Scorpio and Pisces a hot mess

I really wish I could participate in this Scorpio Pisces love fest, I've witnessed the success stories in real life, but I'm not as lucky as most of you. I'm a Scorpio woman who met a Pisces boy... We're four years apart (I'm older)... and it's been a hot mess.

What hurts me the most is that what he says and what he does are two different things. I can't see him when I want to or even call him just to hear his voice, he won't care to answer the phone. The only time I'll ever see or hear from him again is when HE wants to.

It's gotten to a point where I started to blame myself, because all we do that at some point... But I can't figure him out. Do I love him on top of all this? Absolutely. I don't understand why, I just do. But loving someone who won't love you back is a waste of time.

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Scorpio and Pisces
by: Anonymous

I am a Scorpio female (34) who has been dating a Pisces male (27) for2 months and we broke up last night. I am sooooooo gutted!!!! We get on so ridiculously well together, but as we don't live too close can only see each other at the weekends. It's like when we're together we get on famously and have an amazing time, but when we're apart, by about Wednesday things get a bit weird. I must admit the weirdness is mainly down to him on the phone, then he brings it up as a problem after. I'm totally confused and upset but naturally proud and really don't see that I should make any steps to win him back. He implied things were weird, I kind of agreed, then he said things for him weren't as amazing as they were at the start and then I finished it. Thing is I'm confused because I know he also has an amazing time when we're together, as much as me. He has been totally serious from day one, completed made a play for me and hooked me, and now has been playing some sort of mid week mind games that has potentially ruined everything.

I agree that Pisces and Scorpio is a good match, but as someone else said, it's not always going to work for some people. I'm starting to think that Capricorn or Cancer is more my bag!

I agree.
by: Anonymous

I am a Scorpio woman who can't join in on this amazing fest of Scorpio and Pisces. I had a relationship with one and it ended horriably. Pisces are one of the biggest cheaters and I doubt many people recognize that. Pisces lack communication and I am sorry yours is one of the most typical kind, I hope everything works out.

lil bitter maybe
by: Onojin

I met a scorpio woman online, love at first talk, we exchanged numbers in weeks, had 6 hour phone calls, texted every day, met up a few times, but far too infrequent, once a month, work she said, ex problems, we lived a way apart, after 8 months of this she tells me shes married to the father of her son still and that she had to do right by her family and we are not meant to be together in this life! Then refused to ever see me again, cut me off on everything but the phone, but wanted to be close friends and have the calls and texts still, care and support by phone, her marriage wasn't good obviously, and strangely she says exactly the same as a few scorpio women here, we are bad communicators etc, and that the distance that we have become (which neither of us wanted) is down to me, being unreasonable, moody, untrustworthy...scorpio women are stubborn, secretive and prone to deception, that is why often there is trouble with pisces men, because we know intuitively what you are capable of.

by: Anonymous

Sorry to hear about the unsuccessful stories between Scorpio and Pisces but I believe those are just not the right person. These 2 signs are compatible and can understand each other more than other signs, but only when the person is available and capable of loving another. If you find the right person then you guys can fully be yourself (the traits of the signs) and enjoy the company.

My response
by: Anonymous

Actually they say we are a good match but we are NOT. We are both prone to secreative aspects, but Pisces are prone to deception and cheating. I know they re not a good match with not just one couple to prove it. We are not a good match, so many others are. Our best matches are Tauras, and Libra.

by: Anonymous


i'm a scorpio woman, and i'd like to just throw in my 2 cents.

there is a sun and moon sign. sun sign is your foremost impression you make on someone (your personality), and moon sign is your emotional, inner state of mind (how you treat others). so perhaps with all the pisces this and scorpios that. it might be worth checking out their moon signs, which could possibly make some sense in all this chaos of dating.

i.e. if you have a Pisces (sun) and Gemini (moon) then although the Pisces is committed and sweet to you, and flakes on you the next minute, it could be due to the Gemini's two-faced and flaky traits.

lastly, sometimes, it's simply letting down your pride and not try to win the battle but win the war; pick and choose your battles. not everything is worth fighting over, and speaking as a scorpio, we don't need to control everything... have to learn to give little to get a little.

i hope that helps. ciao!

