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I have been in an on again off again relationship with an Scorpio man for ten years now and it has been a true adventure. We dated in the beginning for about two months and we split because we could not see eye to eye.

I began dating others and so did he. This lasted for a year and then we began to become friends and he began to reveal himself to me over time. We rekindled again then we both got separated for 4 years.

We recently started seeing each other again and the same feelings are still there. We talk about everything and are best friends. I love him to death. I am an Aries woman and it is very hard to let someone else control things but I have to give this man my trust and know that he will make it happen.

So yes an Aries and Scorpio relationship can work you just have to have patience with your Scorpio, it's worth the wait. I waited ten years for the relationship I have now. I would not change him for the world I love him how he is. Signed Hopelessly in love with my Scorpio man.

I am an Aries married woman and have an intense friendship with a married Scorpio - not intimate in that way! He has told me things he hasn't only told anyone else. He thinks I'm intelligent and passionate and asks me about personal issues etc. he thinks I'm a great mother. I told him I had feelings for him and he says he just wants to be friends. He also makes time for me to have lunch together during the week even when he's busy. He says I'm important and special to him. He emails me everyday just to chat. I feel like I mean more to him than just friends but I cant be sure. How do I tell?

I have known my Scorpio man for over ten years and have been involved with him for nearly five. It is extremely passionate in a way I have never experienced before. I feel we are soul mates and although he hasn't said ILY in those words it has come out in many other ways. He has broken up with me twice and both times I never gave up knowing he would come back to me because we are meant to be together. It is now better than ever because it took him this long, in true Scorpio fashion, to accept me into his heart and trust that I won't hurt him. I adore him more than I can express, he is the most fabulous man I've ever known and I want only him for all time.

I am an Aries woman who had her first real relationship with a Scorpio man. I have talked and had other simple relationships with other men but this is different. I know that he is the only one that I want Already and while at times he annoys me and I aggravate him (because Im and Aries duhhh lol) but I just know that one day we will be together again and it will last forever because I know what I want this time and what he needs. I know that they are stubborn but I think this will be worth it because I KNOW that he will see that I am still in love with him like the first moment that I met him no matter who he talks to or dates I know that I affected him and that I am still in his heart because I believe in us and our love regardless of the pain that I am going through now..... So I love you Babe and you will ALWAYS have my heart.... FOREVER

I am an Aries woman and I got involved with Scorpio man 11 yrs ago. We were once engaged but I broke it off but we come back and forth into each other lives and for some reason the chemistry has never changed. Regardless of who we date we always come back to each other. Im having a hard time understanding why this is happening. I enjoy having sex with him and I do love him. I can be myself with him. I am involved with someone else but still attached to my Scorpio. Its complicated!

I am a Scorpio Man, married & in a relationship with an Aries woman.......... We are soul mates despite all the differences.

I am an Aries woman dating a Scorpio. We were best friends and now lovers... we started this relationship against all odds... and now we feel that we made the right decision at the right time.. its beautiful.. everything about this relationship is beautiful... I think this is the best zodiac match

I am dating a Scorpio man! We argue all of the time because he will not tell me how he feels. When we make love it is like fire works. We both agree it is something we have never experienced with anyone. I am falling in love with him but I want him to trust me and give me his heart. I agree with all the statements Scorpio's are secretive and sometimes hard to read. We are on emotional roller coaster that is full of passion. But I am not sure if it's enough because I want his heart.

To the poster above, Scorpios have many bad points, but they're rarely shallow or fake. Whether he tells you or not, from the sounds of things it's very likely you do have his heart. Whether he will admit it or not...

I am an Aries woman in love with my Scorpio man we have been together for 15mos. Through out the relationship there have been ups and downs, disagreements, etc. But have always managed to work things out, he was once in a 4 yrs relationship so took a very long time to open up. Just recently he truly began to talk to me about things he has never done before which really made me appreciate him even more. I found my Scorpio man to be in tune with his emotional sensitive side from the very beginning and in almost 40yrs of my life I truly believe I have met my soulmate, can't wait to see what the future brings.

Aries woman in love with her Scorpio man.

Im Aries woman dating a Scorpio I think I need tons of patience with him, he's too slow for me, I read all of the articles and I fall in that conclusion. He use to disappear for no reason, then he appears and require my attention, Im the one who maintains this into communication. I start to talk to him one month ago. Sometimes he really express himself, he let it go, and says what he's feeling but acts different day by day, by phone or in person. I perceive him cautious and sensitive person. That makes me feel nowhere. We have a busy life's and post traumatic relationship experiences. I like him, its interesting in all ways. I also feel so attracted to his seriousness such man! I never feel in that way with some other man. Usually never being attracted to quiet man.

Actually that caught my attention which is hard to get in this days, I really shutdown myself it wasn't plan to date nobody. We just started and it feels good I have a good expectations about my Scorpio man, but I know I need to be very careful with him because it value. I truly true the truth makes you free. Kisses to my Scorpio.

I have been involved with a Scorpio man for over 16 years. On and off. We are best of friends and lovers. We have both had other spouses and stayed friends during our marriages but always come back to each other. I am an Aries and I express my feelings and we struggle with him expressing his. We have great sex and are now in a full time long distance relationship. He has asked me to marry him but I have put the idea on the back burner. I read your entries and they are exactly what I deal with, with my Scorpio man. It is the most exciting and physical relationship I have ever had.

I am totally in love with my Scorpio man always have been always will be.

I'm Aries and just now getting acquainted to a Scorpio man. I don't much about Scorpios except for the fact that I had an ex-colleague who was of that sign and oh the fireworks in the office! - we were both headstrong and wanted to lead, had strong independent personalities, but he was devious about things, while in typical Aries fashion I was upfront. All of it together, fireworks. I do seem to recall though that at times we were on the same wavelength. Hmmm. Too long ago though, can't really remember.

Anyways, I wasn't particularly thrilled when I discovered my date was a Scorpio. Truth be told, I actually moaned 'oh no' inside of me. Since then I have been reading about Scorpio, which I never bothered with before. I'm drawn to the intensity and the depth of feelings they are supposed to be able to feel, I am fine with the jealous possessive side, cause hey, that's how I am too as an Aries woman ha! I'm just not sure I will have the patience to put up with all the mood swings etc. to attain the fusion of souls. No to mention he'd better not try to manipulate or control me! Hey, I'm an Aries, I'm a free spirit and impatient. Anything I want, I want it yesterday ha!

MAN! I Love reading these postings because I've always kinda felt like I was a loner. Nobody really understood. I just really started getting into zodiac signs because as an Aries woman you know we HATE TO FAIL! If we lose we have to come back and try again until we get the result we want!

I am a Scorpio man dating an Aries woman, I love her very much and I know she loves me but I cant get her to say it. We are separated by distance and that wont change for another 8 months. I am trying to make her understand I'm not leaving her and that I do love her but she is still uncertain. HELP!!!

I'm interested by reading everyone's articles. Those are interesting that every one has his/her own experiences with the relationship for a different sign. I'm not a loner but I like to read the articles when I got a break from my books to refresh my mind. I just wondered how come every one like to date?? It doesn't matter who will you love or married. Your real love will meet you some day, where, and how; there no need to be rush or searching for every where. I'm a Virgo, have no intention to date with any guy; guys are unpredictable- lot of minds; nothing ever last in this world; love is really beautiful as a rose which is still blooming after then it will fades a way and some end up with cheating causes each one painful; burns as walking on a fire, oouch!!.. also, I don't really mind who said I'm a lesbian while I'm not. So, I gain more happiness and peace of mind-nothing bother me mentally or physically. Being a single or Virgin is perfectly fine-NO Labor or sic kness. I feel very sympathetic for everyone who broke up after two to five years. I learn something new from the website; it is good for visitors who like to share their experiences. I saw a beautiful guys out there but I just can't see how is his dark side look like? I'm not a risk taker but most likely I'll sacrifice my time for the one I love and in return. I feel for a guy, maybe Taurus or Scorpio who I just met. He spent his time to write to me. I knew he liked me. I promised myself, No, No.

Does anyone have some idea. Taurus is very sweet offered me if I need some help or any question. He always compliment me with the fact and eager to help me.

