Scorpio Intensity?

by Hope

What is really meant by Scorpio intensity? I keep reading about it on many websites and in a few astrology books. I have six planets in Scorpio and have no understanding of what others are referencing when they make that comment.

I have heard it only once in reference to myself. It was during a time when I was describing my detailed observations and how I felt about him. It was all quite positive and complimentary. There was no yelling, screaming, or anger. However, it was honest and thorough. I was just telling him how I perceived to date (new relationship) and what I really appreciated about him. He said I was being sort of scary.

I left it alone for the moment, but a week later asked him what he meant by his comment. I never got a response, even 3 months later, but I learned not to do that again with him.
Actually, I am accused more of being emotionless and stoic than I do intense or emotional. With both a Scorpio sun and moon, I manage to keep a tight rein on my emotions and think logically through situations.

I often have seen the term intense in connection with Scorpio. Is there real validity to that? Or, is it often used as a descriptor because we read it internet astrology sites? What is meant by intensity in this context?

What words are used to describe non-Scorpios who behave in a similar fashion (i.e. Arian verbal challenge, Virgoan jealous outburst, Cancerian emotional withdrawal, Aquarian fixation on an interest, or a Libra in relentless debate)?

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Scorpios intensity
by: Anonymous

Scorpios intensity is a combination of emotion and passion. They're water signs that are ruled by Mars. During the intitial stages, those emotions are a bit more controlled. But when these emotions are manifested over a period of time, they can become very obsessive, and uncontrollable.

Some people are a little more perceptive than others. When this man read you, and your controlled logical approach to relationships, red flags went flying. He used his third eye in observing you. Your lips may have suggested "logic", but your eyes may have said "crazy." But many people choose not to use their third eye when dealing or interacting with people.

I met a man who was gorgeous, calm, and extremely laid back. When he spoke, he spoke in an articulate methodical manner. Nothing offensive. His eyes told a different story. When he would speak, the expression on his eyes indicated that he was miles away. As if what I was being told, contradicted to what he was thinking. I felt ill at ease, slightly uncomfortable, and discussed it with my friends. I told them that I felt that he was 'off' in some way. They told me I was reading too much into it. I disregarded it. He pretended to be aloof, but for some reason, I knew it was all an act. Apparently he turned out to be a full-blown psycho. I got rid of him.

My advice to you...Wear sunglasses (smiles)

I hope this helps.

Re: Scorpio Intensity
by: Hope

Thank you for responding. Your thoughts are Interesting for sure. My interactions with Scorpio family members, long-term friends, and colleagues, don?t seem to produce the ?intensity? so frequently associated with Scorpios.

Normally what I see are cool, calm, collected individuals who tend to have a flat affect unless they are suddenly in a situation where even non-Scorpios would respond with heightened emotionality.

Perhaps the answer lies in the definition. Many of the Scorpions I know really don?t grasp why we are described as intense either.

For me, sitting through the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie, sky-diving fly a plane, nearly getting hit by a speeding car in the crosswalk, the palate sensation of the perfect red wine paired with perfect dark chocolate, the shock and horror of 9-11 are moments that I would describe as intense.

Intensity might be more befitting for say, Aries, as they tend to jump in whole-hearted with both feet, and worry about consequences later. They are good at wringing the excitement from life.

My 2 Cents..
by: Jewelz


See the fervor and unrelenting method you seek understanding to your question? This demonstrated level of uni-focal persistence is the intensity of Scorpios. Most non Scorpios we encounter are often perplexed by the extreme amount of unwavering determination the see from us - as we attempt with every possible approach for others to see our logic, reasoning, and most importantly HOW we arrived at our situation. We need people to know and accept the path we took and fail to register to ourselves what we call logic may actually be a fallacy we created through bias.

I am also a Scorpio and I know I can be very stubborn in thought especially on agendas that I am passionate about.

Keep in mind, everyone can takes a different path and arrive at the same destination - no path is better. Some may contain more obstacles but it is not up to us to overcome them for another.


6 planets in scorpio also
by: scorpio male

I am a twin scorpio. whenever my twin and i are in public people literally stop what they are doing (conversing, texting,reading, eating etc) and all eyes are on us. i used to think its because we look alike but i started observing peoples reactions whenever i am out alone and its the same. its like the world pauses and all attention is directed towards me.

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