Scorpio female love my perfect Taurus male

I'm a Scorpio female (50) with a Taurus male (26) who met on-line. We live close by & got on brilliantly from the day we met. He is foreign I'm English, so unsure if his culture has bred respect etc or it's his Taurus traits. He is the most attentive, tactile, loving, considerate man I have ever met. Always happy & smiling, calm and not demanding. Very generous and complimentary, I have never felt so good about myself, he has done wonders 4 my confidence.

He is very open & we talk about everything, I bravely told him I loved him (you can't not!!) but was unsure what his reaction would be, or if he would run a mile! He welcomed those words & said he loved me too, nothing seems to phase him.

He is very sensuous, romantic & an excellent lover, nothing is hurried.

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perfect Taurus male
by: Anonymous

Im a Scorpio woman that has been dating a Taurus man for a year. This has been one of the best relationship I have ever experience. I saw him at the bar, when I was with my former boyfriend a Libra, but I couldn't resist him! Needless to say we have been together ever since. He is everything I have ever wanted in a man and we are madly in love! I wouldn't change one thing.....I know in my heart im going to share this man last name!!!!!

love my perfect Taurus male
by: Anonymous

I'm a Scorpio girl im 19 and im with a Taurus man and I love it. Besides the stubbornness the jealousy but all in all its good the sex is super.. lol we have a son and I well have another in may we live together and it works fine to me... the determinedness of both can work to help you both work out... My advice to the Scorpio women just let him have his space and trust him and it'll work out fine....

Scorpio Woman & Taurus Man
by: Anonymous

Hi to all, well i'm in a very unhappy marriage for 10 years so is this Taurus man (I think) he doesn't say but i often express those feelings to him about my home life... He's amazing and listens like he cares... I have no idea of his motive but i don't just want to be someones play thing....He is very beautiful and irresistible so i don't know what to do? He always stares at me and seems intrigued by me but like i said we are both married he's married to a Leo and i'm married to a capricorn....

love my patient bull
by: ginger

i'm a sucker for a bull. my current bf is a bull and so was my last. they are so sweet & mellow. taurus boys are the most stable, no drama, earthy, normal people. we have a perfect routine going, i feel complete with a taurus guy. bulls are the yin to my yang. they're so incredibly uncomplicated but they can be a little obstinate at times. i've never seen my bull get angry but he sure can be a a stick in the mud at times. i can get over his stubbornness because there are so many other great qualities. sexy. sensual. romantic. level-headed. a perfect match for an emotional, intense scorpio girl.

by: Anonymous

I'm a 25 year old Scorpio woman and I'm in lust with a 40 year Tuarus man, ok I first noticed him at work, when I saw him it was liked he was just so handsome 2 me, and it was something about him I had 2 know him, so I asked around about this guy, after a few weeks later he got the message I would guess, cause he started noticing me but never said anything, one day I was goin 2 the bathroom and he pasted by on his forklift, I went on in the restroom when I came out he was there waiting, he asked I heard u been asking question about me, so he asked me what was the deal and I told him how felt, long story short he said he admire my honest, so everyday I showed him I liked him, we both flirting with each other, but he had a lady and she worked in da same place we worked but on different shifts, but I wanted him sexually I think he did too, at first he told me I was moving 2 fast for him and that we can't get together, but when I got another job my wish true, the sex was outstanding he made feel something I have never before, now this is I'll third time having sex. His lady friend which whom he staying with, ok he told me things is not good with them, and that he's going 2 move out but not yet 2 do so, him and I had heated words about things, and he would always say something told me not 2 mess with you, but my thing is I've told him how I feel he never has told me anything on how he feel, its just like I'm extra 2 him that he only see me for sex, I'm I 2 young 4 him 2 b serious with or what?

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