and say they want to marry. Scorpion men forecast and then take decisions.

Scorpio Girl dating Scorpio Guy
by: Scorpio Girl

Scorpion men forecast and then take decisions. VERY TRUE!!!! They seem to think of all the possible flaws and if they see a possible failure, they will stop seeing you and go elsewhere.

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