Scorpio man anger issues

by Trina

Yes, I am dating a Scorpio man. I think he is great in bed, has a great personality, sense of style, he's a hard worker, loyal, charming, but sometimes very hard headed and has some anger issues. He is a wonderful man, it's just when he begins to get angry, you have to "watch out".

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by: Anonymous

same here

I am eager to see Scorpio negative side
by: Anonymous

Serious and curiosity about Scorpio. I'm eager and want to see his negative side effects. He is very cold. I never see his anger or a bad expression at all. No matter what, I tried to be wild on him to let him shows but still won't show. He told me,"LOVE IS NOT CONTROLLING or FIGHTING" I knew he is right. He is perfect. How can I deny and stop from loving him? My Ideal Scorpio is different from others. He gave me loves and affection. I feel very secure and get close to him not just because of the SEX. He is very smarts, understands, and has no flaws. His intellectual draws me to him; he knows that I love him very much. For those eleven signs can't not, Sorry.
No one can be compare or replace him. I'm Virgo too difficult and not easy. Wish you luck!

by: Lauren

That temper won't go away any time soon. They're notorious for it. When it does flare up stand your ground. If you do he'll respect you. He won't apologize verbally but he'll do something to make you both feel more at ease once he simmers down. Scorpios are so passionate that all their emotions are intensified. Of course this includes "anger" as well.

Bottom line; if you can learn to love him despite his temper the pros will much more than outweigh the cons.

Don't misunderstand
by: Marvin

Scorpios, we are very passionate and emotional people and can be a little high-spritied. We are good at hiding our fire inside and avoiding strife, but that is taken as a weekness and evenually backfire in the other persons face. When that person insist on pushing the issue, we get impatient. We can become a little degrading in our defense, and in the process things seem to escalate.

from a Scorpio
by: Scorpio II, Virgo rising

Alright so do we have an anger issue in a simple answer yes, when we can't get out of a corner we strike and depending on how bad we have been hurt we will continue to strike until we feel like we've won. That said we also have the patience of a spider building the web and waiting for our pray, Our pray being the person we choose to share our lives with however long or short that experience may be. Every TRUE Scorpio (not born on a cusp) knows that any time we invite someone into our life we stand the risk of being hurt and therefore we plan accordingly and prepare for what tests we will use to determine how loyal, willing, needy, and how far they will go to stay in our lives. while administering these "tests" we are also analyzing the pray for weaknesses in case of having the need to exploit them.

I don't feel like we are an evil sign, rather a prepared one, we do lavish our lovers and stay loyal for life once it's been earned. However if you have angered us it may be safer for your overall mental, emotional, and physical state to simply apologize and run as quick as you can, Scorpio's "can" forgive but the TRUE Scorpio will always seek revenge before turning the other cheek...

by: Anonymous

I dated a scorpio, it is true it seems that they cannot say sorry for what they do or if they hurt you they expect you to just get over it. However, if you hurt them, you have to go thru all their emotional rollercoaster of anger, sadness, coldness, and being cruel. They also do not seem to have any empathy, only see thru their eyes. I read all the time about how loyal they are, but it does not seem so true to me. They also seem to carry around baggage of past hurts which hinder their ability to love someone new, as they never seem to get over anything.

Scorpio man's anger
by: Anonymous

My Scorpio boyfriend has anger issues too. Pretty much sounds the same as your man, charming, funny, lovely, caring, but when he sees red!!!!
at the moment someone has upset him, badly, a work partner. He has shut himself away and won't respond to anyone, not even me really. He is soooo angry and upset. Today he has switched his phone off, this will last for days and possibly weeks.

scorpio man
by: Patty

my scorpio man is also loving, charming and a wonderful man, the problem is his anger, when he is angry with me, he switch off his phone, ignore me for days, or ignore my sms's and my calls if it happens that his phone is on... i had to struggle with him all the time and it get get so tiring and draining for me. sometyms i just get turned off by all his attitude and he doesnt forget he will always bring back things that happened in the past. but i love him regardless of that, and sometimes he just push me away,and i hate it so much...

from a Leo woman

scorpio male whom i know,the best
by: sana

he is gorgeous,ambitious,noble,empethetic,stylish,hard to understand.......its vry hard to understand his anger smtimes but he always has a reason. his anger is fiery but his love is that much precious we can handle his anger. the best way of handling his anger is say sorry immidiately(doesn't matter you are wrong or not)later you can explain him. he loves you so he wil understand and will feel sorry(will not say in words)but you may have to wait for months just to tell your point...

