Scorpio Leo marriage

My relationship (Scorpio woman) with my Leo husband is incredibly rewarding and challenging. It has taken a lot of compromise and troubleshooting to make it run smoothly.

When we are connected and in tune with each other it's amazing, if we hit a rough patch the small distance between us grown from a crack to the grand canyon within hours.

We always make it back though. I find it interesting that my husband is so completely not emotional about things and I live on my emotions, unfortunately.

We work through it though because I tell him 'you may not understand why I feel the way I do, you just have to understand that is how I feel.'

Once I say that then it usually helps. He would never get it before and would tell me things like 'that's not how you feel'. So now we have the agreement that emotionally we will never get each other, we just have to respect that's how the other feels.

Our love story was intense, as most Scorpio Leo relationship are. This sound crazy but he proposed to me three weeks after we started dated, he just knew and I just knew.

We were married eight months later and the rest is history. I wouldn't trade my husband for the world, he truly is the best match to my Scorpio personality.

As the other Scorpio women on here know that we need a challenge. Sure we love to control our men, as we do everyone, but if we are honest I think we would admit that we would get bored with a man who we controlled all the time.

My husband is very compromising but sometimes he is the dominant one and against every fiber in my being, I become the one that listens and is controlled, as much as you can control a Scorpio.

Not that we truly control each other, we work together, and truly have a partnership.

Our intimate relationship has been incredibly passionate and amazing from day one and has continued.

I really like a Scorpio Leo match is a match made in heaven. If both parties are willing to work on it it can be the most rewarding relationship ever.

Both have to learn how to trust too, my husband and I are completely loyal to each other, we just have to remind each other of that now and then when jealousy rears its ugly head.

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Love my Leo Man
by: Anonymous

I'm a scorpio woman and possess all the good and bad that comes with being a scorpio. I too am very much in love with my Leo. We knew right away that we were a match and became engaged very quickly. We bump heads every now and then but we are very committed and loyal so building trust has been the focus. Thanks for the post. Scorpio/Leos can work,

New Scorpio and Leo
by: Anonymous

My relationship (Scorpio woman) with my Leo is very much what the I am reading from other posts. It was a very quick start. Our first night of meeting; it was like we had known each other forever. It grew from there. All of the things I couldn't wait to get away from in my ex (Taurus); I found in my Leo -- 10 fold! The "Be careful what you ask for" cliche has never rang more true. All that I wanted is in my Leo. But I don't think I was ready for it. We are both so head strong that its a challenge sometime. I am a cupful of emotions and that sometimes leads to me wanting to talk about "us" more than the business at hand. I am skeptical about things that he assures me of (my trust issue) and I have to figure out how to manage that. Its been 6 months and it still new and I am so unsure of how we'll make it. We're so alike in ways yet so different.

A View from the male side
by: Anonymous

I am a leo man with a scorpio woman I have been with many signs before but only one scorpio and am completely in love with her. the beginning was rough cause of her jealousy and negitive self outlook along with both of our stubborness but once we were able to get past that and learn when we have to fold our hand and when not to we became an unsepperable force to be reckoned that not even being a state apart at the moment is going to stop us from eventually being together. the more we have been forced to be apart from eachother the more our love has grown for eachother. We started out being with eachother for the first six months and realized that we had fallen in love with eachother in the second month of being together and were together for another six months untill I had to move to another state but not even that stopped us from loving eachother and eventually becoming engaged. the further we have been from one and another the more our feelings have grown and still continue grow even when I think they cant grow anymore. All in all a leo and scorpioare great once you can gain the trust, loyalty and commitment for eachother

against the odds
by: Anonymous

I am a scorpio woman and I am madly in love with my best friend, who happens to be the epitome of a male leo. We are both jealous, stubborn, and hot-headed, but are both equally in love with eachother and are determined to make it work. When either of us gets jealous, it is okay to need reassurance occasionally, and it is important that we both recognize this. I am an extremely emotional being, as with any scorpio, and sometimes my leo has a hard time relating to, or understanding where it comes from. But frankly, so do I sometimes. I think that even if we aren't always able to agree with eachother, as long as we understand where the other is coming from, it'll work. Good luck to all you scorpio-leo couples- certainly not for the faint-hearted.