Alright, I'm glad that I've seen some negative feed" in here about and Aries women and a Scorpio Man, cause let me tell you, I was dating a Scorpio Man for 3 years and uh, if relationships are SUPPOSE to be the way mine and his was, I don't think would ever want to be in a relationship again! We ALWAYS butted heads, ALWAYS. And me being an Aries girl, man did we clash. Not to mention he wasn't great on showing emotion, or it would never be good enough for me? But now that I've read about the Scorpio male, I now can see why. Not to mention this made me feel ignored and I actually told someone this the other day, I HATE BEING IGNORED. Biggest pet peeve, in any way shape or form, hate it, and well .. that is an Aries straight for a women! SO Scorpio and Aries don't go well I say. Too much butting heads.

I am a Aries woman who has been dating a Scorpio man for 2 years off and on. We are in love with each other, however he has gotten himself into a relationship that he wants to get out of, but because he owes her money and she is in love with him, he feels guilty if he just broke it off with her. We both want to be together in a relationship but I feel because she is in love with me and he owes her money that will always interfere in our relationship. For the most part we get along great and when we come together is this feeling of one that let's us know we are soulmates. He tells me everything, he might be impatient sometimes but he is truly a great guy that I will wait for. I just can't enter a relationship with him as long as he owes her money.

I have been seeing a Scorpio and I am an Aries woman. We started out as friends, leading to a lovers, back to BEST friends ,back to lovers...and on and on. I cherish every moment with him because as we know Scorpio men are very selfish with their time, but they expect your undivided attention when they are interested. I am confused about what to do and what not to do. He went through a bad divorce only two yrs ago and still bothered by how and what she did to him. I think maybe it is too soon for me to win his heart but every time I make myself unavailable ,he runs straight back to my side and gives me just enough to hang on to. Is he truly into me or am I a fool for bring so patient waiting for him to see we are undeniably PERFECT for each other. Every moment we are together we are laughing ,talking, sharing experiences, helping with each others kids and definitely, hot ,out of this world intimate moments! I am hopelessly in love for the first time in my life ,and I am terrified of what may happen if I continue to love him....but I can't help it, it is the best time of my life.

Sincerely, "Can't help myself"

Man this is so crazy! I am an Aries woman dating on Scorpio man. It's is crazy how all of these relationships are pretty much exactly the same. I've been dating my Scorpio on and off for about a year now. We both deeply love each other but he drives me crazy because I never know how he feels. Sometimes he'll just break up with me for no reason at all. He'll ignore me for awhile. But he'd always come back. I think that's just how Scorpio's are. They just need their space some time. But I believe once they fall in love their heart if forever yours. As an Aries woman he can definitely drive me crazy, but it's all worth it in the end. I love my Scorpio!

I briefly dated a Scorpio. He neglected to tell me that he already had a girlfriend. I promptly dumped him. FFWD a couple years, he married his girlfriend but contacted me still wanting to cheat on her. I told him to get lost.


I am still dating my Scorpio man. ( I think.) I am an Aries woman, of course.. Things have gotten hectic lately. Most of you females here, are right. Scorpio men just need their space and I figure, a lot of it. With Scorpio and Aries being the two most powerful signs of the zodiac, it seems to be hard anyway, mainly the emotional side of things, which is a real down fall for me. Since Scorpio males are very emotional, and Aries emotions are much more up front, while theirs are hidden. We hardly ever know how they feel. I believe most Scorpio men expect and Aries woman to know and feel everything they are thinking, and feeling. Me? I try/tried! Extremely out of my toss, because Scorpio men.. eh? You just can not break their nature. Nor can you break our Aries freedom. In such a downfall of heartbreak to Aries, we are usually known to get right back up. But this Scorpio is literally holding me in such a tight place, I'm thinking.. gahh. Why so hard!? Of course as many articles say, it started out with full on passion and turned a little into what I would call a daze... then ended up more to be an ignoring session, and a contest of feelings. Who speaks first, who thinks first, who speaks last and who has negative feelings, not really wanting to express. Aries and Scorpio do. set off such a passion, which is hard to break. In the end, maybe it all falls down...

.Words by Remedy.

Me being a Scorpio man and I'm kinda falling for this Aries woman. From our side it's not that we need alone time it's just we want to see how much an Aries woman cares for us if they follow or not. But I do have to say Scorpio men will always go back to the Aries female for some weird bond we share when we really connect with each other

HELP!!!!!! I have been dating a scorp for a few months now...and today he brought up (again) that he NEVER EVER wants to get married. He told me before that he -

a. doesn't believe in love/ b. can't fall in love...

but he is so affectionate...and today when he could see I was upset he was so sweet and then wanted to stay all day....and the way he behaves (normally) is so sweet and caring. I have a hard time believing that he can't love...

he also asked me (after all of this) if I liked him (not loved...) but then when I said "of course" he asked "how much?" Then he asked what I was looking for in a husband...and if he had the qualities I'd be looking for in a husband (which didn't make much sense as he had JUST SAID he'd NEVER get married)

I am so he just trying to protect himself??? or what? and he kept on it all day....even when I told him to drop it????


well im a college student and I been talking to a Scorpio man , and like it's so crazy how I feel about him its like I wanna spend the rest of my life with him because I never met or had anyone like him but I just feel maybe he's not that into me because he told me that we need to stop hanging out because I was getting to jealous , but I can't help it I don't want no one else to take what is mines in a sense lol, but I just don't know what to do , I want him to myself

I have had an on and off relationship with a Scorpio man for almost 3 years. We have broken up twice but always come back stronger than ever. He is the most amazing man I have ever met. He is brilliant, honest, and sweet and I want to be with him for the rest of my life. The problem is that he can't ever make up his mind. He keeps reeling me in then pushing me back. I'm still in the relationship because I feel he is worth fighting for. I know he loves me because of all of the things he says and does, but he tells me that he can't be in a serious relationship because he can't love me like I love him. I haven't ever asked him to do anything he is already doing, and I'm not pushy about anything. I know he needs his space so I back off.

He is the one that calls me everyday, that wants to take me out, cook for me, etc. We lived together for a year and a half and it was wonderful. When we broke up and got back together 6 months later (which was about 8 months ago) he says he will never live with me again...???? However-he is still putting effort into the relationship.

Super confused....any advice???

I recently met a Scorpio man and I have to say I have never met someone who is so passionate about everything. When we are together he treats me like a lady, is respectful, and seems completely genuine. We are taking things slow because he is in the process of ending another relationship, but I can not wait to find out what a full-blown relationship with him will be like. Even though I have read that we are not the ideal match (I am an Aries) so far I can not see why. I do hardly know him, so that may explain it, but we communicate well and have so much fun when we are together. He can match my drive for adventure and fun, and is always up for something different. He definitely does not do things half-way and is the most amazing kisser I have ever been with. Cant wait to find out what kind of sex we will no doubt be amazing!

I have been seeing a Scorpio for about 4 years and I am an Aries woman. It has been on and off when we first met it was like a movie something like a fairy tale. When our eyes locked it we just stare at each other it was very breath taking, we are soulmates. But for some reason when we brake it off we still connect! I'm always here and so is he it's was strange how we can't get over each other, I'm now starting to understand him for the first time in our relationship he's very sensitive, we also go through these ego/pride phrases it's like we're fighting each other! For no reason. Weird? I know, I became deeply depressed over him and get very sick, it's like we feel the same about each other. I love him

Aries woman met my Scorpio man in high school. We liked each other but nothing happened until 2 yrs after we graduated. I love him soo much. We started as fwb but he said we were more than that but not saying exactly what we were so after a yr of that he up and got a girlfriend and still wants to remain close friends. I got jealous and cut off all communication with him until last night when he tried to send me a request on blackberry. Its like we cant stay away from each other. I know he loves me but he doesn't tell me how he feels all the time. Were complicated in every sense but I think he's the one for me....only time will tell.

