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For 4yrs I maintained a relationship with a very erotic Asian Aquarius woman and granted her everything. Her secrets just got to out of hand and busting her was to much fun.

I adore and love that woman because I felt her true heart inside. She was in so much pain and I tenderly cared her back.

But when she found better she dropped me she will remember me one day and realize what a great guy I was..

I'm a Scorpio I was with an Aquarius girl 1 year ago. we had good sex and that's about it. We always fought and in the end she dumped me. She said I'm too emotional and needy.

I met a Scorpio man online in June 2009 and here it is Sept. 2009 and he has plans to fly to my state to visit me. We hit it off right from the start. I am an Aquarius woman. I have read that we are not compatible. He born 10/31 and I born 1/28. Well normally we are non stop in our communications online and through the telephone. Just yesterday the last time we spoke was in the afternoon and I haven't heard from him since then and here it is 11:15.

This is not the pattern of communication I am used to. Do you think he has changed his mind in regards to me? Did I say something wrong? Has he met another that he is now directing his attention. Should I send him a message or call or should I wait it out? I'm going to send a message cause I'm sure I won't get an answer back soon enough. Please help I'm crazy about this man!!!

Lonely without my Scorpio man.

Im an Aquarius women who's dating a Scorpio man. I find that except for sex, which by the way is the best with us, and the fact that if we decide to do something together it gets done, we cant agree on anything.

I find when we argue it turns my world upside down and he says the same of them but we are both very prideful and stubborn. Its difficult, but somehow we make it work. Scorpios, your Aquarius needs friends and spontaneity and to be complimented all the time. lol. its true. Aquarius, Scorpios need their secrets, passion in bed, and some sort of routine. We love each other very much, and as with any relationship as long as we both want it we will work through the minor details.

My relationship with my Scorpio man began online, feb 09. We have had non stop communication since then. Recently we talked about getting it together and felt it was right to make a move to seeing each other on a regular basis. I was sooooo excited, we get on really well and have the greatest sex ever. It's all I think about. I fancy him so badly.

I haven't heard from him for two days. I am sooo empty without him. And like the Aquarius above. I am crazy about my Scorpio man. I have left msm messages for him with no reply.

Do you think he will get back to me. ((hugs))

I am an Aquarius woman who has been dating my Scorpio man for several months. The sexual aspect of our relationship is utterly incredible. I have never been with anyone like him. The intensity is just crazy!! He is a little domineering and can be a little bossy at times, but I just take it as that's just the way he is. We have so much fun together and he treats me so sweetly.

I just get confused with the fact that he can be so intense and even to the point where he tells me flat out that I belong to him, and then I can go without hearing from him for a few days. I just give him that space and I don't hound him. He will contact me when he's ready. I am REALLY falling for him, I miss him terribly when we are apart.

I am an Aquarius woman dating a Scorpio man....I am bothered by our lack of communication and it seems as if whenever I try to reach out to him, he's bothered, he says this is not true...but it FEELS like I'm bothering him. I love him so much, and our sex life is insatiable! He does harbor a lot of personal feelings that he does not like to share, this is where we differ, I do not have a problem expressing how I feel or why I feel the way I do. Talking to him about his feelings is like speaking to a brick wall. I pray that we find a way to compromise our differences, I want for this relationship to work. I'm relying on Faith currently, because according to the stars this relationship is headed for a dead end!

ok dis is really creepy, I am an Aquarius women and I go with a Scorpio man. at first I didn't believe in this stuff but now I do. I mean I met him online and then we met up. the first thing we did was have sex. before then we would talk on the phone and he would tell me he loves me and stuff. but me and him go like a day or 2 without talking to each other and it bugs me out. I really am feeling him and but is he? the physical part is there all the way. im jus really scared because he would tell me we gonna last but how he acts makes me think twice. there might be someone better

lol. if you think the articles here are creepy you should try the reports this guy sells. I got one a couple of months back after my friend kept bugging me to and saying how good he is. she was right. it was like he must of been living in the house with us or something. he nailed everything about us. my boyfriend kicked my arse for wasting money on it and then after he read it he's been telling his friends they need to get one!

My Scorpio man confuses me no end ! One minute he is open, affectionate and loving...then he can be quiet, moody, and even appears to be sulking. I am hooked...but I can never figure if he is Dr Jekyll or Mr. Hyde from one minute to the next. I feel that I have to make so many compromises that I am losing myself along the way. But when he is so sweet to me, I forget all that. I am just not sure if long term there will be mutual happiness.

Scorpios are evil. I should know, Im in Love with two of them. They are beautiful complex creatures that have specific husbandry needs. Any sign (once properly educated) can handle a Scorpio; however, those of a simple mind may find themselves stung, wrapped and discarded. Scorpio does not tolerate foolishness, in fact, I'd say Scorpio feeds on it.

I'm Aquarius. here's my advice:

Scorpio likes to crawl inside the heads of their Lovers, which is fine with most Aquarians, because we are mental creatures to begin with. but, Scorpio, do keep your shadows and suspicions cloaked in your hypnotic social veneer of silent charm. Aquarius reads people. Scorpio studies them. Never a dull moment here. A grand mating, if both can survive each other.

I love all these AQUA Scorpio remarks and comments

I date a Scorpio man they are funny guys and very secretive boy don't make them mad they can go weeks without talking to you because they hold grudges so be careful what you say Aquarius ladies !!!!!!!!

Ok, so im an Aquarius, im young(16) im a virgin, but I've know this Scorpio for over 2 years now, and we plan to meet in 2 months. Basically the plan is to have sex, really from all the searching I have made it feels like it's the only good ting about the combination...we're not dating, his not my boyfriend, but he is thinking about that possibility after we meet.. and it seems like I have to be careful; not to talk so much. I do have feelings for him but we also have this thing where we just don't see eye to eye. I don't talk to him very often because he is very conservative. He's been with multiple partners and im just afraid that I won't be what he is used to or that he will expect me to be like other Aquarius's he has bee with...please give me some advise on the situation.

I know a Scorpio and he's so emotional that its crazy. Sometimes it draws me away from him but I always want to go back. he's so cute and sexy but I would NEVER admit that to his face lols. I don't know, its something about him that I'm really drawn to and no matter what he says or does, I cant STOP THINKING about him... this sucks big time! Lol

I'm a Scorpio and I love Aquarius erotic sexy woman

I am an Aquarius to the core who's been in love with a Scorp for about a year and some change. He is by far my favorite sign to have as a mate. He's emotional, sincere, and loves hard just like me. I'm not the kind of Aquarius that keeps her feelings to herself No Sir! LOL!

We are like two aliens who are finally at home on this planet. He's strong, an old fashioned kind of man that allows me to be free like a butterfly. He's a meat and potatoes kind of guy and I love that! We are the same but different. And the Sex... is out of this world! I've never felt more alive or free with any other man! I'll NEVER GIVE THIS PASSIONATE MAN WHO LOVES TO HUG, KISS AND BE SMOTHERED... which are all my favorite things to do...UP!

I adore Scorpio's! Their bad/"evil" side doesn't scare me not one bit! As long as I'm faithful which I am, Truthful which I have no control over, and continue to explore sex with him which I will... We Will make it!

I am a hardcore Aquarius woman who dated a Scorpio man for almost two years. We argued all the time and most of it was because of time I was not able to give to him. My work demands much of my time and that is something he was just not willing to accept. To me he was very needy and to him was careless because I didn't NEED to be with him 24-7. Well he dumped me and in the long run I felt I could finally breathe. I didn't realized how this relationship was not letting me breathe or be myself.

I have met someone new who also happens to be a Scorpio but he shows no signs or traits as the one before. His work is also very demanding and we seem to be okay with spending time when we can. He is not needy, I am glad.

I really do like this Aquarius woman and I've known her for about 3 years now and I wanna be with her and I know she feels the same way I do.........She's a virgin and I am willing to take it...I really love this girl and I wanna be her man but I don't know if its such a great Idea....I go with a Cancer but I am about to end that relationship... anyway please give me some advice on how I should get this 1 that I really love.

Well.. I went out with this Scorpio guy a few months back. It was only for a little while but it was fire!!! lol I met him when I was 13 (Im 19 now) and I completely lost it for him! he was sooo passionate, sweet and sexy as hell! We made a great couple although I did notice he was very jealous and possessive but I kinda liked that, He made me feel so important. The problem was that I thought that because he knew me for such a long time he would not be so jealous . He would get mad about me talking to my guy friends and just about anything! I didn't understand at first why he was so mad, but after a while I noticed that was the reason. We just had this incredible chemistry and I didn't understand why he was so nice one minute and then so detached the next! I mean Aquarius are supposed to be detached lol I like talking and expressing myself because if you don't talk how would problems be resolved! And with him there was such a lack of communication on his part that I just did'nt like it! I think if he would have opened up a little more we would have gotten along better as a couple . I still think about him a lot and still think we would be a great couple but probably in a few more years!

I love my Scorpio man so much. We met in Sept and it was great!! I left an above post, his birthday 10/31 and mine 1/28. He is the best, very intense in his lovemaking. The best I have experienced. Being he is in another state than I and it is costly to fly back and forth, I believe this eliminates us from seeing each other as often as we would like. Anyway, he has plans to fly and see me again. I'm looking forward to it. We haven't decided on a date yet. His birthday is this Saturday, Oct. 31st.

I'm giving him a personal gift that I believe he will love. Something I'm making myself. I can't wait to get his response once he receives it. My Scorpio man is a vey busy man and he calls me and communicates with me on messenger. Unfortunately, there are some days when I don't hear from him. Two days at a time for the most part. I don't know, I get crazy thoughts but then I let them go. Sometimes I don't call him too because I have my moments when I want my space a s well. So I guess it equals out. This weekend I didn't contact him at all. I just didn't feel like it. When I contacted him today, he said so you had a very, very busy weekend. I think he was implying I may have been with another and didn't realize it till after our communications then I contacted him again later and let him know there is no other just sometimes I need space. He still adores me.

I agree with the other Aquarius woman above that Scorpio men do not share there feelings as we Aquarius and that is where I have a problem with my Scorpio. You see I like to know things and I ask whatever is on my mind and he is not comfortable with answering. And the questions has nothing to do with cheating. And they are moody also. One minute ready and willing to talk and answer anything and the next shut down and not willing to share. Also I agree that Aquarius reads people and Scorpio studies them. The Scorpio man will study everything about you, everything you tell them or say to them.

Trust me one subject my Scorpio man is always willing to discuss is "SEX"!! LOL there is never silence to this subject. I love this man. I have never felt so free and comfortable about my body, my sexual thoughts and sharing my sexual desires and fantasies and what I want done to me and how I want it done, etc with any man except my Scorpio man. He is the best!! I talk to him about anything and everything because that's how comfortable I am with him. Wow, I love this man!! And like the Aquarius states above, I feel and am the same, I'm not scared of their bad/evil side, not at all. I have seen a little of it already but they can be tamed. I'm a sensual, exotic woman who loves sex and enjoy experimenting with new things and he is so my man to do this with. When we are together he shows me much love, kissing, hugging, holding hands. A couple times I was so fast moving and hew was like babe you don't want to hold my hand, I was like of course I do. It's just that my exes never held my hand and I wasn't use to it but I will get use to it now. Wow, did I say this already, I LOVE THIS MAN!!!

