Scorpio and Pisces communication problem

I am Scorpio woman and I use to date a Pisces man. When we first met it was heaven, I had never experienced a man that was so charming and loving he brought out the best in me, but the biggest problem we had was lack of communication. I believed that he loved me but did not want to be in a relationship. After ten months of dating he broke up with me and his reason was that he felt bad for being a jerk to me, I could not believe that the person I had so much chemistry with had let me go with no reasonable explanation. I was hurt but feel better about the situation. We use to break up off and on but this time we are off because I have no intentions of getting my feelings hurt by him again. To truly love some one is to let them go and that is what I did.

I am not bitter towards him and I am still waiting on my Pisces man I just think that every individual is different and a true scorpion do not settle for anybody she settles for the right ONE!

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by: Anonymous

I am Scorpio woman and I have been in a relationship with a Pisces guy for about 6-8mths it has been the best even though we had our ups and downs. we had a few break ups but we still love each other. I am only 15 but I do know what love is I hope I marry the guy I am with one day

Scorpio and Pisces communication
by: Anonymous

I am a Scorpio woman who has been dating a Pisces man for 2 months now. I too am having a good experience but the only thing I find challenging is his lack of communication. Conversation about other subjects are no problem, but it seems when we have an issue to resolve, he goes into shut down mode. I'm working on him though because in every other area, he's wonderful. Attentive, affection, kind and loving. As for the sex, I'm a Scorpio so I never think anyone can meet me at the "level" of intensity that Scorpios bring to intimacy--but Mr. Pisces. .whew. . he's rocking my world. I'm really happy -now I see why they say astrologically this is such good combination. It took me a long time to find this kind of bond with someone - was married to Scorpio, it didn't work, we divorced, dated an Aries, Leo, Virgo--and though we got along, it was no where near the bond I feel with Mr. Pisces.

Emotionally tuff!
by: Anonymous

I am having a similar problem with a guy I have been dating very briefly now. We have great chemistry, sexual and otherwise. The only problem is he isn't a big talker. Unless it is about his hobbies. Anytime I try to talk about feelings of emotions he changes the subject completly. It is very frustrating to me the scorpio. I operate off of my emotions and feel a strong connection to him. Sometimes he gives me little hints that he likes me but no real affirmation. He wants to talk to me everyday but, is non complimentary and it is making me lose interest.

Pisces--intimate, with whom?
by: Anonymous

It's as if you have imagined the whole thing. Did i dream this?? Was my Pisces Guy there? Rock my world please. I get nothing- it's totally one sided, he gets the foot rubs, blow jobs, sex if he wants it---what do I get but tired, ph yeah a limp dick., occassionally--0h and the bill. Not to mention a list of to do's a mile long....big deal Pisces and Scorpio....Pisces is a blow fish!

Scorpio dd
by: Anonymous

I am A Scorpio in love dilemma of a Leo and a Pisces
I am a scorpion in love with two men. A Leo and a Pisces. The leo is the one whom I share a great companionship with. We share passion for everything in life but i don't feel intimate towards him and thus our sex life is not good. This is because I have few things (very minor) that I am not comfortable with. He is my age met both 27 years and looks younger than me. He has one child and I don’t have one. He is a very bad kisser though the sex is ok. I tried to teach him but it is not working. I hate kissing him. I don’t like his cologne at all.
I am in love with another man the Pisces and share great chemistry with him, a very good kisser, best sex ever.. and good emotional connection. I actually feel as though I met my soul match, honestly. As a Scorpio woman, we can be aggressive and want to dominate so I need someone who will stand up to me so to speak and he does in a nonconfrontational but direct way so I know he means what he says. Emotionally I feel close to him, in tune with him and not afraid to let my guard down. The only hurdle I've encountered with my Pisces is that he can be very non-verbal but I've been working on that, because communication is important. And also as a Scorpio woman, I've never dated someone who meets me at the level of passion I have in the bedroom, but Mr. Pisces does!

The bad thing about this relationship is that t we are both very different in some aspects and I am scared of following love blindly and leaving the safe companionship of my mr Leo. I like attention and he doesn’t give me as much as the leo does. I wish he could text me and call me oftern but he can’t and the Leo does that very well. The Pisces has never buy me any gift or give me money. The Leo ooh my god I can’t explain almost every day there is something special…the leo will make sure I am ok, I eat, I sleep well, I have all my need covered but never the pisces. It is not that I am not independent, it is just I feel loved by doing that and I do the same for him. I could see myself spending my life with both of them, but this is not possible. How do i know which one is right for me and who I should be with. What can help me decide?

I hate the situation I am in. I feel like I have lost faith in myself and the courage to make a decision, even though I know it will bring freedom. My question still hangs around whether to follow the leo or the Pisces. Astrology tell me it is the Pisces…I don’t understand…I wish he could give me more attention.

Plz advice

To Scorpio dd
by: Anonymous

You can find the answer in yourself by knowing what you value and desire more from your partner no matter who he is - ask yourself is it physical fulfillment or emotional support you deserve more and which will feed your soul and fuel your growth for the long-haul?

Based on what you are describing, you remain with your Leo for connections that boost your self-worth. He shows you the importance you have in his life. He honors your contributions to his life and incorporates you into them. Can you teach him by showing or describing what, how and where you want to be touched by him for physical pleasure?

You find your physical gratification met by your Pisces but yearn for the acts which does not come naturally to him. Does he show you he has a desire to provide you affirmations of value he sees in you impromptu? Can you tell him your desire for them without him interpreting this as insecurity or neediness on you?

Really think about the questions you have to answer for yourself. In the end, you love yourself more than either of the men in your life. It actually boils down to this - At what cost are you willing place on sexual pleasure? Is it worth more than the value you and everyone has bestowed on yourself?

I chose to give up myself once to my Pisces man for the physical pleasure and find myself not able to recuperate the deficit my personal strength has experienced.

To Scorpio dd
by: Anonymous

I'm a Pisces sometimes we can be very shy when in "LOVE". It is obvious that you are the more dominant one and well he just a little more submissive. He must love you but since he doesn't see full commitment he is holding back. Talk to him and tell him how you feel.
SAY:"I know you care about me but your actions sometimes do not show it, I need "US" to "communicate" our feelings ". I really care about you and I hope I show that to you and if I am not please let me know
I want You and us to be happy." Also something has been bothering me I feel like I should tell you this sometimes I may need reassurance from you a small thoughtful give from you will really let me know that I am on your mind I am not asking for much just some affection that you and I are doing the right things to make our relationship work. I truly appreciate you listening it means a lot to me.
( you can tell the Pisces man this be gentle with him he is sensitive but if you talk to him and build down the walls he will cherish you forever. He was probably really hurt in the past and just is careless but remind him of his romantic nature & love him like a Scorpio can only do.)

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