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I'm a Gemini woman that has had a few Scorpio men. There is one in particular that I cannot quite figure out. When we are around each other, for the most part, we can get along. That is until we have sex, which is VERY INTENSE. The sex is completely off the charts in terms of how good it is. But we can't hold a conversation without arguing. We are separated from each other now. I am currently in a relationship with a Gemini male, which is my first time dating another Gemini. The relationship is going great, however, the Scorpio has just professed his love for me. Since we had been dating, I always wanted to hear him say that. At this point I don't know what to do. He always made me feel ugly and insecure, so I'm not that moved by his feelings all of a sudden, but I don't want to let him go because he could be genuinely in love.

So Gemini women, Scorpio men can be good for you if you find the right one for you.

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be smart
by: Anonymous

let him go....if you have any self respect for yourself....he'll also respect, love you more if you don't go back to him

Gemini woman
by: Anonymous

I married a Scopio man they are very complicated men. Big flirts, tell lies not worth it.

Scorpion man
by: Anonymous

THis is for the gemini women...well ur wrong.scorpions once decide to marry someone then they be loyal to there wife or there galfriend..may be u were not the right gal.if u give the trust to him he will trust u more than u...

They do cheat (:
by: Anonymous

im a single gemini woman and had a fling with a scorpio male...he told me he was married but separated. To make a very long story short, he has been married for 6 years and has 2 boys (3 & 5). I never asked too many personal questions...but found out his wife's name (not by him) and found many recent pics of him and his so called happy family. I think they cheat for ego purposes..they need to know they still have it! I have to was great! I feel sorry for his wife. I should have not went out with him but he had such a strong way of pulling me in...i couldnt resist!

jealous and possesive not compatible
by: Gem

Scorpio and Gemini are great for sex and thats all! My two experiences with a scorpio male were great learning experiences sure it starts of great ...then fizzles ....dont go back to that scorpio they are vengeful too. not worth the trouble for us Gems we love our freedom and mind and they want all love for them and nothing else of course you all cant converse its not there ....not compatible just a headache.

by: scorpio

Gemini women are too shallow for scorpio men

A Scorpio
by: Gemini 2

I was with a Scorpio for almost 6 months, he was a very faithful guy, intelligent, and possessive. He acted like everything had to go his way, and got mad at the most smallest things. The sex was GREAT! But I just was not attracted to him anymore, he wanted to stay in the house all the time. I broke it off with him and he tried to come back but once I told him it was over he went off the deep end and started yelling and screaming,threating me, and trying to bring up things that he has done for me. I never talked to him again after that day.I'm now talking to another Scorpio but I am kind of scared because when Scorpio's feeling get into the relationship then its all over from there. I say if you know you don't want a relationship let the Scorpio man know before you get into something you can't get out of.

Gemini Woman w/ Scorpio Man for 4 months
by: Gemini

He and I are completely head over heels for each other. The sex is great and he's so understanding, he's not the stereotypical scorpio that the other gemini women are hating on. But this guy, he's so loyal, faithful and loving, i love him so much.

Scorp's are too possissive!
by: La La

Ok no need to hate on a Scoprio, but they are extremly possissive and feel like it all has to go their way? I am a Gemini woman that has delt with 4 Scorpio men and it's their way or the highway.....Gem's we like our freedom and independence so this union can work only if a Gem woman is willing to compromise her freedom for a Scorpio. SEX is usually AMAZING! but Scoprio's are not too social and like to stay home for the most part. That can become boring real fast to a Gem.

The SEX will be the best and INTENSE you've ever had! and Passion runs deep :) but dosent out weigh the control they want over you :/

by: True Emerald Gemini

I say; get rid of the Gemini Male. I dated one for five years, and although it flowed it flopped a lot too. Scorpio man is much more in touch with his emotions when it comes to relationships, bearing them and showing them through gifts. Gemini males are a breed of their own.

by: Mimi

Well I will like to say that a I'm a gemini woman as well and I am daring scorpio man too. And I had read alot of tall comments and a I see people are talking about this about a scorpio man and talking that too. Well sometimes it depends on the person you are dealing with. Because I am dealing with a scorpio man and he does have bad ass temper and so do I as well. But at the end of the day when we make up the Sex be off the damn chain. Lolol.....

I love Scorpios
by: kisses3337

I dated 4 Scorpio men in close proximation of time. One was the kind to show his control by not giving the way you needed just to keep the control. The next one was/ is interested but is being very cautious about revealing himself to me. Third is the one I've know the longest. The first one I met only 2 weeks after a 7 year mostly on relationship and 20 year marriage of men that did not appreciate me. He was very charming, sensual, talkative and mysterious. He is very good at his game. He has it down to a science and has a lot of patience. Needless to say he's the one that I wonder what could be. The last one is completely dedicated to me (so far) very new relationship. He seems to love all aspects of me. Our communication is very easy. We're able to say whatever is on our mind without concern the other will take offense. The way he wants to love me is the way I've always hoped it could be. My thoughts still keep going back to the one I've known longest. I know that we could also be great partners. He has not allowed me in that close for me to show him. He's going to miss out on unconditional love and dedication. Most of all you won't know how intense, sensual and soul experiencing sex we could've attained. How do I know? Because that's the way me and the one that's in love me make love. With every sense and inch of our skin, mind, heart and soul.

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