Scorp woman, Aquarius guy.. tips?

by LadyScorp07

I recently met this guy who is a few years younger than me through a friend. We live in different cities so we dont see each other much. Maybe once a week. When I first met him he was stand offish but I worked on him(tryin to make a good impression for my friend) and we quickly stuck up a friendship. He would have my back on any games we were playing (holiday/fam weekend) and I would have his. He told me things about himself that he hasn't told anyone. We are just friends currently but I think I've formed a "crush" he looks at me so intensely and seems to know what im thinking just by staring at me. (which is weird for me bc Im usually the one that can read people) He is very nosey and asks me tons of questions about my personal life and has even went through my phone. He has told me point blank that "I want him" all of his body language and the way he talks makes me think he may have a crush on me also. I've never dealt with an aquarius guy so he is very confusing. When we are together I never try to suffocate him and always do my own thing until he comes to me. Lately he hasn't texted much and I know he has other women friends which doesnt bother me bc my closest friends are all guys. He will on the other hand text my best friend (his relation) and ask her for us both to come down and see him.

What do you think? Is he into me? Should I keep talking to him. Either way I think he and I will be great friends for some reason I feel like I can trust him and me being a scorpio isnt usual.

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