Scorpio conman

by Miranda S.
(Los Angeles Ca.)

I recently fell in love with a Scorpio, he initially seemed to be a great guy, but then things turned too good to be true. Regardless of what he said, I could feel he was involved with several other women but he never denied or confirmed anything to me. He tells me he loves me to the point of distraction and says he plans to give me the world.

In bed he's fabulous, but I don't think he's better than any other man who really loves sex and feels emotionally attached to a woman. Let's not give them all the credit. The way they seem to take emotions from a woman to release their own is not only hurtful but hateful to the woman. In other words they can only get off if their ego is illuminated by the range of satisfaction he can supply to a woman. In other words a true freak. I picked up on it right away.

That hot and cold switch he let me see right off and how he constantly challenged me with his attitude. I outright told him to not ever think he would do anything to me that I would come right back at him with it. He seems to understand that vengeance and havoc comes in all shapes and sizes. I feel he feels he's some sort of vengeful Adonis and every woman should experience him once in their live. Oh, yes this guy knows what he is and relishes it.

What he doesn't get is that, I can see his cards on the table and no matter what he thinks he has planned for me, he hasn't yet been able to overcome what I planned for him. He may be smart but I've already proven to him, I'm smarter. How do you con a conman? WITH A CON WOMAN of course.

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How to con a conman
by: Anonymous

Ha! I enjoyed reading your posts. There are many ways to get over on a Scorpio. But in order to do this, you will have to emotionally disassociate yourselves from them. Once they have your heart in the palm of their's showtime for them!
1. Emotionally disconnect yourself from them.
2. Play 'hot' and 'cold.' Love them completely one minute, and then completely ignore them the next.
3. Be totally unpredicatable.
4. Tell them that you find their neediness, and possessive ways, unattractive.
5. Have the wandering eye. If he questions it, tell him you need a real man, not one that's insecure.
6. Be totally unphased by the women he dates (he secretly wants you to throw a jealous hissy-fit, they require constant ego-boosting or reassurance).
7. Tell him he's the best you ever had. To reel him in again after you destroyed him emotionally.
8. Rock his world sexually.
9. Tell him that you're afraid of getting hurt. You're feeling quite vulnerable.
10. Repeat the cycle.

by: Anonymous

Ha, I enjoyed to read somebody posted as you did, too.
Your comments are great and related to what I have in mind. You are Brilliant. From Virgo.

loyal men?
by: Virgo

i like your situation! it is really hard though 2 find a loyal man that will sstay with you through thick and thin. i once dated a scorpio and i ued the advice the website gave me. i used it 2 my advantage and we can be on the same with through understanding and agreement! just use this 2 your advantage and liking and u can or may not seee results! GOOD LUCK!

That hurts
by: Jiraiya

Yeaaa that would definitely deeeestroy me a Scorpio male, I hate being toyed with I am needy and I do need to be told "I love you" constantly it's not because I'm weak it's just that I feel that way strongly inside and I want to know how you feel as well, I'm not the secretive type Scorpio I never hide relationship secrets I like everything transparent and in the light, I never flirt, and when I say I love you I mean it from the bottom of my soul, I'm a well evolved scorpio who is aware of his weakness when it comes to moodiness and jealousy and that possessive attitude and I'm practicing gaining mastery and self control of my inner self because I find myself drowning in my own thoughts, it's like a raging ocean and when I start to vent it's horrible, but that was me many months ago I've mastered the art of wearing a calm exterior at all times and to not say needless things especially to my beloved, I don't sting unless she needs to be stung, that's my policy, I strongly believe feelings shouldn't ever be played with, to me a Scorpio should first learn how to control his moodiness and jealousy, master the "him" that exists within, I'm steadily trying to achieve that because knowing my weakness has only made me me stronger, I'm a very intellectual Scorpio, who practices using his brain to assess situations instead of the first emotion I feel and let loose like a ball of fire, to all you Scorpio males, live and experience, and most of all moult a few times and you will wear that confidence that never needs reassurance by anyone because it comes from within, everything the zodiac says about me is true I have traits I absolutely adore and ones I hate but can't help but I will overcome them and refine myself into someone better than my weakness. That is all.

A little advice
by: Anonymous

Sometimes you have to distance yourself from Scorpio emotionally. It sort ofgves them a wake-up call when yous top stroking their ego. I have to say that I do love my Scorpio man though. I'm a Virgo-and we compliment each other perfectly. We're as different as day and night but our relationship is SOOO We're still infatuated with each other after 10 years. I love my Scorpio and I think that to fix your problem, you just have to be a bit more...reserved with your emotions. Scorpios like a mystery. If anything, he'll switch gears and try to rake a different approach-in the process possibly giving up his con-man ways

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