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I'm a Gemini girl who has fallen hard for a Scorpio man. We met in high school, he was an exchange student so unfortunately he was only around for a couple months. I remember looking at him for the first time and thinking I had to go find out who he was so I introduced myself and don't know exactly how everything else happened...

I know I initiated and controlled most of it...isn't that weird? I thought Scorpios liked to be in control? Anyways, we had some good sexual experiences, even though some didn't go as far as we would've really wanted. We were young (we both agreed that was a big reason after recently talking about it) and I was too nervous too just let go and give in to many things, but oh boy there were strong feelings, stronger, different from what I've had with my Pisces and Gemini men (the only other signs I have dated).

The attraction was definitely there from both sides, but sadly I feel like I never really got to know him very well partly because of the lack of time and that he was and is a quiet guy, when I've gone back to think about it we hardly ever talked we were too busy making out haha and when we talked it was mostly school related, he didn't open up very much about his personal life. Which I think it's kind of understandable in a way though, he hardly knew me, and he's a Scorpio, at least that's what I want to think.

He broke my heart when he went back to his country, I had lost touch with him. Saying goodbye to him that night was so hard I couldn't even cry at that moment, it was very overwhelming, but everyday for months after he left, I would look out my window and cry, school was horrible without him, I didn't even bother to wear makeup or dress nice, and all my friends noticed. I didn't understand how someone I got to know for such a short amount of time could make me feel so much and it killed me (still does) to not know if he had any feelings for me.

I recently found him again on Facebook after almost 10 years... all those feelings I had for him never left me and they are stronger now more than ever, I just don't know what to do with them because he is so far away. I talk to him a couple of times a week IM's and e-mail's. It's still pretty much just a very sexual relationship we have if you know what I mean hehe, despite the fact that he says he has a girlfriend.

He doesn't let me in on much while I am an open book about everything... everything but my feelings for him. I'm sure he knows I like him, but I wish I could tell him how I really feel about him though, I love our sexual chat, but I know I don't just want him sexually, I want his heart too... I'm in love with him and am absolutely thrilled to have found him again, but I fear he doesn't feel the same way for me (that I am just all about sex to him, or that he's in love with his girl) and that even if I confessed my feelings for him he would have nothing to say regardless of his feelings if he has any for me.

I still find myself initiating most of our non-sexual conversations on the internet, he mostly initiates the dirty talk, and I can't help but give in to it. Normal conversations have been getting better, he seems to be opening up a bit more, I'm confused and don't know what to make of this, when he says so little. Distance is a big factor here, but I am willing to fly my ass there to be with him. I wish he would feel what he feels between his legs for me in his heart and let me know or give me a hint or sign if he feels anything like love for me. If anyone has any advice for me I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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My Advice
by: Anonymous

Please do one of the following:

1. Tell him how you feel, or
2. Fly your ass to where he is

Life's too short. It could be that you're just obsessed with your first love (it happens). Or it could be he's the love of your life and doesn't want to tell you how he feels (Scorpios are very secretive about what they feel sometimes). It sounds like you can't move on until you find out.

Take it from an old person (me) - it's far better to regret something you did, than to spend your life regretting or wondering about something that you didn't do. Whatever it takes, go find out, so you can move forward in your life.

My advice
by: Anonymous

My opinion (as someone who's been around the block many times!) is that you are confusing love with lust, romance with reality. What you have is just a romantic fantasy. I'm not sure if you are in love with him per se (how can that be when you really don't know him very well) or if you are in love with this ideal person in your head who you are reminiscing about through rose-tinted glasses. It is blatantly obvious that he has no intention of seeking you out, to resume some semblance of a 'normal' relationship (a normal relationship cannot just be all about talking dirty on IM and email) and he has told you that he has a girlfriend (which he has no intention of giving up either). It is difficult to give up thoughts of your first love esp when you only want to remember the good aspects ; to the point that there is a blur between what is reality and what is fantasy. You may want to see him face-to-face to clarify issues but it's plain for most of us to see what the outcome is going to be - you'll be hurt and disappointed. Do not torture yourself, walk away now.

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