Scorpio girl with the most difficult aquarius man!

by Maria
(New Jersey)

My boyfriend is an aquarius born on February 17.
The problem with him is he can be the most amazing boyfriend or the worst boyfriend. Our relationship can be absolutly amazing or aboslutly horrible. He can be the most thoughtful and selfish person. this is a cycle that is literally driving me insane! Me and him connect on so many levels, levels in which I never dreamed I would be able to connect with someone! That is why he is so valuable to me, and just the thought of losing him creates tears in my eyes! He makes me laugh for hours and humor is a big plus in men for me. But his issues with speaking his mind are driving our relationship downhill. He does not voice his emotions until he is abosoluty fed up with me, in addition, his pride makes our relationship so much more difficult. He hates anything to do with emotional distress so he dispises confrontation. Each time I get angrey at him of something he had done i try to tell him he takes it as me trying to fight and he switches the subject immidiatly. Our communication issues that he is too stubborn to try to fix are making me second guess our future together. the only thing keeping me going is when he randomly supries me with his ability to tell me exactly what i want to hear, he tells me he that loves me and that no matter what happens in the future whether we are together or apart i will always remain the woman in his life, that the place in his heart for me will forever remain. it has been 6 months and i am fed up with his lack of emotion at times in which i desperatly need it, he can be really thoughtless at times and i am fed up! i just want to know from others expeirence if this will get any better, if there is any hope in changing an aquarius mans bad habits or are they to stubborn and stuck in their own world to even realize and attempt to fix their faults?!

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