Scorpio Lost

by Kelley
(New Mexico)

What im about to tell you may come as a complete shock, but some of us Aquarian males are about as hot blooded as any Scorpio. Which is why im writing this.

Many years ago, I fell in love with a Scorpio, I wrote poems, told her my soul as it stood, but sadly SHE shied away, it really does matter the kind of person. At the time I was always under the assumption that Scorpio loves a passionate man (she always liked dominate males) sorry that just leaves a bad taste with me.

To make a long story short, she died many years ago, and although I found love again, it was never the same. I sometimes find myself in tears and im a guy!

If you have a chance at love no matter the sign take it, I still mourn for my lost Scorpio even these many years later, and no im not crazy, just someone who found the only woman I really truly fell in love with.

You can always find love again, but it is never like the one you lose.

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