Scorpio women and picses men are beautiful together!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

I agree, you cannot put people into 12 general catagories, based off astrology- people just don't work that way! Go with what you feel in you heart Scorpio ladies, and to the picses men out there follow your heart and she will find you ;) just for fun Im a Scorpio woman with a saggitarius moon and libra asc. And fortunatly I'm never jealous, obcessive, or secretive. So don't let someones sun sign fool ya, and have fun;)

I can never get over Scorpios
by: Ananya

Yes pals it is a hot mess. I am female fish, I do not know what happens to me when ever meet a scorpios. In a crowd of millions I can spot out a scorpio. I still and always love my scorpio no matter what happened or would happen.
Though we are living separately far far away, we have our own dwelling with husband and wife but nothing can make me hate him. I do not know about my scorpio, that what he feels, does he ever think about me or not. I know he was my soul mate, I could see myself in him, our words, our thoughts, likes and dislikes were almost same. I could see my god in him, he gave me sense of fulfillment every time we met. Though it was a short lived fantasy, I call it a myth because it was to good to be true. All I pray now, that when I am old, through with all my responsibilities and commitment; I would like to have in my life again, I want my soul mate besides me when I take my last breath. I want to die in his arms, I want to close my eyes beholding his enigmatic, piercing eyes, I want to seal my lips for ever with his one last kiss. I know I am sounding so pathetic, but this is what I feel about the connection between a scorpio and a fish.


mamas boys scorpios
by: Anonymous

Hello i have been married to the Scorpio boy for almost 4 years they are real mess to live with coz they are mamas boy and can't take care of beautiful and romantic Pisces women.I guess he d'nt have balls to stand up against his family and say hey my wife is right and i am her husband u can;t talk about her in front of me .so i got out of family and out of that f******g relationship and i m living my life in a lot of peace.

love,honor,& serve
by: Joe (cancer male 69)

35 y.o. clean-cut,mocha almond skin,desirable,athletic,romantic,loyal n caring male seeking a taurus,scorpio,or a pisces female(18-40)petite w/few xtra or small bbw for a highly charged,compatible,happy,harmonious ltr.,leave joe mssg (323)568-6584 thnx:)

sco + pisc
by: Anonymous

i do agree pisces prone to cheating and scorpio is honest both might not be so compatible though the feeling shared between them is pure

me and the fish
by: miss scorpio

I dated a cancer for 3years,yes we loved each otherand got on well but in the end we couldn't stand 2 be near each other!! My sagg guy was a great relationship but he was 2 scared 2 commit 2 me :( then enter the fish in my life that lasted a disappointing 2 months!! He was everything I wanted on paper but nOthing that I NEEDED!! Now an aquarius guy found a way 2 my heart, I've fallen hard for this guy but every astrology site says we are a bad match! :( what to do??

to the comment above mines^^^
by: @coco_a_scorpio

Aquarius and Scorpios have the connection... from my experience...its like early on you can tell they can be trusted with your heart and though sometimes they can be brutes, they'll be there... my 1st love and last love was an Aquarius... we argued but only because we both wanted it to work... in the end I left and regret it till this day... he past before i ever got to admit that I WAS UNCOUNTABLY IN LOVE WITH HIM... so if you really want it... and i mean with all of you... its gonna take some work but their worth it!!!

What should I do
by: TheBlues

I am an Aries woman and I accidentally fell in love with a Scorpio guy. I didn't even like him at first. I even made fun of him. And then, I don't know what he did, but all of a sudden I could not live without him. But then he realized it and it was too late. Now he has the power and I look for him. When we get together, we are so good. And then he disappears. I never say anything or accuse him (well i did once and then I did not see him for like a month or two). I don't really know what to say. It is not like he is doing something wrong by disappearing. It is his life after all.
I am super impatient, and I think i am starting to go insane. I think about him all the time and can't let go. I tried to go out with other guys and I can't stop thinking about him.

me and the fish
by: Beautiful Scorpio Girl

Well, Ive dated an Aquarius on and of for about 4 years, I also gave my virginity to him, because THAT'S HOW EASY HE STOLE MY HEART! But I must agree with every Astrological site when the say WE ARE (NOT) A GOOD MATCH. The Aquarius IN MY OPINION IS REALLY ONE OF THOSE AIR SIGNS THAT thrive off of FREEMDOM SO as a Scorpio I would not bet your lucky stars on them. however, i can honestly say i still keep a very special place in my heart for that Aquarius.

Ive been dating a Libra for two years and we just broke up last week (apparently as a joke, because he wanted to see my reaction....WTF!) and I Immediately began to write down everything I wanted in my next man, (whom I believe will be a Pisces) and I have really fallen in love with the idea of my fish coming in my life to save the day! but now my Libra wants to get back together and I honestly don't think its a good idea. Because our signs are so different its really hard to: Communicate and understand each other! THIS IS THE MAIN CAUSE of all of our arguments and confrontations. To my Libra man I am speaking an unknown language and when translated by him its always something NEGATIVE and I am often critisized by him in a very uncomfortable/ upsetting manner.

