Scorpio dating a Libra Man

by katie
(Costa Mesa, CA)

The love of my life is a Libra man, and I am Scorpio. I have to say that this is the most incredible man I have ever been with. Gorgeous, sexy, charming, passionate and sweet. Don't get me wrong, he's NOT perfect, he has the "Libra Moods". But I have to say all things considered I simply cannot get enough of this beautiful man, who is my sexy Libra blondie.

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Aries woman in Love with Libra
by: Anonymous

Libra men are Charmers with a killer smile! But beware they have many weaknesses. The worst is their indecisiveness,having a wondering eye and dishonesty!! Yes, this man love to seduce you,have many affairs at the same time and are good about hidding it from you. They are never on time,they are so in love with themselves and spend hours and hours looking in the mirrors. They are too moody and have a nasty temper! They are great lovers!

Good luck to my Scorpio lady!
by: Anonymous

That is Libra style-characteristic; it is naturally... That is so funny about Libra. He is indecisive, wandering eyes, and bragging, too. One thing that I like about Libra is- he is very supportive, stands for a friend, and give a shoulder to cry on. As Virgo, I don't feel to go for a date with Libra or share an intimacy with him. No! He is perfectly beautiful just for some guy not for all, lol. On astrological chart, it said, Libra and Virgo are a perfect match. Sound very true but no! Since Libra is perfect, I stay a way and be a single. So it is good for you, Scorpio Lady. Good luck with your Libra.

i am scorpio and love this libra guy
by: Anonymous

I dont know how but i jst fell for him
he was in my school its been almost 5 years since i last met him but i still cant forget him
and i have never seen such an incredible guy in my entire life he is such a gentle person
but i dnt knw how to woo him
i have never talked to him but every time he is in my mind
i am scorpio and i dnt think i wud ever find a guy like him in my life

Simple to forget
by: Anonymous

Hi Scorpio lady,
Well, I knew you just felt for a Libra man for the past five years since he was you classmate. You should not let that past if you knew that he is the most that capture in you mind and heart. How should Libra know without any signal from you. Some time you need to veal by communication. Libra likes to communicate and if he like some body, he will come and talk to that person quit often and will give you a clue if he is really like you. In you case, five years has passed, you may know that he must be with someone else or who know? I understand how you feel inside. Try to forget him and there are an other Libra out there. Hopefully, one day you will meet him. I'm a Virgo lady, heh, I never ever like Libra that way as you did but I understand him very well. Libra such a very sweet and looking good among the Zodiac sign. So don't be regret. There are lots of Libra there. This Libra might not be your, so let him go. I'm sure you can do it.

Girlfriend wanting space
by: Lewis

Hi I am dating a girl who is a Scorpio we have been together nearly 2 years now but has now ask for space I ask why and she said I need to sort out my self the same for her I have anger issues but not violent person i am working on myself seeing a psychologist which she is helping me I have only discovered that my girlfriend is on a dating site talking to other men if not giving her phone number and address out to them we are on space for another 2weeks any ideas what to do I love her so much ! Do I wait out the rest of the space knowing she is on dating site or do I put a profile up on the same website any ideas...

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