Scorpio man afraid of me?

by Queenbee

I have recently become involved with a Scorpio man. He is hit and miss kind of guy. This had been going on for roughly 3 of talk. I am a Sagittarius woman. I get the feeling that he is afraid of me. I like him so much. this is a long distance thing. Sometimes he calls sometimes he does not. He once came to visit and that ended badly, because his comment was he was out of his comfort zone. Haven't heard from his since, just little tags every now and then. What to make of this. I dig him, but I dont think I will be sitting twiddling my thumbs. I really do care for him and its messing me up. I don't have a clue how he feels. The long silences, and then he will pop up. What does anyone think of this.

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Scorpio men are complex
by: Anonymous

I am a Taurus woman. I was in a relationship with a Scorpio man for two years. It's an emotional rollercoaster ride with these men. Trust me! They are very complex beings. They're loving, emotional, free sprited risk takers, controlling, passionate, live off drama, power hungry,manipulative and vindictive. Yes, they possess ALL those characterisitcs! Scorpios love to control women and mold these women to be exactly what they want them to be, but they do not want a woman who is weak, too giving, eager to please, or is easily misled. I know this sounds like a contradiction. But these men love a good chase. Why? These men live off of drama. They believe in true love. But only when it's in the form of chase, trials, heartache, and tribulations. Just like the ones you read about in the crappy romance novels.

These men are capable of whole-hearted love, but in m opinion, NUTS! Let him court and chase you. He will respect you if you do not give in right away. Never seem too eager to please him, he will lose respect for you. When he does win you over, NEVER lose your personal identity. This man will try to mold and change everything about you...Be resilient. Be true to who you are. Love, care for him, and be there for him always. But love yourself first!

He may not be responding to you because he may feel that you're coming on too strong. Remember this man likes to be in control, and prefers to be the aggressor. He loves the chase. Simply tell him, "Look I'm no longer chasing you. I don't like head games, and I am moving on.' Trust me, he will call you.

Both of you, ladies, Sag. & Taurus
by: Anonymous

I'm laughing at both of your two posted articles until my flat ab hurts. Your articles made my day, but I can feel and understand of how painful you are. I'm a happy Virgo; I just went to cheer up and gave a big hug to my Scorpio best friend in school who is going to graduate this June/2010. We were together as classmate; we loved each other sooo muchh since my Scorpio and I are sharing the same kind of problems in the past relationship; we been through and don't want to give a dam to a jerk. We compliment, respect, and courage each other and never broke promise. We compromise, understand, and listen to one another; we both are lucky; we never lost touch by calling each other or leave a text message. I'm very proud of my Scorpio partner. This one is very intense, work hard, to prove a result, and never give up on me so do I. We have a very strong will, complete, and real; we never put up a white flag or defeat.
So, both of you Sag & Taurus sound not too well with your Mr. Scorpio. You and your Scorpio are on the different pages. That doesn't mean love. You, Sage and Taurus better dumb that kind of Mr. Scorpio, kick his ass and look for a new guy out there, girls. There are men who can do better than him. Best luck for your search and keep smile.

Cherry Virgo.

Refer to Sag. the first posted
by: Anonymous

You said,"you feel that Mr. Scorpio afraid of you." I'm curious why is he afraid of you?? Since you love him very much for that it is the main important thing between a relationship. It is not you fault since he messed you up. I can say, he is a bastard, a jerk, play around without a consideration of a consequences. This kind of Scorpio is a s**ht. If it is I, I have to leave this Scorpio aside and forget it. I'm Virgo, DOESN'T fall in LOVE with any signs soo quickly, hell no!; I'm not scare to give my pure love to the best guy, but I fear that might ruins my feelings if I meet that kind of guy you met. Remember, Scorpio do not think logically; he is a passion and a desire man. You, Sag. better dump that Scorpio and kick his ass to free yourself. He wanted you just to play as a sex doll. I bet he'll goes down to hell. I'm Virgo can be, lol. Good luck to you, Sag.

by: Anonymous

To Cherry Virgo,

I got rid of that Scorp, a long,long,long time ago. I just wanted to share some of my experiences. Scorpios are more compatible with Virgos than Taurus women. {We} Taurus women are very stubborn and inflexible. But I'm glad that you had more of a pleasant experience with your Scorpio. Best wishes to the both of you...

Fom Anonymous Taurus.

by: Anonymous

i am a scorpio woman and let me tell you if we care about someone and our feelings are genuine then our whole life will evolve around you we live in a world of black and white and we are never nonchalant about something so if he pops up every so often sorry to say but move on he probably is talking to other woman and when he doesnt get attention from them he probably comes to you because he KNOWS you will give him what he wants we scorpios are sneaky

Scorpio man afraid of me?
by: Anonymous

My Scorpio man is exactly the same, it's been 12 months of ups and downs, hot and cold, here one minute not the next. He gets close, then backs off, come back gets closer backs off. Some weeks he rings, text and messages me all the time, then I don't hear from him for 2 weeks.
Very frustrating. I don't know if he knows what he's doing or not. I do think that he is scared stiff of getting into a relationship and getting hurt again (he was badly burnt some time ago).

scared scorpio bitch made men
by: Anonymous

Scorpio men are bitches! Ladies don't waste ur time. Play if u want but please don't fall in love. They play too many mind games!!!!!!!!!!!

confused too
by: jjpinki

the scorpio man im talking to wont let go,ive been chatting with him almost a year but we have never met,he as many excuses and i believe hes not married ,he txts me every single day and when i ignore him he always contacts me first ,he says he misses me and cares about me ,he says i have no idea just how much he cres BUT why not see me then ,ive told him to just let me go if he deosnt want me but he says he does and cant,i love him thats why i find it hard to walk away (im virgo)we met online and he chased after me ,i have asked him why he came after me if he didnt want to go to the next step,he says he would give me 100% commitment hands down .his marraige broke up 2 yrs ago and i think thats what scares him about moving on.he is open and tells me alot of personal things about his life,i cant move on yet cos i do really love him i just cant work him out .i genuinely think hes scared .please give me your thoughts guys i need a kick in the butt on this !!!!

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