Ive also realized that I have completely lost myself in trying to love my Libra man, and I get nothing beneficial out of it: no sexual Intimacy, no form of satisfaction/ stimulation as a woman, no compliments, no admiration. Instead I'm constantly being accused of being a whore, and fucking other dudes, and harboring all theses feelings that truly don't exist in my physic!!!!! so PLEASE UNDERSTAND it all comes down to the INDIVIDUAL PERSON, not so much about their sun sign, BUT I will say that I've dated TWO other Libras and although they never treated me like my current Libra, NONE OF THEM WERE ABLE TO LOVE ME IN THE WAY I FELT I DESERVED!

so overall NO: Libras, Aquarius, Virgo or any other sign that deals with any element other that water, will be able to give us exactly what us scorpio woman desire.

Definetly not a love fest
by: Anonymous

Oh honey do I know what u are going throuh except I live with mine. He's 5 years younger than I am. I call it inconsiderate. Mine stays out late too, and when I start calling trying to see where the help he is he walks through the d@$# door. I'm ready to call it quits out of frustration but guess how stupid I am? I'm not ready to be without him.

Pisces Girl
by: Anonymous

Leave him.. Trust me.. Ive been with a pisces guy.. nd who can better understand a pisces guy than a pisces girl...when i first met him, i saw a world class player.. I just saw it in him .. So for a year and half i showed in intrest in him whatsoever.. Which made him go crazy about me.. He started changing , left all the girls for me.. And wanted me only exclusively... At first, i was hesitant.. But then he proved me that i am the only person that made him knew why it didnt work with anyone else... He couldnt settle in a relationship for more than 3 montha.. And with me it was 4 years.. In these 4 years, i left him three times.. Just so he knows that i am capable of leaving him with no regrets... Which made him want me more... As if i am unreachable and he cant control me.. I didnt do coz i am mean.. No its because once he gets comfortable in our relation,, the calls, the carings, seeing each other is not there.. And i felt alone struggling into this relation.. So i leave which makes him go crazy each and everytime... But this time i left him for good.. Coz he wasnt there for me while i was admitted to the hospital... And it hits me!! He will never change for me.. He loves having me around as i understand him and his mood swings and his need to recharge but after. That its the same thing. All time to his friends and nothing for me. So i ended things and left. And after numerous callls and texts and trying to reach i picked up the phone.. And there he was for the first time in years.. He cries and pours his heart out that i am too good for him and he will give me the time and love i deserved.. But considering i know its his way to get back. i refused and stood my grounds. Why coz i respect myself too much and i am stronger to believe i deserve the best out of anything. He is still trying hard.. But no way ill be back with him coz his words means nothing. So from a pisces girls who have been among lots of pisces guys as friends or collegues or even an X-boyfriend... If he wants you truly, he will change and will realize,, but i hope it not too late that your fed up of the emotional instability. A little confession, i feel happier when he is trying more but still i am not giving him what he wants. Its either the ring or he can go to hell. If u still want to stay, you need. To have lots of patience. If you want a hold om your enotions back, then i say leave him and find a more mature pisces version of real men who would be worth your time and your emotions. Enough said hope this helped you in any way.

Scorpio and Pisces
by: Nicole

I guess its true that Pisces is prone to cheat. I'm a Pisces. moon is Gemini and my rising is Leo. Though I'm one not cheat. but most of the Scorpio and Pisces relationship I have seen Scorpio has always been the one cheating on Pisces because of that I have been afraid to be in relationship with Scorpio. I prefer to have them as a friend or family. Unless I find my soul mate and turns out to be a Scorpio but shows me that they are loyal ten I might reconsider how compatible Scorpio and Pisces is.

heartbroken by a scorpio
by: Anonymous

Im a pisces woman and my scorpio man cheated on me with another scorpio. I guess they were engaged while we dated LONGER. What i don't understand is that i had a feeling he was cheating on me but had no proof, it was just intuition. and i would try to break up with him soo many times!!! But everytime he came crawling to me promising hes not cheating saying he loves me and to not leave him. He has told me before he wants to marry me too. He would even get really mad when i went out with my friends cause he suspected ME to cheat. Im so heartbroken. I would NEVER have cheated on him. Ever. He was my everything ); he was such a hypocrite and possesive!

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