I am dating an Aquarius female and she has kids and I normally stay clear of that because I am 26 with no kids, but she is so beautiful and she went so hard 2 pursue me I am now on it we talk on the phone but I don't know what to do next. I really like her, she's got me to where I am intrigued

I'm a Aqua girl and I'm dating a Scorpio man right now and I'm 18 he's the first boyfriend I ever had...we have been dating for 6 months now..

He is so charming and perfect, we had a few mini conflicts but that's all, we never had a real fight or anything, to be honest I can't understand why they say we are not compatible. we agree on everything. and we think so alike...we are doing pretty well for a non-compatible couple to all you Aquarius Scorpio partners out there it can work...I know a few married couples that made it. good luck :)

I am new to this but met a Scorpio guy (totally different from my normal party wild guy) - first I was wary personality was casual dating if things feel ok go with it and if anything develops thatÂ’s a bonus... However I have fallen for him... I love his honesty and hate his secrecy...

I'm an Aquarius almost dating a Scary Scorpio. See, my best friend is a Capricorn (go figure!) And his sister is a Scorpio and his younger sister is a Sagittarius and she likes to hit on me and hang out with me, Scorpio being the jealous type HATES her younger sister. Then I'm stuck in the cross-fire of sibling rivalry round up on Obsessive needs and Emotional attachment. I would like to date the Scorpio but I KNOW it wont work out, because the communication is just based on the Scorpios needs and obsessive love towards me. Scorpio is a HARD relationship to make work, and I want it to just figure itself out. But I'm kinda of a psychologist and I know how to calm the Scorpio so there Might be hope for us.

I'm an Aquarius women, and was "hooking up" with an older Scorpio man for the last 8 months. Everything I'm reading seems pretty dead on as far as his actions & emotions. He says he likes me and really digs me, but I want something he's "not ready for". When we are together, he's so sweet, and passionate... but then will go weeks without talking. I always question him about things, because his mannerisms tell me there is a lot he's hiding. But when we are together, it's all forgotten about. There is something that makes us have that connection. We're are always trying to get into each others heads. But he's "just not ready".

Things ended because I got sick of waiting around. It wasn't fair to me that I wanted something exclusive, and he didn't.

I told him to come and find me when he IS ready. And if what I'm reading is correct, Scorpios NEVER forget someone that treats them well. And I treated him well.

I have a Scorpio boyfriend he's sexy!! lols I feel lucky to have such a nice looking boyfriend that treats me like the queen I am and he's willing to do whatever for me...we have had our disagreements I said something to him I shouldn't have in a intense argument I admit that. The end result of that was him going out and kissing another bitch but that's fine cause I chewed his ass up and killed him with kindness. different approach!!!) I didn't let him see me cry!! I did, be did too, I knew I had his heart in the end... we had been together off and on 4 bout a year and a half before that. This happen about 6 months ago and im not with him! even though that's what he wants and he's proved to me he's changed. I want him to suffer a lil just to show him he picked the right one...I plan on being with him again but just not yet cause im still having a lil trust issue with him. I know he loves me I love him too but we're both still sooo young im 19 he's going on 20 2mar...he wants me to have his I plan on it one day but not this only 19 my bday coming up on V-day...I wanna be able to take care of myself 1st before I bring a child in the world and be the best mother for my child I can be he understands that...but all in all we're gonna work out on my time...hehe hehe!!!! not he's... he fucked up...not me!!! the ball is in my court...

Hi. I am reading these comments because I found a woman online who I am very interested in, who is an Aquarius. We are both professionals in our late thirties, and single parents. We have identical goals and interests, and physical attraction is there. No dating yet... just couple of emails. Wondering if it is "safe" to pursue LOL

I am writing because of the Aquarius comments I have been reading about communication shutdowns/moodiness, and want to share insight into your Scorpio man.

I learned long ago that while I am upset, if I open my mouth, I will say EXACTLY what is bugging me with such surgical precision, that I will severely sting, if not mortally wound my lover's feelings, or our relationship. So I clam up in the heat of the moment.

Hear is the KEY. READ THIS, LADIES!!!!

I learned to broach the subject at random later moments when the heat is gone. If she scoffs, I will take it personally, communication will break down, and I will not build up the courage to speak about my feelings again. If she cuts me off, gets defensive, or fires back with frustration (be it related or otherwise), I will do one of two things: 1) I will likely just bite my lip, get angrier, maybe try again at another time, or maybe things will deteriorate to non-communication; 2) I will get defensive and fire back with more intensity in that surgically precise deadly stinger-tongue.

These are not strategies.... just reflexes I cannot help and observe/admit.


1) Hear him out without cutting him off

2) Thank him for the honesty, courage and calm he had to muster to do that

3) Rationally and calmly explain why you did not think you were being cruel, and ask/suggest how to work together to resolve the conflict

4) Better still... when you ask what's wrong, and he says "Nothing", but you know he is lying... as sweetly as you can, wrap yourself around him, kiss him gently, and playfully tell him you know he is lying and you want him to fess up so you can see his smile again or that you understand and want him to come talk when he feels calmer.

THIS *WILL* WORK! But you have to decide if it is worth that effort to you. Otherwise, spare both of yourselves the years of agony... once in love, most Scorpios will stay faithful and stick it out no matter how miserable it is for both of you.

I'm a Scorpio male and I have been talking to Aquarius girl. We met online. We kicked it off chatting and then talking on the phone. We decided it was about time to meet in person. I'm really attracted to her but now she says she feels no connection at all. That we are two different kinds of people. I'm confused and I don't believe her cuz she always responds back to my txts. If she wasn't interested she would completely stop talking. I dunno know where were heading but there seems to be lots of confusion. I guess I'm a little too sexual for her. She's 19 and I'm 24. I hope we can make something work out!

well im a 20 year old Aquarius woman and in sep 2009 I married my 21 Scorpio man . I was 17 and he was 18 when we met. and id only been in one other relationship b4 him and the moment I hugged I new we where going to be together but he fall in love with me faster then I did with him I was very open with him and he was with me the 4th month we where together he asked me to merry him I was still in high school so my head was spinning lol but we talked it out and thought it best to have along was . I love him he loves to cuddle and huge and kiss (he's the best kisser) our 1st kiss ahaha wow he wasn't shy at all it was just a 2 weeks that we met and we went even together yet and it was all tongue lol but yeah we can get on each others nerves once in a wile like when he gets mad even if its not at me it shows all over if face and he doesn't hide it I get nervous but he's never hits me and we don't argue a lot so thank god for that and I get on his nerves cuss im very stubborn haha but we admit to each other when where wrong lol every one thought our "lovie dovie" would end after the 1st 6th months ahaha and after 3 years of it I don't think it will ever end we get along just fine our taste in movies are the same "scary" ahah we love to go spook each other out and ghost hunt 3 in the morning and silly stuff like that we do have our own space and if he wants to go out and chill with his boys its kool with me he's not jealous and im not ether so we work I hope every one on here found what they where looking 4 lol peace

I dated a Scorpio guy for 8 months and during those 8 months I found myself jealous of the fact that he was soo close to his ex who has supposedly been his best friend waaay before I came into the pic...the thing is she sent him some pics of herself in red lingerie, which I happened to find in his computer files. he claimed that she just wanted him to tell her how they looked on her and whether or not her boyfriend would like them. Now every since this happened I have found it difficult to trust him yet he swears his loyalty on the Bible and his friends all agree that he is a faithful guy...hmmm should I have believed him?...and recently we broke up after a huge argument about lack of communication, me asking him too many questions, and him being too secretive and too stubborn and unthoughtful. 1 month after this argument he decides that he wants to start a clean slate and that he wants us to get to know each other better then start dating and a relationship agai n. Although I want to I cant seem to understand him understand why one minute he's so caring and kind then the next he's so distant...and I cant seem to understand why he does things like telling his ex aka best friend "Happy Thanksgiving" and forgetting to do the same to me...see this is the part that confuses me! But even after all the mess ups he's made I still like him soo much and the sex is amazing and we have had some of the best times...Some1 plzz give me some advice why is he so thoughtless at times and should I give our relationship another shot?

I am an Aquarius still madly in love my ex who is a Scorpio. we have been off and on for a year now and I can definitely say that the sex is euphoric for sure. This Scorpio boy is definitely the typical moody and secretive Scorpio. Just two weeks ago he barely confessed his love for me and ever since then I have been happy. He is truly everything I want in a guy.

For the Aquarius woman, who dated the Scorpio for eight months and has the ex girlfriend as a best friend? Piece of advice from my experience as an Aquarius who dated a Scorpio of and on for over 4 1/2 years: Scorpios always want what someone else has; just natural behavior. In your case, he is not with his ex-girl anymore but that doesn't mean she didn't mean something to him. If he is not getting stimulated with his current partner, he will somewhere else. That communication they keep is what I like to call the "Just in case" syndrome. "Just in case" it doesn't work out with you, I didn't burn any bridges I can't go back to. If you were desired by other men, he would exercise his possessiveness and jealousy to show how he loves you. Other men desiring you is a total turn on for him and fuels him to know he has what others want. Please don't misunderstand my behavior being straight forward.

I have no doubt in my mind that your Scorpio has feelings for you, maybe even love you. However he will continue to be secretive, hiding those pictures with his ex, and any other communications he has with other females he fancies because that's his nature.

I agree with the Scorpio above that mentioned once in love, a Scorpio will stick it out whether or not you both are miserable. It's their nature to be faithful until they decide they no longer want to. My ex and I had fights all the time and we really tried to live together and be happy, but our natural behaviors were unable to coexist. We can never say we never really loved one another, but our love died because we both failed to learn how to communicate with one another. I never could understand why my ex Scorpio would get mad every time I went out with my guy friends, or stayed out late with the girls. He was always accusing me of sleeping with my guy friends, and I was out looking for a good time with someone else when I was with the girls. I never did any of those things because I loved my Scorpio guy. Only after we broke up now a year and a half later, I have realized reading Scorpio behaviors that this was just how he was. He was jealous, and possessive, and stung me e very time I did something he didn't like (which happened a lot).

I can only tell you that if you want you relationship to change for the better, learning your partners behavior and how to act and not react is the best thing to do. If not for his sake for yours because I know his moods and secrets get to you. Always keep it together. Try to be the one that diffuses a situation and not allow yourself to get upset if you "discover" something he didn't want you to know. Let him know you came across something and ask him what it is. I'm sure he will tell you the truth if he really cares for you. Or he will lie to you straight faced and at that point you should remove yourself from that relationship. Trust has to go both ways, even if you are the one extending more than your Scorpio lover. To be with him, you will have to endure less, but trust me his love and loyalty is worth it.

I am an Aquarius woman and I am married to a Scorpio man. We dated for two years, before getting married. He met someone else and start seeing her. Even though we are married he told me he will always be there for her, because she was there for him when he really needed someone. I try to understand that, but it is hard. He states that they are only friends, but he's always talking with her.

My Scorpio husband disappears for 2 days at a time and think it is ok. We have a child together and I really love this man. How much longer can I deal with the fact that this man feels he have to be their for his friend or other partner. She told me that they are friends and nothing more. If they are only friends, why I haven't I met her?