good luck to all you aries/ scorpio couples I hope we all find the right love xx

My Scorpio is so attracted to me, that much is clear. The only thing is that he says one thing then does another. A good example of this would be saying he will call/ visit with me later and totally go do something else. Or a variation on that of some sort. I am being patient with this but I do not like being blown off in even the slightest way. Our relationship is still pretty fresh and I know that he needs his own world to himself so I come to a draw on this issue because I suspect this may be part of the "breaking" process that is referred to in a relationship aspect. But I just hate it! If you honestly do not think you will want to do something, all you have to do is say so.... It just seems so simple to me. The only thing I need to know is if it will continue? And would it be a moot point to tell him I don't like it, or does he already know that? Like I said, is this all part of that "breaking" process? Any ideas? I am dying to know more!!!

my advice to the woman whose Scorpio that doesn't "NEVER, EVER" want to get married is that there is one little part of your Aries that you are not willing to give up that he definitely wants own as his. it may be helpful to read the Scorpio Aries compatibility article on this web site. that will break down some of the seemingly harmless things that we do as an Aries woman that is simply non negotiable to the Scorpio man. find it, and give it up. unless you feel that it is something he is not worth giving it up for. chances are, it is a small thing that you can live without. do you have any male friends? that is a deal breaker for sure. lame I know, especially in our modern times but with such a hot and heavy man in your life, is there really any room left for the others? only you can decide....hope this advice gets back to you, these posts are not dated, but I wrote this reply to you on 7/11/2010

I am Aries woman who was involved with a Scorpio man for over a year, there was a strong sexual connection and he was completely charming in the beginning, but as time went on I began to see his other side. He was very immature, insecure, and tried playing mind games unfortunately for him I'm an Aries so I saw right through them). These men have a tendency to act like they don't care when they're madly in love. My advice to find out if he really cares, treat him like a king and f*** his brains out for two weeks...then completely ignore him don't call or text him and ignore his) chances are if he cares, his temper will be like a nuclear bomb!! Trust me I've dealt with two scorp guys and this always works just stand clear of the explosion!

Hello all, I am an Aries female in love with a Scorp male. WoW weee! Ha Ha! I have been in a non committed (yeah right Ha!) but committed ( he cant seem to go no where else but to me)ting with this cat for close to two years... lol Like so many on here, we have been in an off and then back on thing the whole time. He backs off when he feels that intensity that all has said. At 1st I was only in it for the sex ( was in it to sting me but he got the horns Ha!). The sex with these stingers are fire (fiyah!!) The lust factor is on with this cat! However, I love the control he has over himself, the smooth laid backness, the powerful eyes, all this just snatched my heart. I have a ego from hell and he loves it! He love the way I dress, move and states I am the "IT" lol lol. I knew I had him once he started taking me around family and all his friends. I have this man wrapped around my middle finger (Ha!) yet, he makes me feel so insecure at the same time (which is rare for me) He is sneaky secretive; he hides his feelings very well and his thoughts (they speak in zig zags and never get to the point, trying make us figure them.. Such a waste of energy. Im am sneaky and manipulative and be down right mean at times (very matter fact and frank as hell). The only thing about him that is a little different from the rest on here is that he is not a lair...he is so straight up with me its can be right down hurtful. Another thing too... he tend to say the opposite of what he is really feeling... like some kind of test. Once I caught on to this shyt.. it made me pull out the horns! I use to sit back and let him run his games and it would piss me off, but I would never say anything... jus let him say and do whatever (hell while he was I was doing me lol) But one day, I pulled the horns out! Oh boy! lol He did not know what to say or do... I told him it was over at the end of my bucking! Next thing you know... the scrop was singing and dancing a new tune (bored was sex great that night! Ha!). Right afterward that he ignored me as usual (and you know how we Aries cant stand that) Yet I said kool do you! I jus got all GQ and went out to where I knew he would be and ignored him and flirted and laughed and had a great time all the while I knew he would be watching.. ha ha! he was on me like super glue! Yet I left him hanging he blew my phone up for like 4 hours and he still did not obtain me! Ha Ha! The point of the story is this! Make them work and keep them on their toes! They like to give up their Scorpio powers (trust me they have mad power!) and still feel in control. You can never let the chase end and bringing out the stinger must not be in anger but in intense love and love making! My Scorp don't like to fuss but if you want to get them express themselves you have make them feel they are going to lose u... then they will start singing like a jail bird.. afterward they pull away... so what! have fun while they are in that complex state! don't worry they are thinking about you all the while! It even turns them on more not knowing what you are doing. They love to miss you! While you are out having all that Aries we love to have they will be thinking about you and a 101 sexual moves to put you in to make fall deeper for them and heyyyyy fellow Aries we live for that 3 ring circus type shyt they can bring... all day long. lol lol So yeah, I well keep'em... I love the depths his mind can go, even though I am simple as hell and he is complex, I enjoy the challenge, the unpredicting behavior is my addiction. He is my krytonite and I am his super woman Come on guys, the sex between an Aries and a Scorpio is off the riker scale!!! The best sex I have ever had in my life!!! We create new positions to add to the Kama Sutra books Ha Ha!!! Fire, Ice, calm before the storm, sexy, loyal, circus of the stars, high speed chases, and super heros, fierce love and being comfy with each other...what else is left to do but conquering the world together. HA! Love You Flex my Scorpio lover!!!

I am an Aries woman and my man a Scorpio, it's so amazing how most of us have the same experience. I am always talking to him, he hardly shows his emotions to me but he does his best to take care of me, I have told him I love him, he has never said it to me, I hope one day he will.

I love you SRM from SPC.

Well, I was recently contacted by a Scorpio man online via eharmony message board. Anyway, we communicate by email and I'm all about friends first and foremost. He, on the other hand, immediately started addressing me as Babe and Sweetie and signing off with Kisses...He's very interesting and I'm intrigued. Oh, I'm an Aries female. But he moves really fast. Moreso than I'm prepared for as I like to take things slow. Now I'm reading about Aries-Scorpio compatibility and reading the many comments left here. The common denominator is the on-again-off-again relationships. I've had bad experiences with Scorps in the past, none of them romantic relationships. So, I'm trying to keep an open mind. The possessive stuff I've read about on here gives me pause because I can't abide someone being possessive of me. I'm an honorable woman, so all that possessive stuff and jealous stuff will really bug the heck out of me. My acquaintance with this man is still fresh and new, so who knows how it will turn out. But I thank all of you for your shared experiences and insights, both male and female.

I am Aries woman in a on/off relationship with a Scorpio man for almost 3 yrs.His my soulmate. I want to marry him. But he doesn't. he has never had a girlfriend in his entire life! I'm his first (i started it all). (I have had more than 3 Bf.i've had my share of dates. I'm very mature for my age). HE wants to experience with other women before he commits to anyone. he loved this one older woman who was in a engaged to another man. Being his TRUE best friend, I kept my mouth shut. I actual encourage him to go after her, just to let him experience. Deep inside, I wanted to call it quits!. I couldn't bare the sight of another women in my presence or my vicinity!!! I want to give him his experience but I can't live with the fact his screwing around. HE hasn't yet. He says he knows if he makes that one move, his lost his only best friend. He a loner btw. HE keeps saying he loves me and need me. HE knows I want a family sometime in my life, and he asked me if being with h im, I wanted a family with him. I didn't answer him. IT WAS PRETTY OBVIOUS!!! I want a family with him but I get the feeling his nervous. I'm not rushing him or anything. I don't know if I should swallow that HARD pill of ego and take a backseat as he goes gaga over other female women. What makes it hard is I want to keep my distance and not see him everyday he calls me 24/7 night or day, we go out almost everyday!!!!)) but he REFUSES. I want to ignore him for a few days every week. BUT I live like 10mints away form him!!! I can't avoid him!HELP!!!! should I love this man and wait for him, or should I move on and not hold on to a love that wont go anywhere?????

I'm an Aries woman. And yes I'm deeply in love with a Scorpio man. The main problem between us is that we argue almost everyday, but he told me "you know the more you win in our arguments, the more I'm in love with you. I really like your personality especially when we are fighting." After hearing that I don't know if he's being sarcastic or whatsoever. The point is even if we non stop he can still say "baby I love you so much" face to face, so was I. I know that Scorpio and Aries have a lot in common and maybe that's we Aries can get along with Scorpio just fine. Just don't let our BIG EGO come first.

