Scorpio fell hard & fast for a Pisces Guy

by Kal

I have been dating a Pisces guy for over a month now, knowing him for almost 4months. i have never met anyone so spirtual, loving, caring, and someone that treats me like a QUEEN. he knows tha right things to say, and it's an everyday thing, he has words that has boost up my confidence and i have gave him the same back. after our 5th date i confess to him that i thought i'm starting to fall in love, and he said it aswell. i couldn't believe it, because he was waiting for the right time to say it to me. we haven't been intimate yet, but we kiss, and deng those kisses are a feeling like if we're both high. aha
i'm sorry but that's the best way to put it. i think they have a name for it but i can't seem to remember. anyways i have fallen hard &fast with a pisces guy, everything is great, communication, our time spent is wonderful and wonderful, is it possible to have known right away that this is your soul mate, the one that you paint pictures in your mind thinking someday this could be "the one &only"?
hopefully i'm not crazy or rushing into thinking about strange thoughts, but what i have read about other's being a scorpio or pisces they seem to be all inlove the way i seem to be...
i have read that Scorpio & Pisces are match made in Heaven...
is that TRUE.?

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by: Anonymous

wow, same for me and my Pisces man. He's so awesome and we are so compatible in every way. Thank u, yr post is like written by us 2. We r getting married next year. Goodluck to u and yr Pisces guy!

Scorpio women
by: Anonymous

Im in a long distance relationship with a pieces men....sigh....everything is so wonderful...i juz cant erase him from my mind....sigh...sometimes hes weird though but i learn to love iit...i love everything abt him....we will getting married soon...God bless us

by: Anonymous

Yes! It is real! I'm currently experiencing the same, true love too! It's so amazing words can't do it justice! I love my Pisces and always will! I wish you all the best with your pisces partners!

I'll add my emphatic YES!
by: Anonymous

There is no greater match than Scorpio woman, Pisces man, and I live the dream every day. It's the most spiritual, passionate relationship ever. True love. ♥

perfect for eachother; doesnt get better than this.
by: sexiful scorpio

My story is similar to urs. I fell hard n fast, we both tried to control falling fast, but it was outta our control. He is my soulmate, we connect physically, emotionally and spiritually.

yes yes yes
by: beautiful scorpio girl

I'm a 20 year old Scorpio girl, and I HONESTLY feel like I have been waiting for my Pisces Prince my whole life! I recently got out of a two year relationship with a Libra which left my energy drained, with a burning thirst for "The One"

I just want to be LOVED the very way I FEEL I DESERVED TO BE LOVED, and after the last three days of reading all about the Pisces-Scorpio compatibility I am already IN LOVE with my Pisces man and I don't even know his name, what he looks like, or where he could be in the world. But I DO KNOW that he's real and perfect for me in every way.

Everyday since the break up with my Libra (week 1/2)
i spend a lot of my time visualizing Mr. Pisces, i can't wait to meet him, I feel like it will be:

1.Love at first sight
2.Intense Physical/Spiritual Chemistry
3.Mind blowing sex(never experienced "good" or great sex.... poor me....)
4. True understanding

too fast too soon?
by: Anonymous

i too a scorpio woman have began to fall for a pisces man. it's something about this guy that ive only known for a few months that makes me crazy inside when i see him. idk if its love but we have a crazy kinda soul connection and thats not something you run across everyday. but we scorpios are quite intuitive and smart so just keep your eyes open enjoy what it is you have right now :)

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