Am I stupid or what? My husband does not hide his desire to be there for this women, so apparently he has more feelings for her than he lead on. He told me her birthday is 3 days before mind which make her a Capricorn. I wonder what do she have I don't have.

Im an Aquarius woman and have been seeing this Scorpio guy we kissed and that about it at the moment but he is so secretive moody distant he is the typical Scorpio guy, one moment he can be so sweet gentle, and when he looks at me he looks at me like im the most beautiful woman in the world but then he can just snap and not talk to me for like two days. But he tries making me be jealous by going out with some girl but I said I have to move on and you two should be happy he replied I don't know what to say and I replayed (lol script) well I don't want to stop you from going out with her because its up to u. He had dumped the girl the same night I said that. 2 weeks later in college I walked into the class we shared he grabbed me and kissed me in front of everyone he said after "I want you babe"

after an Aquarian female has broken up with her Scorpio man, will she ever come back and when?

I am so in love with a Scorpio. He's 29 and I'm 26, he has a girlfriend and I have a boy friend. We've been talking now for year, even thought we can't have each other, I prefer things the way it is. I will never trust him if he was 100% mine.

I love being around him every chance I get, he make me feel like I'm in high school again. I know it's wrong what were doing but I don't wanna be right. I feel like the only time I'm happy is when I'm with him .

He's been with his girl for 7 yrs now which he can not be faithful to her. No matter how much harmful things she's done to him, he will never leave her. I get jealous sometimes but I except it. he says he owes her, I guess it's from all the times he's cheated but I don't know.

In this relationship, or what ever you wanna call it, I find myself as the more secretive type then he is. He tells me more stuff about him than me about me about myself. My problem is that I'm scared to open up, it's always been a problem, so he does more of the conversation.

Maybe I'm just his get away from reality, but I don't care cause he sure is mine. about 3 months ago he tells me he loves me and I can feel like he does, cause I don't even feel it with my own boyfriend sorry to say. The thing is that I've love maybe 4 months before, I just didn't wanna tell him.

So anyway this is where the good stuff comes to and end. About a week ago, I go visit him after work, we went to the bar watched the football game then got a room. we had a wonderful night if you know what I mean. we both fall asleep, I end up waking up and see his phone bleeping, it was a text message from another girl. Omg I damn near felt my heart fall to the floor, it if was from his girl I wouldn't have felt so hurt, but it wasn't. anyway I woke him up and played the rest of the night off like it was nothing. I never brought until I went home the next day. He said she was just one of his close friends from down south. after that I didn't call him for the 2 days.

Meanwhile he sends me texts saying he a beautiful night and he's going through a lot and he can't deal with me not talking to him, so I agree to drop the subject. The next day I call him he doesn't answer nor does he answer my text.

Later that day he answers yelling at me telling me that I should have never went through his phone cause that's what his girl does and I should know better cause he talks about it all the time. So after that he winds up breaking up with me telling me and telling me don't ever call him and he will do the same...yes I almost died that day, it felt like my life was over, I could not stop crying. I tried to call him back twice after he hung up on me, but he turns his phone off.

I haven't paid my phone bill recently just so I won't feel tempted to call him, I can't believe it's really over. Could he be mad cause I found out he was talking to some other chic, or was he really mad because I betrayed his trust? Either way I wonder if he still thinks about me and thinks that maybe he overreacted about the situation, and if he loves me why is it so easy for him to call it off almost to a year?

This is a very interesting read!! I met my Scorpio man 6 years ago. When we met, I initially probed him just to get a generally feel for his character. He seemed like a very straight forward person. We had sex and it was...what's the word...unforgettable! I think he had me spun from that moment alone. Because there was distance between us, every time I would come to his area, we'd meet up and try to pick things up where we left off. We even lost contact for 2-3 years and when we spoke again, it was like there was no love lost! Now were at a point where were trying to figure out if a serious relationship is worth the sacrifice were both willing to make, or if it would become a failed attempt. I have fallen for him. Being an Aqua woman, I feel like I need to know more things about him in order to make this decision. He feels like I should jump at the opportunity being offered and everything will fall into this place. I really want to make that move with him because I d o trust him and I want to love him and I know he loves me. He has opened up about things in his past Im sure he wouldn't feel comfortable telling someone. I know I have gained his trust and loyalty. He will know that I am serious by taking this step.

So why am I typing this?? I think I should just do it right?!

Ive been dating a Scorpio and like most we do have sex that is incredible. It has been about eight months now and he still has not introduced me to his kids yet. He says that he told his boys about me which was last weekend but since then I have decided to quit college and I think that he has some sort of fetish for college girls. I hope that this does not translate into game over for me. He has met my daughter and we talk about moving in together as soon as he sells his house. Problem is that he has always been successful and life came easy for him. I had a different very stressful life since I was born. I don't feel sorry for myself and I don't bring it up often. I have characteristics that have been influenced from my past that don't pan out well with someone who has had a rather easy life. If he breaks up with me because I quit college then he really didn't love me. I want someone who SEES me and what I have to offer. I take good care of him and do whatever I can to please him. From updated lingerie to cleaning his toilet. I don't mind because I love him. I just hope that its mutual. I do notice that secret side of him that is characteristic to the Scorpio. He is honest about looking at other girls and I don't mind. I told him he could go to the strip club but he has to come home and sleep with me. I don't and wont tolerate him sleeping around. Its simply gross!!! Any way, peace and love to all. Be beautiful to yourself and love as you want to be loved regardless of how people treat you. In the end you will be rewarded better than anything that you can measure on earth.

I agree Scorpio are evil. Beautiful creatures at home with their sinister selves. I have been through 2, and can not seem to give up he last one, nor he I. It has been through this man, that I learned what unconditional love really means.

I love my Aqua girl but she is incapable of understanding my ways, so I bite my tongue to avoid an argument, and just try to subliminally suggest what she can do to fix it. She's a mess but I love her. I hope she can meet me half way because I would hate to lose her. C'mon Honey you can do it!

I fell in love with a Scorpio man when I was 22, we were initially friends first and I would feel this strong admiration from him that scared me. I played the back and forth friend thing and he grew more and more tired of it. I wanted to use him for sex he wanted more than sex.. Strange for a Scorpio huh!? Well I am now 35 and he is 37,and we were on and off all the years before he got married 3 years ago. In which he quickly married her after I left not wanting to wait while he told me he needed to take a step back. What step back? I didn't understand with my mind although my feelings told me he was loosing control in what he was feeling, so he needed to slow down and analyze it. Again I listen to my rationale thoughts rather than my feelings and left, move to another city two hours away. He shortly got married 6 mos later to a chick that was chasing him all those years, I hear he is miserable, sooo unhappy that he is calling himself an alcoholic and is t talking to mutual friends about me. I am still in love with him and tired of our cat and mouse power struggle games. I am willing to surrender and let him lead with all his feelings that sometimes baffles me, but I know he's a good man and I want happiness for both of us, and really everyone around us says we are meant for each other no one is better for each other but each other. Love conquers all and I believe in all the mess and drama we created with being in love with each other and doing the tit for tat thing, we will be happy together one day.

I know a Scorpio guy and he says he's madly in love with me. I'm an Aquarius girl by the way. And he is...cute. And overly all about sex to me. He always asks for sex and I'm a virgin, so is he. He wants me to the one who takes his virginity but really I don't think he loves me because he's such a major flirt. Although at the end of the day, he always comes back to me and he says I'm different from all those other girls and what not. I have no idea what I'm gonna do. I plan to stay a virgin till marriage [yeah right!] so.. I just think he's in for sex.


I just love what you wrote about communication application. Thank you!! I will keep this in mind

//Aqua woman jittery over my Scorpio man

20 yr old Aquarius woman MY OH MY is my Scorpio a scandalous man ! well I have a confession to make I have NEVER had an orgasm .. I didn't find all the excitement in sex until I met him. Our sex is AMAZINGGGGG ! He is the BEST BEST mate in bed.. he pleasures me everything about me me me! Im not going to lie he does annoy me sometimes and I do get tired of us mainly because he lives in a diff state which we go back and forth consistently BUT it gets boring after a while because their are days where I do wanna have sex, I want to kiss, hug, go on cute dates, and he is no where to be found . He is one of those very sneaky individuals .. the type that does his thing and does NOT tell anyone well according to what I believe .. I sometimes feel like he's a little too boring in life.. he doesn't want to do exciting things with me for ex. I wanted to go bungee jumping, sky diving, and he does not want to do any of them .. said he wasn't going to risk his life BLAHHH ! LAME ! we only liv e one life WHY NOT TRY EVERYTHING AT LEAST ONCE? :) he does tell me that he loves me and their have been numerous times when I just wanna give up.. but this man does NOT let me go .. I think that's what makes me love him more x The fights sometimes get intense but the make up is ten times more HOT. He is my friend, my best friend, my lover, and my love. HOT HOT HOT compatibility!

I met a Scorpio guy by accident he was a dj in a nightclub and he chased me. To me he was nothing but because of the conversation I had I felt that we connected. We spent some time with each other and everything was perfect however shortly after my first visit he started to mention other females offering to work with him, then Friday evenings he has business meetings, Saturdays private parties. Basically leaving me no time to spend with him. Throughout all this he was still in contact with his ex girlfriend and the days he wouldn't contact me he was actually texting/calling other girls. I think personally he has low self confidence and needs attention from other girls for his ego. In the end I just retreated and stopped contacting him to protect myself from being hurt. I believe it was the best thing I did. It's been 3mths and in that time he hasn't called me but has sent the odd courtesy text to get his feelers out of whether I still like him or not. The time I spent with him was the BEST however I saw another side of him that I didn't like so I had no choice but to move on with my life.

I am a Scorpio man and am very fascinated in Aquarius's, but let me give you a little advice. the guy who stated "IF YOU WANT GOOD COMMUNICATION". very on the spot. my comment is to you who keep saying his ex, his ex, his ex. yes we do keep in contact with our ex's. some of you can handle it some can't. if we feel like you can't handle it then that will be one of the things we keep from you. because we know it bothers you and we don't want to intentionally hurt you, so we keep it secret. as for the lady with the ex in red lingerie. he probably was being honest with you about how it looked for her. you have to realize something about a Scorpio. you notice how everyone says the sex is WOW, well that's because that's what we live for. so we research it, and talk about it, and want to know everything about it. so when you know so much about something you tend to be pretty good about it. now the reason I tell you this is not so you can go question your Scorpio's about it , but we love anything naked, we want everyone naked, so yes we keep pics of anyone and everyone. I don't know how to explain it so that you can understand, but it doesn't mean we still want those people, or are in love with them. its just us. we will be loyal as long as you are honest and loyal. we have been on such an emotional level with ex"s they generally become good friends. we aren't still in love with them. but we will always still have love for them. you need to realize we are with you and no matter how weird we are as long as you communicate with us, COMELY, we will always give you the truth. so don't jump to conclusions before you come and ask us. now there are some Scorpio's who won't be faithful, but you really should be able to tell. JUST REMEMBER THIS ISN'T ALL SCORPIO'S, THIS IS JUST TALKING IN GENERAL. GOOD LUCK LADIES, WE ARE HARD.

