Scorpio girl crushing on Virgo guy

So, I've had a crush on this cute guy for a couple of months. We haven't gotten to talk very much because I only see him when he's working. The few times we have talked he's always really sweet and totally polite. I'm usually pretty good about picking up on if a guy likes me or not, but I couldn't decide with him because sometimes he looks at me a lot and other times it seems like he's avoiding eye contact. I just found out yesterday that he's a Virgo and now all of that makes more sense to me.

My question is this: How do I attract him without being a scary Scorpio? I've been told before (by a Leo no less!) that I can be quite intimidating. I try not to be, I usually prefer to stay low key, flirt casually (just enough to say I'm interested) and let the guy make his move. But...if Virgos are too shy to do that, then how do I proceed? Also, I know that I'm definitely one of those Scorpio girls that sets her eye on someone and it's hard to let go. I get attached WAY too easily and that's already happened her so...again...what do I do?

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virgo men
by: Anonymous

They can be complicated but yes they are shy and yes you may have to make the first move but not to bold do it subtley. Just take your time with him be a bit hard to get. They dont like women to be easy.

I'm just like you
by: Anonymous

ahah I'm just like you I liked this Virgo guy and same thing I saw him at work only and sometimeshe gives me attention he looks at me with sparkles in his eyes and he wants to chit chat with me and some day he ignored me this drives me crazy. And same thing when I decided I like a guy, I don't give up, I try to be subtil not too show too much that i like him... awww

Virgo guy has had a crush on a scorpio for 7 years
by: Edd

Hi i'm a virgo guy who has had a crush on a scorpio girl for just over 7 years i found out she was scorpio last year. I only see her when i'm working for my uncle and that can be as little as once a year. I tryed to talk to her one morning and thought she didden't want to talk to me so i left it ive tryed to add her on face book many times. But i do try to keep it low key. I just been up there this past week. My addvice try to contact him i'e social sight or phone we can't cope with been face to face

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