I am involved with a Scorpio man...powerful!

Hey everyone, it's indeed very strange (in a cool way) how so many people of our zodiac combinations have the same experiences. I can see ,though, like 3 different types of Scorpios in here, 1 completely devoted soulmate and all positive, a second one that is all that but yet somewhat still withdrawn about expressing his feelings or commitment and third one that is an ass haha soo. I have to say I am so lucky to have the first one. We met by the biggest chance cuz we come from different countries but soon we will be full on together (if you ask me forever;), It's been amazing from the very beginning, every single second. There is almost an out-of-this-world wild sexual attraction between us. He is the most passionate, caring, determined, hot and sexy in bed,adventureous, spontaneous person I've ever met! He acts protective of me for the smallest thing and is A REAL MAN in every sense of the word. Our personalities fit perfectly. I do sometimes feel a little ignored when he is doing his own thing but I do my own thing , too and the moment I decide to tell him, he does the impossible to show me how much he loves me with words and actions!:) and that even though I felt so and we haven't had so much time spent together lately, I'm always in his thoughts and heart. How sweet is that. I have to say he has a hidden sensitive and so romantic side to him though he is the toughest looking guy and you'd never guess. I as an Aries woman, I always had trouble keeping my interest with one man for longer or with even the slightest thought of marriage cuz I could never imagine that there would be a man that will meet all my requirements or be good enough to spend my life with him without losing the feeling or being bored, but yet the moment we met I knew he is the one and if I'm gonna marry someone it will be him and he thinks so too, so we see, wish us luck guys and good luck to all of you , too!!


I'm with a Scorpio man. There is this amazing attraction between us but I need to come out and tell you all that Scorpio men can't all be thrown in the same box...Heres my man in a nutshell explained by me a TRUE Aries through and through....

Extremely nosey....constantly asking questions about every little thing no matter how insignificant (this can get old quickly) Very judgmental...not only do they ask you a million questions but they judge your answers according to their own moral standards. Very jealous...My Scorpio is not violent but I could see others being that way so be careful. Scorpios need their ego's stroked constantly and be careful when voicing your opinion about anything they get offended sooo easily and won't tell you that you've offended them they'll just go off somewhere to sulk in moody silence. Last but not least do not believe that every Scorpio is sexual...mine isn't. And he can make me feel absolutely horrible about myself by just not being interested. Deep down I know he loves me and I love him but things can be very complicated. We are both strong signs and so it takes extra effort to become one and be on the same page. Good luck out there!

I'm an Aries woman madly in love with a Scorpio man... we've been dating for 2 years...or were he recently broke up with me but now he wants me back and its so hard not to say no. Its true what they say about this two signs together, yeah we butt heads about Everything and Anything but the sex is AMAZING. Scorpios do need lots of space and privacy I think we can make it work I just need to be patient and he needs to be understanding...

Run Aries woman! Far away from the sneaky and manipulative Scorpio. And don't look back

Okay, to all the Aries women above (aries girl here), I know you're in love but here's the deal - a Scorpio man is not compatible to you and thats the unfortunate truth.

No matter how long you manage to keep up that relationship, eventually it will dissolve.

Only two things can happen: you can either do some extreme compromising and become a new person for his sake which equates to "Unhappiness" for you. Or you can walk away right on time and save your selves some heartache.

Amazing how we are all very similar.

I am a Aries women, just starting a relationship with a Scorpio and wow!! This man just have so much power over me. I have never ever experienced such a thing. We dated at first via the inernet...ja I know, how desperate can one get!!! He started of slow, making it very clear that he has developed feelings for me and that we need to meet (after one month on the phone for 3 hours a night!) There was chemisty even on the phone... I was very excited to meet him, but in the same breath very very nervous. He drove 2 hours to meet me at my workplace. I don't know what was wrong with me, but I refuse to see him. I was so nervous...something I am not used to. He left without seeing me, and I realised I made a big mistake. Later that afternoon we did meet and he was the best kisser ever! Just one litte problem now...he is as cold as ice. He phones me, but that warmness in his voice is gone. He told me that I rejected him, and he does not know if he will ever get over it . My WORD!! We decided to give it a go and I will see him only in a weeks time. I do not know IF it will work out, but I am prepared to take a change. I will continue to walk on the wild side of life...

I have been with this Scorpio man for while, and he is leaving soon (to his homecountry). Extremely passionate relationship. Both of us want to experience the passion of love to the fullest. When we are together, its like magic. We can't get our hands off of each other. Emotionally we are perfect. However, intellectually 100 percent different people. His very moody, has a lot of mood swings. And never says his true feelings. That's drives me crazy. I keep thinking if something wrong, wether I hurt him, he says all is fine. In fact the mood swing might happen next morning after the wild night. But I absolutely know he always thinks about only about me 24/7. I am the one in his heart. Scorpio Aries most beautiful relationship. Opposite attracts, and so great :) Love you.

Oh my this is exactly how my Scorpio man is ! I SIMPLY LOVE HIM... CAN'T GET HIM OUT OF MY HEAD OR HEART! We have been ogether for 10 years. Seriously dating for 8... We. Well he broke up our family a month ago because he says I am to insecure and I donNt rust him. But. It's like he still wants control. We have had many fights and we have gotten through it! I know he sleeping with some chick.. hoping it won't last?! I want him back even though he drives me insane! Seriously in need of advice from my Aries sisters to know if I should ignore him and move on or fight for him. He says he still wants to be friends but that to me is torture. PLEASE HELP WITH SOME ADVICE!


I am an Aries woman and I've been w a Scorpio man for the last four months. I'm willing to do whatever makes him happy. He tells me everyday all day that he loves me and he wants to marry me and have children. He makes me nervous all the time though but in a good way. And he drrives me crazy in a good way. The sex is freaking awesome. I'm doing things I would never do w any man. The only problem is that he doesn't trust me for whatever reason. How long is this trust issue going to last and what can I do to get it. I think his heart is already mine. I just wish he would tell me what he wants sometimes instead of expecting me to read his mind. I know he loves me. And I am head over heels for him.

well this Scorpio man been coming to the shop I work and one day he gave his number to me and ask me to call him.i didn't call him instanly but called the next daywe met for coffee and than again for another coffee.he came o my house once and start kissing me which I wasnt not expecting.well must agree he was a gd kisser.once he picked me up after a night out with my fren.i invited him to my house and we were passionate and things start happening.but I wasnt ready for sex yet.i was struggling abit and I know he didn't enjoyed it cos I was not ready for it.than he stopped texting me or calling me.well I didn't call him either thou but I text him and ask him how things are???????he didn't reply..mmm

he didn't turned up to my work place to see me either and I was like...argggg....than one day he appeared and asked how im doing?i said im doing very well...he smiled and walked off...i didn't call him thou but text and said nice seeing you around...but than last week he came into the shop and asked me where I been,never seen me around..well I was off...than now he pops in during his lunch time...say hi and he will go off...infact I did told him I like him and I miss him...but no reaction from him...than one day I pretend to call him but he didn't pick up(thats why I don't call him)n text and said sorry I called the wrong person,he called me back and asked whts the text abt,told him it was a mistake.he said oh well,,maybe we go for coffee next week ,i acknowledge it,but I know he will not.i text and said hope my call didn't annoy you and I got a reply back from him ....if I didn't like you I wouldnt call you....since than he comes and goes when im working..he know I like him...but I know he doent wants to c ommit...nice chaps thou but strange character

As an Aries woman, I seem to be a magnet for Scorpio men. I seem to exemplify something that attracts them to me. Reading all the comments here, not only is there an on-again, off-again theme, it's the length of time some of the posters have been with their Scorpio partners - quite a few have been together for a long time. There is something about the intensity and focus Scorpio males place on Aries women, it's like a natural combustion. My experience with my Scorpio have the same earmarkings as everyone else - length of time, off-on, intense. What drives me insane about this sign more than anything is the absolutely, infinitesimally *slooow* pace they move at when it comes to solidifying relationships. It's clear when they don't want to be with you, but not so much when they do. Moving at incremental degrees requires lots of patience for an Aries woman, and in my case, tons were needed. What became very clear to my Scorpio male was that my inherent stubbornness not only matched his, I could wait patiently till he came to his conclusions. The endless testings, emotional quizzes, the ridiculous games - all designed to see if I would stick around. Once proved, I felt like a kid who discovered a magical world. He has given me a loyalty that I have never seen from a sexual partner; he keeps his word - when he says he's going to be there, he is; he has let me into his world where I can dip my hand into his emotional depths and we both know we're safe with one another. And that's what Scorpio and Aries both look for in people - trust. An Aries woman can easily find her love match with a Scorpio man. She is very much like Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables - full of life, adventure and spirit. And no one is more Gilbert Blythe than a Scorpio. Loyal, intense, passionate. I found my Gilbert.

