Scorpio fallen for Gemini woman.

by Anon

So here is the deal, from the first moment I laid eyes on this Gemini woman I work with I was thrown down in love. Eyes locked, instant chemistry. As time went on she kept dropping all the hints and when I made my feelings known, she withdrew and said she had a special friend elsewhere (she is from Brazil). I think this to be not true because she had vacation time and they did not see each other, and smiled when I asked about them like it was not true that she has someone. She continued to drop bigger hints which I attributed to just simple flirtation & Gemini magical trick to gain attention; but since my feelings for her as a woman, professionally, and as a whole are real and deep, true unconditional love. I have to pull back so I don't break my own heart. Her English is not so good which seems to be a big barrier. But no matter how many women come and go in my life, I find myself comparing and thinking of this Gemini when I wake up and go to bed. I ask you Gemini women for help, either how to move forward with her, or best way to handle this woman who is constantly on my mind. I try my best not to be with women at work because I know it ends bad, but I feel for this one I wish to grow old and gray with...HELP!

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this Gemini will never be with a Scorpio again
by: Anonymous

I'm a classic Gemini that has fell madly in love with a Scorpio man not once but twice. Both ended in a divorce. I lovvvve a challenge & really thought I could prove the Zodiac wrong. Nope the Zodiac is very accurate. From my experience there was intense passion in the bedroom but everything else was lacking. It was always such a struggle to communicate with my Scorpio men. Event though I was bored, miserable & felt contained, I was loyal. I forgot who I was though & obviously drove my Scorpio's crazy & pushed them away. ...there were many "red flags" from jump but I ignored them all. I waisted valuable years & energy. Im convinced Scorpio & Gemini were NEVER meant to be anything more than friends.

How to attract gemini women
by: Anonymous

I'm a gemini woman and I'm in a very early stage to get to know each other with a scorpio man. So I guess we can help each other :)

Naturally, geminis like to flirt. Intentional or unintentionally. But if she is really interested in you, she would give you signals quite intense. She likes being around to someone is interested in. However, for in depth, I guess I need to know if she is young or mature.

Just show her that you are interested in her lets say ask her to have lunch together and chat about many other things (not only about relationship stuff). Gemini women like intellectual men. A strong men with personality would make her crazy.

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