I am an Aquarian girl madly in love with a Scorpio man and will always be. I was involved with a Scorpio man until recently. He was in a stormy marriage and lived apart of his wife for 7 years. We lost contact for 5 years and got in touch again until a month ago when he told me he is planning to stay with the wife for his child's sake, but will always love me and I will be in his hart. This I do not understand because he is not happy in this relationship and yet he chooses to stay. After many years I decided to free my emotions off him and to set myself free never to go back there.

I meat another guy after this and what happen? He is Scorpio. I went to this dance and it was a strange situation. His wife was with me because we are friends. I never got to know him because I hardly ever saw her. She told me she is away from him for a year and an half. He grab my hand and show interest in me and I told him that it look as if he want to make her jealous. He replies no it was not the case and gave some explanation. After wards the whole bunch of people went to his house and wife went with. She got involved with other guy and he asked me to stay with him for the night. I reply it is an odd situation and he is still married and went home not giving him sex he was after. He phoned me the after that once and I never heard of him since then. Well it is now a few day's. I guess I screwed up by saying no. But I like him. I text once and he did not reply. I am not planning to text him again because I feel he is not interested.

Yes, Scorpio's does not appreciate a straight forward person of does he?

I guess I am not so lucky with this sign. lol.

I'm an Aquarius woman who's been dating a Scorpio man for 6 years and counting. We are complete opposites: I'm happy, optimistic ,lighthearted and adventurous and he's pessimistic, distrustful of others, and prefers to stick to his routine pastimes. We often misunderstand each other and fight. My randomness get to him and his irritability and constant bad mood usually pisses me off. Yet we're both stupidly stubborn (fixed signs yay!), the more we know we're impossible for each other the more we insist on being inseparable. After a while, we do GET each other and love each other more every day. It's a battle but the harder you fight your relationship the more priceless it becomes. Scorpio and Aquarius is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. They clash but damn! the fireworks are worth it.

I've read all of the above and it's the same I'm going through. I'm an Aquarius woman and we knew each other for a while and the physical energy was... amazing and we would talk for days and then he jus stopped.. I haven't heard from him in weeks.. because of well who I am.. Aquarius... I've tried to block all thoughts of him but can't. I feel betrayed that's why I've also closed off my heart to him. honestly it hurts like hell but in the end it's worth it... all Aquarius women hurt by scorpion men my advice is move on.... cause there's a big chance he won't come back

I have been with a Scorpio for a year and a half. We mesh good sometimes. We do argue a lot because he is secretive and gets upset when I ask him what's wrong. He has never disappeared for 2 days at a time, because he knows I will not tolerate it. I am an Aquarian and I will not allow him to make me feel like Im wrong all the time. When we have good times, it is good. Scorpios are good men they just have there "bitchy" times. We have been physically violent with each other, when I argue I make sure that my tongue cuts through his heart. I love him, he is 31 and I am 25. He wants a child but I am not ready. I really need to finish school. So if you are looking for a long-term, a nurturing, loving, gentle Scorpio is what you want. They want to be treated like a KING and in return, I promise that they will treat you like the QUEEN, you are. Patience and understanding will be the key.

I am a 32 year old Aquarius woman who is hopelessly enthralled with a 29 year old Scorpio man. What's odd is that he has Aquarius rising and I have Scorpio rising. I think that may smooth out some of the typical issues, but doesn't eradicate them.

When we ARE communicating (yes, he is notorious for mancave trips that are very "slow boat to China") we are well matched intellectually. I am very open, honest and answer all of his questions fully and he seems to enjoy that immensely. He's very analytical and very probing to the point I sometimes feel like a science experiment lol. What's weird is I enjoy this, the mental stimulation and intense interest turn me on and his complexity is forever intriguing. We communicate better than anyone else I've had a relationship with (lol again, WHEN we are actually talking).

I leave him be for the most part when he's in the mancave (as hard as that is) and I hope he appreciates it. He seems to because he always comes back and it's all good again. We have never had what I would consider a fight, but have been drifting together and apart and together again for about 7 months. This is frustrating and I am NEVER this patient, but for him I feel like he's worth it and, although I feel like an idiot sometimes, I just cannot get enough of this guy. He is so special and the intensity of our connection blows me away. I have never met someone like him who I felt so immediately that I could fully be myself with. Completely comfortable.

Dating a Scorpio has been like having a wild dog come up to your campsite at night. He sits there eyeing you (with those smoldering eyes) from his darkness thinking "wow, that warmth, petting and companionship sure looks nice", but he stays a bit and then runs back off to figure out if it was safe and/or a good idea and generally just to go do whatever wild dogs do. From what I understand, once he decides to trust you and "sit! stay!" then he's usually there for the long haul. I'll hope that's true and just stand her and dangle the bacon and love him up when he finally figures out that's all I want to do anyway LOL

True to Scorp form, he gets more information out of me than I get out of him. I get the occasional secret shared, and I'm sure he thinks he knows WAY more about me, but I "get" him more than he thinks. Oddly, he seems to have shared stuff with me and been visibly shocked it came out of his mouth. He can't figure out why he trusts me and I think it freaks him out (not that he would say so). Of course, the sex is amazing, but you knew that.

Overall, he definitely has the classic Scorpio "moody peek-a-boo". He's there, we are talking every day, the conversations are great, he seems happy, I'm happy and then BAM. . .we don't talk for two weeks. Rinse and repeat. Totally weird, but I'm getting the hang of it. The nice thing is that I have my own life and other things to focus on, so in true detached Aquarian style I can just go do my thing without too much hurt feelings and no drama when he does these repeated forays into the mancave. I told him he should shoot me a signal flare or send a carrier pigeon once in a while just so I know he's not dead in there. He laughed and said all of his pigeons got avian flu. . damndest thing really. ;)

I'm an Aquarius gal (15) in love with a Scorpio guy (16)....I love him a lot but I don't know if he loves me or not cuz he always says so... but we fight a lot... nearly everyday we get dumped and the next morning we patch up..... but he jus loves sex dats it in his life and I dun vana loose mah virginity so fast....I'm jus scared he won't leave me and go just for the sake of not having sex......

Im an Aquarius woman and ive dated on and off a Scorpio man. It is true to say that the sex is incredible together. He hides his true feelings from me often even though Im very open to mine. I accidentally got pregnant and being the typical Scorpio he kinda disappeared and kept to himself till a week before our daughter was born. We still have A LOT of things to work out together but we love each other very much. Even when we both tried to move on we realize that it just wasn't going to work and came back together :D

I'm a Scorpio man, and the greatest love of my life was an Aquarius woman, but it just wasn't meant to be.

I was friends with this girl for years - best friends. Literally I am sure we talked for thousands and thousands of hours on the phone. Truly the best friend I have ever had.

Several years into our friendship, I knew I was deeply in love with her, and she told me she had been feeling that way from the start. We then tried a relationship that we both had been longing for. It was amazing while it lasted, but in the end it ended very badly. I reached a low in my life that I wish upon no one.

Among other complications, she was a free spirit that wouldn't listen to reason. She continued to have many guy friends, including a friendship with her ex. While I didn't doubt her loyalty, I did not like the fact that there were guys contacting her with no other intention than to win her heart, which is not an acceptable friendship with me in the picture. Well my jealousy and her stubbornness did not mix well. Although I don't think I was wrong for asking her to stop talking to such people, it was a big clash that led to our demise.

She also had such characteristics as being a little tough to reach emotionally and did not like to do much cuddling outside of sex. As a Scorpio I really craved more emotions and more physical affection.

It has been years since then and I have never gotten over her. A part of my heart will always be hers, despite relationships that have happened since then. I have never tried so hard to make a woman happy, because I truly loved her with all my heart and soul.

Stay friends... it is hard to say no to your longing hearts but I really wish I still had her as a friend in my life. Losing her as a friend and as mate really almost ended me.

Im an Aquarius seeing a Scorpio guy, he says lets be friends for now but im so into him that friendship doesn't work for me. I want him so badly. he drives me crazy I love everything about him. the sex is great! but he is just so amazing. we have had our differences but he is so calming and we work things out. he talks to me very calmly and I like that in him. He is a workaholic and I barley see him, it sucks. I need to be catered to. he does have issues with expressing his emotions and feelings. he has confessed this to me and I have asked him to try to express and open up to me...I adore him

a lot of these comments just seem to be about great sex and more great sex. Well I'm not one to speak because I'm a girl, but I think it's a guy thing it's not just a bunch of hoped up Scorpio's. That and we are human it's kind of pre-programmed. I'm not a big fan of astrology but it's an interesting read that has no scientific evidence to really support itself. I'm an Aquarius girl and I've been dating a Scorpio guy 3 or 4 years now... maybe 2. The only reason we aren't sure when we started dating is because it just kind of happened. I've always had this mind set that I will find the right guy and that boy's were icky.

Best part is we haven't had sex yet but we both just love each other and try to spend as much time together when college decided it's done abusing us for the moment or work isn't being a jerk.

Yeah sure we had are spats and screaming like 5 year olds but aren't all relationships like that? I've been told by my friends if he's sticking with me and I haven't done any bending over for the boy that's some dedication. It's all about kicking down some doors, killen the monsters, and taking there stuff.

So it's a lot about communication. I'll meet you half way but you got to meet me half way also. I've made adjustments and he's made adjustments. Being in a relationship means you have to give up a lot if you want it to work. I'll tell you one thing I do see a lot of Scorpio coming from my boyfriend but if your willing to make some adjustments he will make some to.

wow.. I just wanna say sorry to the Scorpio guy who lost the love of his life.. I can relate to what you've been through, just be strong, time heals all wounds but the scars will always be there as a reminder.

From my experience I realize that the reason Scorpio men & Aquarius women don't mix well regardless of the attraction is due to the fact that Scorpio men generally desire the feminine, quiet, meek, soft type of women so they can possess.

whereas Aquarius women are nothing but that, we (most of us) are overly confident, outspoken, stubborn, innocent, honestly sweet but very straight-up, hence we come off as very intimidating and masculine for the likes of the "emotional" Scorpio man & that's why they often shut down & retreat.

so if you really want your Scorpio man then go digest "****IF YOU WANT GOOD COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR SCORPIO:" Post or get it tattooed on you're wrist or something.

Scorpio MEN: if you want to get your Aquarius woman then don't hold back, tell her how you feel RATIONALLY & she will respect you (respect & love are synonymous to us)

On a personal note To all Aquarius women: do I need to remind you that you're way too intelligent & above all this nonsense to be caught up in any mans (Scorpios or not) web of emotional confusion. my advice is DO YOU, if he wants to miss out on a good thing then that's his loss, get over it and move on (we're really good at that) don't waste your life & energy waiting on him to come back, because he WILL come back & he WILL DISAPPEAR over & over AGAIN, that's "their" game, yours is to enjoy every beautiful thing this great universe has to offer, so go ahead live your life & be free

with Love,

ms aqua-sun/scorp-rising

I am really felling my Scorpio man he is the best!

hello my Aquarius bondmates! how wonderful interesting to find only articles written by the female Aquarius or the male Scorpio! love it!

well, now my wonderful experience.. I HAVE MET THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!! I would never give just any guy that honour, I mean to be called the love of my life with surity speaks for itself. we haven't physically met yet (he lives 1000 miles away..) but we do talk every day trough mail, msn and of course calling (quit expensive but hello, he is the one) I never been so spiritually, mentally and even physically connected with any man! he is truly the greatest man I ever met!

well its true about the moody things and about the fact that the Scorpio cant express himself the way we express ourselves. glad my man admire this in me. and the Scorpio doesn't like to be ordered around, everything you want or need speak it always out with love. shower him with you're love and he will receive all of it. show him you're pain and he will comfort you with all his might (if he really believes you're the one for him)

I will meet my sweet man the next month and I already know this gonna be the best days of my life! we are ready to get married soon and I will be emigrating to live with him. would love to start a family with him. I don't really know him for too long (couple months) but we are so connected, like I said before.