Its Amazing
by: Anonymous

I never been in a relationship longer than a year. Me being the Scorpio and my boyfriend being the Leo, he's is prone to being in long distance. Its does have it challenges but I love it. Im proud to announce that its been over a year and I love this man more than he knows. He loves my daughter so thats a plus. The bedroon scene is awesome and I can get a bit greedy but he can hang, lol. I see myself as his wife and already start calling him my husband. I got him a promise ring and he wears it on the weeding finger, so he's in step with the program. We're both in the military and we plan on traveling together everywhere we go.

by: Anonymous

Hello all..I find all of comments really inspiring... I am a scorpio woman and I have recently gotten with a Leo male. In all my dating experience I have never felt a strong connection like I do... I have honestly only known him for 7 days... We have been together everyday since we met. I feel this is going to be a the begining of the perfect love story. I feel all of feelings we share are mutual, a lot of times it was one person always more invested than the other.. I hope this works out.

Leo and Scorpio
by: Anonymous

I am a scorpio woman married to a leo man for 24 years, we dated 3 years before that. Everyone says that this match won't work - we are proof that "they" are very wrong :)

made for each other
by: bidisha

lm a srocpian woman recenty married to a leo man..we are in a relationship for the past 6 years..though we got married we still have to stay away from each other as we are not one is informed about our marriage..we always shared a long distance relationship from the very begining..we had to go through many bad times and really we have seen many dark faces of life..still..we are together and will be foreever long..distance has brought us closer and closer..we care about each other..we love each other..we understand esch other..sometimes we fight and l am the one for becomes the first to sort things out by saying sorry..and believe me..after our sweet fights we come come closer to each other..leo men ar very sensible caring loving and very true at their words..they are very honest and are very responsible human man is the best peron l could ever marry in my life and l am the the luckiest person to get such a wonderful person as my husband good guide plisopher guardian and many my life.many people would say that leo scorpio relationship is very hard to last..but thats not true guys..when love is true leo man and scorpio woman couple relly rocks..

Just got engaged
by: Anonymous

I'm a Scorpio woman who just said yes (about a week ago) to her Leo man. I'm 38 years old and have never felt this way about anyone! It is intense, which isn't always a good thing. We're both stubborn and determined but our deep love for one another always overcomes. I think the key with us is that we're both at a place in life (this is a second marriage for both) where we know exactly who we are and exactly what we want. I wish I'd had that before my first go-round, which happened to be with another Scorpio and was disasterous. My Leo and I are closer than I've ever been to anyone else. And I know that the fierce determination we share will be an asset for us. For we are determined to love one another through anything.

by: Anonymous

All I see is Scorpio women and Leo men on here... I am a leo woman and I was just trying to see if there were others, it kind of makes me worried because I don't see any :/

by: Anonymous

I'm a leo (woman) & my girlfriend is a scorpio, yesss we're lesbians! We've been together a little over a year & I must say it's been one hell of a roller coaster ride. We've both sacrificed so much in such little time throughout this year I swear our bond is unbreakable. It may sound crazy but I feel like we were made for each other. We're both two very strong signs so we tend to bump heads at times. Sure we have our disagreements, but who doesn't?! Good thing is we sit down like adults & talk it out because there's always a solution to the problem. As for our sex life, it's amazing! No need for details, we got the bedroom on lockdown (;

by: Anonymous

Okay it is amazing and comforting to know that there are other Scorpio/Leo love matches existing. I have been ok n two very different relationships with Leo men and I must say that I sincerely love them both. My husband is a Leo and although we have our differences we are more a like than anyone I know. The best advice I can give anyone in a Leo/Scorpio relationship is to be open, honest add and yourself...
Oh, yeah, keep others out of your relationship.

scorpio woman with leo man
by: Anonymous

i am scorpio lady. i am madly in love with my leo hubby but we don't have a smooth relation. we got married very soon as me knew each other from centuries. but as we entered in marriage relationship our problems started. i took it as a chalenge and determined to run this relation but my hubby is not loyal as well as not compromising. he knows very well that our signs dont match with each other even then he doesnt cooperate but he is very arrogent and proud. finally after 1.5 year today we are separated by divorce, i am still in love with him even after being beaten by him. i can't do without him, i cant imagine to live without him but he is not willing because he was never loyal to me. ;(

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