Scorpio Aquarius attraction!

I have read all the above experiences, I am a Scorpio woman 27yr and I am interested in 26yr old Aquarian. It very strange, we both admit to feeling an intense connection, intense pull and energy between us. it isn't anything either of us has ever felt before. Can someone explain this to me?

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Scorpio Aquarius attraction
by: Anonymous

I can't explain it, but I can certainly second it. This is the most honest love I have every felt. For the first time in my life I want to be totally open and share all of my secret hopes, pain, desires, loves, fantasies, etc. Except, now that my Aqua has pulled that out of this Scorpio, he takes a step forward and then two back. It drives me crazy.

I know he is attracted and intrigued and he often says so. But then the next day he tells me I should interact with others???? Then later that evening, it is as though we never had that conversation. I'm the same poster from 7 posts up, btw. Still puzzled and would love an Aquarian perspective.

Scorpio Aquarius attraction
by: Anonymous

I am a Scorpio women talking to a aqua man. he is amazing. he is the complete opposite of me but that's what makes the relationship exciting. he is very affectionate and open with his feelings. yes he is distant but I also need my space as well...we have a mutual understanding and respect for each other which I adore!

Scorpio Aquarius attraction
by: Anonymous

"I am a Scorpio women talking to a aqua man. he is amazing. he is the complete opposite of me but that's what makes the relationship exciting..."

I agree that we are very different in many ways. My communication with my Aquarius man have so far been either online of via telephone or video chat. Sometimes our meanings get lost and sometimes I simply don't get his razor sharp humor and entendres.

We are very similar signs (Scorpio and Aquarius) in many other ways though - we both value our privacy, need introverted time to replenish ourselves and think and plan our next moves. We both are slow to trust are closed and cautious at the start of the friendship. But there seemed to be and almost immediate sense of trust with this Aqua. So far it has been lots of fun. We can learn much for one another.

by: Anonymous

You probably made him feel like he doesnt know what to say because after letting out your deepest feelings which he isnt good at understanding the whole process of love n emotion as it cant be explained logically so he probly feels awkward by his inability to give u that goo feeling he gave u when u told him what u did. Im 25 aquarius have had 2 long term relationships with scorpio women. Im not sure that u could do this but if u can just pretend it never happened and move on to the next time he makes u feel like that which will happen

25 and Aquarius
by: Hope

Thank you to the above poster for taking sharing your insightful response. I agree that honest emotional expression is where Scorpio and Aquarius differ. Scorpios can and will express their excitement, joy, desire, etc. when they are feeling it - even early in the relationship. The Aquarian I am seeing expresses it, but later seems regretful about having done so.
I appreciate your explanation, and yes, I can pretend it never happened and move forward. Later, when alone, I'll privately do "the happy dance", knowing what I know...
Btw, how were things with your Scorpio woman?

no no no....
by: Astrocalypse

Scorpio and Aquarius relationship is for the birds.
Pluto is drawn to Saturn, who you Scorpios should've been attracted to is the Capricorn, as they are both ruled by Saturn's energies.
and for the Aquarians, you're drawned to the pull of Mars, which belongs to the Aries.
notice that both these 2 signs are sextile to each other, your attraction and connection is just an illusion by the matching of Uranus and Pluto.

Scorpios should be looking for your Taurus.
and Aquarians should be seeking a Gemini or Aries.

Scorpio in love with Aquarius
by: Anonymous

It's not about who you should be looking for, that word "SHOULD" is no good, the trouble is with us woman we think with our hearts, not our heads and that is not a bad thing either, I am a scorpio woman and I lived with a Taurus man and learn't a lot and I lived with a Capricorn man and guess what he was a Narcissist so I have had both my compatabilities and learnt a lot from both these signs, but most of all I have learnt who I am and what I want out of life it's so easy if you know what you want, I have known my Aquarius man scince I was 13 now I am 53 and now it's time for me to be happy and you don't just say it YOU FEEL IT.

Its weird.
by: Anonymous

It all started back in high school. I am three years younger than he. We rode the bus together and I often found myself in weird situations with him. For example, I would bump into him unexpectedly, everywhere. I started getting annoyed about this. One day, I decided to enter a relationship with someone I had met, but the next day i broke it off..I just was not feeling it. A few days later I saw a picture of the aqua guy and I Knew my feelings for him were strong. I felt something special for him, but I didnt know why. After I realized that I felt something, I couldnt look at him or talk to him. I would get really nervous and instead I would runaway and tried to avoid him. Some days I was able to fake my feelings but other days, they just seemed so obvious, so instead I turned to being mean. I didnt know him that well and so I didnt understand why I felt so strongly about him. before he graduated I told him how i felt, but he never responded..I didnt love him yet, but I liked him a lot. He ignored me after that. When he wasnt in school anymore, we still managed to see and talk to each other a few times a year. its been 10 years now, and we both managed to move on with our lives, yet still stay in touch. It always seems that the connection is there. when I saw him a few years ago, we were both very jovial and it had seem like we have known each other for so long eventhough we were never friends. He often seems to be going through the same things as me, career, education, relationships, but we dont communicate often, but when we do we turn to laughs. I am currently with a virgo and I am so happy with him...Aqua guy texts me once every 2 or 3 months, but I dont really talk to him. My wish is for him to be happy and when he marries, i will be happy too. I've learned to let go of him and now I just feel like being friends with him.

What a coincidence!
by: Anonymous

I don't know what to say, this is really freaky because I am in the EXACT same situation ! Even we're the same ages as you and your friend.

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