I am an Aries woman, dating a Scorpio man. its very difficult because we argue constantly about everything. He tells me he likes me, but he says very hurtful things; like he tells me im not his best girlfriend or im retarded. How can you like someone if you think their retarded? We are on the verge of breaking up, but something is telling me I don't want to, its like im deeply attracted to him, when im around him I just want to kiss him. when im not around him I kinda hate him. I hate the thought of him believing he has power over me. I am free. I don't really know how he feels about the relationship, he says that there is something about me that affects him, I don't know what he means by that. I can see that our relationship is going nowhere but deep down I don't want that to happen.

Im an Aries woman in relationship and was living with a Scorpio man,yes this relationship could be one sided if indeed be led by the manipulating Scorpio man,I have never been felt so ignored and dignified by such an insucure and egotistic man,but in all I love him if your willing to compromise your own space for he's than even the sex is a ply...LOve is unconditional but Most important to Love yourself,to realy know what true Love is..Its not a posetion and only could be found blindly...welcome

Hmmmm... well my Scorpio man probley aint as great as urs because he's so far out their in some underworld and his dreams seem unrealistic at times. its seems that finacial secreity may be his 1st priority. he really never complements me and pretends to be so well detached at times. he walks slow and talks slow but becomes very intense and quick to anger on certain subjects. he shuts me out and dose not lison when im emotionally frustrated. hmmmmm.... but in other ways my Scorpio man is better then yours cause he has deep knowledge and wisdom and gives me great advice on important subjects. he is loyal and loves me and shows it with gifts and respect. he helps me remain calm and secure when he holds my hand and protects me to extream. he will meet me half way and make life fair.... if I treat him like a best of all he makes love to me so deep and passionitly and satifises so intensly that im up at 7am cooking him breakfest and servering it to him in bed with hot choclate with whipped cm on topp!!! :) so yes I love my Scorpio but he got me wondering if im wasting my time once in a while.

Hello to all my fellow Aries girls. all of what ive read tonite has made perfect sense. Im surprised! Ive been on and off with a Scorpio man for 5 years now... we live togeather and are engaged to be married now in 2012. well to make the long story short he has transformed me to something that Im not, and thats a good little girl who sits at home and waits for his next kiss.... he is a long hawl truck driver which makes matters even more difficult if you feel my drift, I have lived the double live but im to honest and real to keep it from my Scorpio lover and he allways respected my honesty, he's made his own many mistakes and we keep our relationship on such a deeper friendship of understanding and forgivness.....but still thier is NO TRUST. thats hard. we fight over money most the time but latley he thinks he can get out to the the bar and then turn his phone off and do what he do, im like WHAT! HELL NO WEDDINGS OFF! and he act like he don't care. I just wish I had m ore controll over this man but I never will. he got all the controll over me and has the power to make me feel high as the sky or low to the ground. So now im tring to find myself again the fun loving woman he first fell in love with and move on to a relationship that dosent require losing mself in the process. Ive learned a lot though:)

I am an Aries woman and just started talking to a Scorpio man about a month ago. He actually saw me at my child's school and really wanted to get to know me but didn't see me again for a long time. So he tried looking me up and finally saw me again. This is when I first saw him and was so amazed by his looks but I tried to resist, but couldn't. Well I did for the time being but immediately began kicking myself for it and thats when I starting looking him up. I found him and we just hit it off big time!! I actually have someone already but its not working out between us. I feel bad about it but I'm unhappy. He is a Libra. This Scorpio is totally different from any other man I have ever been with. We have so much in common its so unreal. I think we actually met at the right time because he has expressed to me his feelings about communicating because he learned from past relationships that its a must to keep things good between two people. He communicates very well lik e the perfect man! I mean we are not even a couple but we discuss marriage and life in the future with each other. We've kissed and its fireworks everytime! But nothing further because I definitely want to take it slow and end my current relationship first. But I am definitely looking forward to that day. My Scorpio tells me everyday how he has never met anyone like me and he immediately felt comfortable around me. He says that he may be falling in love with me but he's trying not to because of my situation, he still says he can't help it. He always asks what have I done to him. The crazy thing is I feel the same way. He makes me feel so good when I'm around him even when I talk to him. He's constantly making me laugh and I love that. He told me today that he is scared that he may lose me for whatever reason and that if I decide to stay with my guy he begs to at least be friends. I just don't see myself ever getting bored with him and I definitely want to be more than friends. He treats me with such respect and expresses his every feeling to me. I do the same because as an Aries woman I like expressing my feelings. But I honestly feel he may be my soulmate. I hope we can take it to the next level when the time is right because he is definitely all I think about all day and night.

Shout out to my Scorpio boo from your Aries boo!

I am an Aries married to a Scorpio man. I am also in love with another Scorpio man who is my soul mate but married another. She trapped him and is in total control of him. My Scorpio is intensly in love with me, the way I am with the one I can never have. I am dedicated and loyal to my Scorpio because he's loyal to me and takes damn good care of me and does everything expected of a husband, but honestly the heart does not lie. So there you have it, Aries women dealing with scorpios is always dangerous.Be careful because if they love or loved you in the past they will never, never, never let you go. They will seek you some kind of way. They plot, plan, scheme and do what ever it takes to have some type of connection. They never let it die.

My experience with my ex Scorpio man is yes, they are very charming, affectionate, calm, masculine, sexy, and seemingly good guys. But, let me reassure all you highly-infatuated Aries women, THEY are ALSO reckless, insecure, confused, little boys inside.

They need Aries sponetenity and passion/strong emotions to make them feel good. They thrive off that. But, as soon as the strong, fiery, confident Aries female shows the slightest insecurity or vulnerability, the Scorpio becomes disengaged.

Yes, the sex is amazing. It is truly mind-blowing, orgasmic euphoria, however, this is not true love. The kind of love an Aries woman needs/wants, a Scorpio man can not over long-term. This is essentially why it's "on-and-off."

Sorry to be frank and candid, I just read the other responses and can relate all too well, but I know what is going on. He possesses a challenge, he's alluring, we want him, but cannot fully have it, but that just makes us want him more.

Good luck.

To every single comment here, I am a Scorpio man & quite complex yes. Trust me no matter what view you have, a Scorpio and Aries can love each other indefinitely. I've been with my one and only Aries woman for two and a half years now, not once did we let go or break up. We've had our arguments but every relationship does. The truest and best form of love is built on the worst of circumstances. Opposites attract each other for a reason because they are seeking something missing in themselves, the trick to this relationship is both sides have to work together and fill in each others' weaknesses. We both have something each other need and that's what makes this relationship between Aries and Scorpio so profound and more impacting then any other relationship. This is literally my first relationship and only love, the passion is good but there's more to it.

Just a hint to you struggling Aries out there trying to hold on to your Scorpio, Scorpio has trouble communicating sometimes. This is not because he doesn't want to, Scorpio are very contrary sometimes and a lot of the time they mean the opposite of what they say. For instance when a Scorpio says he's leaving you most of the time it's a sure sign that he doesn't want to leave, he wants that fiery beautiful Aries to run after him calling his name. They test love in every way and they look to see how well you perceive them, they want you to figure out they're lying and that they really love you. They love that fire more than anything and they would die a thousand times over just to witness and hold that flame all you Aries woman carry.