Scorpio man's anger
by: Anonymous

My boyfriend is a Scorpio. When he gets angry-he gets angry!!! When his work partner upset him he too shut himself away for 3/4 days, didn't answer his phone, not really to me either and he didn't want to see me or anyone until he had calmed down. He also has been nasty to me once or twice when he has been really angry, he doesn't mean it, and he apologises. Can last for days :(

i am a scorpion man ........
by: Anonymous

scorpion's can do anything for the people they love, being angry just indicates about things that he is not happy about. for example other signs cry,become upset, for him its being angry..... whenever a scorpion is angry.... he may hurt others but to protect others he usually prefers to isolate.. himself..... i do that all the time.. but if given a little time i jump back to the person i love....laughing about how much scared she was when i was going rambo on everyone....... now a days when am angry and walks around shouting about how crapy the lunch was... my gf prefers using a headphone ...with some soft songs............and then we end up having a dinner together at a gud place........its nothing to be worried of we go crazy all the time....... just make sure u hang in tight ....and it will pass......... few minutes normally....for me its 4mins of alone time )

Scorpio Anger Issues
by: Scorpio Gal

I am a Scorpio girl and I am either someone's best friend or their worst fear. My saying "Don't mess with a Scorpio or you will get stung!"

Yes they are nuts
by: victoria

I used to date a Scorpio guy for over 2 years. he was very manic bipolar and would completely go nuts when he was mad (getting him mad didn't take much). He was a deep lover and was very good in the bedroom, but eventually I had enough of these constant rages he'd go into (throwing and breaking everything, wanting to kill people, fighting people).

Cancer woman dating Scorpio man

So I have been dating a Scorpio for about 2 months and he's asked to make things exclusive but I said I wanted to spend more time getting to know each other. He is really secretive and that bothered me. So I assumed that he was living a double life and I questioned him on it and he's presently done with me for my questioning him. I realize now I was wrong but it seems to be too late. Please give me advice on what to do to make things right cause I don't want things to end. :-(

I love my scorpio regardless of his mood swings.
by: Anonymous

He's exactly like all the scorpios described here. Loving, attractive, interesting etc. Its just his mood swings that gets to me so much. He's just so sensitive. If I take too long to respond to a text, he avoids me. It could go on for days, unless I acknowledge what I did lol. There's so many times where I've just wanted give up on him but, I can't I just love him so much :).

is ignoring normal when mad?
by: Lin

I'm dating a Scorpio man and I can't figure him out..its only been 3 weeks but I'm lost. He will be so sweet and seemingly wanting to move things forward and start a relationship...but lately he's been cold. I have not heard from him for days...I'm assuming he's mad but for what i dont know? Is this common to be ignored when a Scorpio is mad? What should I expect? I'm a leo and trying to be patient but its fustrating.

by: Persian chick

Reading all this I feel like crap. I have been sleeping with a Scorpio man for 6 - 7 months and he does the same thing when he is angry and he will not tell me why he is mad, although I have made so many mistakes but you make me your girl and I will be yours for eternity. I piss him off on purpose when he acts ridiculous and avoids me, making matters worse. He knows I care for him and I feel like that is my biggest mistake, and he gets jealous!!!! When I am not even his g.f. He does not trust me and thinks I have slept with his friend?! Paranoid is not the word but obviously this beautiful man has been cheated on by and ex who tried to claim him back! What to do, although he never mentions and claims he is over her???? So confused and annoyed. I can not be patient anymore!

Patience and affection is the key
by: Anonymous

I agree with everything said above. Scorpio men are so black and white. They either show their most loving, attentive and sweet side to the ones they love OR they ignore you for days, weeks or even months! Now the reason why they ignore you varies. According to my investigation (I am currently dating the man of my dreams - Scorpio) he either needs to let the "storm of emotions/doubts" (his words) pass by or he punishes you for something you've done. Simple things make him want to punish you with the silence treatment, like talking to him in a harsh matter or doubting him. It is seriously annoying and frustrating and since I am a Scorpio myself I cannot be patient! However, this guy secretly has taught me patience in the widest latitude. I have even waited for him for half a year. Anyways, what I'd do is show him that you truly care for him. Don't blow up his phone; he won't pick up anyways. Leave him a text message (not too long but sweet), assuring him that you'll always be there for him and telling him that you miss him etc. He will see it. He will probably not reply right away but this will definitely not backfire on you because they need to know that you care for them at all times. Good luck!

