Scorpio Gemini Arguments

by Gemini
(Melbourne, Australia)

For the past two years I have been dating a Scorpio man. For the majority of the time, I would never describe him as less than amazing, intelligent, beautiful, and incredible. He is such a wonderful person to be around, and I can never get enough of him. He can get enough of me though.

I feel that we mesh on EVERY level except during arguments. OH MY GOSH! Scorpio's are without compromise, and it drives me insane. If you have a problem, they don't want to hear it. If they have to hear it, they won't discuss it. And if you force them to discuss it, they completely shut you out and close the door, literally. My Scorpio man will let an argument carry on for days. But I will not. My nature needs arguments resolved quickly, and a hug, a kiss, a forgiveness, a chat to promise to improve on the problem, will do it for me. My Scorpio man however will lament on this for days and make my life hell until he decides its okay to let go. He never comes to me, hugs me, and lets it blow over. Being a Gemini, it is rare that I put meaning into things I say when I am angry. But Mr. Scorpio will take everything I have said, bottle it up, and use it for vengeance the next time we fight. He never lets go, and remembers EVERYTHING. I am flighty, and feel-in-the-moment, so if I am angry, I express it, but i am so easily happy again. But Scorpio man will not, never, ever, apologies, take blame, or feel guilt. Or if he does, I have never seen it. I guess because Scorpio's are so passionate about everything, they are passionate about being stubborn. This is not something Gemini can fathom, because Gemini is unbelievably compromising.

But, in truth, my Scorpio man keeps me stimulated. He is always full of something new and interesting to talk about. He is so caring and so wonderful and sensitive, and loves so much to spoil. He is an incredible lover, and an amazing best friend. Just so impossible to have an argument with!

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Scorpio Woman Trumps Scorpio Man
by: Anonymous

Dear Ms. Gemini:

I am a Scorpio woman. Everything you said is on point with my nature, which is why I choose friends and lovers that don't push my buttons with reckless abandon. I do admire Geminie's for their quick-witted, energetic spirit. But I must say I find I am more likely to have a nice friendship with a Gemini than a long term love affair. Fighting sucks the life out of you; I choose my battles carefully as I get old and tired. I should also note that I am replying to a comment supposedly written by a Gemini and I'm not fully buying it. Sounds more like it comes from an arrogant Scorpio man who is explaining himself and praising himself at the same time. Factor in I am a female and all the astrology in the world doesn't trump female intuition. Best of luck to whoever you really are. ~B

gemini women... not to be taken seriously...
by: arcataman

Totally understand. I am a scorpio male and had a very intense, exceptionally loving relationship with a gemini woman. She's a fantastic person, but getting to substance, "cutting to the chase" and getting past games is not something she does lightly. I LOVE a challenge. And gemini's love, cannot help but love, due to insecurity I think, to play games... superficial, yet deep at the same time - which is a very intriguing combination for a scorpio... as we keep looking for sincerity. This for me is exceptionally difficult as my moon is in Gemini... but I have rising and sun in scorpio...
As such, and multiple recent relationships with gemini's (which, unlike many other signs, don't bore me eventually...) make dating a gemini for me, DEADLY - I have to be very careful with women of this sign... make them "put-up, or shut-up" if I'm serious... or turn and walk fast and hard ... and keep walking ... the only solution I believe has a reasonable chance of substance and not feeling "jacked around" mentally. You cannot give them too much of yourself until they propose and insist upon commitment... or you're wasting your time and sanity

by: Anonymous

Hi there Ms. Gemini. I am a Scorpio and I will tell you why you cannot win arguments with him. You simply are not smart enough. Scorpios have a way of reading intelligence and judging peoples capacity at one glance -(you have very bad punctuation). On the flip side he will appreciate any kind effort directed to him. But that does not give you the right to take out your frustrations on him and make him feel bad. We hate guilt trips because we have excellent memory and hold on, unlike Gemini who think it is okay to destroy someone and then pretend like nothing happened. You are going to get hurt very badly Ms. Gemini, believe me. You must have said the wrong thing to Scorpio because he is brooding on the inside and he will hit you where it hurts the most when you least expect it. Not with words or signals but with pure actions (cheat).

PS. Look for another sign that likes to play games and ruin their lives. Scorpio will forever be steps, and I mean steps ahead of you Ms. Gemini.

Are you kidding me?!
by: Anonymous

I'm a gem woman married to a scorp.... Aracatama whatever your name is.... Let me say this ( not to throw my dear hubby under the bus) scorpios are hands down the most manipulative mind game playing people I have ever met. JUST to see how you'll respond. They set traps with a smile on their faces then BAM! You didn't respond how they think you should have, and you're the polar opposite of what they thought you to be. Which on every level is not ok. In addition 85% of the time you get only the parts of stories and "truth" that make them look like the hero, or shift blame. I'm not just talking about my hubby but 2 other scorps I dated in my younger years. If in fact you dear scorp, have found a gem that plays mind games, consider that the root of the problem is bc she realized there was a trap being set, or a blame shift. Ill be the first to admit that's not the way to handle y'all's "tests"..... I call mine out point blank which is why we've lasted 8 yrs

Absolutely in the same boat
by: Anonymous

My dear husband and I (me Gemini him Scorpio) have been involved for the last two years five months before our anniversary serious arguments began after months of peace mostly on his part and his in capability to compromise and let things go-he is absolutely stubborn so I cringe every-time an argument develops-it can never just be civil and intellectual it always has to be full of fallacies and overgeneralizing situations base on primarily his own experience-he talks about perception but is narrow minded-other than that I am completely enamored with him. He is such a beautiful creature and so brilliant that he is able to match my wittiness. He competes with me at times and wants to win when I just want to be...and do lol well I love my Scorpio and accept all of him. I'm confident that he accepts me as well or else why else would he commit to marriage

by: Anonymous

Hi I'm a scorpio woman my boyfriend a gemini. Been together for 4years and have known each other for 8.. I really do think gemini is amazing fun loving intellectual etc etc, but the mind games the lies, the deflections of their own insecurities onto u, mood swings and last but not least the anger. Scorpios can't stand these traits well I can't I like to talk not argue you get your points across and resolve any issue.. Done and dusted. How do I get this across to my gemini I've explained in every way possible but there must be some magical line I can use to get threw to him where it'll stick. Part from that I'm optimistic for geminis and scorpio couples maybe its patients on our half and growing up to for geminis. :-)

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