Scorpio Gemini marriage

My Scorpio man and I just married. I can honestly say I've found my match. I mean, of course I'm still a Gemini and I still have that flip flopping, but he's such a wonderful companion and he is very supportive and hard working. We always have such good conversations and it's just comfortable together. We both love travel and went to Europe for our honeymoon. It was lovely. He's so sexy and always he surprises me. He's not the most romantic, but I can totally tell that he's head over heels for me. I know I can never match his feelings for me, but I do love him with my whole heart and being. Yeah, sometimes I still long for the other side, but that will always come and go, and I've accepted it. I have my own boundaries I won't cross and that's it. I do think he has a hard time being spontaneous, but that does keep me out of trouble, lol. When I think about us growing old being with our son and being a whole family now, I just feel so happy!

Maybe our rising signs help. Mine is Taurus, his is Virgo.

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by: Anonymous

Well I have been dating a Scorpio man for a year. In the beginning we bump heads, but you have to realize any relationship takes work. I am in love and I feel that he is my one and only, he treats me like a lady and very respectful to me. the best relationship I ever had. Its funny how am a Gemini and I suppose to get along with Leo's.. yea right both men got on my damn nervous and were cheaters so it depends on the two people in the go for it!!!

by: Anonymous

I'm a Gemini in love with a Scorpio. It sucks. I gave my heart to him yet I never told him. He told me I had his heart. Yet were not together.

by: Anonymous

I'm no Scorpio or Gemini but my mother is a Gemini and my dad is a Scorpio and they've been married for 26 years already. :) I basically know their whole story of how they met and stuff lol To be honest the reason my mom gave the relationship a thought wad because she got love at first sight so she knew they were destined only he wasn't her type at all lol they were acquaintances at first but slowly got to know each other and right away liked each other due to bring so different. My dad was the outgoing sensitive one while my mom was straight forward and played hard to get. He somehow brought the fun in my mom while she brought the ambition in my dad. Their was actually a point last year where they were having arguments about the marriage saying how my dad wouldn't take her out or bond like they used to while my dad would get tired of my mom nagging, but they were determined to fix the relationship in which they did and have been better and happier together ever sin ce. Basically what I'm trying to say is, I don't think it matters sometimes by compatibility of horoscopes. It's all about if your able to communicate with each other and are willing to work together, then fate will work it's magic :)

I am a Scorpio woman who married a gemini man
by: Anonymous

I don't need to use the word limit to say it was a huge mistake and a waste of time. So was the Sagittarius I was with in college. Now 20 years later, the sagittarius man I am with is the best thing to happen to me. My sagittarius son though is a real Pain in the ass though.

Reply to magic
by: Anonymous

this story sounds like my fiance and i,
We were accquantances for 8 years before we randomly started working together again and went on a date derived out of boredem. It did not take long we were engadged with family on the way. The most loving, honest and fun relationship i never knew could exsist MAGIC to be sure

He is my best friend and lover:)
by: Anonymous

When I met him I knew it was destiney. I ran into him twice in this big world. Me as a gemini women took forever to get him to fall. Yet when he fell I catched him. He thought me alot as I also thought him. One thing I know is that he is my soulmate. I wouldn't trade him for anyone. P.s we have had alot of ups and downs like any couple. He completes me:)

Scorpio and Feminist
by: Anonymous

Im a Scorpio who had a relation witb a Gemini. I never felt confident with that relationship. It was as if Gemini never committed 100 %. So although I thought I was in love, it was easy to let go. I felt that Gemini was not worthy of my devotion. But the advise I have for the Gemini is to not cross him and let him know all your secrets. Make him feel secure on the relationship or he will run. The problem with him running is that he doesn't give 2nd chances. Good luck, I hope it helps.

10 years with a Scorpio man
by: Anonymous

UNBELIEVABLE!!! Fighting all the time; jealous all the time; insecure all the time about my commitment to him.
If I was wearing something he considered sexy, he would yell at me and ask me if I wanted to show my...whatever he decided I was trying to show. If my eyes had too much make-up...or if I talked to a sales was a constant fight. We did not have kids, thanks Lord.
He was very arrogant and walks like if he has a stick in his behind. Feels superior to everybody and is able to sting like a real scorpion
Get away from them!!!!

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