Another trick, if you want a Scorpio to open up more, even if you're in the same house try typing each other or texting each other. Scorpio's usually have an art for being very proficient at writing their feelings. It's much easier than expressing sometimes for the words they usually want to say don't always come out right in words. True love is hard and complex not easy, why because true is finding someone who completes you, someone who has something your missing, and helps you change into that complete person. As they say though change isn't easy either but we all need it, that other side and Scorpios and Aries are the best at expressing that change, they are the best portrayal of what real love is, real love is struggle, conflicting emotions, passion, desire, real love is like a storm, when hot & cold clash they create a spark and that spark both physically and emotionally create new life, it creates change.

So To all of Aries and Scorpios in love, hold on to each other, it'll be the best most heartfelt challenging ride you'll ever find and you'll never find anything better than that spark, you'll always want it back because true love is struggle!!

I started dating a Scorpio man almost a month ago, we connected right away and became involved the minute we started our conversation. I have to say it's not easy because you do butt heads a lot and Scorpio always needs a challenge. Once you give in, you lose their interest, and we Aries don't give in that easily either. So from one point it is very exciting and we resolve arguments fairly easy. Scorpio do require a lot of patience which Aries don't have and that's a real challenge.

For those who say that Scorpio is a bad match, I don't agree. I was in a relationship with a Taurus man for 3 years and it was an epic disaster compared to the Scorpio I got now. I would rather butt heads with a Scorpio than a Taurus.

Ive been involved with a Scorpio man for two yrs on and off.Just on thanksgiving day he ask me out,but before all of that we had our up and down falls,when being separted I as an Aries woman started talkin to ours which wasnt the same,my Scorpio shows me alot,but also can be a j***,can be jealous and can be very controling.what affects our relationship is that he's to worried about his past,and to worried about what people say.Me as an Aries women I show my emontions and don't bite my tounge about how I feel to him,if I see or hear something I don't like,im going to confront you especially if it has to do with my feelings.Just two days ago we had a big arugment about his past,he says his pass makes him and who he is today,you believe you as an indiviual you make your self.I gave him his space and didn't text him for a day and just this morning he text me saying goodmorning have a great day I love you mua,i just reply okay thnks..Im still upset even thought this whole are gument happen todays ago,what should I do people.SCORPIO MEN ARE HEADACHES,but I love him..

Met him online... and we hit it off real nice. We chatted for almost three hours (we started at past eleven night time). He's a trained chef (Scorpio man) but is now in a high profile job in a global F&B brand. I (the Aries woman), on the other hand, am a feature writer for a magazine. He called me up after we wrapped up the chatting bit and we agreed to meet up the following evening. He took me to a famous cozy cheese & wine place. We sampled some meats & cheeses and finished two bottles of wine! Now am by no means a "love at first sight" kind of gal... but he was pretty keen on me. We sat in separate comfy chairs but he ended up drawing me closer and near the last hour (we literally closed the place --- hehehe, I rang the bell as we left...) he held my hand in his. He has nice blue eyes... am Southeast Asian so his penetrating gaze fascinated me. We talked about how we met then I told him pretty much that in case we didn't hit it off, I could write a feature on hi m since he fit one section I write for quite well. We both laughed at that but yes, we did agree that I would write about him and another colleague of his. The next evening we met again and went out with his friends for drinks... we went out several times, usually with his best friend (who turned out to be on a break that time with his ex). I was aroundfor Halloween and had a party with his friends. We were so into each other. He confided in me stuff he said took him 2 to 3 years to reveal to others (including his previous girlfriends). He was vocal about how he felt. The sex was amazing, smoldering... out of this world! And we had the same likes: intellectual discussions, cooking, eating, making love, watching films, reading, running... all went well, too well I guess.

Till one day I happened upon Pandora's box and by accident, found out that his ex-gf in another country (where he worked for almost three years) was still texting him like they were together. This wasn't a cardinal offense for me, maybe she just couldn't let go... I know about women coz am one too. but there was another glitch, he said he was going to Oman the next evening and will be back the afternoon of the next day... work-related. I believed him of course coz his work does involve a lot of travel. But when I found evidence that he was meeting someone else right here where we are, but in a different "province"... my world collapsed. I talked to him calmly about it. Believe me, I went all out against my Aries compunction to scream and cry... I talked to him and calmly waited for his explanation. At first he said he couldn' explain his behavior... then after some silence, he said he was feeling too drawn to me, and since he wasn't prepared to make a serious commitment at this point in his life (but I already knew about that and reassured him that whether or not our relationship was going to be long-term remains to be seen, I just said I was happy with him and that was enough as long as he felt the same... and that was a nice talk we had that he opened up some time before this happened)... he was "self-sabotaging" was what he called it. He was ruining his own happiness because he wasn't ready to settle down. By the way, it was supposed to be his first meeting with the girl. Anyway, at that time I was able to control myself... but being an Arien -- a control freak... I texted the two ladies very civilly... so they knew about me and him. No insults or threats, but his ex was crazy! Anyway, I should not have done that, let him finish it off with those two without my interference, but damn it... the deed was done. So anyway, he said he didn't want to break up... maybe we're just a little too intense he said, let's take a step back and then start moving forward. I had to be content with that. So I left him feeling a bit alright. Bu that night, after being harassed by his ex (I knew coz she was also harassing me), he sent me a text breaking it off. Next morning I went to his place to get my bags. He mumbled about staying friends and just needing space, not a full breakup. I told him if he has unfinished business with his ex, I have no place in his life. But my bags were too many and he was too emotionally wrecked to go out so he said to leave the others and he'll find a way to give them to me. It was going to be his birthday in a couple of days and I already had a gift for him hidden in his place... so I left that and a nice friendly letter thanking him for being a great boyfriend (he was, before that big mess!).

We didn't talk for over a week (god that was exasperating!). But I had to contact him regarding the article. After putting off the interview for quite a number of days, we finally met. And all went well, phew! And he "forgot" to bring my bags! It was like nothing happened, but I had to be more business-like. Anyway, I said "sorry for what happened" (I couldn't help it, but you understand right sisters?) before we parted ways, he kissed me on both cheeks and said "see you soon" which may have meant nothing.

Anyway, we didn't talk much except through email.. until the following weekend, we started getting flirty via email and I ended up going to his place. We had hot and heavy sex! Then the next day, when I left, he sent a message apologizing for what happened though he said the sex was awesome. But I ended up coming to his place again the next night and there we were... watching tv & talking like an old couple and having sex like crazy! This time he did not apologize. He was going to his home in Europe for Christmas and he said that he wanted me to be there in his life but he needed space and time to think about the future.

He also asked me if I was joining the marathin he was joining so I strated training hard while he was away. I did not email him much, much less text him although he was always available by phone. On Christmas day he greeted me through both numbers and tentatively left a kiss symbol in both messages. Then he came back, we met, had a good run, he cooked, we watched tv and made love like crazy! Then I left... we were not together on New Year's Eve but I was at his place the night of the 31st.. I just left early... no sex, just a bit of talking. I told him how frustrated I was that we were always ok when we were together but how he drove me crazy when we're apart coz he's closed off like a wall. I punched him and he laughed. He said I never fail to amaze him and he encouraged me to write down my thoughts and my questions (which I already started doing during the Christmas break) and he would take a look at them every time we were together and try to answer them. I hit him againa and said sometimes he makes me so angry. He hugged me and said, I know, I know... I am sorry... but we agreed to take it slow this time... I sighed. When will it end? He said, I don't know... it's just space we are giving each other, we're together, not broken up... just thinking nad planning he said. OMG! But how long? I took my bags by the way but left some stuff coz he said there was NO NEED to take EVERYTHING... just the bags coz they symbolized an ugly part of our story. I never asked him about the past. AM looking past all that and focusing on what is. I am, at times, elated... happy... it's a good thing I run, otherwise, I'd go completely insane! He brought me some books of his to read and I gave him "One Hundred Years of Solitude" as a Christmas gift - glad I did coz he said it's in his list of must-reads. So here we are, I don't know in which square on the chessboard. I am trying to be as patient as I can ever be. So hard to focus though. The article on him will be out end of this month (January 2011) and we're both pretty excited. He'll go back to Europe after the marathon and he's gonna get me more books to read. I don't know what his plans are. Like so many Aries women out there in love with a Scorpio guy, am confused... he wants me in his life but keeps me at arm's length at times. His silence is mystifying... and when I shutdown, he starts chasing. I just hate these games (he knows am fortright and not into mind games)... but anyway, he assured me that even when he does not reply to some of my messages, he ALWAYS reads them. That's enough for me... at least he'd have something to digest. I think we'll go running tomorrow... wish me luck ladies... I don't know how long I can keep my sanity. All I am sure about is that IF we succeed as a couple, we can do great things together. He knows that. He knows am into helping people and stuff (even when I am in dire need too, hehehe) and he wants to be involved in charity work someday (am already writing about and meeting people involved in charities)... so am keeping my fingers crossed. Meanwhile, am running solo tonight. All the best to my sisters in love.

