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This site is very informative and I'm grateful for having found it. I too am a Scorpio woman and have been involved (off and on) for 2 1/2 years with an Aquarius man. It is a long distance relationship which complicates things from the start but beyond that...I have to say it has been the most trying and frustrating experience I've ever dealt with. Many times I've decided that it wasn't worth the effort and even changed my number once to prevent further contact but he was always on mind and we always ended up back in touch. I wish I knew what it is that draws me in and keeps me there. I wish I could just close the door once and for all but I don't think that will ever happen. It's like he has cast some kind of spell over so strong that I'm powerless to resist it. An amazing man in so many ways but also the most EXASPERATING in every way! I keep reading here about being patient. I honestly think, if patience were jelly beans and I gathered them all up from over the entire world...I still would fall short of having enough to deal with him. Why do I continue to do this to myself and how do I get off this roller coaster ride?

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Why Scorp Women Keep Going back for More AquaMan!
by: Anonymous

It all sounds achingly familiar! I am a textbook Scorpio woman and have a irresistible draw to an Aquarius man. We met 10 years ago, had instant chemistry. Met again 10 years later and its still very much there.

When we are together, especially in bed, the depth of bond, tenderness, mutual sexual synch, emotional connection, closeness and ...well... "love" for each other in that moment is just the most pleasurably connected I (and for him too, I suspect) have ever experienced...then I won't hear from him for a couple of months.

I do send the odd message to say hi, but it is always met with an aloofness, he says he's busy (which I know he is!) and it seems polite, but distant. So, I generally just leave it for him to contact me and he eventualy does after a couple of months.

When he does ring me to meet up, he seems like he'd move any mountain to get to me and can't wait to see me. Then the same cycle goes around again. I have to say, it drives me crazy with pure lust for him, and equaly the desire to just break it off with him altogether.

So, why do we put up with the Aquaruis and all his quirks? Re-read the 2nd para of my post - thats MY answer!

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