Scorpio confused by pisces

I am Scorpio woman in love with a Pisces man. We have known each other for about 10 or so years. Four years ago we dated and it was intense on so many levels, spiritually, emotionally, physically. Then he up and left - moved across the country and told me that in another time and place we would be better. He said he had to go "figure himself out". I was devastated - felt like I lost a limb. I was bowled over with emotion and I was dumbfounded because even though we had known eachother for about 10 years and ran in the same circles, we hadn't been intimate for that long - only about six weeks. I was amazed at the depth of my sadness and intense feelings of loss I had when he cut me off completely. He called me a year or so later and apologized and then that was it. Until about a week ago. He is visiting town for a while before he moves back out of state and we have been seeing eachother again. I was so angry at him for what he did the last time and was very suprised that my feelings for him still exist and are overflowing in their intensity. We have such a deep connection that we don't need words to express. We have been having a great time and now I feel him starting to pull away - I feel it intuitively - he calls me every day and we see eachother once or twice a week while he is here but I feel a disconnect. help. I am so confused.

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pisces man insight
by: Anonymous

i love my scorpio woman. that said, we had problems about a lot of things and i was always honest bout what i feel and was vocal bout it. problem was, she wasn't. it came to a point where she just decided to break apart from me. i am devastated. now i am extra sensitive, not like i never was. we are known to be. thing is, she need not say a word but for some reason i know and we would fight. it sucks to not have confirmation of our gut feelings. i want her back and her breaking away from me taught me how much i did and i was willing to lose everything i have just to get her back in my life. she's requesting that i let go. and, although it saddens me, i did what she wanted. i don't care about what i feel now or what i know or think i know. it doesn't matter. I will use my "psychic" abilities to understand her and be there for her and treat her well. what she feels is more important now. she may not say anything to me but she is just too secretive, i need to be extra sensitive to her and take care. your pisces man is back in yours. hope your love story ends happily ever after.

Pisces Man
by: Anonymous

your story is sad, but the answer is very clear.
i know what you feel. I am a scorpio woman myself and felt deeply in love with a piscies man.
Even now after two years without seing him I think I dont love him anymore. But one day a few weeks ago I met a friend of him and he had been asking for me. Once I heard his name I was on fire. From there I realized I am still in love with him. Yes scorpio women and pisces men have this deep and intense connection that there is no use of words. But I can tell you that a piscies man doesnt hide his feelings. If he h7onestly loves you he would go for it. If he doesnt or kinda unsure thats when he confuses you. It seems like hi can feel the connection between you and his heart can`t deny it thats why he keeps coming back, but deep inside he have made the decision of not marrying you! So just let go of it. He feels what u feel, but for some reason he have decided that he dont want the real thing with u!

fight back silly :p
by: Anonymous

coming from a scorpio woman if you have such a deep conection then dont give up on her, a life with her will be full of dramas up and down , its everything but a routine
that whole "just let go" in my opinion is her seeing what you will do, is not a mind game just to put things straight. yell, fight for a day if you must, bring the house down whatever but in the end of the day if you dont give up you will get a big reward , you will see

Pisces man backed away =(
by: Anonymous

I have been talking to a pisces man for a few months now. I must admit I feel in love. I'm a scorpio woman so I'm very demanding and to be honest I think I pushed him away with my constant arguing and being jealouse of his female friends. He completely cut our friendship 3 days ago because he said I was too much to handle. I miss him dearly.

say what you need to say
by: a true fish

see like the scorpio women the pisces man ( a true one) of emotional wisdom doe s put you first.communication is best in TRUTH IN YOUR SITUATION... He looked at your life and probbably didn,t want to mess it up...if you come forth with TRUE EMOTIONS you will get your answer eather way FACT ...theres your story/his story {in your head} then theres truth...sounds to me he said he was coming back for you WHEN IT WAS RIGHT... NOW SOUNDS right... GOOD LUCK IN CONCOURING YOUR dream ...

Bluntly Put...
by: Anonymous

Honey, astrology or not the guy is being a jerk. He doesn't deserve you back. Even if he's a Pisces. Sorry, that's just the truth. A man who loves you wouldn't be playing the on-again-off-again game, so my advice would be to toughen up and move on. You'll find someone actually worth of your time and devotion. And hey, even if you're meant to be with this Pisces, things are going to work out :)
-Fellow Scorp girl ;)

Pisces are Deceptive and Evasive Always.
by: Lesson Learned

I am in a simlilar situation right now, for no apparent reason my pisces lover seems to disconnecct himself and as he says he is not ready for my kind of love, my love is too strong. In other words he wants to be left alone,, he wants to be free. He stopped calling me a few days ago after telling me that, and no matter how many times I called him or text him he did not respond until he got ready too, this morning and he was very brief and callous about his absence he just said he was sick. I suggest you find a way to just let him go completely, which is what I am working on right now and when I do, it doesn't matter what his story is you just don't go back. He will only continue to break your heart. Don't wait for something magical to happen...if you are anything like me you are fixated on one lover and you love deeply, no matter how strong the connection, you felt with your Pisces friend it was only and always will be something temporary for him.( He can't help who he is, he won't change, his fantasies and desires are endless)This is a guy who is totally uncomfortable with himself and will always be searching for the next exciting thing to feel a sense of worthiness.( He can't help it) I'm sorry to say He will even live with you for years and never fully commit himself,then one day he'll just move out or ask you to move out. Sorry but just cut him off no matter what and forget he exist, or else he will mentally, spiritually, and emotionally drain you. If you pray; pray hard everyday to forget about him get him out your blood because that's where he got you and he almost knows it!! But will move on with the next wind of doctorine that he conjours up. You cannot take a Pisces man seriously, they are not serious about commitment they don't know how to do it.It's a futile task. You are a scorpio woman and you are full of strength; use it to move forward in your life and meet the soul mate that God intend for you to have, believe me he's out there. Pray for your Pisces friend to find his path, don't hate him because then he wins!! When after you get over him and you choose to be friends with him, you cannot go back to being in an intimate relationship with him. That's when you take your power back, when you can like him as a friend and never want him again. Be strong and just leave this guy alone there is someone out there that wants and will appreciate your love and will reciprocate that love to you. Stay blessed.

thats a pisces for you
by: scorpio woman

My Pisces guy is exactly the same way. Just when things seem great he flip flops. To be honest he will probably keep yo-yoing you. You have to decide if that's ok with you I decided inthe bbeginning it wasn't ok so we were apart for sometime. We are back together now and its back to the game.

Real Talk
by: SweetScorpio

Coming from a Scorpio woman, she's mad cuz she loves you and wants you...but she's mad. So she can't say or show that right now. We in no way shape or form play well with other females that we feel are moving in on our territory and the thought of the pisces man we love even entertaining another female will send us into a tizzy lol. In my opinion, she may have overreacted a lil bit. However, now you know whats acceptable and what's not with her. If you love her and feel she's worth it, FIGHT. DO NOT GIVE UP cuz trust and believe she doesnt want you to. Im not saying take abuse, but get her back. Yes, women are complicated, but SCORPIO women?? Tuh...complicated is an understatement...but were SO worth it ;-). I hope it all works out for you.

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