I am an Aries woman who is totally head over heels for my Scorpio. We met online, started off as friends and became lovers. The friendship is so deep and profound for both of us. We've known each other for almost 5 years now and I'm just telling him I love him...been through a bad marriage and all before I met him, so wanted to make sure what I felt for him was real and wouldn't fade. I find we all mostly have the same common experience with our Scorpio's.

My Scorpio is open and will talk about most things except his feelings when it comes to me. We text more than anything because we both lead busy lives. When I finally broke down and sent him an e-mail about my true feelings he said he feels the same way. I said I said I love you, what do you feel the same way mean, he says you know what I mean. I think that means he loves me but me being the Aries woman I am, I'm not sure. I want to hear the words. Now things are getting more complicated because he's due to go out to sea soon for 6 months to a year. My Scorpio boo has taught me so much about myself that I didn't know and brought out the best in me. He doesn't rush me, deals with my mood swings and my emotional outbursts and tirades and still doesn't look at me any different and the sex is still out of this world like it always has been. I tell him now that I love him all the time. He says he gives me more leeway than he has ever given any other woman in his life and I believe this to the bottom of my soul.

Yes he is difficult and doesn't show the emotion that I want him to show all the time, yes he does keep his secrets, and is withdrawn at times, keeps me constantly waiting for him to say things...which I don't like, in true Aries fashion want to hear it now and not later. I love this man because I know he is worth loving and expresses it differently and will one day say the words I need to hear. He is in my life forever and I in his and we both have said this...I just hope it's as his girlfriend and more..we'll see what the future holds but whatever it brings he will always and forever be my one and only scorpio.

I'm a Scoprio man, and I just kicked an aires woman to the curb after a 6 year enigmatic romance/friendship. I don't know much about astrology, but she always used to tell me about it. For the record, the accounts i've come across seem pretty accurate. She tried to manipulate me in all of the ways she was advised to manipulate a 'scorpio,' and taught me a lesson about flattery in the process. Unfortunately that lesson may have cost me a pair of commemorative patriots superbowl jerseys. Her fat ass can't pull them off anymore anyway, and it seems that it has fallen to me to inform her of this.

I just went on a date with an Aries woman not too long ago. I have to say she is straight to the point and I love that about her. I completely fell in love with this woman after the first date, crazy I know. I am now waiting for her call and it's driving me nuts lol. Any advice for this Scorpio man? We have already planned another date for next weekend but I want to talk to her now and all day long if I could. I do not want to seem desperate or run her away because I know that we have something special and it's rare for me to say something like that to any woman. Aries women are the best!!

I am an Aries woman and i've been on an on and off again relationship with a Scorpio man. I saw him first as a jerk because of the way he would ignore me when I try to talk to him, but he is very hot so I was interested but once I set him as a jerk in my mind he all of a sudden would begin to show interest.We started by talking like friends and our conversations would be really interesting and with him being funny I always had fun around him. our first attempt on the relationship we were doing good but me living far away leaded to me hearing that he was with another girl. I was so mad I didn't talk to him anymore wen I returned to were he lives I could hang out anymore he would sit away and look to the floor whenever I was mad at him it would seem as if he was hiding like when he once yelled at me and I had never been yelled by him the next morning he'd hide around the house. Once he'd apologize we got back together but I still couldnt forget what he had done to me so I got a boyfriend too. he was very mad when he found out and when he saw the flowers my boyfriend had given me, I did it all in one day but once I saw his reaction I was wishing at that moment that I never did that. he yelled and gave a tantrum that had everyone in the room alert. once I had broken off the relationship with the other guy I would still talk to my Scorpio to this day he remembers that and no one can or would want to bring the subject up if they want to see him angry again. Sexually he's very difficult to resist and we had an exciting sexual relationship, although sometimes he'd hold back if its somewhere strange or where anyone could walk in but in the end we still would because i'd be the one to want it. He is very smart and in school he was always getting better grades than me he'd get in trouble with the teacher for fooling around a lot but still studied and did his homework. Once I had to do homework with him, so he'd be working on the problems and doing work but I would be playing or watching t.v at the end we finished the work but only because he continued to sit me down to work. In school he was all work but when it came to watching movies or doing anything else he would be always holding my hand or talking about us and only that I liked that only sometimes i'd change the subject a bit and he'd be either irritated or go back to us, he also always wanted to be kissing me sometimes when we'd be asleep all of a sudden at midnight id feel someone lift my chin to kiss wake up confused and he'd laugh and say that he loved kissing me. At the moment id be well sleepy or not appreciate it so much but looking back I really do miss it. Our relationship was great only problems we had was jealousy from both, and pride. We broke up this past september I remember him all the time but tend to just keep going forward. Even if our break up was on if he wants me he'd call first or if she's sorry she'd call first its very stupid but hard for me to let that go and actually say sorry im not sure why but its just the way I feel strong about

I am a Scorpio male in a relationship with a Aries female for 3 years . she do too much. Cant sit down and plan for our future. Seems like shes worryed bout today. I might put things this way and shell take it anotha .seems like we cant get along but don't wonna break up. Naw we fight and I might do too much and feel all kinds of bad and sorry. Make up and act like it never happened. Then that process heppen within the next 24hrs its like she like to fight or im crazy I don't think im crazy. A Aries female can make a Scorpio man act as a syco. We do need help. She always lie on the smallest things to the point I cant trust her. I think shes cheating. Its like im already a loaner but I don't want to be loanly

Well, I have to join the hand wagon and say this has been eye opening. I have learned a lot from all of the responses. I am an Arise woman dating a Scorpio man for almost a year. He is passionate, caring, entertaining, intelligent and more. His downfall? He wants me to express my feel.Ge and tell him I love,him, but believes his "actions" should be enough for me. He does play a lot of head games which is wearing thin, but I don't know if I can hold out oft maybe someday hearing how he feels about me.

Will more Scorpio men please respond so we can get a better idea from the horses mouth, how to best make a work?

I've been w my Scorpio man for almost a year. He tells me that he loves me all the time, he always says that he wants to marry me he has even propsed a couple of times and he always says he wants me to have his baby. We don't fight all of the time and we're always happy together no matter what we're doing however there is still the "not telling me what's on your mind issue" or "how you're feeling issue". We seem to be madly in love with each other. I don't know how to take this relationship sometimes. Like my question to y'all is does he seem serious about our relationship?

Aries woman trying to move on from a Scorpio man after 5 years. Like many of you, I feel this is never going to happen. First two years, I didn't know it at the time but he was cheating on me constantly. During the second year, hit me because he didn't want me hanging out with his friend because he was mad at him during this year I am a complete... "aries woman" to him. controlling, angry over the betrayal. ranting.

third year, he shuts off. completely shuts down towards me. being an Aries woman, I pester the hell out of him about what's going on. well he left me, flew to vegas w our moving money, had sex with an ex when he got back, then the next day was chasing me around (kept the ex a secret. found out from her a year after)

following year, we bought a house together. same thing. wasnt getting his way, refused to understand I couldnt drop everything to do his dishes, retaliated, I held my ground the way a ram does... he starts talking to the ex and I wont let that go even tho he denies anything happened... aaaand total Scorpio shut down. I got a dui because I was drinking to cope and he manipulated something I said into meaning I dumped him. had the ex over within 2 days, thought I wouldnt walk in on it because I had no license. I had gotten a ride over to get my stuff, and there she was.

but, being an Aries and not wanting to lose the fight, and him being a Scorpio and not being able to fully let go, he fought for me back. got me, then didn't want me... about 4 times over 4 months before we got back together because I gave him a book on relationships. things were great. we both had seemed to learn our lessons. things had never been better. 6 months later, TOTAL SHUT DOWN. said he just wasnt happy anymore. dated a couple of girls, we had a firey hook up in a public place, unexpectedly. he started coming back. we had a fling... we were best friends having great sex no strings attached except for mutual trust and friend ship. or so I thought because then he meets another woman and my phone stops ringing. secretive. scared to tell me the truth because well. im an Aries and im scary as hell when im mad. still didn't learn that had he told me the truth and been upfront, there would have been no anger. it never ends. he loves you, I promise. but he'll never be ope and and that will drive you nuts. you'll never be able to keep up with what he wants, and he needs you to intuitively know while dropping everything to switch gears. he doesn't know how to respect you. and youll never be happy waiting for him to be interested in you on his time.

now if only I could get over the good times/passion/sex/connection and listen to my own advice, right?

best wishes to men and women. im sure its equally frustrating for them. its truely the nagging girlfriend pairing of the zodiac.