I must say that I do like the fact that he is a Scorpio because I do love that he wants me for himself. I don't have a problem with the ' possession-thing' and I love him for who he is. he also tries to work on his 'negative' sides of his sign. being a Scorpio can be hard, ladies! we must not forget that this sign these men go into competition with themselves, because they wish to reach the highest tops and the greatest depths! (ain't that hero-ish?) I love my man and I would advise any Aquarius-sister to open up and accept you're Scorpio for who he is.

I love my Scorpio!

much love from lady aqua (-lol)

Scorpios are the one who are dream man of every girl, they are like that when it comes to love and care. I am an aquarius. i had two of them in my life. they wont express their feeling too often, they want you to understand what they actually want and that to with out saying a word. they are real sweethearts and will be around you all the time but you wont notice them that they are there. they are really passionate about sex and want no excuses for saying no to them .believe me they are the best love makers. they drive you to heaven. the fire they have burns you and you will fall in love with them again and again. but their typical nature is something to handle with care .don't argue with them unneccesarily, dont try to prove you point when they are not in mood of listening. the only thing you can do is to try to read through his heart ,try to give him extra care without showing him and yes don't talk too much to him, he will get back to you. after all love is to give and not to demand.

My Scorpio and I have been together for 7 years and it has been VERY rough but it has only gotten better with time. we love each other so much that woe to any one who tries to come between us.

Im An Aquarius Girl & My Scorpio Guy Is Awesome, Incredible. Always Saying sweet Compliments & Making Me Feel Happy, Communication Is Not A Problem, He Always Calls Me & Checks Up On Me Telling Me He Loves Me, Its Sweet. I Have No Problems, We May be opposite signs & All That But, He Isn't Violent, Possessive & He doesn't Turn Things On Me Or Any Of That. We Understand each other & Our Pasts & Present Situations/Problems. We Look Past It . We Barely Talk But I Have No Problem. Any Secrets He Has doesn't Bother Me I Do Love Him But Aquarius Girls rock Every Signs World So While They Keep There Secrets We Should Be Having Fun, & As For Doubting Myself Never, He Loves Me & I Care For Him. Nothing Is Better Then This

Im An Aquarius girl and my Scorpio guy is wonderful, we can honestly sit down and talk about sexy girls and hot guys. It isn't a problem we appreciate the same things, Yeah ok he talks to his ex but so do I, I mean he doesn't like it but like I tell him if you do it im going to do it. We understand each other, He admits that because he cant get with me in bed is the whole reason why he wants me, and me I am not in a rush. Communication with him is a little less but you know they gotta do what they have to do. Faithful? Hmm..I don't know and I don't care. If he does cheat on me then he does because I know I could do the same but more intense. I Do Love Him With all my heart but, some people aren't worth the tears. Yea he's Controlling and possessive and a bit crazy but why should I be scared. One Sign of fear gives them power to continue. C'mon Aquarius use you mental power. Think don't Jus Act. But To My Scorpio MAN I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU & YOU LOVE ME

I don't think Aquarius women are compatible with Scorpio men, my mom (Aquarius) and dad (scorpio) are never in good terms, they argue nearly EVERYDAY, but dad can be good to her sometimes, like he got two personalities, by the way, he starts saying bad things to her and suspects her a lot, although I know mom doesn't do whatever he says, she spends all of her free time when dad is away with me (I'm an Aquarius) and my sister (she is Scorpio) then when he is awake, he acts like nothing happened, he doesn't apologize (not when we his children are around). but he acts nice to mom, hugs and kisses her, I know it's a way to apologize, but I hate him when he suspects her all the time.

my big sister who is a Scorpio and I'm an Aquarius, she suspects me at things I don't even think of. which really hurts me, but we do get along most of the time, when we argue, she comes and apologize first. and says that she was at wrong.

although both of my sister and dad are Scorpios, but why are they so different yet so similar in some ways?

my relationship with dad is normal, I don't want to be close to him at all, I don't like telling him what and how I feel. sometimes he hates this thing in me, thinking that I'm cold which I'm not. I'm just afraid of what he will tell me, I once tried to open my heart to him, but he seemed like he didn't care. so I just want to be the good girl to him, he says that I understand him the most. well it's true. comparing to my mom and sis. when he talks and he see that his opinion is the right one. knowing that it is wrong in all ways, mom and sis just keep arguing with him which makes him upset. what I do is listen to him, and let him go for some time and then talk to him about it again when he calms down. but he will still cling to his opinion no matter what.

my brother is a Gemini, him and dad can be in conflicts sometimes. brother tricks dad sometimes and I can see him when he does! but dad believes him. poor dad :p

I don't know much about their sexual relationship but. probably it's a reason why they are in conflicts sometimes.

were both 23. what can I say the devil + an angel all in one been involved on + off 10 years been together total 6years. we have a little boy together and he is my one. I've never loved + hated someone so much all at the same time. possessive controlling stubborn. its like we are from 2 different worlds. but when were together you couldn't get any closer than we are. I wouldn't change him for the world. even if sometimes it does feel like im sacrificing my life, wants + interests. if he had it his way id be with him 24 7 all day everyday . as an Aquarius woman I like my personal space his doesn't understand that + takes it offensively. my Scorpio mans a bit damaged inside with past issues + child hood stuff etc. so sometimes it does feel like a life long responsibility + it is hard work. I have left him a fair few times only due to violence. he always comes back. I am his home + his everything. he knows where his heart is. there will always be an us. good luck.

3 and half years strong! love, live, breathe together. life with out each other is nothing. he complete's me. im an Aquarius and he is a Scorpio.

btw we are as moany as each other, ha! theses star signs all work. you just need to work on them.

love each other, today is the present, tomorrow is still to come. cherish life! you only have one!!

I'm am extremely big on astrology. I usually only date people who my sign is compatible with. However, I met a Scorpio man. I, being an Aquarius woman, wasn't sure if it was going to work out. Even through all my doubts it has. The communication we have is wonderful. And the sex, incredible. We talk things out instead of fighting. In fact, the few months we've been together, we haven't had one single fight. It seems Scorpio's might be more compatible with Aquarius than most might think.

Just keep your mind open as an Aquarian to your Scorpio. If you have a question, ask. If you need him to explain something further, ask. He is a great communicator.

I've just come out of a 3 year relationship with a Scorpio and we remain friends. they are many pro's to this match and many cons--

PROS- AMAAAAZING sex, when I had a pregnancy scare he was there for me and so supportive, couldn't have asked for a nicer guy, very kind to his and my family, funny, sociable, very tactile and cuddly, he wasn't very romantic but when he WAS..he was so romantic.

CONS- INSANELY secretive, (one of the reasons we broke up) so intuitive, always playing with fire (but never physically cheated) THE TEMPER--- JESUS!!, so jealous at times, manipulative, controlling and so stubborn.

In the end we broke up because there were too many fixed traits in each other that we hated but neither of us were willing to change.--- he had his hooks in me so so deep and I loved him so much.

I wouldn't say its a no go area cos we had some AMAZING times in 3 years but just watch it ladies.

they like to know EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU, but when it comes to them they keep you on the surface level.

and watch for the womanizing ways.

I think I'm in love with a Scorpio. I'm an a Aquarius, and I've been best friends with this guy for 3 years. I've didn't believe that I liked him in this way until a couple of days ago, when I saw him and I just felt so attracted to him. We talked and flirted and I swear I just fell for him. It's weird, cuz in all the years I've known him he's liked me and asked me out, but I told him thought of him as a brother. Even when a bunch of girls started to chase after him, I never got jealous, though he wanted me to be. I'm surprised at myself for never figuring out how much I like him. And I know that Scorpios and Aquarius shouldn't mix, that he might not be interested in me anymore, and it might ruin our friendship, but all of that doesn't particularly matter. I just want to be with him. I'm confused. Should I attempt to get with him, or should I leave it alone?

Stay away from scorpios, ladies. I was with one for 6 years and it was utterly a nightmare. he was the sweetest and kindest person at the start, and then he suddenly turned violent one day and strangled me with his two hands. and when people confronted him of all the abuse he did to me, he placed his hand on his heart and said, "look me in the eyes... I could never hurt her. I love her so much i'd die for her." really.... STAY away. i'm glad I finally gathered up my courage and left. in front of everyone, he is the nicest guy. and everytime when we got in an arguement, he'd put on a depressed face and other people would call me a bitch. they even call me a bitch for leaving him... he made it sound like I left him for another man... but if only they saw my injuries... best liar i've ever met. i'm just glad i'm with a Libra now. he's the best guy i've ever met.

k, yea, all a mermaid,my boyfriend is a scorpion,we always had issues w the x..we been together for a yr,from the beginning it pissed me off he wouldn't let her go..he was still talking to her..well he acted stupid a lot,n because I was s o and love w him,i put up w him and tried to forgive..he didn't even tell her we were living together,fukn retard..o..but I hurt my husband by choosing this fukn loser..since then,i have found out so much shit he was keeping from me..we had split for 1 wk..guess who he ran bk to??..guess he still cares bout her after a whole yr,when we got bk,he told,i cant deal w dat...i don't care how good the sex was..that shit is a major turnoff..i hv no interest and being with him no more..guess who is the one crying now?...yea..even scorpios cry ladies,at first I had trouble gettn him to open he knows I aint interested no more...sadly..its the beginning of the end..he can jz stay w her..cuz I miss having a partner that makes me laugh,some one outgoing like me..someone who likes to drink..n our case he is not handsome..jz a smooth talker..he was lucky to have ever had me..cuz I am very beautiful...and a latina..bye bye scorpio..u can take you're stinger w u..never really stung gonna say what scorpios really toughness at all...juz like to intimidate..ladies,u know if we r one can scare us..b strong..leave them when they act stupid the first time..they will jz keep doin it..never show any weakness....

hi I need some help I met a Scorpio man 8years ago really good looking and still is.anyways he passed on his number and we met up a few times I found him to be very distant even when we went out so after dating for 2years we still were not having sex as he said he had to much respect for me.[bull}. so we went our seperate ways 2years later we bumped into each other in a pub he walked straight up to me and said would you like me to be your boyfriend I said no just friends as I have not spoken to you for 2 years, he told all my friends that he loved me and start crying with happiness cos we met again, then after a few weeks of speaking to him I lost my phone, another 2years passed same story we bumped into each other this year, in the 3 months we were chatting he said he taught the world of me and so on he invited me up to his place when the time came he ignored me and said he didn't have an answer so he called down to me meet in a pub and finally slept together after 8years.i found him to be very uneay during cos he was on the small side. I never mentioned anything about it. so we parted our ways and he once again asked would you like me to be your man I said yes. so he invited me up and once again no reply everytime I ask him when can I come up he avoids answering. I no for fact he don't have a wife girlfiend or kids. yet he tells me he loves me on so on when I tell him I don't want to see him anymore he pleads with me to stay. any ideas anyone to what is wrong with this Scorpio man?