In response to Patience and affection is the key
by: Anonymous

Everything you have posted there I agree with 100% however I have realised now that my boyfriend is a manic depressive - that mixed with the Scorpio sign is hell. I knew he suffered with depression. This is the 3rd summer he has 'gone off' but this time seems worse. It has been 8 weeks since we saw each other or spoke to each other. I have received just one text and that was to say he was sorry about my mums passing and to tell me he was 'not in a good place right now'. Apart from that he has ignored me completely. I haven't bombarded him with calls and texts. No point, he won't pick up. But I send him a text or e mail once a week reminding him that I love him and that I'm there for him. The last 2 summers, this shut down has lasted a couple of months or so. It coincides with something bad that happened years ago and that seems to be the root or the trigger. In the past he has not wanted to see me or talk to me but he has sent the odd e mail explaining how he feels. This time, we had been away, he was not right before we went and admitted he had had a bad week. During the holiday he was fine with me but it didn't take much for something else to make him fly into a rage. We have never had an argument before. I know he loves me, it took him a lot to tell me after the first year but when we got back together last year we had a real heart to heart. He couldn't explain why he goes like it or he just doesn't want to. So, I am finding it very difficult at the moment to function properly as I feel chocked and bewildered by it all. How we could be so loving one minute, planning holidays and our future and literally the next day that was it. Like a brick wall has been put up. He has deactivated his Fbook account, he usually does and I know he is ignoring his good friends, only contacting then if he really has to.

I really don't know what the answer is. I am a Scorpio and have suffered with mild depression. I think its quite common with this sign. I will just keep reminding him how I feel about him and hopefully he will come back.

Scorpios very complicated
by: Anonymous

I have been dating a scorpio man about for quite a while now and I totally agree with the person who said, "they cannot say sorry for what they do or if they hurt you they expect you to just get over it." They have extreme double standards and can never seem to put themselves in the other's shoes. If I were to do something to hurt my scorpio, he would want an explanation, however, if I did something to hurt him, I dare to ask why. It's like they (generally speaking) have dual personality, like dr jekyll mr hyde.

My scorpio can be just as sweet as pie and nasty and hurtful as can be. Also if I did something to hurt him, he would get mad, but will not talk about, then he goes back the way the he usually is, normal...but as I recently found it, he does something to hurt me and I just do not know about it yet (if this makes sense).

Scorpios in my opinion are very complicated and they fear and tear apart the things they want the most. As for my scorpio, he says all he ever wanted is a good relationship and woman like me, however, all he is does is jeopardizes it...not sure as to why and I do not think he every understands it either...which is the sad part.

by: Anonymous

First off, to the woman above: it must be flustering and hurtful that your scorpio man has been ignoring you.
Well, I personally think that there are different types of scorpios and even though they tend to share many character traits, they are still individuals and vary. Whenever a scorpio man or woman is ignoring you it's best to talk to them in a caring and sweet way. Never ever get mad (even when you are) and talk to them in a harsh matter, because it will only provoke their nastiest side and they are not afraid to give you a taste of their poison. I always think that my scorpio man is like a ticking time bomb. I am careful about what and how I say it at all times, since it could either piss him off or hurt him. If a scorpio is ignoring you, he could also be very thoughtful. It could be about you or anything else. They are intense thinkers and take the things you tell them seriously and to the heart. I'd try to contact a scorpio on a regular base, if you feel like he needs assurance. I am always afraid to annoy my scorpio man, since he ignored me for a week this week, but I wasn't afraid to message him. (He is the type who needs to be assured that I care for him. ) I didn't blow up his inbox, yet I messaged him here and there. Eventually he replied to:"I'm worried. I hope you're okay." and he told me that he needed time to think about what I said. Remember, scorpios do not only sting others but they also tend to sting themselves in the end. Whenever a scorpio is ignoring you, keep trying, don't give up unless you don't see the point at all anymore. Scorpios need time, give them time.

Response to "In Response..."
by: Anonymous

By the way "In response to Patience and affection is the key", "Time" is partly a response to your comment.

I realized that what I've said is not so useful. However your situation is very tough. I mentioned before that I waited for my scorpio man for half a year... that's when we just met. He told me on our second date:"If you can't show me your feelings, I can't show you mine." Selfish. I am a scorpio myself and I am willing to be vulnerable because I have never felt so deeply for someone. After that date, he promised to message me. Hasn't though. Then promised again he would. Still hasn't. Five months after that I had enough. I never run after a guy and since he didn't approach or message me, I thought something was wrong but I was a HUNDRED percent sure he liked me. So I messaged him, telling him about my feelings and thoughts. Six weeks later he messaged me. He didn't reply to my message, he only asked me how I was doing. When we finally talked about our "relationship" he told me:"You haven't tried." And that's how I knew that he needs extra attention. Maybe this is too bold, but approach him. Go see him. Would that be an option? He needs professional help, I think and try to help him with that. I know that they're very dominant and stubborn, but he can't live like this.


