Scorp woman need help with Aqua man

by Scorp83
(miami, fl )

Well i don't know where to start but let me get straight to it im a scorp women thats deeply in love with an aqua man and i really dont understand him at all 5yrs and now he wants to be friends after i've been there for him even create a resume for him to find work so we both can built together but he cheated on me and i forgave him but i never put nothing pass him and that through my focus off big time and reason why i didn't was because of my gut feelings and now i texted him "U dont have to act immature, i know he has another that he's talking to and that if he wants me out then im outi dont need him disrespecting me im worth more than that" N the signature on my phone (im always changing it by the way) said ur unworthy so duces..... i know i just f%*k myself big time i text him that that wasnt part of the text n it came from chris brown new song but nothing no answer just a text that was blank

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