Scorpio and aquarius, It can work

Honestly, To all you scorpios out there. Me being one of them. I've been with an Aquarius man for a year now and yes there have been times where I doubted his feelings to me but in the end I know that he loves me, it just takes a lot of effort to make it work. Us scorpios are very clingy and we are major introverts that are serious. That with out a doubt is the opposite of the aqua boys out there. Just think of what it would be like if you were in their shoes. I'm in love with my Aqua man and the thing you have to realize is that if you want the relationship to work out you have to trust him and let him be free without you smothering him every second he has near you. Do this and he will love you even more. Remember that we need our space and breath of loneliness sometimes and that without it we would be trainwrecks. Aqua men are just like that except they don't want you barring them down in our deep thought world.They are meant to be able to breathe above our depts and out in the air. They are intellectual people so talk to them about real world sometimes and don't always relate the subject around things like love and life because that is too heavy for an aquarius. So let them breathe and you will have an amazing relationship with a wonderful,creative, passionate man who loves you more than you can imagine. If I can look past my jelousy and clingy problems so can you. Trust me it's worth it.

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by: Sam I am

After reading what you wrote I have a renewed faith in my relationship with my aqua...or at least I did, this is the first time in the 3 months I have known him (online) that he has gone an entire day without a single text. It's nerve racking, I know I shouldn't worry, he said he would be busy when school starts but I wasn't expecting this, we haven't had a fight or anything but the no contact is killing me. I love him and I am not contacting him cause I know he needs his space, but how much is too much? I am learning patience with him...but I'm also being pushed to limits I didn't know and don't know if I can handle this...

by: Anonymous

You have no idea how much this helps me. I thought I was alone in this. This is EXACTLY what I am dealing with. He is amazing, I have never had so much connection and things in common with a guy like this. I am desperately addicted now to him now. But as soon as I get addicted, he is distant, reserved, and everything everyone else says. Yes, there are days he wont text me at all. He will follow a routine of a good morning text and then break it, making me worried. he does NOT respond at all to my compliments, and doesnt necessarily return them either. I never know if he misses me or not, but he swears nothing in his feelings have changed. I at least know that since he has been with me a few months that he is still interested...because reading this stuff told me he wouldn't even be in the relationship. Guess I have to play the STUPID game of acting like I am NOT the emotional scorpioI am. But you guys made me feel a lot less alone about it. So seriously, thanks.

Tired of sharing
by: Scorpion Belle

We meet when I was going into high school and people obviously saw something in us because older people grew worried about the age difference. I was 13 and he was 15.... He was really sweet and I liked that about him. We got together for about almost 2 weeks and after that we never gt back together but we have been really good friends ever since.... Now that I am older I really want to tell him that I really like him and I have felt this was since I was 13.... The both of us are very secretive about the way that we feel and we communicate through our mutual best friends to see what one is thinking about the other.... I wish he loved me :(

by: sarah

its really helpful. i search google about the compatibility of scorpio and aquarius but all of them are against the relationship.

ignoring all my messages
by: Anonymous

Omg, i have the same problem! He never txtd me unless he needs something or if we have to go meet his friends. He says he loves me but idk. I recently looked at his phone and was terribly hurt when i found he was answering all the txt msgs from his ex girlfriends and the woman he slept with before me! But he is too busy to answer me or any of my compliments. But he claims im the only person he has told that he loves since his divorce of 5 yrs. Im so confused and it really eats me up that he just ignors all my txts and not theirs.

It can work
by: Anonymous

I spent 10 years with an aquarius man and as long as you can give them space and trust, it can work. I learned a lot of patience in that relationship and now...5 years after the break-down of that one, I have found myself with another aquarius.

Everything you have all mentioned, lack of contact, unsure about their feelings etc...I am going through again. What I did learn from the last one though is that if they are not interested, they most definitely won't hang around.

It does go against every instinct in a scorpio to give their partner space but I think we can become better and less destructive because of it. I guess the best way to handle it is to enjoy the time you do have with each other and assume that if they are with you, it's because they want to be, not because they feel they have to be and most of all...relax.

There is no doubting the chemistry between aquarius and scorpio and with a bit of patience and trust on our part, it can work out.

by: BRAZEN!!!!

Met a nice aquarius guy who was initially very reserved. Met him online, and chatted. Then he disappeared for a month? and reappeared after a month, and after chatting and finding out that we had feelings for each other, have been in contact constantly since.
Yes.... it seems correct that they wander off to do whatever they want to do..... and come back.... leaving me, like you.... wondering 'what the heck, where the heck' has he gone, and resolving myself to the fact that he wont be coming back, and leaving my usual....'ok, looks like thats it.... nice knowing you' speech.... only to have him surface several days later, just as if he'd never been away!!!! Another....'what the heck' moment.... and an apology and explanation as to why he was 'somewhere else'!!!
So, because Im already addicted.... I forgive him, and the roller coaster of madness continues.... When hes off on to wherever he goes.... I think... hmmmmm..... I will go talk to someone else while Im waiting.... which is not a good thing, if that someone becomes addicted to you!!!! Anyhoo.... long story short... we have been through some major fights... verbally of course... and have resolved those to some extent....and while it all seems to be on track again....would love to talk to some scorps going through the same things like....'Yep, he's gone walkabout again.... soooo, shall we get together for a coffee and share our experiences about them lol... probably like they do about us apparently!!! One day we had a huge fight, and later that day, during a conversation heard him say he told his friends about it already!!!!! Like, what the!!!! This conbination is already incompatible... when they get detached, lets just get together and do some decompression work, like 'He did that....' and 'He did what?'... and 'I know!!!' .... and 'OMGee!!!, he does that too...' lol. Thats probably how we're going to survive.... or separate!!!,because its become so unbearable!! Good luck to you all, and the numerous scorpios that will undoubtedly find their way here or to the psychiatrists..... I salute you!!! We are hero's in our own right, pressing forward in our relationships.... and on the verge of a nervous breakdown lol.... Take care... out there!!!

by: Anonymous


I'm a scorpio married to an aqua for some yrs now. He has no time for any discussion, leave alone emotional ones. Real world discussions are to be made with work place people. Space he needs a lot to spend on his computer. Friends will be his private ones, not joint ones or relatives. By the way, his relatives can never err. Wonder how long this will last. Ha ha ha!

Me too
by: Anonymous

Hi guys, so our story is the same. Amazingly so. Thank you. Sharing is everything.

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