Scorpio in relationship with Aquarius

by Olive
(Mafikeng )

It is such a relief to read all the comments about the two signs compatibility. I have been worried sick that the stars say we are not a perfect match whilst everything seems to be in order. I have been in a relationship for five years now, i must say that he has never given me any reason to doubt his loyalty and love. He knows which buttons to press I know his too.

We give each other space even though at times we are at loggerheads (me being demanding and all). I must tell you that at times I am not able to read him let alone keeping up with his energy of being an extrovert and me an introvert which he manages to balance quite well. At least we share the drive for fast cars and motorbikes.

He even let's me drive his 'M6', not every man can do that, unless they are really into you. Knowing us Scorpio's with our mind games, he disappoints me all the time when I try to find something that is not there. We have our moments but we enjoy each other and can talk for hours and hours, he is emotionally matured which makes me surrender most of the time because of his calm nature of handling situations.

It was not love at first site but I can testify that we are love struck. I can not ask for more really not at this moment, except for us to tie the knot which he seems to be hesitating, i think i will put on my psychoanalysis gear to get him to take the leap...I look forward to aging with this 40 year old charming man.

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