I am with a Scorpio man and he saw me dancing with two other men and I feel all trust was broken. Don't know if he'll ever speak with me again. He then showed me how possessive he could be, yet before that he would verbally not express anything. He is very guarded, private, individual who is amazingly affectionate, kind, and now what do I do let him go? or wait and come to him in peace??

I need tips on how to deal with my aquarias girl friend cuz I dnt want to break up I luv her

I'm an Aquarius woman, and honestly I wish I would have read these comments before I fell for a Scorpio man. Scorpios tell you what you want to hear. I feel like they're liars. I talked to him for about 3 months then one day he stop texting me. I feel like they tell you what you want to hear to get what they want. I honestly believe everything that's said about Scorpio Aquarius compatability and I will never fall for another scorpio.

I went out with a Scorpio guy for 2 years but we were on and off for about 4. When we first got together it was amzing we would do evrything together and he really made me laugh, I even got really well with his parents. After that is started to go down hill!! We would go out and he would totally show me up in front of friends makening me out to be the one that started it all so we would end up arguing and on quite a few times things got quite out of hand!! and it carried on this way for sometime we both went out it would end up getting out of hand!and I would get in to such a state. I think the worst thing for me was that he wouldnt conatct me he didn't really seem to care how upset and angrey he had made me feel. he would ignore me in the street then ring me up a couple of days later expecting things to be ok.

It all came to an end when I found out he was seeing one of my frineds behind my back , and later on found out that he was sleeping with both of us for a while.

They are very selfish people and as long as there ok they don't care about anyone else.

Im Aquarian woman and met my best mate who's Libra Scorpio cusp. Reading these posts he's more scorpio. We have been lovers two years. We have been through drunkard fighting to quiet nights. I understand him better than before. We live in different countries now and he calls me every week as I don't text or call him. I always expect not to hear from him again. We are very close. When I think of him I get a text or call from him. He's the same. We had phone sex last night and sexting. Im flying over to see him in 3 weeks. We have a very special friendship :)

I (aquarius) am in a relationship with this Scorpio man for almost 4 yrs. My experience is anything but a roller coaster ride. Every now and then, he will have his emotional outburst with me and when I don't say the right things to calm him, he will turn around and blame me for causing his outburst. He often says that I am undemonstrative and cold just because I don't greet him when we meet up. Another thing that gets on my nerve is that he enjoys checking other women out to my annoyance. Whenever I bring it up politely, he will break into a violent fit saying that I am accusing him of things which he never did. there are many other things which I could live with like his constant nit-picking, criticism and hints for me to lose weight.( I am 5'7 and 130) It's like never is good enough with him and I am really exhausted in trying. Yes, he also loves to play mind games a lot with me. He loves to flirt with other women and hopely gets a jealous respond from me. But whe and I responded, he couldn't handle. But anyway, there are good things too. He is rather knowledgable and he is the only boyfriend that seems to enjoy reading. If he is in a good mood, he is usually generous with his money. Now, coming to the sex department, I would say it depends on his mood too. Thus I often have to work hard for myself. Sigh, but then again, which man is perfect? Financially speaking, he is a good catch but I think I won't consider him a marriage material because I know together, we are a recipe of domestic hell. He will nag at me for not flushing the toilet, refill the toilet rolls and choking up the sink with my hair. i, on the other hand, will often end up playing the role of a passive aggressive long sufferer, picking up balls of hair, cursing and swearing under my breathe as he nagged and nagged and nagged and nagged...

Hi I'm an Aquarius=D and have been talking to a Scorpio for over 6mos it really felt like love at first sight instant connection. We talked everyday for mos he always put a smile on my face. I pushed him I don't know why or for what reasons. So since then I noticed he doesn't pay me any attention anymore but reaches out to me when he has a problem I am here for him because I care. I hardly care for people and I'm so afraid to let him know because I'm so unsure of myself and him. Everything that is said about scorpios even the guys comments are true. I don't know what he's feeling, I'm not good with feeling period. It bothers me that he's not direct! Its crazy how he ca be a gentleman to a dick head in a matter of seconds!I feel like he's bipolar but maybe I make him that way? we haven't had sex and I'm glad we haven't it would prolly complicate things a lot more! Or would it? If so should I make he move? I know I intimidate him like hell! Were so much alike but not at the same time ...sometimes it feels as if he's my soulmate then its like he's the complete opposite and won't be able to ever understand me but I know it me that has even a bigger issue with communication but its only cause I don't feel secure...scorpio men can I get some advice??

I'm a Aquarius (19) Jan 28 and my boyfriend is a Scorpio (29) Nov 3. I love him soo much we started dating at the beginning of the summer and right away we hit it off. It's complicated bein wit him becuz I'm more open, honest, and affectionate. But he at times can be sooo sweet and nice and fun to be around but often moody and secretive. I'm not sure it also has something to do wit our age difference but I live him and I kno be loves me too. I really wanna work things out b/t us too and even tho he doesn't always express his feelins he want us together to becuz whenever it gets to the point I dnt wanna be with him he'll always try to make things rite b/t us. I'm like really emotionally attached to him it hurts that were broken up rite now I found myself thinking about him aleast once a day. I just dnt kno what to do but I want him back .!!!!

In response to :I'm a Scorpio male and I have been talking to Aquarius girl. We met online.

I would just have to give you the advice that, yes we like our space but at the same time if we feel things for someone and we are confussed or are not sure how the other person feels then we will back off to avoid any hurt. we may tell you there are no feelings but thats our guard we put up. we don't like to be confused and if you are too secrative about your feelings then she will not feel comfortable and will feel that she is getting nowhere with you. she will protect herself to no end cuz she wants what she wants and if she cant have it and its too hard for her to get anywhere then shell back away. shell move on cuz thats in our nature. so don't wait too long to reach out to her. after you confess or at least let her know somewhat how you feel and if she still backs off then sry she aint into you.

I need some advice please!!!! Ive known a Scorpio man for almost 2 yrs. well sorta new him. I met him at his job, he is a bartender. I hit on him and we hit it off right away but nothing sexualy. Then he moved away and I never really forgot about him. but never did like his games. then he moved back and he contacted me at my job. he asked me out on a date and then stood me up and never called me. I was really confused at that point. we talked a couple of times after that but not much. I then found out that he had a girlfriend. thats why he stood me up. I let him know how mad I was and we didn't talk for a year. but then all of a sudden after my brakeup with my ex I saw him again. I cant believe that I forgave him for the past but I did cuz I started seeing him again. now we are on and off the last couple months. we don't talk much but we are now sexual. when we are together it is amazing but its just not enough for me. he gives way too much space and hardly talks to m e unless I really make an effort and I guess when he wants to get some he calls me. im pretty sure this is a booty call and thats all he wants, but part of me has hope that it will turn out to be more if im patient with him. im so confused. any adive????

Scorpio men are so possesive.they act like they own you or im an Aquarian gal an I hate when anyone tries to curtail my freedom or wants to know to much about me. it gets anoying.hey scorpios if your dating an Aquarius girl don't try to get inside of her head.

I need help I am Aquarius/Pisces cusp girl young(15), I met this Scorpio guy(18) like few weeks ago thru his little cousin, I felt like it was love at first sight, from the moment I met him I couldn't stop thinking about him,later we talk and he started flirting with me, he look at me like I am something special, and then the first day we were outside together talking he asked me what I think about sex I told him I think it funny and after that I always want to talk to him, the next day he sat with me at lunch and he was just staring at me at the end of the week he finally told me he likes me and we just talk, he tried to kiss me but I didn't want to kiss him cuz it would be my first so I got scared, I gave him my number and he called me that night and after that we talked every single night, but then my best friend who is a Pisces (16) has classes with him and I don't, but luckily she hate him and thinks he is ugly but he talks to her in class and I feel jealous th en all of my friends at the table talks to him and then I feel more jealous I have never been like this in my entire life, then we kissed like three weeks after we met , I was happy but then we had a conversation about the age and he said he would wait till I am 18 so we can go out , but I don't know if I should believe him or not I am super scared and I think I am in love with him, please anybody I need help with this

Im an Aquarius woman I been with my Scorpio for a year we met on the computer and once he set his eyes on me he would not give up until he had me. we would talk on the phone all day and night and he opened up to me about his life and personal issuees. over time I finally met him he look like he had so much hurt and pain inside him but anyways we always watched tv together joke aorund and everything I even lost my virginity from him. he never left my side he loves me so much that its ridiculous. the thing is he's to romantic for me sometimes and it freaks me out. sometimes I just want to give up because we would get in arguments and we never settle it... no communication what so ever but we plan on getting married soon. he so sweet and do everything for me even if it takes him the universe to do it. he's so sweet but I don't know if I can take romantic passion for to long its driving me away from him and his jealousy is also.

Well I have been seeing this Scorpio guy for about a month. The sex is so good. I mean prob the best I have ever had. the only thing is I can never read what he is thinking. but his smiles covers that. I mean he can tell when i'm lying or pissed off. But I have a hugh trust issue and i'm scared he will go off with some girl who is better looking and skinner. I really like this guy so much and even though we're not "compatible" I don't really care he feels so right and honestly I know its only been a month...I FEEL like I have finally met someone I can actually settle down with and maybe someday marry. I mean I could actually see myself having kids with him one day. I just need to figure out how he feels and maybe I should tell him when I see him in 2 weeks how I actually.

alright ladies im a Scorpio guy ...and some of the things your classifying as 'scorpio'actually isnt were not a speacial breed of human so don't ever black list all scorpios ...does that honestly make sense to you? second were not violent (in respond to the choking incident above) you just ended up dating a phsyco not a Scorpio can be confusing a lot ..its cause were confused we can seem relle quiet ...yup cause we either don't know what to say or how to say something so you don't misunderstand or get hurt from it...we love sex obviously ....we don't waste time either if a relationship is going down hill we will just leave we don't deal with bullshit and , #! TIP don't ever raise your tones when trying to work something out with us if we think your being unfair or unjust just leave we don't wanna hear it ....lastly ladies read you statments before you post them a lot are very correct others ...well you just date loosers and don't use being a Scorpio as an excuss for their behavior they were psych and you cant choose decent guys not scorpios are evil.....

