Scorpio Aquarius Ugh!!!

by Dee
(Memphis, tn, 38104, USA)

I stared dating my Aquarius man about 6 yrs ago. We spent alot of time together and went on many dates. He has told me in the past that he loves me and I have told him the same. However, one day he stated that his outlook on life was cloudy and he needed space. Well, I couldn't understand that so I wanted to no y. Long story short, he wanted to be free to c whomever he wanted, but he wanted use to continue to be "friends". Well since he wanted to be friends I began dating others and we texted and talked on the phone. Whn I broke up with my ex, he was there and we started having a sexual friendship. Well this past July 1st, I stated to him that I wanted more than sex. He stated nothing and said I will always be a good friend to him and if I ever needed him for anything he'd be there. Well I stated I didn't want that and I told him that we had to end our friendship.

So a few day later he's texting asking me it help him with something. And I never responded, this was on a tuesday. On Saturday he's calling and I Neva answer. So I'm at the gas station by my home. Whn I look at my phone I see that he has called again and I say "smh" I finished with that. As I start my and began to go into traffic. I look up and his coming from the direction of my apartments and he spots me and is like " pull over, pull over". I'm saying to myself This is unreal. Why is he searching for me. He had to know that this would end at some point. I pull over to c what he wants. He walks to the car and I could tell he didn't know what to say. And I roll the window down just enough to hear what he wanted. And he say roll the window all the way down. As I roll the window all the way down, he's saying u don't F with me anymore. And I pull one of his numbers and said " naw I've just been busy". Come to find out he wanted nothing. He couldn't look at me in my eyes. After talking for a few mins, he realized I wasn't that into what he was saying, And he said I need to get a computer and ur the only person I know that's knows about computers. And I looking this is a fool. So I tell him Where to go and he says " I don't know where it is" and I say damn uve been living here for seven years and you mean to tell me u do 't know where this store is so u can buy a computer. He says I need u to take him. I stated I would and we went.

So I take him home after buying the computer and he whispters in my ear " I really care about u and u are a very good friend to me, until u get in ur moods. I say to him " I a Scorpio and it is n my nature. And he says I know Whn ur birthday is. I say dude Telling me I'm a good friend to u is not a comfort to me. And he comes in for a kiss and I turn my head for him to kiss my jaw. And he gets out and I drive off. Okay for the next two week he was calling and texting and thn of of a sudden it stops. And I email him and say our friendship has to end. I ask he please not to call me again and I haven't heard from him in about two weeks. Now the truth is I love him with all my heart but I don't want a friendship. I want a relationship. It's clear that he loves me but he is bullheaded. Y else would he come searching for me when I would answer his calls. I've been there for him through thick and thin and that's all u can offer me. I'm I wrong for ending the friendship? I think I have been patient enough. We getting too old to keep playng this game.

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a friend in need.
by: mousetrail

''Y else would he come searching for me when I would answer his calls''

That's what friends do.Research the sign more.

by: Anonymous

Good job! wish ihad the courage to do that with my aqua. continue with your strenght.

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