Everyones comments have been helpful and I definitely see a lot of these traits in the Scorpio guy I'm seeing. It took two weeks before I heard from him again. Apparently he was just dealing with a lot . I just found it somewhat humorous that when I finally heard from him at 4am be woken up.. I was in the wrong for not inviting him over and going right along with his explanation to me. We worked it out and everything was great when he came over. Now its back to no contact..I don't get feels like a game. He told me he would be honest with me that if his feelings changed he would tell me even if it hurt my feelings..but I havent really heard anything..this is weird to me.. anyone with advice would be appreciated.

Response to "Confused"
by: Anonymous

The scorpio silence is typical for some but not for all scorpios. Your scorpio is one who appears to like withdrawal and his silent phases. Now that you know that this can happen more often (perhaps) you might want to ask yourself in this beginning stage whether you are able to keep up with that. It can get very tiring and you must like this guy very much to be strong enough to be ignored sometimes and you must be willing to give a whole lot but receive little step by step. I didn't understand this type of behavior at all and thought that my scorpio man was ignoring me intentionally. Months later I figured out that he's talkative over the phone and face to face, not so much over messages. It would take him days or weeks to reply. If you don't know the guy well enough yet, don't expect to know him better within the next few weeks. Guess what, once you get the feeling that it's going really good and that he has opened up a little more, you'll notice yourself turning around for just a second and he's gone for another few days or weeks. I'm a scorpio myself and it is damn hard for me to open up and I do need my space. However that "catch me if you can" game that many scorpio man play is so much harder to deal with. I'm pretty sure that they don't mean to do that to hurt others. They (we) need time to think and during that time we need a little distance. REMEMBER, your relationship is still fresh and there's a lot you two need to learn about each other. Even if he says he trusts you, he cannot fully open up to you. It takes years sometimes and they need to know that you are always there for them, support them and never ever judge them or treat them in a way that could hurt them. I hear this problem with scorpio men all the time from girlfriends, never from wives. When a Scorpio man decided to marry a woman (or a man) it means that you can rely on them, expect things from them and they will open up to you more generously. Before that you will have to wait for the rare moments he shares something very personal with you and that will be special. Appreciate it and let him know that you do. In the mean time, don't expect anything from him. Scorpios come and go as they like and they will stick around if they truly like you, so don't freak out if he's not talking to you for a couple of days or weeks. You will know once you can rely on him. Also, even if he's ignoring you. Send him a text from time to time, telling how you feel about him. Don't go over board, yet be honest and tell him if you're worried about him. He'll feel touched. And please, don't ever give him the feeling that you're doubting him or questioning him. He won't tell you this, but it will hurt him. If he wants to meet up again spontaneously, meet him. He will appreciate that. And in case he wants to have lots of sex with you. he just wants to be close to you. Sex isn't just sex for many scorpios, it's more like making love.I hope I could help you just a little.

by: Anonymous

Guys, I wrote the comment above me and from time to time I have this disturbing question on my mind:"What if he's a player, a player who's damn good at what he's doing?" Do you ever ask yourself that?

Frustrated by Scorpio boyfriend
by: Anonymous

Well it's been 9 weeks since I have seen or spoken to my Scorpio boyfriend. After the best part of 2 years together he will not answer my calls texts or e mails. We had a great relationship, never argued and I know he loved me. Then over night it just all went wrong somehow. He left my house after a bit of a rage (he suffers with depression) and that was it. We hadn't argued but this depression had been coming on slowly over the last week, as it does every summer. It always lasts 2/3 months but he has never not replied to me like this. I feel completely lost and bewildered by it. I have been messaging him once a week to tell him that I love him and that I'll always be here for him. I can't do any more. I sent him a long e mail today reminding him of us and why we should be together but he has ignored it. I have no idea why or whether it's something I have done unknowingly. I cannot think of one single reason other then his manic depression that comes on the same time every year. I really am lost now. I can't message him or text him any more because I feel a complete fool right now. Has anybody any thoughts or advice for me because I am slowly sinking here :(

uncontrollable anger
by: sofia girl

My man is scorpio with mars in scorpio. Before I was not into astrology but the more I read about scorpio, the more accurate I feel it is. He dated a lot of women, one after one, because I think no one can put up his scorpio dark sides. I am virgo, mars and venus in cancer,
so far, we are in harmony although we went through some fights. When he gets angry, I always step back until he is calm.

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