I am a Scorpio man who dated an older Aquarius woman for almost 9 years. The more emotional I was, the more aloof she became. This created a vicious emotional cycle of extended periods of really hot sex and love and intimacy, followed by weeks of really distant and lonely cool spells. A totally unhealthy situation. She would retreat for weeks and months and then pop back in my life, as if nothing happened and no explanation was required. Eventually, we became frustrated with, and resentful of each other. At the end of the relationship, the only good thing about our relationship was that the sex was still explosive. She hurt me badly when she withdrew for the very last time. I decided that it was over. She contacted me MONTHS later and wanted me back. I said NO. She tried to lure me with her sex. I said NO. She showed up on my doorstep and pleaded with me. I said NO and finally she moved on, albeit reluctantly. The lesson? Scorpios are not the only ones in this relationship who are capable of cunning and secrecy. Nor are they always the ones in control of the very sexual part of this relationship. This is a combination of VERY different personalities and communicative styles. There is a risk of serious misunderstanding and dysfunction in these relationships due to the potential for mis-communication and non-communication. One or the other WILL break the other's heart. Scorpio man, head for the hills if you are tempted by an Aquarius woman. Aqua lady, admire the magnetic Scorpio from afar; because you will be stung in a way that you will never forget.

I dated a Scorpio man...and might I say. It sucked. He often mistook everything I said, and he always had to prove me wrong. He always had to be a victim. But, I put up with it, always making sure he was enjoying the relationship, while the whole time I was debating breaking up with him. I dated a Cancer also and in ways they both remind me of each other. (Both emotional, clingy, creepy...) Maybe that's just me though

I met this Scorpio ...whom I would hav nva noticed but he tracked me most fantastic was all so fairytale like ,he observed me without me knowing it..and thn I was told that by him that how I apear to him as queen of his fantasies.....n what pisssezzzzzzzzzzz me that one day he will showw so much concern and thn will diapear for whole week..... he will be no whre..y are they like that do let me know..if any one has any idea

Great site!! Im a typical Aquarius woman of 35 who has been seeing a Scorpio male for just four days!!! he's lovely and very sweet but boy does he take things to heart!Say the wrong thing and thats it for a couple of hours...hear nothing!! But I don't chase him and have no intention of ever doing so....thats not my way, he knows where I am if he needs me :) He pays me so many compliments it bowls me over...but I don't think he understands why I don't pay him that many back!! Even though I think he's HOT I would never tell him :s After all he knows that himself anyway LOL...Ps GREAT SEX!!!

Well...I'm an Aquarius 32 and seeing a Scorpio 42. He's like a family friend. I've been reading up on the whole Aquarius/scorpio thing myself. I happen to wait..I know this man is the one. It's all about your Venus signs, mines is in Pisces and his is in capricorn, if you look them up that's a VERY good match. I've always had bad luck with men an now at 32 soon to be 33, I feel like I went through all that for a reason.....I know he is the one for me 100%. You get smarter with age and I've grow up a lot. When I was 15 thro 30 years old I wanted that relationship SO bad that TRUE LOVE perfect one and now at 32 I relize nobodys perfect, relationships: you got to work hard at them all the time lol I'm still learning and changing I mean for the longest, the only people I'd hang with was my cuz...ages..21..25..28 and one that just turned 30, but it's all about smoking weed, hang out, drink, partying like everyone just turned 21 and the BIGGEST problem chasing afte r the young one, I'm just not into that anymore and that's how I know he's the one. Before we started talking I had my eye on a young one ( I WAS DRUNK ) and he was fine as hell, then like 15 mins later he leaves, we're at a family gathering, so 15 mins go by and I find myself talking to my Scorpio and let me tell you by the time I got finished talking to him I wasn't even thinking about that young one ( That shit is not me ) and on top of that I was drunk lol seriously I don't do that and that fact that I didn't was like WOW there is got to be something very special about this man. And 1 good thing leads to another, like I said eariler his Venus is in Capricorn and I've read that they want a mate with let me tell you, I was telling him about my life and stuff...he said, " you should go back to school " I tooked that as a sign...2 weeks later I went back to school and I'm doing amazing. He lives in a diff state but is moving to my state very soon..we've got plans and he's got even bigger plans for the future...the point is long dis relationship, being 100% faithful, keeping my mind on school and doing good..I want to grow old with him, I want to get married to him, he inspired me to go back school, he brings out the good in me and I'm ready to be the woman that he needs me to be, last but not lease, he's only going to be here for a couple of years when he move to my state....and when he does, I'm going right with him and that's another first for me, I can't wait to see with the future holds for us...

hi, I am a Libra ascending to Scorpio (23/10). I met an acquarian girl in london at my workplace. she is italian and um indian. from day 1, we were talking well with each other. den one day she asked me out after work...we went to cinema to see Eat Pray Love :) den she almost everyday she wud ask me out in da evening........sometimes I don see her for few days...den next time we go out with her oder frnds, she comes to me and keeps talking only to me....i can sense that she likes me perhaps as a frnd...but sometimes she is distant which is confusing.....she is like 'out of sight, out of mind'!! she went to italy on x-mas and brought italian pastya for me..she invited me to her house to have eat hand-cooked pasta....whenever we go out, she doesn't allow me to pay now matter how hard I try to pay first...i love dese things abiut her but cant understand her emotional detachment at times....

I dated a Scorpio man for two and a half years . Fantastic sex. But to this day when he said he loved me all the world I was his everything I truly do not know if it was just mind games to get what he wanted from me. We would break up and he wouldnt bother to text or call for days sometimes a couple of weeks. He was married and told me for all that time he wanted a future with me and he would move out. I sat through 3 xmas's. In the end after all that time I decided to walk away. Totally devastated as I loved him so much. So I think they are selfish people who just look out for themselves. Cowards too well he was anyway.

I am a female Aquarius and I dated a Scorpio for 5 years... it was a a rocky 5 years... we definetly had a connection, but we always fought. He was very controlling and if he didn't get his away it was over. Very selfish...scorpios definetly need to be with someone. So the minutes I broke up with him... he was already with someone else. And I all I needed was space. If your an Aquarius that needs freedom and doesn't like being possessed don't date a scorpio...because you will fall for them but in the end it wont be worth it.

I am a Scorpio boy(18) and she is an Aquarius girl(17).we meet very rarely may be 3-4 times in a year as we live very far from each other.she had proposed me in january last year and I accepted that time she lived in small area(means village type) but now she has gone to a city for her further aquarians like to make friends with many boys.will she be remembering me there or she will just move to a new boy.but we talk on cellphone when she comes home.will someone help me get this confusion cleared?

I'm an Aquarius (16) and he's a Scorpio (17) and we just started seeing each other. My brother andd father are scorpios and I HATE their personalitys. So I've always wanted to stay away from more scorpios but this neew guy is AMAZING and perfect. I can't wait to see him try to figure me out, I wish he would try to get to know me, all he wants is to make out. All the time lol. I know this relationship will end but my goal is to get him to fall for me before it does.

I'm an Aquarius and he's a Scorpio and we've been married for the past 24 years. Our personalities are so different but we are so much alike. He is very secretive, a big liar and a terrible lover. I on the other hand am a very passionate and spontaneous lover who don't deny myself ANYTHING. Because we are so different but alike, he can finish my sentences as if the thought was his own. We love to compete especially in the clothes department, he loves to dress and so do I. As fast as we argue or disagree we make up. I don't know what to tell you but our love/hate of each other varies on any given day. However, when we go to bed every night, he sleeps right up under me and that eventually drives me crazy.

I am an Aquarius (30) and he's a Scorpio (38). We met on Jan 1st and hit it off right away. Just kissing him was electrofying. We were both drinking but I remembered the kiss the next morning so very well. We saw each other and a few days later and talked and talked and talked. Our communication seemed to be open and honest from the get go. I have to say it still is now 2 months almost later. I am not sure I want a relationship because I don't want to get hurt or fall before he does. He has also told me that he likes being single and doing his own thing but enjoys hanging out with me and we get along so good. The sex well I know it could be amazing and he makes me want him badly but that connection is missing. I'm not sure if it is because of how long it has been since both of us had sex before we met or if it is just me but we both seem to have issues reaching the climax point even though it is amazing. HOpefully this works it self out. I am not sure I trust him ev en though he's been open with me about what he wants right now. I'm a very open book for the most part, love freedom, and enjoy exciting things in life. I get a sense that he would be down to do what ever I want to do but I'm trying not to be the leader and let him make some calls on things to do. It's just hard because I feel like I'm waiting on something that seems like it won't come. When we're together everything seems perfect. The way he looks at me, smiles, and gets me. He does seem secretative even though thought was it was because we're just seeing each other (no strings attached). As I've read thru the posts on here I am understanding more that he needs to trust me more in order to open up. For me secrets suck and I though I'm not afraid really to ask him questions, I don't want to feel like I'm prying. I can tell that even though I'm a strong woman his demeanor is so calming to me that I can see my self falling at some point and I'm a bit scared that he won't be ready. We come from similar back grounds from what I can tell. We were both married for about the same time and divorced for about the same reasons. He has a teenager daughter, I have no kids but would like a family at some point. He did have a christian up bringing like me and that is attractive. I just don't know how to relax and not come on to strong with him because I don't want to push him away. Some of the posts here are a bit different, some say their Scorpio men are all about being showered in love and passion and desire and others say their Scorpio disappears for days. This is my case. We will go 3 - 5 days with out seeing each other. It stinks! His job has him traveling and sometimes no phone use. I'm not the type of girl to sit around and wait for the phone to ring but dang the time it takes to get over hearing his voice to the next time I talk to him or am around him seems like forever. When we are together, its perfect. We seem so in sync. Though I am an Aquarius, my birthday is Jan 24th, I have some of the characteristics of Capricorn and thank god for that because I know how to chill and not be aggressive with words and do not like to argue or always be right. I'm strong and independent but like structure of a man that offers it with stability. With the no strings attached (don't want to see anyone else but not ready to put someone else as a priority talk) I make plans to do what I want to do at times. I do not know if it will make him jealous or make him feel insecure. For example, we normally hang out on the weekends and spend nearly all of it together, during the week we're both very busy with work and the gym that we may or may not see each other Mon - Thurs. This past weekend, I told him that I was thinking about going out of town to see some friends (this was after we clarified our what our status was). He seemed ok, maybe a little disappointed that I woudln't be around but I didn't want to seem like I am always available when he wants to do something. So I went out of out town. I missed him a lot but I didn't dare tell him that. In a big way, I hoped he missed me since it was the first weekend that we hadn't hung out while he is home and not away on a mission/travel. He didn't tell me if he was but seemed happy when I returned home and we got together the next night. He seems aloof more then me!!! What is up with this!! Am I really wasting my time with this Scorpio or is he just masking his true feelings? I hear what he says about single status etc, he hears me. But when we're together .. anyone would think we're a couple madly in love! It's very mixed singles. I don't want to just be his friend. I want an awesome relationship. I'm fine with the friendship building period right now but now that sex is involved I do not want to be the one that falls and he's standing there saying, I'm sorry but I don't feel the same. ugh!!! Help.

I'm an Aqua woman, in love once again with a Scorp man...they are the true enigmas of the zodiac sign. The attraction is INTENSE and the mental vibes between us are passionate but because we both have witt and humor, it's pretty amazing.

The sexual attraction and power is's breathtakin' really and never boring.