Hey all,

As a Scorpio guy dating an Aries woman for a year I have found it the most incredible relationship ever but, you both have to grow the f**k up together! We have a great rapport where I respect her whimsical independence and at the same time she allows me my space. The depth of connection we have in and out of the bedroom is definitely worth letting it breathe -

One huge thing is that we resolve any argument before we part company - One of the most wonderous things about the Aries woman is that she turns a new page about every 2 minutes if not sooner. As a Scorp guy - grow a pair and bask in the fiery emotions your woman can exhibit that you could only dream of experiencing and be there in the moment with her.

A hug and loving caress can do wonders and then you can process the experience alone but know that your radiant woman has moved far beyond what you spent days mulling over - her spark is so addictive, so don't even mention anything about it as she is in the now just like you should be.

Scorp guys - this will be the most challenging woman you will meet and can easily match your energy just on a slightly different frequency and may freak you out initially - if you're a pussy run away to a lapdog Cancer and have a milktoast life.

Regards, Jason

I am a Scorpio man....who has totally fallen for an Aries's like I have absolutely no control over my emotions...almost like an outside force is drawing me in. She is totally irresistible to me in every way. We are not dating and we have not had sex...but we have become very good friends and there is a lot of flirting. I am wondering why I don't just GO FOR IT like I normally would do.....but for some reason..I am a little more reserved with her even though I am head over heels in love with her and attracted to her like I have NEVER been to another woman in my life. There is a decent sized age difference...which also has me hesitating. But there is something there..on both ends...I am never wrong with my intuition on these things. I'm just very confused on how to proceed with this.

Im an Aries woman... I still love my scorpio. I wish I had the power to make him want me or miss...I hope that one day before its too late he will realize that we are meant to be together. I really do.

It was really interesting reading what everyone had to say. I have to agree I could sympathize with what was being said. As an Aries female I met a Scorpio male and all though we never dated mainly for the distance and we never talk anymore since he is pursuing a law degree & has a girlfriend I still remember the things we talked about and the intense feelings that I know for myself personally is nothing like I have ever experienced before. It still drives me crazy. I am not even sure why. All though it is frustrating it is also very rewarding. & Maybe like y'all say this is what true love is supposed to feel like.

I am an Aries woman who has been attached "emotionally" to my Scorpio man for the past ten years. He initially was a "rebound" someone to take my mind off the break up with my first love, but I knew that he would mean more to me than just a fling. We remained "friends with benefits" for a long time...with me professing my love and him not being ready to commit to me. After yrs of going through this I finally decided to give up hope and move on..this year we reconnected and I must say that he was well worth the wait. I am living my dream with my dream man! He's definitely everything to me and I am glad we waited to finally be an item because now we are ready and focused to make our relationship work!!

I'm a Scorpio male and I have to say I have had almost the opposite to many of the stated experiences. Most say that the scorp has trouble expressing his emotions. My Aries girl has so much trouble expressing herself to me that it drives me insane. She shows me her love and is kind and great most of the time, but I would just love her to express how she feels sometimes. I do it all the time and she tells me it loses its meaning. But it don't have no meaning unless you say it. We have not been on and off, although that's how my feelings are sometimes. They can linger in the negative for a while, only to be pulled back by her. Her fiery temper can blast and my icy tail can sting, but she always gets over it and comes back. Some days I want to break up with her, but deep inside I just want to love her and for her to love me for as long as we are able.

Sometimes, I wish she would be a little more gentle and a lot less manlike. She's a tomboy and loves it, I don't mind that but just wish she would give in once or twice and let me take control. Once or twice honey....

All this is very exciting, I feel Aries girls are often misunderstood (clìche,i know!!),its clear that a relationship between these two is hard because of their inherent difference...that said,when they work it out I believe that are the two most likely to bring a whole new meaning to 'power couple'.

Wow. I am a Scorpio man and am reaponding to the request for info from "the horse's mouth." First, let me say that my initial impression is the Scorpio men being described sound very immature and self-unaware. I used to behave the way that is described above, but in pursuit of a woman's love I smoothed those rough edges and tempered many of those extremes. I still experience those emotions to their respective extremes but try not to let them control me. I desired to elevate the good traits as well so that someone special gets all the pros with few of the cons. That being said, the prime mover for these adjustments was a fiery Aries, raw in her passion and amplified in her native traits. Before I made those changes, she was head over heels in love with me, & I with her. But once the "secretiveness" and the moodiness was opened & brightened, respectively, her passion and interest in me diminished. She BEGGED me to let her see inside; the good, bad & ugly and I did. Th en the belittling and condescension and emasculation began, followed closely by the tear-filled apologies until finally thise disappeared as well. I warned her that if she continued down this road, one day she would wake up without enough passion & desire to perpetuate the relationship. What happened? Out of the blue I received a text at work (!!) stating she didn't want me anymore. One week earlier we were planning the rest of our lives together, then...nothing. I sacrificed all I had to give my Aries what she so sincerely wanted from her mysterious Scorpio and when she got it, she didn't want it. I started out mentioning immaturity and I'm sure the same could be said about my "soulmate" (a term she sold me on), but I guess my point is this: Be careful what you wish for. When Dorothy finally looked behind the curtain, she woke up back in dreary, black & white Kansas. Trust your love and revel in the mysteries. It's what makes a Scorpio & life for that matter fascinating and worth living (for). But when you're ready to settle down, pick a man, not a boy.

Met a Scorpio Man at work. Short and Simple... He appeared to be kind, gentle, intellegent and interested in me. Talked and chatted for about 3 months, became intimate (once) and then he became distant, cold and (you got it!) detached. I expressed my feelings and share my emotions and a piece of my soul... Honesty and caring is not always smart when dealing with such a coward. Sometimes it's best to just let it go and move on to a man who actually appreciates what value you have and can share and love you for the precious jewel that you are. Good luck to all that have a strong, open and honest Scorpio and I am sorry for the ones who do not and decide to hang on for more abuse. Your Sister Aries

I am a Aries woman in love with a Scorpio man. he is my first real relationship that I actually took seriously. This attraction began when I was 13 yrs old I am now 18 going to 19! and still head over heels for him. We are on and off all the time. He is very jealous and most of the time I have no problem with it but then I find myself in his house alone waiting for him to come back from work. I get very bored during the day and try to go out but he lives in a diff. country and when im with him I don't know so many people there. I've had him leave me for another girl and got really pissed, but it wasnt long that I also started to date someone other than him he came back. People that know him say its hard to have him open up, although he has opened up to me and Im prob. the only one who has seen him cry a lot. I love him and I know he loves me. As for sexually its the best! he is my 1st intimate boyfriend and the only one I need I don't look for anythin anywhere else. M y problem is prob that he's so stubborn and when mad I have to get out of the way, he keeps his anger in but that is the worst anger! He protects me because I tend to get into deep shit and he helps me out of it. But if I had a bad day wanting to tell him and he's mad his rejections really hurts than i've ever felt. He holds grudges but I forgive and forget so usually when he does somthin to me I forgive him. We cant be apart somthing keeps us bonded to one another.

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