Scorpio Cheating Issues

by ScorpioXera

I am speaking from the point of a Scorpio Man. First off, there are definitely cheaters in every zodiac sign, so let's not blame us loyal scorpio just by having several relations that associate with scorpio cheating.

Scorpio are generaly JEALOUS, and tend to stack up unhappiness. Once the limit is reached prepare for a hell of a payback. In any event that you know that scorpio hates cheating, once a scorpio thinks that you are cheating, which could even be unintended, it could lead to dire consequences...

If you are dating or married to a scorpio, a suggestion is to limit your interactions with opposite sex and NEVER cheat on your scorpio. Scorpio like me loves a sweet revenge, and once scorpio thinks you are cheating, be prepared to be cheated on...

There is also one thing to note, that Scorpio tends to enjoy private time alone... They are not cheating when they wants personal time!

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Those Scorpio Men
by: Anonymous

It's funny how you sugar-coated it.

You're correct. A Scorpio hates infidelity or the possibility of infidelity from his partner. Only he can cheat.

Scorpio likes to play mind games with his partner, but hates being manipulated.

Scorpio likes to be vindictive. But his partner can't be vindicitive. She has to be forgiving.

A Scorpio likes to boldly flirt and play with other women in front of their S/O, but she is not permitted to get jealous, or else she is accused of being insecure.

Only he's allowed to have a bad day, but you're supposed to be happy-go-lucky all the time.

They're absolutely psycho, but will accuse YOU of bringing them to the brink of madness!

He wants total honesty, but he, himself is very secretive.

They're also very Narcisisstic.

And the most hypocritical signs in the zodiac , right next to the other water signs, Pisces and Cancers.

They're also selfish in the sack. At least Cancers (despite their wacked-out ways) are giving in the bedroom.

I dumped my Scorpio, and never looked back!

by: Anonymous

sir, I have one word to describe you: ignorant.

You have absolutely no knowledge of loving someone else. The only person you love is yourself! You strive to consume your partner and have her satisfy your every desire and needs, yet neglect her sense of happiness. That's not called love. That's selfishness.

You need to reanalyze your definition of love. Is it love, or is it a form of physical desire cravings you're carrying out ?

You can't have & give real happiness until you've conquered the enemy in you..

scorpios are mentally sick
by: Anonymous

the answer is in the title ;)

by: Anonymous

I been with my scorp for 9 years and not off and on either, I gave up communication with opposite sex pretty much when I got with him. He pursued me back then. Never cheated on him once but I felt he was jealous of the attention I was getting still even thiugh I never responded. That's right , your expected not to do anything at all ( I never checked out abother guy either) but they can Do everything bad and it not being anything serious to them. even gave him space free time for 9 years . time to self??? That's how I found out he was having a bit a lil relationship on the Side cuz his free time increased , SO when it's overboard meaning never around at all or if is , totally spacing or constantly on phone, then it's obviously means more then free time, so after seeing how he talks to girls after being married, I said fuck that , some scorps take advantage and deserve lower.. Sluts, homewreckers. I was good all way it was tough becuase he was spoiled and I had to have least of everything I did not care becuase I trusted him and loved him deeply. Scorp will never feel bad for long, still wants me but I do not want him, for wasting my time. and 2 kids later, how do you toss that out for a pregnant female that's not even his . While his own wife is pregnant .I clearly gave proof how selfish they can get.. .I also have 2 scorps I knew same amount of time that adore me would not hurt me. guess he was the wrong one. I think I'm done with the scorps though.

Shut Up Everyone, Pretty Please
by: ScorpioGirl

Speak for yourself, Star Bro. You are the reason why everyone has prejudice against Scorpios for being possessive, manipulative, shady jerks. Actually, that's only accurate about 20% of the time.

As for the rest of you, you shouldn't write off all people born under this sign as being this stereotype. I promise, maturity is NOT overrated.

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