God help me.

well I am a 31 year old Aquarius woman who is with a 29 year old Scorpio man. We have been together for going on 10 years we have a blended family but have a son together. I can really tell it has been a real rollercoaster ride we have have been through everything you can think of. Aquarius woman are really ride or die when it comes to the man we love and we will let everyone know it. we are woman that will speak our mind regrdless who wants to hear or not..dont ask and we wont tell you the the truth so if your ready to hear it we will give it to you!!! we are very faithfull woman and love who we love. For a Scorpio man us Aquarius are very challenging to them and it seems that is what a Scorpio likes and wants. It says that a Scorpio man loves to get in your head, but the Aquarius woman will most definently do the same and smile while we do it. There is nothing a Scorpio man can do to think they got away with anything with a Aquarius woman because we will find out or already know about, its just the thing of when are we gonna mention it (when they least expect it). we are very loving creatures and we will give our heart to the one we truly love and we will fight for our love. I think that is what the Scorpio loves about the Aquarius woman because we fight for their love and we will never give up unless we really have to. we stick by our men no matter what. we love the family llife just as the Scorpio man does. we bring out things in the Scorpio man that actually no other sign can do. we speak our minds which they love also because the Scorpio man does not like a sneaky woman. and the sex is incrediable!!!! im sorry but the sex of an Aquarius woman is all emotional and will mind boggle a Scorpio man, some people I think overate that Scorpio are the sex gods, but I am here to tell you it is the aquarius!!! there is no sex like sex with the Aquarius woman. we take sex to a whole notha level... it is a mind thing with us. what ever we think about during sex we will act on it while doing it. and that turn the Scorpio man on!!!! we are very intellectual as well as the Scorpio man. we make a very good couple if you ask me because we never give up on anything and we both play to win. scorpios can be very sweet and mushy but they don't like it all the time just as Aquarius don't like it all the time either and we both need our space at times. but I think there is no other match as good as Aquarius woman and Scorpio man. we are very loyal to each other and we both know where "home" is. we are very family orientated...we love the family life.. and we are both very sexy and confident signs.

I've only dated my Scorpio man for 4 months. When we see each other in person, we have such a nice time. But on the days we don't see each other, he will only spend about 3 minutes on the phone. This is hard on me - only talking to him for 3 minutes on the days I don't see him. It's so hard on me that I started questioning him if it's because he really likes someone else. I felt bad asking this, but just don't understand why he doesn't like talking on the phone during the days we can't see each other. Well he finally got so mad at me, that he hasn't called for 2 days. I called him and he cut it short and wasn't affectionate sounding. I'm so scared I lost him. Reading everyone's posts makes me understand many Scorpio men don't need that constant "reassurance" on the days we don't see each other, and that it doesn't bother them not talking everyday. When we see each other in person, it's like everything is ok. But I am scared I lost him and that he's so mad at me for asking if it's because he has someone else. He got mad and said "don't I show you I like you?"

Is It possible for a Aquarius and a Scorpio to have a long term relationship?

My experience is that I am a free Aquarian woman who is still in love and lust over my Scorpio husband of almost 5 years. He just has to look at me, touch me, hold me at night in bed and it is electric. He treats me like a true Princess and worships me completely. When we argue, it is just as passionate and exotic when we make up for it in bed. Our love is fast, hard, fiery and passionate. Where I can turn the house in a tornado, he will calmly ride through the storm in silence. He puts me on a pedestal and showers me constantly with his loyalty and love. He protects me and reminds me daily of his love for me. He is affectionate and jealous, alluring and possessive, loving and supportive, playful and lustful and his heart belongs to me only.

I'm a 27 years old Aquarius woman checking a 36 years old Scorpio man. I honestly don't understand him what so ever, yes like most comments above he's very sweet, friendly, and "acts" cute cuddley which I find him very adorable, at other times I find myself wanting to strangle the poor cute little creature lol. I guess that's my rage and anger towards his secretive behaviors which I find it being scandelous\shady I totally enjoy my time with him but I also have trust issues with men in general. I believe they have to earn my trust before I give them a chance and with him he think he hasn't done anything wrong to justify his actions. He ignores my MSG or calls when he's out with the "boys" which we all know what happens when you place a bunch of older gentlemen with commitment issues together in the bar scene with booze and bitches lmafo it spells trouble!!! I'm always frusterated with indirect answers and find it shady that he can't be frank with me. His answer to that is he doesn't want me to get upset with him "because I'm always getting pissed off. Well hello smart ass I'm only upset cuz you can't tell me the truth and it makes me feel you got something to hide cuz you're up to no good. Sometimes I feel I want to drop his ass but he knows how to calm and butter me up. I'm fucked and this is a good place to vent out about my stinging cuddle bunnie. We also look good together and he's sexy I love to use him for sex cuz he's my boytoy lmafo.

Sincerely Stephy

I'm a middle-aged Water Lady that has been married to a Scorpio man for 27 years and counting. At this point in time, we're living like roommates. He spends most of his time in what used to be our bedroom. (The Cave) He comes out occasionally to eat, shower, work, spare me a word or two, and then it's back to the cave. I sleep on the couch, and become more bitter each day over our lack of communication and our "marriage". Sex? Oh yeah, it was always fantastic, but, lacking communication. He once told me that he would not stay in a sexless marriage, and he hasn't had to. I, on the other hand, have told him many times that I need to be romanced, that I need sweet talk and communication. Each time, I got less and less. I told him that I couldn't handle a marriage without romance and communication. He seems to care less. We both agree that we truly love each other, but really don't like each other that much. The times that I do get him to open up about thi ngs, it's usually about me. Something "he thought or interpreted" the wrong way and decided in his infinite wisdom, that his thinking was the right thinking. It wasn't. He never apologizes. I have basically lost myself over the years between raising our kids and caring for him. It's all about him. I'm more than burnt out with the deal, lonely and very, VERY unhappy with the way things have turned out in our marriage. Yes, we went to counseling once. He outright lied to the counselor and we got nowhere fast. He says that he cannot imagine life without me, yet I don't "see" anything from him that makes me believe that. It takes a helluva lot more than just great sex to make a long~lasting relationship work and if communication isn't there when the sex breaks down, what are you left with? It sucks.

I'm an Aquarius born Feb 12 1990 and My man is the Scorpio born October 30 1987 we've been together for two years know and let me tell you its been up and down. When we first meet I was just getting out of a really horrible relationship so I was very venerable and emotionally unstable to be with any one so we waited a couple of months to put a title on our relationship, and from then on out its been hard to decide if we should even be together. First of all we have so many things that we don't have in common as far as what we want in our lives. I'm trying to get a new career going and all he seems to care about is keeping me around. I recently just moved out of our apartment that we got together last summer because he was getting a little to comfortable drinking which I cant stand, and the arguing was unalterable. He's stubborn and I'm extremely stubborn as well but like everyone else has been saying at least the sex is amazing and he's very caring in deed, but he's too needy and ask me questions as if he doesn't know who he's dating, its like seriously I cant go anywhere without him acting like I'm about to cheat on sometimes. It gets annoying and quite frankly I don't know how much longer I can deal with him, I know all relationships have to go through tough times and maybe this is ours but if he doesn't start improving I cant see use being together at all, to make things worse is that fact that Aquarius and Scorpio are not compatible and from the information I gathered it seems that there is not much faith in the two signs making it work. But I want to make it work because I know he truly cares for me and would do anything for me which I love about him its just right now its hard to see myself with him when we come up against practical things such as career, goals and such its like I'm on another planet and he's here on earth . Not to mention when we communicate its like talking to a ten year old because I fell like he doesn't get what I'm saying and this is not just about age I feel the same way about my father, born November 11 also a Scorpio, I feel like they don't listen to what people are trying to tell them.

Being an Aquarius and loving a Scorpio can be a full time job. There a very needy individuals and can be sensitive at times. Me on the other hand can hold back on showing my emotions and this comes from being stubborn, but I also feel like I'm more masculine at times and he's more feminine. It a strange attraction that these two signs have but with work can make it through anything. Its funny when I read the comments about the mental capability of Scorpio because its on point they are so spiteful and will get inside of your head, and they are always sizing people up. But of course they are deep individuals and can be too much to handle but the Aquarius is too. The only advise I can give to anyone else is if your going to date an Scorpio make sure both of you are on the same page, as far as what you value in life, because it will bring about a whole string of debates that will turn ugly in seconds if you both are not in agreement trust me I'm trying to work this ty pe of situation out myself. It can really change your perception of the person if you cant even agree on what you want In life. This topic brings up so many arguments in my relationship and it usually branches off into many other areas of our relationship as well. But I try to compromise and listen to him and just work at giving each other space and time to grow up I'm 21 and he's only 23 which in my opinion we should be able to be more civilized with each other but like I said one day at a time and we'll hopefully get somewhere without arguing when we express our opinions to one another. God Bless Use!

I know this guy at work and he's a scorpio. we've been friends for almost a year now and we would always talk and sometimes hang out even if it's just the two of us.

I enjoy his company so much and I really like him but I just don't know if he has feelings for me too. I would notice him looking at me at times.

He's not touchy when he's with me but there was this moment that he put his arms around me when we were crossing the street. I feel happy and protected when I am with him but I just don't know if he likes me too.

I feel like I am back in highschool whenever I would start thinking about him.

a lot of girls at work likes him too but somehow, one way or the other, I would find myself spending time with him...

i think I am falling in love with him but how can I know if he has feelings for me too... you we always talk at work and spend time together a lot but what makes me wonder is that we haven't even talked on the phone, and never even texted each other unless it's about work or important stuff...

i am so confused...

could anyone enlighten me about this Scorpio man?

yes I do believe this is possible, because the Scorpio, and the Aquarian have more in common than they think. The both have a mental process to work out people and situations, and a good sense of humour etc., I am a Scorpio woman, and fell for an Aquarian Man, without realizing what I was getting into, this man was very charming to begin with, and I thought I was holding all the cards in the relationship,i was stupid not to follow my gut feeling, but it was too late,as we had become sexually involved, before the real truth dawned on me not long after.He was pulling all the strings,and that had already started on the first date. Once, he had losted interest.He became quite cruel and dismissive, to me and on occassion would be happy to have sex with me, other times it was inconvenient, so in effect he was using sex to have me become his creature, being there when it suited him and going out, before I arrived, even after he had made a date with me at his house. He hurt me a great deal, and it made me very sick, emotionally because I loved him, even thought he did not share these feeling. I hung around for to long in the hope that he may change his mind, yes, I was well and truly hooked. I had no choice but to walk away, and still feel unhappy even now, although we have formed a friendship of a kind, I did not feel a need to be evil towards him or think bad thoughts, what's the point, life is to short. Besides the fact I still adore him now. By the way this happened to me 10 years ago. Scorpio woman out there be very very careful of the Aquarian man, make sure you know what you are getting into, because they like to use and lose woman as is their right of way, without any thought of the hurt they cause, because of their selfishness. I still dream of getting back with him, and I do believe, that if these two star signs really work together there is a good possiblity that they can create magic together, even if this did not happen to me. Are there any Scorpio woman out there that have had a bad experience with an Aquarian man.

It's funny how when I read the majority of these stories and whether they are good or bad, I feel as if it is my own. The last (approximately) 4 men that I attracted were Scorpio's, so I am perplexed when I read how incompatible Scorpio men/Aquarius women are supposed to be. I am completely in love with this one, my Scorpio King. He wasn't even my type before I dated him. I knew nothing about Zodiac signs nor cared...but then he kissed me. Now, I wont be any good for any other sign, as long as I live. I will keep you all posted when we get married! ScorpiQuarius_Love!

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