Scorpio in need of love advice

by Eric

I'm a scorpio male in my early 20s currently in love with a capricorn I've known for quite a few years. It's a complicated story how we turned from friends to this stage.. we're not yet in a relationship and that's what frustrates me. I'm not a kind of guy who falls in love easily, but she's something special. She captures my heart with every move she makes. I feel that she's also attracted to me but she's hesitating to show it. I'm fairly confident and extremely intense when in love, and I don't want to scare her off if reveal my deep feelings. What do I do?
I know it's not just a mere attraction you get when you want someone. This is real love. DEEP LOVE.

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capricorn women
by: TaurusGirl

hmm well I think that she might be a bit hesitant. I am sure if she gives you signals back she likes you as well. why not just lay it on the line? a Capricorn lady isn't going to be nasty to you.

earth signs need security and Caps are dead scared of being laughed at or looking stupid. the Cap women I know lack a bit of confidence. they are very faithful and loving in relationships and will try hard to make it work. i've heard this is one of the best matches for a Scorp.... give it a go!
I myself am seeing a Scorp man and I am loving it. wow.
you should only be with a Capricorn or a Taurus. I think we are the only ones strong enough to deal with you :D
best of luck!!

Capricorn woman with Scorpio man
by: Anonymous

True, this is the match made in heaven only if you can deal with your Scorpio's temper, lying, cheating, manipulations and all around immaturity. Wow, you say? Well, my Scorpio has a heart of gold but he is boring..but when we make love, it is like going to another place. When he kisses me, it is like a small bite of heaven and when we are out together, he treats me like his queen. He does everything in this power to make me happy and to keep me satisfied but I know him better than he knows himself. I have studied him. So I know he is lying, I know his insecurities, which seem to be a lot, and I know his heart. Why do I stay? Because it took almost three years but he finally started showing his emotions to me and yes, they are intense but true. He loves me with an indescribeable passion! I would not trade him for a mink coat! LOL! He is like a little boy looking for acceptance from his mother so I taunt him in a fashion that I know he will respond to. I don't try to communicate..just let him open up and talk when he wants to..I just listen. That is good enough for him. He will be my husband one day, he does not know it yet, but yes, I chose him.

Scorp/ cap
by: Anonymous

I've been with my Scorpio for 9 years married for 4
he fell in deep with me diff from what he did with other girls.
I could tell anyway. talked to me like I was the real deal. I did same thing, reserved on feeling s and all, always waited for someone to open me up. That was him, it had to be certain kind and the time, anyone before him didn't have that about them. I think we both look for intensity and deep love. so she could just be doing same thing , & that's true we keep cool not to look a certain way. it takes time with cappies but I think she likes the real time put into her, a hard worker, then she ll like to see that. after all years past our relationship is ending
Y? I guess temptation gave in to him... It does take alot to deal with scorp , I was aware what he was doing , I remained faithful no matter what, still gave his space. it's until it gets bad Enough that he gives up for the moment And seeing the details of how he talks to other females . don't understand, I know he ll always hold me in his heart very much . For being good to him. What do u know he fell for a taurus Just a little . So that could be true about cap and tar being the best ... I also have 3 other scorp from my past that still adore me same way after all this time having deeper feelings that is undiscribable plus family that are scorp would rather talk to me over other ppl in fam, We have an understanding for about anything , except, and still remain feeling the same , but if you really step on our patience with being faithful . are feelings diminish slowly , keep doing it then once feelings see barely there were like a jet out the door, that's what I'm doing now, he's still not done with me... .

Question for CAP women. With a little story first/.
by: Preston P

I am a NOV 16th Scorpio and my EX is a DEC 23th Cap.I am 32yrs old and she is 28.We meet over 5yrs ago through a friend and had an instant Physical Attraction.We were both in relationships at that time so the timing didn’t work then.She moved away with her BF and 5yrs later things didn’t work out and she’s back in my city.So we started hanging out and dating. We got together way too fast.We both realized that now.So she broke it off after 2 ½ month.Of course being a CAP she is super busy and has many regrets of the past, present and worries about the future.Her last relationship was her 1st love and ended nasty.The last 1 ½ of that relationship she says was garbage.She’s says she still has her wall up and is carrying baggage from her last relationship,which ended a year ago.Life really took a shit on her recently and she has many problems in her life now ( situation sucks,bad relationship with mother,money issues,ETC)My life isn’t all great either,but I handle stress way better than her. The months we were together were absolutely AMAZING.The chemistry is like nothing I have felt in years.The sex was off the charts, never a dull moment; our sense of humor is on point.I couldn’t ask for more.I was there for her whenever she needed me and vice versa.She does it for me physical,mentally ETC and she has told me I am her ideal guy exactly what she looks for. We still see each other at the gym often we text all the time and have agreed to start over and get to know each other all over again.This is tough for Scorpios because it’s usually is all or nothing with us and the new dynamic is new since we were so use to devouring each other on the regular. But,I can’t go and hour without thinking about this women,so I’m willing to do anything. I realize CAPS need space and need to figure things out on their own and have all kinds of patients are are basically putting some people through the ringer to determine if they are the right person. Also,that they like to be in control. I need to know what I can do to let her know I am here for the long haul without scaring her off.I have told her I am here for her and that hasn’t changed and I have told her when we first started dating that I don’t want to let her slip through my fingers.She has told me she still has feelings for me, but CAPs can be very confusing sometimes.I would be out of town or miss the text. But, when I set up a date to spend the night she says “We’ll See”.Come‘on WTF?One day she can’t keep her hands off me the next she seems kind of distant.I know I need to bring the sun into her life and I try my best all the time. I know I need to get my shit together too and prove I am sane on all levels.From a CAP women’s perspective what’s the best way to make sure when this CAP is ready for a relationship I want to be the 1st on her list? I don’t want to blow this opportunity.Do I just keep waiting? Also,let me know if there is any more information you may need b4 you can answer.

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