Scorpio girl confused over Aquarius man behaviour

by reggie
(united states)

I am a typical Scorpio girl and i am really possessive and jealous. I am in a relationship with an Aquarius guy for 1 year. Things were really good and bestest relation i could ever imagined of ,we were so much in love, he would accept my possessiveness and would do anything i demanded. But lately , our relation is messed he reacts strangely like he doesn't care, if i have an argument he will hang up upon me and that boils my blood. lately many times i have broken off with him because he don' care if iam upset over him and things like that.
but somehow we patch up and things work for few days but again we end up in wild arguments and breaking off.
he has never said that he wanted to part his ways with me,.. but also he has not accepted that he wanted to be with me.
when asked upon' he would simply reply that' i want nothing.. he is really mean and hurts me with his harsh comments. i often cry but he'l not care.
he was never like this in past.
So, what should i do,.. but i just love him unconditionally he seems not to care is that he turns off when emotions run high? what shall i do... iam reallyy in trouble i cannot think of any way. He got big Ego ,he wouldn't call me if we have had fight!!

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by: Anonymous

there is nothing unconditional about possessive, jealous and demanding love. you think just because he accepted it, then he's gonna stick around. no...he accepted it AT FIRST, that doesn't make it FOREVER.

i am a scorpio as well, and it took me years and years to come to grips with my possessive/jealous traits, and how it can, and WILL ruin a potentially good relationship. as a fellow scorpion sister, i'm telling you that you NEED to tame and curb your scorpio instincts, before they destroy every single good man who comes your way.

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