Scorpio and Leo; Newly dating

by Asia

My leo guy and I have been out on two dates, and he had approached me while he was working at Target after running into me a second time there and had asked for my number. We exchanged numbers, and like I said we've been on two dates and have talked on the phone and text for about a week now.

He mentioned how he likes traditional dating where the guy chases the girl. But at the time I didn't know that he was a Leo until now. lol. He doesn't want to rush into anything, which i understand because I don't want to either. and we both have a lot going on in our lives. But I can definitely feel a connection. We've kissed and made out,some wandering of hands... and yes we have left 'love marks' on each other already. (so embarassing and it was by accident!). These are things I never did before with any other guy but something about him keeps pulling me to him.

He told me that he feels something between us and keeps telling me i'm "very attractive and dangerous' therefore he needs to be 'cautious' to protect me from getting hurt. we talked on the phone all night the night before we went out on our first date, he opens doors for me whether i like it or not, and loves to rub my leg when we're in the car.

my question is,when we're together, he acts a different way. like in the beginning of the date it'll be really casual and at the end of the night its hot and heavy. then the next day he hardly txts me or calls. I'm into him, but his mixed signals are confusing me :( is there hope for us? why is he being this way? someone help?!

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