Scorpio girl, but I don't always act like a scorpio.

Well, yes I am secretive, and I also have a mysterious personality too. but I don't think I'm that "sexy" (lol) or what so ever, cause I don't act like a scorpio all the time. I'm really quiet but I don't find myself "poisonous" or anything. I am quite sensitive and emotional, but I don't like getting mad at others, I'd rather forgive people instead lol. I don't like others getting mad at me, so I'd rather follow their own way rather than having others following mine. I rely on others a lot, especially my lover.

When it comes to guys, I like guys who are leadership, but not selfish. I like guys who lead me, and I'll follow, but warm hearted, caring, fun, and understanding. I tend to be attracted to cheerful, playful guys, since I'm really quiet, (it's not that I don't like talking, but I don't know why..I'm just quiet, but sometimes I can talk a lot actually :P ) but I hate the feeling of insecurity. I like guys who are fun, caring, and generous, and someone who I can rely on, but I don't want him to be over protective, and controlling my life, cause I don't like to feel trapped.

Although many people might think that scorpios are dark, and cold what so ever, but they are actually very warm hearted in the inside, and extremely understanding to others. Once you get closer to a Scorpio girl, you'll find out how warm hearted she is. She is not as cold as you think she is!!

Once a scorpio girl falls in love with you, it's extremely hard for her to replace somebody else in her heart. (:

on the outside, they might look strong, but in the inside, they are much weaker than you think they are.

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Re: I Don't Always Act Like a Scorpio
by: Hope

Selectivity in partners, loyal in love, forgiving the trespasses of others, risking disappointment, and side-stepping needless conflict ? those are the traits of an incredibly strong person with lots of self-insight.

Not sure if there is a ?typical Scorpio?, or any other sign, as other planetary placements (moon, rising, mars, Venus, etc.) have strong influences on our behavior as well. So do childhood environmental influences.

Here?s an interesting observation though. I?ve noticed that when a Scorpio has it together with a helpful personality, happy long-term relationship, honesty, doting parent, loyal friend, intelligent, career success, and generally likeable, people tend to attribute to a Libra rising or a Sagittarius moon, or anything other than Scorpio influences.

However when someone from another sign has many social challenges, it gets blamed on their Scorpio moon or mars. I enjoyed your post.

i call bullshit
by: aries man

on this one. dated a scorpio for 4 years. love of my life i can replace her and i thought the same for her but she just dumped me on my way home from the airforce... on my way home! talk about bitch... also no reason for it other then her feelings just went away... so obviously its not that hard for scorpios to replace so you might wanna rethink i dont know what to do with my life

man up!
by: scorpio teen

frankly that's just pathetic. Get a hold of yourself, it's not the end of the world now a scorpio woman has dumped you. Honestly I'm a teenager and my previous boyfriends handled the break ups better than you :/

by: aries man

you said it yourself your a teenager and by previous boyfriends that tells me your longest relationship was probably less then a year so you really have no voice in this

by: Scorp Girl

Well, I'm a Scorpio Girl too and I do not act like it at times. The only thing is...I have no other Scorpio in my Birth Chart. It's mostly Gemini and Sag and Aquarius. It's funny!

by: Scorpios Girl

I dont act like a scorpio girl all the time ethier im quite but not all the time and im shy..... i dont fall in love that easily but when i do i fall hard really hard like now..... and some people might think scorpio girls are mean,rude,and ect. but we are really not we can be if you cross the line about something but we are really nice we are really nice people you know and we can be playful and silly at some point in time :D

To the Aries man (If you ever read this)
by: Ivy

If you'd reflect on the way you responded, you might realize why she left you. The answer is clear. I believe you need to control the way you show your temper. I mean, if you had always been that 'angry man', it's no wonder that girl chose to leave you. I would have done the same. Of course I don't know you personally & this is just my opinion, i might be wrong. But possibly too, I'm right.

Scorpio Woman (:

Aries Man - self reflection time
by: Anonymous

Not sure if you ever read this still it needs to be said...

Understand you feel hurt with the end of your 4 year relationship with your Scorpio woman but she did not leave you for anyone else right? Her feelings for you changed/lessened/disappeared is what she told you. Ever consider this to be a challenge you needed to undertake to win her again? To rekindle the connection you once shared? With any substantive time apart, people change and it is not fair to place all the blame/fault/reason/excuse on a sole party. If you truly loved her and saw her as the "love of your life" then why wouldn't you take the hardship and work as your own labor of love to maintain your relationship? Of course I don't know if you did or not when this all happened, but the more you surrender to her current state of uneasiness the more you show her you cannot and unable to provide loyalty and commitment. Fight for what you love and believe is true, giving in to hardship and challenges life throws at you is a sign of lack of self determination which to us Scorpio woman a betrayal that is unforgivable nor acceptable.

I know how distance can impact a relationship Scorpio is in as I worked 500 miles away from my partner for over 6 months and only saw each other on weekends. When we were apart he would state his desire for me and the importance of me to us and his happiness. He would also express his own insecurities and by doing so, I (as a Scorpio woman) felt a sense of control and deep desire to protect what is sacred and important.

Ask yourself, did you give your Scorpio woman what she needed during the time you were apart, if not, then what did you expect?

Hope you find a love that will not fade.

by: Anjani

i have a saggitarus rising and a gemini moon ..just had a terrible break up with a cancer man ..but i don't know why ..i can't replace him ..but we never gelled up with each other ..i cat like a sagg ..and he's a typical cancer we did'nt get along..well my fault i sud have been like a scorpio not a sagg..and shud have been a little less insecure

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